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Reviewed this week
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Brighton's Moony is all about fine UK dance music, and whether it's shuffling garage mayhem or two-step bass delight, the end product is always all about quality. This time he comes through with a whole remix EP of his "Ballin" track, and he's brought along a rather special bunch dance misfits. The original mix is a dubby broken beat number, and our choice picks from the remixes are P Jam's killer garage version and Notion's bass-driven driller-thriller - one to stir a few heads along the way. Strong look from Moony.
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Roska's Kicks & Snares imprint - or RKS for short - began life as a self-financed outlet for his own productions, but since 2010 has largely played host to EPs from like-minded artists from the UK bass scene. This shift is reflected in the make-up of this sixth anniversary compilation. While it does begin with a new track from the man himself - the deep and undulating "Whaaat", his first material for the label since 2009 - for the most part it showcases old and new material from some of the imprint's extended family of artists. There's naturally much to admire, from the surging, roughneck UK funky blast of Shox's "Well St", to the alien bruk-meets-kuduro rave-up of Beer Fridge Project's "Motorboat".
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Leanne Brown and Rare Candy make their debut on the UK's Nu Wave with a gorgeous one-tracker in the name of "Why I Love You"! Like much of the label's output, this is proper UK music with an edge, and while we've seen more bass-heavy releases in the past, this one is just a sublime garage number for the peak time. The duo's gorgeous vocals are simply perfect amid the drum shuffles and hi-hat dicing. Another top quality release from the label!
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Hailing from Pretoria in South Africa, DJ Spoko has to date only issued one EP on True Panther Sounds, but now he steps forward with a whopping great 20-track collection for Lit City Trax (previously known for DJ Rashad and Visionist releases) that will truly announce his distinctly African take on house and UK funky. It's a bright and bold cocktail that works soca rhythms into brash box beats, while the melodies fly in direct and catchy formations. What is most noticeable is how Chicago house traditions have been contorted to fit melodies and grooves more befitting of the geography, making for a distinctive blend of house music with a relevance to dancers and DJs the world over.
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DMX Krew's legendary EDMX drops another filthy bunch of tracks and this time it's on the Skrufix imprint. This time he's in a more tranquil mood, where his usual dose of acid is replaced by more placid, IDM-influenced sounds covered in a layer of rave overtones. "No Papa", for example, is a right squelcher built for floor use, of course, but it's one that could also be enjoyed outside the dance. That's our pick of the lot, but it's all heavily recommended and makes a fine addition to this guy's stellar catalogue.
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