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Pelikann (aka Jack MackMersh) is a West Midlands producer who is currently taking the UK's bass scene on an epic journey via his fearless genre-hopping approach. This, his latest release on Saucy, boasts three originals and some remixes too. The title track is mega hyped ghetto breaks with super melodic synthy fizz, "Badboy Sound" is all about the relentless subby fuzz-stabs (given a demented percussive makeover by Affiliate) and "Calm It" incorporates a nasty bass hum into a breaky bounce-a-thon. Rho reworks the latter into a super-fast DnB jam whilst "Spectre" becomes a jungle snarler thanks to Data 3.
Back in June (2016), we were raving about Mind Of A Dragon's sensibility to the early 2000's garage era and, while that might have seemed as if we were exaggerating, it is clear that the mysterious producer truly understands that formula. He's back on Soul Revolution with "U N Me", a tune that could easily sound as if it was made by someone like Persian back in the day, but that in reality has been conceived late in 2016. With a rebellious streak, Mind Of A Dragon takes no consideration for contemporary trends, and instead delivers a highly riveting garage infusion for the heads. The remix by Mike Millrain and Mick James scraps the garage drums and chucks in a few house swings, but it still sounds deliciously vintage
It's kinda crazy to look back and see just how much music the Night Bass label put out between 2015 and the beginning of 2017. It's an unfathomable amount of releases for such a young label and, the thing is, it's all pretty damn hot, too! Jack Beats is the project from Niall Dailly and Ben Griffin, who are back with the second landing of the Body Work series, and kicking things off with a bit of a gangsta flex thanks to "The Lean", a cold-hearted London bombshell propelled into motion by some dutty grime vocals, and a menacing groove. "Formula3000" brings in Taiki Nulight for a bigger, badder flow of break-ridden, bass filth - just the sort we vibe to.
You into garage? Serious garage? Nah, you ain't if you haven't heard of Sunship. The British trio produced some of the most banging garage of the mid-to-late 90s, and they clearly haven't grown out of their old ways. We're obviously happy about that. They've resurfaced on a regular basis recently, and have done so in fine style. They're on their own Sunship Recordings, and this time they've brought "The Sunship Theme Tune", both as an instrumental and as a vocal edit. But, no matter which of the two you go for, we think that you'llbe churning it out on loop; so deadly and effective, this tune is bound to cause mass hysteria and, of course, provoke quite a few rewinds in the process. Magnetic and timeless.
X5 Dubs is one of the few producers out there who is still crafting the garage trade like it's 1999. He does, however, also like to inject a little contemporary bass wonder to his tunes, most notably in the form of traditional dubstep 'wobble'. "Runnin" is the perfect example of this, a swining garage lick with a mean, growling low-end that is easily comparable to the very best of the legendary FWD days at Plastic People. There's a remix by 4X4 Intro, this time taking that same groove to a more traditional house framework, and also by Myka Rose, who decides to strip that bass back and deliver an unadulterated garage classic that takes us way back.
When we see the name Adam Hyjek pop up on our charts, our minds aren't restricted to one genre or style of dance music. Instead, we associate the producer with everything that's even remotely house-related and, in fact, he has produced plenty of wonderful tunes across the deep, progressive, tech, and even funky strains of the most beloved form of club music. Here, "Why Do I Still" heads into clear garage waters, guided by the seductive voice of Sanna Hartfield, in what is an ultra sexy tune for this new Ultra Bass tune. Remix A comes from Wayne H, who injects a heavier house flow into the mix, while remix B is from Style Of Tigers, and what we have is a gentle, stripped-back Chicago bomb. There's a sultry radio edit, too.
It seems like nothing is stopping the BASSCVLT imprint from delivering its highly pungent strains of bass-driven club music from our charts, but the label truly deserve a round of applause for their tenacity and belief in their formula. They welcome newcomer Connor Cox onto their bandwagon, and the dude delivers some pure madness with the one-track bombshell "Phaser", an absolute banger of a tune that has its roots deeply entrenched across dubstep, house, juke and, yes, even a little bit of jungle sensibility. What a belter!
MICK JAMES/MIKE MILLRAIN - How Deep (NM Recordings) - exclusive 01-01-2018
VARIOUS - Selection Box 2016 (IN:Flux Audio) - exclusive 23-01-2017
RALSTON - Choose One (Bass=Win) - exclusive 06-10-2017
CEEZUS & ILLA - Conquer (Southpoint) - exclusive 12-12-2016
VOLAC - Do Ya Thing (Night Bass)
HABOUCHI - Ride (Low Pitched) - exclusive 31-12-2016
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