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It's safe to say that Kry Wolf now has a rather impressive catalogue behind him, and nothing but quality under his belt. The man behind the Sounds Of Sumo label drops his latest release for Night Bass and it seems like the perfect place for his wondrous bass cuts. "Temper" is a slow, shape-shifting beast with a rattling percussion hook that wraps perfectly around the tune's knotted swarms of swamp bass, whereas "Flashlight" unleashes a bit of four-to-the-floor beneath a sea of rave sirens and purring bass tones. "Wavvves" feels like the last piece of hardcore continuum, a break-heavy, pseudo jungle killer to tie this man's bass experimentalism in the best possible way. Hot!
Dr Oscillator goes way back with his pal Dr Cryptic's Chip Butty label. Here he returns to the source with a sizzling four-track mission statement, the RS Turbo EP. The title tracks kicks things off with some lively 4 x 4 and percolating bass notes, "Haunted Bungalo Riddim" meanwhile, gets more serious, taking some seriously deep wobble bass on board. Elsewhere "Roundhouse" is some attitude-heavy dubby mayhem and "415" finishes up with lean and mean fast beats, digi bleeps and quirky melodies. Fresh sounds!
Tik&Borrow's In:Flux Audio label has developed its strong reputation not least due to the duo's discerning ears. A new Get Fluxed comp always means more of their expertly curated selections. This time round there are 12 cuts that provide something for everyone on a bass tip. Highlights includes the buzzsaw breakbeats of T&B's own "Junction Box", the sinister afterhours garage of "Too Close" by Connerz and heady, dub-tech mayhem of Joedan's "High Times". Also an extra shout-out goes to the digi-dancehall roof-raiser "Get Funky" by King Hydra.
It's been a year since Slime's second instalment of their leading compilation Future Sound Of Garage series. Now the follow-up has finally arrived boasting 28 examples of what they to be consider music of the future. There are too many to name, but highlights include the ethereal and sensual future-step opener "Return" by Monoblue, the seductive, delicate chimes of the shimmering "Ever Feel" by Just Breathe, the sparse and raw 2-step of Pavv's "Let It Go" and even the uber commercial Ibiza-friendly anthem "Stone" by Project X is a (guilty) pleasure.
From Four40 to Project Allout, UK bass scientist Tuff Culture has shown us many sides of his artistic persona. If we want to keep things topline, this guy can make just about any form of UK dance music; he's given us dubstep, a little trap, some house, and now two new garage-leaning joints. "Take Me" is deep and pensive, but once the main hook drops it's an infectious drum affair with a growling, penetrative bassline. "I Don't Care" is a more typical garage tune because of its twisted, dusty drum pattern, but the sounds within are anything but what you'd normally expect from a 90's garage track. Wait for that switch, too.
The man behind some of the best unofficial 4x4 UKG versions Skepta and JME have enjoyed, Skue-K continues his confident rise in the bass realm on Low Pitched. "In The Rave" takes a deeper, jacking twist from his more forthright damage with a well-placed vocal and rumbling house-style bass hook. "Inside" takes a turn for the gnarlier with a grittier bass approach but still a clear house edge to the drums. Stately, unhurried but 100% gully; these cuts are built to last.
Boasting the likes of the Slime crew, Maxxi and Mind Of A Dragon amongst their ranks, the NM collective a discerning bunch. This why they only put out records that really kill it for them. Their latest offering is a blisteringly fresh three tracker single by She Peng. The title track opener fuses almost cold wave analogue synths with warm searing 4 x 4 goodness. Elsewhere "Raveon" is a ferocious Booty Bass jam - Ghetto to the max - and lastly "Chinese" is a moody electro/tropical spine-tingler. Top quality bass here!
DR OSCILLATOR - RS Turbo EP - exclusive 25-09-2016
VARIOUS - Get Fluxed Volume II (InFlux Audio) - exclusive 27-10-2016
NOTION/YOUNG H feat DREAD MC - Money And Drugs (877) - exclusive 16-09-2016
ARTFUL DODGER - Twentyfourseven (London)
VARIOUS - Future Sound Of Garage 3 (Slime)
SHE PENG - Take Down Low (NM Recordings) - exclusive 26-09-2016
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