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Almost two years ago to this day Tumble Audio brought us their first release and instantaneously leapfrogged other brands in the UKG scene to become one of the most exciting labels in the scene today. We caught up with "Hank Limit" one of the founding members of the label to have a quick chat about the ticket giveaway for their event at Plan B in Brixton, the mix that was specially recorded for Juno and one of the possibly the biggest release in the label's history "Roadman Anthems Vol 1"

To be in with a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Roadman Anthems launch party then simply download the killer free track from label stalwart "Killjoy" and you will be automatically be entered. We will email you on Thursday morning to confirm - so get downloading those freebies guys!

Download free track and enter prize draw Killjoy - Really Hot

Featured Release

Roadman Joel / Various

Roadman Anthems Vol 1

Tumble Audio

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Interview with Hank Limit

Hi Hank, thanks for taking the time to speak to us Firstly for those unfamiliar with the mighty Tumble Audio brand please give us some insight into who you are and what you do?

Tumble Audio is a record label and event that specializes in tunes made for the dancefloor. The music we put out takes in influences from a variety of genres including UK Garage, Funky, Grime and Bassline. We have been running for just under two years now and are celebrating our 10th release which is a huge thing for us.

You’re originally from Nottingham; what is your assessment of the dance music scenes in the city and surrounding areas compared to say London or Berlin?

Yes we are indeed a Nottingham based label and we are extremely proud of our roots. Nottingham has a small but extremely close underground scene with some really good events and talented producers. On our Tumble roster alone you have artists such as Timbah, Killjoy, Lyka and Sergic who all started out in Nottingham. But I do feel like the midlands definitely gets a hard time of it when people look at the UK’s musical make up, it seems like there is a vast empty space in-between the north and south where nothing happens. I personally use this lack of attention as motivation to do more in Nottingham, so that hopefully over time people will take more and more notice. It is quite a small city with only a handful of decent clubs so I couldn’t really compare it to huge metropolises like London or Berlin, all I can say that Nottingham raver’s are certified nutters.

Also shout out to the Nottingham crews and producers MIMM, Wigflex, Sub:concious, Rubberdub, Congi, Origin One, Geiom, Hizatron, Metske who are all doing some really good things at the moment.

The label seemed to come out of no where and became a huge success right from your very first release “Killjoy’s XTC EP” did you anticipate this in anyway or were you planning to slowly and steadily build momentum as is the case for most labels?

The great thing about Tumble is that none of it was planned. When it first became an actual idea, back in 2012 I was the label manager at MIMM Recordings. We were doing some really cool interesting stuff with MIMM, but myself and the owner wanted to take the label in very different directions. Luckily at the time I was being sent a lot of really wicked party music around 130 – 135 bpm from the likes of Killjoy and Majora, it was not stuff that would have worked on MIMM, so I decided to start a new imprint to get it out there. That is how Tumble was born. For the first four or five months Tumble was just as a side project, but after Majora’s ‘Boss Key’ EP dropped and got a great reaction I realised there was a lot of potential in Tumble.

From that EP onward it has already happened really organically, there was never really a plan, we were just putting out music that was going down well in the raves that we were enjoying. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am really happy with the body of work we have put out over the last 10 releases.

Your sound is heavily influenced by all elements of UK Garage and we noticed that you guys have been championing the “bassline/4x4” sounds even when they may have dipped in popularity and influence. Was this a calculated risk or was it more a case of putting out music that you love and not paying too much attention to everyone else?

I always try and avoid taking too much interest in what others are doing and just do what I feel is right for the label. I have been into grime and bassline since the age of 15, so I never really clocked whether it was cool or not at any point. There is always a risk element to putting out music, but as long as it feels right in your gut then I say just go for it. We are quite lucky with Tumble that we have some really good producers who are always happy to give honest feedback which I think really helps with quality control.

The track you are giving away is a dance floor killer and features a very familiar vocalist, can you tell us a little about the track?

The track is by Killjoy who is my right hand man and one of the best producers around at the moment in my opinion. It is a wicked tune that always gets a huge reaction in his DJ sets and at Tumble parties so we hope you enjoy it.

Killjoy is about to put out his 3rd EP out with Tumble it is a storming collaboration with Lenkemz and Slick Don, the EP is called the ‘Wesley Snipes EP.’ So watch out for that dropping before the end of the year.

You guys are also giving away 2 pairs of tickets for the HUGE event at Plan B on Friday 19th September what will the night hold for the lucky winners?

Yes we are indeed giving away 2 pairs of tickets to our event on Friday at Plan B in Brixton. For the lucky winners I ensure that there will be standard tumble party vibes, with loads of bassline. The line up features all Tumble artists featured on the compilation, so it really is going to be a celebration of our sound. For those of you who do not win, I suggest you come down as it is pretty cheap for London and will be a banging evening.

You recorded a special mix for the takeover can you tell us a little about the music selection process and how it was recorded?

The mix is a real representation of what you can expect from a Tumble Audio set at the moment. Lots of certified bangers mixed with the dancefloor in mind. It was recorded on two CDJ’s and a mixer whilst me and Killjoy were eating olives and a cheese.

How did you and the rest of the Tumble Audio get into putting on events? Do you have any words of advice for aspiring promoters?

I have been involved in putting on events for almost ten years now, so the tumble event happened naturally after we started the label. Our first official event was with Dexplicit and Blackwax in March 2013. It actually didn’t go very well, but I had another one already planned with Marcus Nasty so we rolled the dice again, and it turned out to be a great success. Since then we have invited the likes of Kahn & Neek, Flava D, Champion, Coki, Terror Danjah, Logan Sama and Big Narstie to perform. We have been running nearly every month in Nottingham since the first event, and in the last year have also put on events in Bristol, London and Leeds.

The best bit of advice I could give to any aspiring promoter is to never be complacent and to always have fun, if you’re not having fun at your own night then how is anyone else supposed to?

What upcoming artists do you think people should be listening out for at the moment?

It is always hard to shout out a handful of upcoming producers as there really are so many smashing it at the moment. I would suggest to anyone who is reading this to first of all check out everyone on the compilation, there are some really awesome producers on there. Outside of Tumble I am really enjoying the music of Beneath, Brunks, Tropikka and Lenkemz.

What do you have planned for the label for the rest of the year and moving into 2015?

Just keep churning out music that people enjoy. We have already got a great EP lined up for TUM011 and are working on a number of other releases with some new artists who are yet to release on the label. Also expect to see new EP’s from Nativ, Deadbeat UK and Killjoy in the new year.

Events wise we have our release party this Friday at Plan B in London, then our next Nottingham event we are inviting one of my all time favourite DJ’s Spyro on the 4th October. We also have events coming up in Leeds and Bristol before the end of the year which will be announced extremely soon.

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting our music so far, especially the people who have been buying it legally through Juno Download. Your time guys!


Listen to the mix

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