Reviewed this week
Maricopa makes the smoothest summer tunes in the world, as heard on labels like Back To The Balearics and Berlin's La Luna: who released his debut album last year. On his Explorer EP, the second in their Cosmic Pint Keg series, Maricopa makes no exceptions. A journey through Mediterranean landscapes, across mountain tops in the midday heat to the refreshing sea breeze on a midnight beach. It's a thing of beauty; some are directed at the dance floor some almost chilled: horizontally. There's a bit of deep disco on the balearic tip like on "Cavernosa", the deeply soulful and emotive "Volcanic Glass" (having that almost Kompakt vibe about it) while the album's most chilled moment is also its most sublime: the dreamy and captivating "Yucca" (Islander Version).
Over 18-months, UK producer Matthew Bournce composed his new opus during a period of disillusionment. The pieces that make up Isotach LP were recorded inbetween his dayjob creating soundtrack scores and session work. These improvised live ti tape recordings became a cohesive and emotionally fulfilling body of work. Bpurne admits that he had'nt practised piano in years, described as a 'daily communion that was once automatic and subconscious' but less frequwntly practised until now. These collction of eight reflective and contemplative passages range from the sombre to elating, allowing Bourne's expressive perfromance to resonate with a beatiftiul sense of loneliness. This markes Bourn'es third release for the Leeds based Leaf Recordings, follwing up last year's tremdnous Moogmemory LP.