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SOBAD it's good... Bristol's finest 12-legged/four-act crew come correct with their own label. All acts representing with a tune a piece, it's a serious statement of intent: Sly One dust off their favourite percussion tools and get gritty with some Cumbia soul, Bromley tags in Dread MC over a razor's edge breakbeat, Archive raises the tension with a big diva vocal sample over some sizzling rolling breaks before Distro closes on with some tripped-out percussion shimmers and ripples and more gutsy fractured drums. Each one exploring and documenting SOBAD's technicoloured shadow escapades. We're looking forward to more releases from SOBAD Sounds.
Darksky is back on rising UK imprint Crucast with his third helping of freaky bass mutants. There's four mixes of "Whats Going On" inside: the opening Drum & Bass remix is, as you'd expect, a nutty blend of violent, nu-school jungle breaks backed by Bru C's grime slewings; Thorpey's version dissolves the groove down to a frenetic bundle of sped-up garage beats; Pelikann comes through correct with a rampant garage version of his own, this one peppered with some hardcore rave stabs; Pavv closes the EP off in fine style thanks to one final twist of bass for the dancehall. Party-loaded killers for the masses!
Q's rolling out the heavies right now, track by track, week by week. Following the murked-up two-step party slapper "My Heart" comes this brutal 4x4 chugger "I See". Opening with lush jazzy chords and a sweet sultry vocal we're barged face-first into a crisp high-pitched bassline that fluctuates and into a nagging riff that harmonises as it develops. Straight up worries in the dance; drop this and watch the fireworks erupt.
Ahead of the release of his debut album Outsiders, AC teases us with this fiery fusion of US and UK bass styles... "All About Paper". Teaming up with longstanding 4x4 don Bassboy, the vibe is a vibey blend of neck-snap breaks and bassline low end. Growling with a little touch of high end rough harmony, kicking with a dash of deep swing LA funk - no one is doing it like the Night Bass crew and AC Slater is leading from the front.
Nadine's debut for Project Allout was an instant hit, if our download numbers are anything to go by, and she's come back to the label with a bunch of mates - all of them into the same, deranged strain of bass music that stretches across time and places. For instance, her collab with Deppz, the opening "Gangsters", is a fast-paced, house-driven banger with a barrel-load of wonk-step bass, and the same sort of formula applies to the killer sound slew of Barbarian alongside JAIKEA. "Streets", the final shot of gulliness, features Cole in the mix, and the two have sussed out a way of transforming a seemingly mutant bass into something more robotic, more future-minded and, of course, totally badass.
Previously spotted on Night Bass compilations, Bijou makes his EP debut on the label with the dark and dank "G-Code", a firing quartet of big boy bass antics. The title track digs deep into our inner gangster with its pushed jacking groove and catchy sample, "1000 Bitches" lets the dogs out with a barking mad groaner that's laced with some really trippy FX and twisted trap vox, "Get Up" takes more of a house route that switches up with a classic breakbeat breakdown. Finally we hit the "Afterparty" where Bijou condones some seriously mischievous behaviour over a mean snake-like riddim. This hits the g-spot alright.
Ol' Bubbler returns to gully ground zero and revisits his game-changing, writ-flicking production that landed this time last year and asked us all to present our selector licence. Adding a rising progression to the notes and more of a warped breakdown, the VIP hits with the right amount of subtlety so it doesn't lose any of the original's character. The unavoidable Leda Stray joins the fray with a 4/4 UK funky style twist completely subverts the vibe and takes it to even murkier territories. The message remains the same: get your licences out for the lads!
There's no lie in saying that Moony is probably the most prolific producer on our charts now. The energetic young bass-slinger hops from label to label, from groove to groove, and from vibe to vibe with absolutely no effort involved, and this latest cocktail of hybrid sounds lands on Four40 with a big ol' bang! The opening "Fiesta" is a funky grime reinterpretation for the modern ear, while "Rain" takes the essence of UK speed garage and fills it to the brim with mutant bass. "Give It All" feels like being back in the early days of FWD culture, where genres were being spun up and torn down, which can also be said of the more jazz-laden "Playing" - an absolute, bass-twisting melting pot of influences. This is proper UK gear.
Debutant destruction: Low Pitched continue to knock seven shades of bass out of the dance with a four-piece EP from four artists we'll be hearing a lot more of in future. From the chop-slapping grunts of fast-rising Tengu's "Crimson Peak" to Genick & Strange Contents' bitter-bass barks on "Monologue" via the purring space bass and struts and tightly plucked lead tones of Slmn Ghst's "Dawgs Dem" and harmonic hair-raising of Hestia's "Baby", the message is clear: there's a new generation of bass producers about to dent the future with level upping badness. Check!
Southpoint alumni Tengu makes his debut on the seemingly turbo-charged Four40 with two wedges of raw bass danger; "Tough" lives up to its name with abrasive industrial strength bass textures ripping and rubbing all over a classical speed garage drum arrangement. You probably won't be surprise when we tell you "Evil Ting" also lives to its name. This time the grotty bass and prang aesthetic is splattered all over a sweet and sassy UKG two-step with demolition-ready results. Get your lengs out Tengu mates.
MOTU - Tek Weh (Roska Kicks & Snares)
DJ ZINC - Full House (Bingo Bass)
FOUNDRY - Void (Chip Butty) - exclusive 11-09-2017
BURNIE - Black Mist (Tumble Audio) - exclusive 28-09-2017
JACK BEATS - Modulate (Night Bass)
TC4 - Savage/Chopper (Four40)
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