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Forgotten Light man Leonce Nelson made his name by creating bespoke, off-kilter hip-hop and bass-heavy R&B remixes of Beyonce, Rihanna and Keyshia Cole. Here, he delivers his debut album, Insurgency. It's a pleasingly entertaining and varied affair that moves from the foreboding melodic motifs and bustling drums of "Snakes" to the UK funky influenced hustle of "Truffle Track", via a series of hard-to-pigeonhole cuts that draw inspiration from various hip-hop and electronica styles. Highlights include the booming, tropical influenced percussion and humid melodies of "Marimba Track", the undulating and bass heavy intensity of "Jungle" and the upbeat, carnival-friendly celebration that is "Apparition"
There hasn't been one Black Acre release that we haven't been digging over the last year and, in fact, we wholeheartedly believe that the label has grown stronger and more mature as it's progressed through the years. Their on an African tip at the moment, and newcomer Nan Kola sounds like he'll be sticking around for a while. "Bayefal", the original cut, is a bubbling, zesty punch of tribal percussion leading the EP with just the right sort of energy, and its surrounding vocal chanting makes it all the more impressionistic. The remixes concern the "Malumz" tune, and they come from Tribute To Gqom Oh!, who drops to the most far left of field with a disjointed drum pattern, followed by Citizen Boy's harder, more half-step approach, and finally by the Formation Boyz version, a bizarre but irrefutably seductive mass of drunken beats and vocals that are just on the right side of sinister.
Producer from Brazil, Cesrv whose musical endeavours started back in 2006, he's an important figure in the Brazilian bass scene. He managed to score some fruitful collaborations outside his home country, with the likes of DJ Rashad and Taso to name a few. After his single "STRTZ", on the "Groove Sounds & Twisted Rhythms Vol. V" compilation, the artist shows us his arsenal of abilities and his musical maturity on his debut EP "HIGH". The tracks found on this record are rhythmically pulsating compositions pulling us closer to the climate of South America, fueled by the most recent sounds in the electronic music world of jungle and footwork.
London-based electronic duo Patten released their second album for Warp in 2016 entitled ? which served up some interesting takes on the modern electro sound. Taken from the same album is the track "Sonne" which in its original format was fierce and full frontal with its precision beats plus restrained bass pulsations. However, the Hotflush affiliated Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum delivers a much more splintered and angular take on the track here, which will have you equally impressed.
Sapyens Records out of Prague is a bass music label founded by Dj Alyaz. They now present local hero Freezer who is fresh off hot releases on 3000 Bass with another bomb entitled "Casper" exploring his unique take on bass driven future beats. There's some stellar remixes on offer too, by a who's who of local talent. Our favourites weren't limited to Chik & Kletis' remix which is a slow motion journey through the darklands in a similar vein to dBridge (or anything on Exit Records), the proper street sound of Dexxx's grime rendition or even Kob Squad member ResetedH's remix which is trap music for horror movie soundtracks: if we've ever heard such a darn thing!
Webstarr first came to light back in 2014 with a deadly single on Beneath's ever-essential Mistry label, so you know that his moves in the bass music world come highly recommended. Finally coming back on the radar to kick off the De Grey label, his tough, limber productions sound stronger than ever, drawing on industrial and dub influences but framing them in a thoroughly modern context. "We Can't Have Nice Things" uses a plaintive lead that wouldn't sound out of place on a Hodge production, with roughneck drums to match, while "Warsaw" takes a swerve towards brooding techno-flavoured structures. "Exit" is arguably the strongest track here with its tightly wound, urgent rhythmic pulse sounding fit for a Livity Sound release.
Whether it's because she's been collaborating with the likes of Rustie, or because she's released EPs for imprints like Unknown To The Unknown and the mecca that is Warp, Nightwave is just on the right side of 'hype' at the moment. We've been waiting for this new EP on Fools Gold for a while now, and we have to say that there isn't a single feeling of disappointment. Far from it. In fact, this is perhaps the producer's best work yet, which is saying a heck of a lot. As usual, she's morphed and deranged the footwork staple into something completely different, starting with the nutty beat folds of "Awesome", and then onto the dutty, grime-ridden groove that is the title tune, "Wavejumper". Drexciyan influences linger in the background of the entire release, of course, but our favourite tune of the lot is most certainly "Lava", a broken gunshot riddim boasting an intense level of low frequencies for any soundsystem...
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NIGHTWAVE - Wavejumper (Fools Gold)
VARIOUS - Inside The Ride Vol 1 (Pitch Rider)
PATTEN - Sonne (Warp)
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