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What an absolute treat from the F2 stable this is! The courageous label has taken it upon itself to keep releasing puristic garage in an era where genres are bbeing blurred like Saturday night cocktails, and it really is a great thing to have someone carrying on the UK's seminal tradition along the hardcore continuum. This is the first volume of their F2 comps, and features a whol load of break-ready, gun-toting individuals wishing to inject some class into modern house. Inside, you'll find some absolute bangers for peeps like Champion, Tuff Culture, Deadbeat - who comes through with some twisted two-step - and Pharaoh K, among the many fresh faces on here. SICK!
Marcus nasty: The man, the myth, the legend. A pivotal figure behind the emergence of Grime and UK Funky sounds, there is no one better placed to compile and present a comprehensive collection of the latest evolutions of the House & Garage sound. Curiously enough, the package drops on Dallas imprint Audiophile XXL, as Americas biggest dance music Europhiles the Texans constantly have their ear to the ground and are no strangers to good old fashioned British basslines!

Superabound with dance floor ammunition and A-list names, it is an all killer no filler collection. Wittyboy & Tengu hook up on "Bioshock" with a bassline so harsh it will leave you with a sore throat. LR Groove drifts into more traditional tech-house territory on epic track "The Journey". Brent Kilner rattles he ribcage with a 2017 take on the Sheffield Niche nightclub sound. There are too many standout tracks to mention and in all honesty we have a lot of music to focus on but we would seriously rinse this day and night for the next fortnight if we could.

Legendary UKG mix series Pure Garage return with a crucial 60 track collection curated and blended by unstoppable UK bass foursome Foor. Serious new school representation throughout, expect silky soul and darker steppers from some of the most exciting names to have come through in recent years such as Jax Jones, Mikey B, Conducta and Preditah. Interspersed with big hitters (Gorgon City, Rudimental) and UKF icons (MJ Cole, Wideboys), this really does reflect the exciting range and creativity happening in UK bass, garage and house right now. Comes with three continuous mixes, too. Badman bundle.
Southpoint centrefold Inkline returns with three more blistered bass workouts. It's clear from the moment the fractured beats of "Gentlemen" kick off he's taking care of business: popping, groaning and rolling, "Gentlemen" is a timeless piece of breakage that will fit across all styles from grime to techno. Deeper into the EP we dive to find a straight up slab of 4x4 ruffage on "POW" and bliss-licked chords and barbed soul on "Reach". Throw in a 23rd century Afrobeat version from SaidWho and you've got a supreme package. Southpoint = on point.
Midlands shelling: Birmingham's Bassboy and Nottingham's Bru-C collide for some instant classic bassline naughtiness. Bassboy's riff keeps it lean and harmonic with just the right amount of prang while Bru C shells and shuts down with definite defiance. Stamped with approval but on-point Crucast crew, this is already massive. Are you going to shell? DEFINITELY.

Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan are the Bass=Win Soundsystem. The story goes that while touring in the early days of seminal act Atomic Hooligan, Terry met Rico in his native Finland and they hit it off immediately. The Bass=Win Soundsystem is here and it's massive! This is their first collaboration in recorded form but this EP marks a special point in history for both the guys and their label. The EP draws heavily from garage, rave, breakbeat and bass music. There is three versions of "One and Only" whilst "Bring The Horns" does exactly that.
Already massive: Q boosts his and Powerdress's sweet-souled UKG jam "Naked Truth" once more with a slinky two-step riddim. Just in time for the summer, this is a perfect snapback to the Ramsey & Fenn mid 90s era... Sparkling musical textures, sexy vocals and a swooning hazy vibe that works perfectly any time of day, dancefloor or radio. Q is smashing it in every direction right now.
Brighton's young and impressive King Hydra is feeling fresh, and probably a but smug, after that recent debut for the mighty Project Allout, meaning that he's ready to kick some arse with this new two-tracker for Hot Cakes Bass! "Tear Up The Dace" features the hip-hop vocalism of Skilf on the groove, but Hydra's own construction is built around garage drums and grime-facing baselines; "Ain't For You" sees the artist team up with Won't for another fast-moving, percussion-armed garage mutant with some freaky levels of bass.
If there's one thing we can all agree on it's this: Petey Clicks needs to release music on much more of a regular then he currently does. These two jacking bass house tracks remind us exactly why... "VA To LA" slides us some gully gossip in the form of a grunting high end bassline and a clattering groove that bites down and refuses to let go. "Awake" takes us deeper down the rave rabbit hole with a classically-informed detuned synth riff, a twisted two-step and an amenised breakdown that's heavy enough to power a time machine (1.21 gigawatts) and take us all the way back to 92. Woke yet?
Leda Stray is absolutely crushing the bass game right now. From Punks to Hot Cakes Bass to Broken to New Movement to Roska Kicks & Snares in the space of a year... His remarkable rise suggests he's not quite the freshman we're leda to believe. His chiselled spacious sonics suggest seasoned sonic skills too - roomy but vibey, hazy but heavy and consummately (UK) funky, "All 4 Nothing" adds to his impeccable (and swiftly developing) body of work.
We're pretty sure that DS1 has been up to some amazing things under different aliases over the years, because the last appearance from this artist came about all the way back in a foggy 2012! Project Allout is the label to reignite this neat little moniker, and they've done exactly the right thing by recruiting this talented producer. The crossover between genres here is ridiculous, and this EP takes the term 'hybrid' to new and intangible proportions. "Addicted Remix" wobbles its mutant bass over a fast-moving garage stepper, and much the same goes for the even more bubbly ups and downs of "Everything Remix", except here we're faced with some suave soul vocals for added emotion. "I Need You Bad" is the gnarliest of the lot; those noxious blasts of bass burst out of all angles, backed by a tonne of subbass, and some seductive female vocals recalling the best of the early 00s era.
POW: Four40 drop an absolute killer right here as yung Ant lays down the bassline of his life and Vianne lets rip with big Kathy Brown style emotional soul over a series of low-swinging breaks. Balanced by swooning wavy chords on the break downs, this is guaranteed to crush just about any scenario. Comes ready with an instrumental for the darker floors. This one's going to keep going for a long time to come...
VARIOUS - The #MarcusNastyShow Edition 1 (Audiophile XXL) - exclusive 25-06-2017
INKLINE - Gentlemen (Southpoint) - exclusive 27-05-2017
RICO TUBBS & TERRY HOOLIGAN - Bass=Win Sound System: One & Only (Remixes) (Bass=Win) - exclusive 05-06-2017
VARIOUS/FOOR - Pure Garage - Mixed By FooR (New State)
BASSBOY/BRU-C - Definitely (Crucast)
VARIOUS - F2: Volume 1 (F2)
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