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Rice Bowl/Tachyon
DSCI 4020
22 Feb 16
Drum And Bass
Rice Bowl by Gremlinz/Adrian Go on DSCI4 Cue Track
Gremlinz/Adrian Go - "Rice Bowl" - (5:22) 172 BPM
Tachyon by Quartz on DSCI4 Cue Track
Quartz - "Tachyon" (feat Nanobyte) - (5:50) 58 BPM
03 Feb 14
Deep Dubstep
FKOFd005 by Nanobyte on FatKidOnFire Cue Track
Susurrus - (4:29)
FKOFd005 by Nanobyte on FatKidOnFire Cue Track
Dirt Smuggler - (5:37)
FKOFd005 by Nanobyte on FatKidOnFire Cue Track
Want For Nothing - (6:00) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
FKOFd005 by Nanobyte on FatKidOnFire Cue Track
Swoop - (5:37) 136 BPM
from $2.16
Review: With previous on the likes of Uprise, Kokeshi and Innamind, Nanobyte's hook-up with FKOF is a very natural progression. Across the four tracks the Welsh duo showcase the true breadth of their creativity with vibes for headphones and heady floors alike. "Susurrus" isn't just a brilliant word; it's also a captivating production that shimmers with emotive melody and touching nuances. "Dirt Smuggler", meanwhile, is much darker and floor-focussed but comes with a breath-taking breakdown to ensure complete balance. "Want For Nothing" reveals the duo's penchant for future garage thanks to its unrelenting two-step and vast, oceanic pads. "Swoop" continues the steppy riddim; skipping towards the light thanks to its spiralling arpeggio and ever-developing elements, there's a wholesome, euphoric dynamic at play throughout. Stunning.
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