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Marcus nasty: The man, the myth, the legend. A pivotal figure behind the emergence of Grime and UK Funky sounds, there is no one better placed to compile and present a comprehensive collection of the latest evolutions of the House & Garage sound. Curiously enough, the package drops on Dallas imprint Audiophile XXL, as Americas biggest dance music Europhiles the Texans constantly have their ear to the ground and are no strangers to good old fashioned British basslines!

Superabound with dance floor ammunition and A-list names, it is an all killer no filler collection. Wittyboy & Tengu hook up on "Bioshock" with a bassline so harsh it will leave you with a sore throat. LR Groove drifts into more traditional tech-house territory on epic track "The Journey". Brent Kilner rattles he ribcage with a 2017 take on the Sheffield Niche nightclub sound. There are too many standout tracks to mention and in all honesty we have a lot of music to focus on but we would seriously rinse this day and night for the next fortnight if we could.

Southpoint centrefold Inkline returns with three more blistered bass workouts. It's clear from the moment the fractured beats of "Gentlemen" kick off he's taking care of business: popping, groaning and rolling, "Gentlemen" is a timeless piece of breakage that will fit across all styles from grime to techno. Deeper into the EP we dive to find a straight up slab of 4x4 ruffage on "POW" and bliss-licked chords and barbed soul on "Reach". Throw in a 23rd century Afrobeat version from SaidWho and you've got a supreme package. Southpoint = on point.
Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan are the Bass=Win Soundsystem. The story goes that while touring in the early days of seminal act Atomic Hooligan, Terry met Rico in his native Finland and they hit it off immediately. The Bass=Win Soundsystem is here and it's massive! This is their first collaboration in recorded form but this EP marks a special point in history for both the guys and their label. The EP draws heavily from garage, rave, breakbeat and bass music. There is three versions of "One and Only" whilst "Bring The Horns" does exactly that.
Tom Ford aka Peverelist stays close to home for his third studio album. Tessellations appears on the Bristol producer's own Livity Sound label and is an assured, wide-ranging affair. It moves from the white noise of "Burning Sea" and the musical, brittle electro of "Under Clearing Skies", into big room, chord-heavy techno tracks like "Slice of Life". In the face of so many stylistic shifts, Ford still manages to maintain a common narrative, one of hypnotic musicality and intricate, complex rhythms. It is audible on the electro-tinged stepper "Further Inland", which is led by brittle drums and a warm bass, while on "Brinks & Limits", he lays down the kind of evocative synth soundtrack that is tailor made for long, hazy summer days.
Dubstep legend Burial is back with more street level sound excursions through the dark underbelly of London after midnight. Awe inspiring sound design meets urban music deconstructions again on these two riveting cuts. Feel the tension, fear and suspense on the first sonic journey that is "Subtemple", a beatless journey that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Second offering "Beachfires" sounds more like the Burial we know; this one is absolutely brooding and atmospheric: the kind of dark ambient paranoia with GCHQ surveillance in mind: circa 2026.
First spotted on Fent Plates on their Beyond The Confines album in 2016, London-based soundscaper Vacant delivers his first full EP... And it's his most widescreen vision to date. Foggy, barbed, shrouded in mystery, across the five tracks we're treated a dense weave of energies and sensations ranging from the driving, hopeful two-step sojourn "Left Behind" to the pensive beatless "Farewell" by way of the startling, evocative title track and the dirge bass fuzz of "Deep Down". Referencing Hyperdub foundations while building entire sleepless cities of his own, Vacant belies every connotation of his artist name. Essential for heads and headphones.
UK producer Murlo returns to Mixpak for his third EP, a glistening, six-track release of bold R&B futurism and subtle club tropes. A fitting follow-up to his two previous records, the Club Coil EP is a mature and emotive club dreamscape that embraces depth of feeling on a cohesive mix of songs and pure dance tracks. As always, Murlo is irreverent to genre and sonic norms, and Club Coil only serves to amplify just how thoroughly unique an artist he is, one who remains totally unmoved by the world that exists beyond his own and tightly bound by his singular palette and classic aqua-melodies. Complete with illustrated artwork and hand-animated videos made by Murlo himself.
Cosmic Bridge Records welcomes Margari's Kid to the family aka Jose Maria Moya Sanchez: a Spanish producer based in Cadiz. Inspired by British dance culture, Sanchez first began writing his own tracks in 2012 and says he uses music as therapy, with a preference towards broken rhythms, depth and message. The Init 1 EP is a serving of 170bpm music: a grey area excursion that calls to mind the early work of Burial and Kid Drama of Instra:mental. First track "Halt" calls to mind the half time beat experiments of the Autonomic crew in the late noughties. "Pwd" is a ferociously powerful techstep deconstruction with some immaculately programmed rhythms and razor sharp basslines going head to head. Finally "Init 1" is the EP's deepest moment: this evocative number is polarising.
Brighton's young and impressive King Hydra is feeling fresh, and probably a but smug, after that recent debut for the mighty Project Allout, meaning that he's ready to kick some arse with this new two-tracker for Hot Cakes Bass! "Tear Up The Dace" features the hip-hop vocalism of Skilf on the groove, but Hydra's own construction is built around garage drums and grime-facing baselines; "Ain't For You" sees the artist team up with Won't for another fast-moving, percussion-armed garage mutant with some freaky levels of bass.
The singular sounds of Jim Coles make their mark on Library Music as he drops his more typical tempo of around 85 to 70BPM with these cosmic futuristic bass jams. Pensive, slow-burning, laced with otherworldly textures and laden with chasmic dubspace: "Fire Exit" insists with a hypnotic twisted chime loop and shadowy basses groaning underneath and "Dark Vistas" takes us even deeper into the cosmic realms with heady layers of pads and ricochet heartbeat rhythm that envelop your every sense. Remarkable.
Deadboy will release his debut album Earth Body. Eight years into a varied career, the UK born, Montreal-based producer has made everything from R&B-sampling club tracks to ambient music since his debut in 2009. According to Local Action his first LP is a pop record inspired by Scott Walker, Sade, Drake and the Beach Boys, "filled with bold choruses and multi-tracked harmonies." The album was written and recorded during a Montreal winter, using his own vocals for a change, rather than using sampled ones on this brazenly pop inflected outing that is a noticeable departure from his previous work.
We ain't gonna lie; Slick Shoota is kind of holding it down on the footwork front these days and, with a hot selection of successive appearances for the Hyperboloid imprint, this dude has shown us exactly how serious his intetions truly are. This is his first outing for the devious Pitch Rider label, but it's sounds as if he's been crafting his sound more than ever. "Do Right" hums and bangs its way through sleek night time riddims, while "Hivemind" takes a lesson or two from deep house in terms of its sonic output - the drums are still very much in a state of total frenzy - and capping it all off is the relatively bouncier flex of "Radium", a tune that woukd no doubt be appreciated by the likes of Chicago's DJ Funk. BAD!
Trad Vibe records started in Paris in 2005 when two friends and open minded musicians decided to set up a label that would mainly focus on vinyl releases. In times when Serato and other midi controllers dominated the DJ booths and when vinyl record sales were experiencing a major downturn, this endevour did not look like an easy bet. Now it is over to the mysterious yet imaginatively titled Fink Paad with the Pad One EP. There's definitely a funky swagger and candy coated glee about the uplifting "Who Is This ?" (feat Moar) while "Other Swing" (feat Moar) has a slightly tropical vibe with its mellow polyrhythms and bell tones above some tough bass pulsations.
RICO TUBBS & TERRY HOOLIGAN - Bass=Win Sound System: One & Only (Remixes) (Bass=Win) - exclusive 05-06-2017
MOONY/NOBLE & JFO/BUSHBABY & SAIDWHO/DRAX/TENGU/MR B - Integrate Vol 3 (Southpoint)  exclusive 22-04-2017
VARIOUS - The #MarcusNastyShow Edition 1 (Audiophile XXL) - exclusive 25-06-2017
PROC FISKAL - The Highland Mob (Hyperdub)
INKLINE - Gentlemen (Southpoint) - exclusive 27-05-2017
BOYCOTT/DAFFY/GUNDAM/DENHAM AUDIO/UNKEY - Durkle Disco: Definitions Vol 2 (Durkle Disco) - exclusive 15-05-2017
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