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With all the big 4x4 bass thumpers spinning his wares (My Nu Leng, DJ Q, Flava D etc), Holy Goof continues to shred up the low end scene with his trademark sledgehammer funk. Utilising a sharp shard of Six By Six lyric on gaps that count, Goof's bassline warps with treacle-like weight and shape with just the right amount of funk. Heads down.
Bristol's Fish likes to keep everyone guessing about where he's going next. As a junglist he's brought some serious fiyah but lately he's also dropped bass and house and well, you name it. The Square Waved EP mixes all them genres up and more. The title track is a fierce, carnival-tinged dubby monster and "Brick Top" is proper nasty urban 4 x 4 with real geezer samples and heavy bass. Remix-wise "Bad Luck On Dem" gets turned into deep tropical bass by Jook10, a UK-style jack-fest by Fish himself and proper mind-melting 4 x 4 by Rossi B & Luca.
In the 90s AC Slater was the totally ripped jock in Saved By the Bell, but now however, it's the name of an LA bass maniac. Arriving on his own mighty Night Bass Label, My Peoples is a two track EP that continues to bring the sub-heavy heat to the USA. The title track is a storming 4 x 4 thumper with hip-hop samples and a stop-start dynamic that'll stop you resting on your laurels. Next up "Psycho" is a throwback to the deep and jazzy garage/house of the 90s - imagine vintage Van Helden with a firecracker in his tracksuit!
At the start of the year, Wolfe delivered a host of completely lit bangers. They've been quiet ever since, but now they're back with a bigger bang in the form of "Far Too Long". Always producers who favour the rough over the smooth, this track is an anthemic meltdown of hyperactive, scattershot UKG, retro house organ stabs and wailing divas. People will go nuts when they hear it. There's also loads of remixes, with our favourites including the demented 4 x 4 hysteria of Pavv's version, Pharoah's utterly terrifying bass roar and the evil trap growls of Dubzta's rework. Bare craziness.
Whether it be house, tech-minded house, or house-leaning bass excursions, the Artifice label have impressed us with their recent run of form. This is, in part, because they've managed to surface new talents out of thin air; this new EP by newcomer Squane is exactly what we've come to expect from these guys, and it ticks all the boxes in terms of sonic diversity. "Totemic" is a pounding, tribalistic drum-dance that stands alone and untested, a true club shaker that'll get the head-nodders moving. "Affliction" is more on the dubstep end of things, and delivers a fine tech-house groove. The former is remixed by Troy Gunner into a slow, shape-shifting mutant of a track, while Hypho revamps the latter by stripping it down entirely, and adding in a burst of juke percussion for good measure.
An artist known for abstract and tough music, Policy's debut Southpoint solo release doesn't disappoint. Known for his frogger-style label hopping, he lands on Southpoint for these latest treats, of which there are three. Darkness is the key vibe here, with "Slink" kicking things off with distressed film dialogue samples and brooding stop-start drum patterns and a sinister bass buzz. Elsewhere "Boca Sweep" hints at witch-house doom and dreamy synths, whilst "Battered Trumpet" flits between bassy garage bounce and fuzzy ghetto bounce. Noble, meanwhile drops a remix full of scattershot rhythms, whilst Glume swerves into smoother instrumental hip-hop territory.
With London's Daze Prism tearing up the bassline landscape this year, it was inevitable that he and the mighty U Wot Blud would eventually meet. Meet they did and the result is the much-anticipated Venom single. These four tracks are going to take this producer to the next level, with sounds ranging from the dreamy UKG and soulful ("Don't You", "Venom") to sizzling 4x4 driven mayhem ("Kalimba","Rudeboy"), and all laced DP's trademark urban edge. No antidote necessary.
Murder He Wrote has been slaying 'em left, right and centre with his slick brand of bass. Although he has a few top labels notched on his bedpost, he's most at home on Roska's Kicks & Snares. Here he delivers two seasonal jams "Switched" is light and fruity, with dreamy synth pads, crisp tropical beats and melodies. On a completely different tip "Halloween Riddim" sees MHW provide a fittingly brooding soundtrack to what has been the year of the killer clown. Creepy strings and movies samples wrestle with a menacing bass hum and make us contemplate staying in on the 31st!
With releases on New Wave under their belt, a forthcoming release on U Wot Blud and this new two-track missive on Low Pitched, it seems that Daze Prism's time is now. There are two merciless joints here: "Polariza" which fuses skippy, steppy beats with a dubby low-end pulse and scattershot percussion. They really bring some fiyah on "Casma" though, where dark tropical beats and pitched up RnB vocal wails fuel a mean 4 x 4 chassis. Fierce sounds.
Futuristic UKG vibes are the order of the day as New Movement affiliate Mind Of A Dragon belches out more smoky, spiky soul. Tipping wry nods to the Todd Edwards style of garage with vocal snippets being used as instrumental elements, but done in a much darker 2016 style, "Illusion" wriggles with angular funk while "One More" takes us on a more heads-down early 2000 tip. Both kill it.
The original version of Catch Me Here saw Drumsound & Bassline Smith recruit the silky vocals of 23-year old Conor Maynard for a shimmering DnB pop anthem. Now, following the success of that hit, it's time for the remix package. There are four new versions here, lead by a synthy digi-2 step rework by Thom. Elsewhere Ben Dooks goes for pure piano-house cheese, Ryuken, adds some much needed edge with a skippy, wobble-heavy work out and last but not least, Development go further still with the full dubstep/4 x 4 of the toughest and best rework here.
DAZE PRISM - Polariza (Low Pitched) - exclusive 31-12-2016
DAZE PRISM - Venom (U Wot Blud)
WOLFE - Far Too Long EP (Project ALlout) - exclusive 31-12-2016
FISH - Square Waved (Tumble Audio) - exclusive 28-10-2016
AC SLATER/TAIKI NULIGHT - My Peoples (Night Bass)
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