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The UK Garage and Grime scene is back in vogue right now and one label in particular for this can be credited for a large part of this reassurance, that label is of course Sheffield's finest Project Allout Records. Juno Download caught up with label manager and founder and one of the most level headed characters in the scene; the one and only Skillzboy. We spoke to Skillz about the labels roots, the Sheffield dance music scene and he fills us in on the latest members of the ever expanding #PARgang. SKillz and MR dubz have also been in the studio to record a very special and mix for you guys which is free to download. Now fans of the scene know that a Mr Dubz track is like garage gold dust, well Juno Download and PAR are helping you get ready for the weekends set with a completely free and exclusive track. The excellent Mr Dubz VIP mix of Clientele's "Treat You".

Download free track Clientele - Treat You (Mr Dubz remix)

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Mr Dubz

Losing It EP

Project Allout

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Hi Skillz, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How are things with you at the moment?

Thanks for shouting at us. At the moment things with the label are mad hectic which is pretty normal, I spend around 80% of my time checking emails making sure releases are ready to be distributed, and constantly researching what’s currently out there from other labels looking at what we can do better always striving to be Number 1

For these uninitiated with Project Allout and the team, let people know a little about the label and how it came about.

Project Allout Records began their journey in 2011 were we started giving out free monthly mailouts delivering music from Sheffield based producers with the urge of exposure and aiming to receive some recognition they deserve. Within a year we had accomplished 6 physical releases, 12 free mailouts and 1 big compilation which we were happy with.

So you are based in Sheffield. How is the current dance music scene in Sheff at the moment?

Sheff is booming everyone seems to be doing something, the night life you won’t get better than this city with it been industrial it’s all about warehouse raves, production wise it’s massive I’m always down at Dr Cryptic Studio and the levels are high guys are always showing me their tunes I’m like a kid in a candy shop shouting I’m signing this and that loll.

Was the label in anyway inspired by the legendary Niche nightclub and the bass line scene that it spawned?

Definitely... Bass line is the Roots of Sheff City and for us it would be silly not to go with what we know originating from the city where it all began that movement was amazing, big up Steve Baxendale and all the original Niche Elite, the people who know will know!!!!

The label covers the whole UK Garage sound spectrum from 2step to bass line to grime but the theme throughout your catalogue seems to be heads down, screw face, dance floor tracks. Was this always your conscious aim?

The main AIM at first was to naturally push the up north sound out to other cities such as London, Birmingham and get the unheard talent some recognition for the music they were making. 30 releases later and were putting out banger after banger and incorporating the more recognised guys on EPs which really works all round, I think sticking to one sound really narrows down your audience so with our remix EPs we really try to cater for all on that note we are always looking to push new talent and I'm always throwing my email out there for people to send their unheard music to. (

Yourself and Mr Dubz have recorded an exclusive mix for our customers. Can you talk us through the mix; how it was recorded and the selection process etc?

It was pretty easy to be honest myself and Mr Dubz have pretty much the same taste in music and we both mix on Serato. What we came up with was to showcase loads of new stuff forthcoming on PAR and my good Friend Dr Cryptic’s label Chip Butty another big Sheff city label. So all the fans of Bass, Garage and straight Filth this mix is for you.

Mr Dubz is also offering a killer free track, do you have a few words to say on this?

We’re hailing from the bass line city of Sheffield, it’s only right we give you an exclusive PAR bass line Banger. (Watch your speakers loll)

The label has always had a strong ethos based around giving back to fans. Do you have plans to do more giveaways in the future?

Yes of course, we’re going to keep the releases coming we have a massive free download just before Christmas dropping (KRAMPUS EP 4). Then next year were going to saturate the world with PAR music. My team are always pushing the releases as hard as I do and that logic for me works, ParGang!!!

In terms of upcoming producers, who should we be keeping an ear out for?

Right my list could go on so I’ll try and narrow it down as much as I can loll.

Dubzta, Triple S, Notion, Pavv, Conducta, Scruloose, Hoax & RSK, Drone, Little Mesters.

2015 on PAR is going to be big for all these guys.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2014 and early 2015?

Putting out more sick Eps. The first EP for 2015 will say it all really that we’re here for the long haul. We have managed to get a major Grime legend on a remix who goes by the name of ALIAS ye that guy who made Gladiator And Warriors, says it all really...... Keep It PAR

Any final thoughts or shoutouts?

Big up all the supporters, shouts to DJ Spooky the Dub Master he gets all the PAR material before anyone, shouts to DJ Cardiac & Sdot And Sam Moir and shouts to all my team.

Mr Dubz / Dr Cryptic / Notion / Drone / Flava D / Pavv / Triple S / Deadbeat UK / Conducta / Spooky / Moony/ Thorpey / Little Mesters / Scott G / Dr Osscilator / PVC / Lemzly Dale / Lington / Radical/Ethan Ryan / JBK / Dubzta / Tuff Culture / P Jam / Juzlo / Scruloose / A.T. / The Colonel / J69 / RSK / Hoax Beats/ Sketch 'E / Mr Lucro / Rollsie / Adam Mac / Singleton / LJ / Alias / jeb1/ Smodi / JG / Holy Goof& Loads more ...KEEP IT PAR


SKILLZ B2B MR DUBZ Project Allout takeover JUNO MIX

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Cue Release play release
UK beat maverick Mr Dubz touches down once again on the Project Allout imprint with four new slices of penetrating speed garage. "Losing It", as the name suggests, is a nutty blend of shuffling percussion and raucous, twisted basslines, while "Sekkle" is tough little grime monster for the head-nodders. "Bwoi Fi Dead" is another heavy half-time monster complete with all sorts of dread vocal shops, while "Ready Fi War" takes us back to the early-to-mid noughties when grime and hard-hitting wobble-step were being mashed up left, right and centre.
Cue Release play release
The UK's Nativ comes through with the upmost correctness on the Party Like Us imprint. The dude has released on a myriad of labels including Deafmuted Records, and this time it's a badboy four-tracker in his familiarly on-point vein. "Brukout" is a blend between DJ Hazard-style D&B, grime and even a touch of house thanks to its funky 4/4 kicks. "Dusk" is another tribal-fuelled percussion monster, while "U Got Me" is something of a funky house number thanks to the female vocals riding all over it. Flava D's remix of "Brukout" pushes the speed up and cranks the bass into considerably nastier levels.
Cue Release play release
The latest UTTU drop sees the first tangible material from RuF Dug and Samrai, two long term fixtures on the Manchester clubbing scene and close friends. Of the two RuF Dug will probably be the more familiar to those outside of MCR, thanks to his Ruf Kutz label and prospering production output for Sud, Porn Wax, Banoffee Pies and more though Swing Ting man Samrai has been cutting his teeth of late with drops on Niche N Bump and Keysound. It's fairly hard to drop genre bombs on their two tracks here with both "1st Observation" and "2nd Observation" throwing various stylistic elements into the mixer and evening them out over some nicely left leaning house rhythms. Mood Hut's Hashman Deejay and rising Aussie production unit Zanzibar Chanel are great picks for remix purposes, adding further sonic personality to a record that stands apart from a lot of current "deep house".
Cue Release play release
Berlin's Mendoza has teamed with Sounds of Sumo for his latest ghetto-tinged bomb, "The 9 Years of Fame". The sizzling title track, which manages to marry pad-heavy 90s rave and tropical bass 'choruses', has already been hyped by Monki on her Radio 1 show. It's also remixed into a killer rolling bassline house by labelmate Sui Generis. Elsewhere "Dggr" is bassy and melodic UKF and "Apollo" is an excellent slice of smoky late night house.
Cue Release play release
Olivia Louise is a young Chester singer who has been experimenting with a few styles whilst preparing for stardom. To help her on her way 1Xtra's DJ Q has stepped into the producers seat for this impressive collaboration, "Physical". The song features Olivia Louise's multilayered vocodered angelic vocals beautifully intertwined with an ethereal 2step backdrop. DJ Q also provides two remixes - a bouncy UKF-tinged party house workout and goes full back in the day Ayia Napa for a jazzy cut-up rework of the naughty "Cocaine".
Cue Release play release
It seems as if producers are definitely getting younger these days. This EP, for example, is the work of UK-based producer Callum Watson, who makes his recording debut at the tender age of 20. P H 45 is an assured and floor-friendly debut, with the talented youngster joining the dots between UK funky, deep house, tech-house and garage. There's an atmospheric feel about the title track's pitched-down vocal samples, throbbing bass and foreboding melodies, while "Rogue State" sits somewhere between spiralling, Dirtybird-ish EDM and poignant deep house. Best of all, though, is "Rose Cottage", which hits home hard thanks to booming bass, skippy 4/4 garage beats and creepy electronics.
DR OSCILLATOR/DR CRYPTIC - Dr Who? EP (Chip Butty) - exclusive 10-11-2014
RAFTERMAN - Surge EP (Mass) - exclusive 08-12-2014
MR DUBZ - Losing It EP (Project Allout) - exclusive 31-11-2014
LOUISE, Olivia - Physical (Produced By DJ Q) (Q Recordings)
DUB SOLUTION - Boxed EP (Soulserious) - exclusive 31-12-2014
STYLO G - Call Mi A Leader (3 Beat)
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