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Influx:Audio is a label celebrating the thriving bass scene of their native Yorkshire. One of their shining stars is Pavv (ironically from Brighton) who has made a big splash in the UK bass scene with releases for the likes of U Wot Blud? Here they invite him to reveal his top artists and tunes happening right now and he doesn't disappoint, delivering 10 bleeding edge jams including the space-age UKF of "Things I Do" by Deadbeat UK, the percolating bass gargles of "Nod Ya Head" by Spookz and Pavv's own quirky take on wobble-heavy 4 x 4, "Everyday".
Midlands bass duo, Hybrid Theory, were only recently up in the dock on trial for their murderously killer low-end frequencies. Seems that they must have got off on a technicality as they are already back out and ready to offend again. This new split single features two typically uncompromising productions. "Fatality" features knife-sharp hi-hats, buzz saw bass and positively lethal drops a plenty. "The Edge" meanwhile boasts skippy breakbeats, merciless bass bounce and even some string samples just to shake things up a little.
There we were, thoroughly enjoying Welsh DJ Jay Robinson's brand of doomy bass heavy house, when he disappears for ages! Now he's back with all fists flying on the Fight Music EP. There are three ferociously pissed off tunes here for the harder dancefloors out there. Opener "Dogfight" ducks and weaves with instrumental breaks, big breaks and some seriously growling bass. Elsewhere "Kombat Dub" is a taught and techy affair littered with video game samples and finally "Choker" is a straight out thumper with a bassline that's more likely to chew your leg off than ever fetch your paper!
Veteran DJ duo Plump DJs recently delivered their big room anthem "Yes Yes" to unanimous approval. Now we get to revisit the banger via a new remix by none other than the mighty Hybrid Theory. Although the essence of the original is retained, HT swaps most of the tribal/baile drum rhythms for more of a wobble-heavy 4 x 4 workout. Stripped back and fresh, this anthem's success is now going to last all summer!
Although Slime tend to stick to the grittier side of town, every now and then they don some slip on loafers, a Moschino suit and go 2-stepping with Bad Habit. This guy loves to balance on a knife's edge between slickness and underground attitude, and he always pulls it off. "Fools Love" is no different, all sparse UKG beats with piercing kicks and silky vocals. There's a smorgasbord of remixes supplied too, highlights of which include Cup & String's doom-step rework, the erratic scattershot beats of Mind Of A Dragon's mix and Aaron Static's blue sky house reinvention.
Manchester's mighty bass hero Krissi B has been gone a long time. Clearly he'd rather not rush out any old rubbish and one listen to the 7AM EP proves that it's worth the wait. The three tracks contained here all display more creativity and imagination than whole albums by his competitors. The title track features a fierce showdown between malfunctioning 4 x 4 bass and speedy garage soulfulness, "Hold Tight", meanwhile, introduces eccentric flutes samples to old skool skippy beats and hints of reggae rhythms. Finally "U Could B" mixes classic melodic retro garage-pop with some contemporary edge.
UK legend DJ Zinc making funky house? You better believe it! The man behind several anthems with the Ganja Kru and Try Playaz gives us the sexy dancefloor energy of "My Energy" featuring Alex Mills' soaring diva vocals and is testament to the guy's mojo. With this many years in the business he's capable of making hits of any style and expect to hear this one bringing down the house at a superclub near you soon!
Until now, Martin Kemp's highly corrosive shades of bass have appeared exclusively for the wayward-thinking Frijsfo Beats label, but he's ready to expand and diffuse his production skills onto new territories, coming through on Sans Absence like an absolute pro. "After The Night" is a hybrid through and through, mashing up a wonky tribal percussion with washed-out effects and hollow sonics, and "Fix" seems like the natural prolongation of this style, except that the beat flex is now more stable and floor-minded. "Aztec" packs a tighter break roll at its core, chucking in a subtle dose of pseudo grime bleeps, and "No Charisma" finishes the bottle by stumbling its curbside manner further into inebriation.
When a compilation helps define a new sound, it often gets even more interesting when that style evolves into all kinds of weird and wonderful hybrids further down the line. Immoral's Future Bass series is at that point now with it's third instalment. There are 16 different musical excursions here, highlights of which include Matt Thomas' mercilessly hard slam-athon mix of Aaron Jackson's "Bubble Goose", DJ Jayms' sinister doom-bass reworking of Dr Dre's Next Episode "The Heist" and The Cook, The Thief's totally deranged techno-disco mash-up, "Lil' Black Book". Sounds like the scene has never been so fresh and diverse.
Since their inception Southpoint have championed young bass maverick Bushbaby. Here they unleash his second solo outing, The Illusive EP. A gifted musical visionary who sounds like no other, here he gets to explore his creativity to great effect. The title track features abstract bass patterns and glitchy scattershot beats, whilst "Marble Arch" is slower and features trap influenced beats and a sombre cello riff. Meanwhile "Gameplan" includes gypsy/middle eastern string melodies and dubby breaks, whilst "No Tomorrow" adds classical strings and gentle chimes into the mix.
Here we have a truly international release with South Africa's Okzharp (aka Gervase Gordon of LV fame) teaming up with Manchester's Samrai (Swing Ting). For the Gated EP they've collaborated with various singers with interesting results. Citied by their own label as being a 'pivotal record' at their Keysound Sessions parties, the instrumental "Gated" fuses evocative trance synths with a dancehall fervour that just perfectly works. Elsewhere the tune gets tweaked in different directions - Specialist Moss adds some classic reggae mic action, Ruffest leads a cool Afro-house angle and Shokryme wraps things up with a welcomingly eccentric delivery.
As suggested by their name, This Ain't Bristol are a German label pushing UK sounds. Maximono are a duo of Drum & Bass producers from London and Hannover who have switched to house music and their bass driven, fun loving tendencies will no doubt mark comparisons to the Dirtybird crew over the Atlantic. They've taken over A&R duties for the label here and this compilation reflects their tastes There's some surefire dancefloor artillery on here such as Maximono themselves with "Bleep", Dirtybird alumnus Worthy with the bass heavy party vibes of "Big End", the druggy and minimal main room vibes of Los Angeleno Dillon Nathaniel on "Keep On Keepin On" and Berliner Ben Mono's "You Know It's True" which just reeks of Sunday afternoon hedonism at Kater Blau.
VARIOUS - Pavv Presents... (InFlux Audio) - exclusive 25-05-2016
HYBRID THEORY - Fatality/The Edge (Hybrid Theory) - exclusive 02-05-2016
JAY ROBINSON - Fight Music (Night Bass)
FORBID - Gorilla Warfare (U Wot Blud) - exclusive 28-04-2016
KRISSI B - 7AM EP (Northern Line)
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