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AC Slater's Los Angeles-based Night Bass label has been turning the US on its head what with all the real UK bass flavours they've been serving up. They've now made it to the fourth instalment of the mighty This Is Night Bass series, and once again it's sizzling with energy. There are eight tracks this time including the heavy stomp of Aussie Yolanda Be Cool & Wongo's "Roosevelt", Sinden's gloriously dark "God" and the deep jackin' grooves of Bijou's "Cant' See Us". Night Bass then, bringing quality to the masses.
Birmingham badness here with the city's pre-eminent bass institution, Fourty40, bringing serious fiyah on the "Get Mad" EP from Metro Club. Heavy heavy club vibes abound on this one with Serocee delivering some fierce MC flow to this bouncy urban house explosion. Remix-wise Jamie George delivers a cool dancehall-inflicted roller, Jay Robinson gets well aggy on his harder hoover bass jam and South Royston get deep into an old skool acid house zone. Lastly DJ Cable explores the murky quagmire between dubstep and trap to evocative effect!
Here U Wot Blud have reached out all the way to Austria, home of rising star Robsi Mantoura. Having spent some time in the UK absorbing the bassy sounds of Julio Bashmore and his ilk, he now gives us EPs like Spread Love. "You & I" is warm, skippy house with extra sprinkles of garage and wobble for good measure. Pelikann toughens it up with starker snare rolls and chants whilst Melinki goes for orchestral DnB and Pavv opts for straight up wobble. Finally the original "Love" is more soulful with nods to 90s garage and even some sax!
Ice Cream's DJD has been given a day pass from his regular label to release "See The Light", a hook up with Too Bad DJs, through NM Recordings. We're glad they did because the track is probably a bit too heavy to work on other labels. Did we say heavy? Well, we meant it, with title track fusing deep 90s rave pads, diva/gospel vocals and stark percussion (check the incredible steel drum drop). "Hard 2 C" takes all the elements of the previous track and puts them in a blender. The result being truly fluid underground garage. Pirate vibes.
London's bass giant Roska likes to keep thing fresh. That's why he is constantly releasing short, sharp sizzlers - to keep his latest sounds on dancefloors. His latest missive is BFF, which is another top notch joint. Kicking off with an atmosphere-building synthscape the tune soon gives away to his fierce combination of stark tropical drum patterns and nagging melodies. Another sure-fire winner.
When DJ Impact first dropped The Cole Train on 42TF back in 2014, people stood up to get down. Now the mighty tune returns with the remixes, and it's party time all over again. We've got five remakes here to tackle, starting with the woofer-shredding bass frequencies of the breaky VIP. Elsewhere highlights include the spooky-horror wobble of Moony's mix, the machine gun drums of Tigs' fresh rework and the mayhem of Cre8's hardcore DnB version. Safe.
High Daniels (aka Andy Robb from Devon), is a young gun who rocks a Brian Harvey look and even harder sound. Here he has paired up with Nasty Habbitz (aka 'The Badman'), for the two-punch audio assault, Faint On Man EP. "Battlefield" sets the tone with atmospheric breaks, some heavy, slow bass thunder and even some threatening Joe Pesci samples for good measure. "Pescy" Is even less subtle with 4 x 4 elements married to sinister bass frequencies and a general air of impending doom! Just the way we like it.
METRO CLUB feat SEROCEE - Get Mad (Four40) - exclusive 22-08-2016
VARIOUS - Ultra Bass Records Presents/The Ultra Underground Vol 3 (Ultra Bass)  - exclusive 01-09-2016
LVTCH - Everybody (Immoral Music)
MARK KRUPP - Deep Mind (Bass Machine)
HIGH DANIELS & NASTY HABBITZ - Faint On Man EP (Low Pitched) - exclusive 29-08-2016
VARIOUS - This Is Night Bass Vol 4 (Night Bass)
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