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BOOM! It was about time that good ol' Moony stepped onto the Southpoint catalogue with some puristic UK bass for floor-cleansing. The talented young maestro drops the wavey garage drums of "Bullion" for starters, which is followed-up by a main course featuring the deliciously broken beats of "Mutton" and the soulful half-steps of "Be Your Only". These are only our favourites from the menu but, to be honest, this is without a doubt THE garage EP of the week for us here at Juno. Drop any one of these badboys in the dance and then see what happens...
Skue-K is getting more and more airtime over the last year, appearing more often and on more quality labels, such as Project Allout and the present Tumble Audio. The producer likes to go for the harsher strains of UK bass, deploying some naughty levels of mutant bass amid fast-paced garage beats and house drums. "Criminals", as the name suggests, delivers a load of machete bass for the peak time hours, with "Full Whip" providing more of the same drug, for added effect; Brent Kilner twists up the low frequencies to create an all-out bass attack from an aerial position. Careful with these explosives, son!
What a meeting of bassline minds; the legendary Zinc and unavoidable newcomer Holy Goof collide for this tasty treat from Zinc's forthcoming Bingo Bass EP. Hookier than pirate convention, spikier than a Sonic cosplay get-together and rougher than sandpaper sandwich, Goof's brittle sound and Zinc's sense of groove are super strong and incredibly complementary.

Australia representing: Empyrean (one half of D&B duo In:Most) makes his debut on the ever lucid, Slime stable with a charming two-step dreamer that's laced with all the right fluttering instrumentation and a sublime pant-dropping vocal sample. Remix-wise Nexus & Tight engage airy autonomic halftime mode while Blackboxx take us deep into sandy-toed Balearic pastures. Quite possibly one of Slime's most delicate and beautiful releases to date. Happy summer.
Is it house? Is it bass? Who cares - it's a new EP from Proxy courtesy of the ever-impressive Night Bass household! The Turbo Recordings regular steps up large and in charge through "Sirenade", a minimalistic bass grenade backed by a swarm of noxious synths that sound more like alarm bells, and that is followed-up by a rather odd but utterly banging hybrid in the form of "I Feel", probably the best example of something worthy enough of moving the scene forwards. Last but not least, "Magic Word" uses the power of the vocal chop to slice and dice its way through a set of sparse but effective bass mortars and, of course, a much needed house groove. There's something brewing here - don't miss it!
DJ ZINC/HOLY GOOF - Push It (Bingo Bass)
OFFBEATS HUSTLING - Nataraja (LOw Pitched) - exclusive 31-12-2017
SKUE-K - Criminals (Tumble Audio) - exclusive 23-08-2017
PROXY - Sirenade (NIght BAss)
DAZE PRISM - Tektonix (Articulate) - exclusive 24-07-2017
MOONY - Bullion (Southpoint)
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