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The S.O.B.A.D crew descend on Nottingham with a whole armoury of hybrid bass/beat hurters. Sly One do all the driving as "My Name" slaps with a UK take on juke beats as a fork-tongued lava rap from TK Wonder whips up a dramatic frenzy. "TMB" sees the trio taking us on an even techier tip with its loopy, hypnotic vocal loop while crew mates Distro & Archive give UK funky a dark, demented update for today's paranoid times. Final S.O.B.A.D member Bromley winds down the trip by completely stripping "My Name" back down to a classic electro breaks groove. Block rocking.
Consistently bringing through fresh talent, Sheffield's Project Allout welcome bassline debutant Nadine. Instantly she gets stuck in as "Motion" (with hyped Crucast affiliate Frazah) warms up with warm chords before dropping into a thunderous high-end creeped-out riff. "Me & You" and "Crazy" both provide an expert balance of UKG vocal sass and more tripped out sad robot moans and groans while "Intoxicated" closes the show with some of Nadine's darkest bass designs and sharper fragments of vocals. A really cool balance of soul and savage here - we look forward to hearing more.
The Saucy imprint is on its way to establishing itself as a new source of quality, reliable bass music for the corner dwellers aka dubstep aficionados aka bassboys. Hot Goods debuts on the label with a bunch of direct, straight-up bruisers made for the dancefloor, and "1944" acts like the first missile shot in what quickly transforms into a rather menacing dance EP; WATSN's remix of the tune bridges the gap between techno, dubstep and electro house in a rather excellent manner. "Shogun" adds a little garage flavor to the producer's clearly audible grime fascination, whereas "Ghoul" heads straight for the tech-house formula with its steely percussion roll, and highly stripped back bass bumps.
With releases by the likes of Toolroom under his belt, Brighton's Dismantle is fully established now. Whatever traces of dubstep there were in his early tunes, its all about the big room house now, and with his ability to craft epics in that style, who can blame him? Here we get a quick two-track reminder that he's still here and coming for those summer seasons. "Huntsman" is a monster that you'll be hearing everywhere soon: all punishing bass hums, Latin percussion and one huge build up. "Any Key" meanwhile, is a crazy military drum meltdown, guaranteed to make 'em dizzy.
Punks, the label run by Stanton Warriors is largely known for some seriously edgy tuneage, but here the label shows its sensitive side with the more melodic "Overtime" by Manchester's Taim. Clocking in at five and half minutes, the original version features super glossy sing-along choruses' courtesy of Thulani that get mischievously interrupted by some sweet techy bass action. Remix-wise, Barely Royal & Bunnie deliver some club-friendly UKF, Mitekiss revisits the intelligent DnB of the 90s and Jay Robinson turns in some fiercely excellent tech/fidget-house. Lastly Aurbs pitches up the vocals for some boomy melancholic RnB.
IllumiGULLY confirmed: having feasted a Punks, Hot Cakes and Broken Music Syndicate, the mysterious three-eyed cat Leda Stray prowls on up to New Movement for another bass banquet. "The Source" uses some ace Wiley samples over a nasty bassline groove, "Misdirection" takes a more spacious approach with much more of a dark garage swing while "Bad Press" flames up the fires of fake news with a classic Praga Khan sample and more subversive jazziness. Remix-wise Doctor Nick whips up a masterclass is savage with a brilliant 130 jungle version. Original source material.
For his latest outing, Scotland's Blackboxx (you didn't seriously think it was the Ride On Time one, did you?) returns to Slime, the label that helped launch him. Featuring four sizzling tracks that riff off classic 90s RnB (well the vocals at least), the EP begins with the stoned, Flowers-style 2-step of "Loveless", before launching into the stop/start vintage Ayia Napa vibes of "Estre". "Quaalude" is a crazy, space-cakey fusion of chopped up samples, slammin' house beats and Flat Beat-style bass, and lastly "Cheekbones" is dreamy UKG with extra skips.
Fresh from his sizzling Rinse FM DJ mix, Reading's UKF hero, Jook 10, keeps the home fiyah's burning with this two-track banger on the mighty Roska's Kicks & Snares. That being said, those seeking flesh on these nasty bones may be disappointed as both tracks are largely DJ tools. No worries though, as the clue's in the label's name. "Slaughter" Kicks things off with a looped carnival beat and bass belches before bringing some subby bounce, clicks and hi-hats - bare minimum tings. "Lockdown" meanwhile, is all about rolling snares, sweeping synth pads and, later, a big fat injection of hefty bottom end.
Hold tight man like Darzky yeah: Nottingham man-of-the-moment returns with a cold VIP of last year's bassline anthem "Gun Fingers" where once again we're driven by Mez's unique gassed edge as he bigs up their hometown. The creepy, chilling chords and arpeggio on the intro are a scale lower than the original's and made all the most sinister while the stretched-out bassline takes an even darker twist, too. This is what the VIPs were made for.
Night Bass is very protective of Welsh wonder kid Jay Robinson, whom they have helped nurture from the get go. So, it's no wonder that they're thrilled to announce this latest three track EP from the guy (his forth in total for the label). "Hussle" sees producer JM help contribute to this thumpin' big room gritty house monster. Next up "Heiss" is bouncy tech house with extra bottom end and finally the best of the lot is sleazy growler "SWYMGY", which also features labelmate Dillon Nathaniel on extra production duties.
Bassline Bangers has become the preferred codename of LA-based producer 6BLOCC. His material for Digital 6 is becoming increasingly unmissable and, to a larger extent, inimitable. Tagged as 'bass', his tunes do much more than the required dance formula and, instead, branch out into fields more closely related to dub, reggae, and jungle. This is the third instalment of the series, and the dude offers six strong cuts for you to digest and mull over; "Atmosphere" is what kicks the flow into motion thanks to a stunning hybrid mix of grime and sped-up dubstep, whereas "Bad Boy Style" adds the ragga flavor to a bed of hazy jungle breaks. "Labrinth" is another stunner on here, this time bringing a considerably stronger techno flex into its beat, but it's "Soundboy" and its lethal waves of low frequencies that steal the show and grab all the creds. Sick.
LEDA STRAY - The Source (NM Recordings) - exclusive 31-12-2017
SMOKEY BUBBLIN' B - Vintage: Mind Of A Dragon VIP mix (LPR)  - exclusive 31-12-2017
SLY-ONE feat TK WONDER - My Name (Tumble Audio) - exclusive 20-02-2017
BASSBOY vs BLAQ MAX feat LIL NASTY - Boom (ReBearth)
DARKZY - Gun Fingers VIP (Crucast)
NADINE - Motions EP (Project Allout) - exclusive 31-12-2017
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