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SOBAD it's good... Bristol's finest 12-legged/four-act crew come correct with their own label. All acts representing with a tune a piece, it's a serious statement of intent: Sly One dust off their favourite percussion tools and get gritty with some Cumbia soul, Bromley tags in Dread MC over a razor's edge breakbeat, Archive raises the tension with a big diva vocal sample over some sizzling rolling breaks before Distro closes on with some tripped-out percussion shimmers and ripples and more gutsy fractured drums. Each one exploring and documenting SOBAD's technicoloured shadow escapades. We're looking forward to more releases from SOBAD Sounds.
Etch gets chemical on this epic return to Sneaker Social Club with four unique broken grooves; "Chemotaxis" rolls with Zed Bias-style breaks before switching into a hazy steppy halftime arrangement, "What Lies Beyond" is a love letter to Reinforced at 130 BPM, "Green Park" slides and glides with a warm warped funk before mutating into a savage rave stepper, before "Prismatic" slides down the shutters on a dreamy jazz breaks finale. Reactions guaranteed.
A work of pure love and distraction from two thirds of Prjkts: a collective and label synonymous with forward thinking, open ended club music. The Bristol based duo of Vern & Milla move through melodic and volatile soundscapes to bring the listener a true statement of intent. This is the beginning of something special from the pair and label alike. Beginning with the rolling intergalactic bass of the title track, UK bass meets footwork on the jittery shenanigans of "3c-Us" (original mix) while "Tellin U" is a neon-lit soulful electro/R&B cut in the vein of Jimmy Edgar. It's a thrilling ride from start to finish. After great releases previously by Arma, Glot and DJ DVD RIP, we are excited for what they've got in store next.
There's no one iller than Danny Scrilla... Fresh from his debut album and Sam Binga collab on Cosmic Bridge, the German spell-binder makes his debut on Amit's AMAR with four bendy beat fusions. "All Thumbs" is the sound of melting music boxes flickering and burning in 808 flames, "Maelstrom" takes us much deeper into Danny's tubular bass universe and "Quasar" folds up a piece of jazz into tiny pieces before throwing it up into the air and letting it unfold like some type of dreamy parachute. Finally we climax with the swaggering data-drenched swagger jam "BFG900", a freaky world where Roald Dahl's much loved giant and the Terminator make great bedfellows.
Following up great releases by Mana, Cooly G and Lee Gamble recently, Kode9's esteemed Hyperdub imprint returns with UK dubstep hero Burial. He offers up yet more of his signature style: brooding and semi-dystopian street sounds for journeys home on the night bus. His new offering "Rodent" features a familiar R&B vocal loop that has been pitch shifted to an eerie extent and backed by a thick garage bassline and gritty/saturated low bitrate rhythm. The label boss himself steps up to deliver a jagged and off-kilter footwork rendition. It's full of spitfire drum patterns, rapid fire bass pulsations and the vocals are accelerated to a stupefying stutter: this one's totally off the chain!
Simply Deep comes through with a new debutant, and the man has some serious Mojoe to his bass! The fresh-faced producer sounds like he's been doing this for a while and, judging by the singular, provoking constructions of "YhYH" and "12.7mm", he's no stranger to the everlasting grime heritage. "Ombar" brings in some melodic relief to the stripped beats and stop-start rhythms circling in the air, while Chemist RNS and Aaee add some more bounce and a load more bass-weight to the opening two tunes. This be some neo-grime business - ya dun'know!
Welcome to another immersive trip on the good ship Artifice. Your pilot tonight is the London/Belgium representor Cabasa who'll be guiding you through the bass turbulence with a series of fractured journeys; "Tirades" is the take-off. A beatless cloud-gazing arpeggio comprised of divine harmonic chimes, it leads us straight into "Over & Out", a broken beat supernova where glacial pads provide the lift and the rolling drums provide the thrust. "Plectrum" teeters around the edge of a black hole with electroid stealth while "Transmission 444" charges us back towards our home planet on a rocket of iced acid. Back to reality.
Iglooghost's forthcoming Neo Wax Bloom album is causing all sorts of hysteria on our charts and, along with that, providing us with a drip-feed of killer tunes off it. "White Gum" is the latest (and potentially final) track to get a preview release ahead of Brainfeeder's big release, and it's just as nutty as you probably expect. All manners of genres get mashed up and torn down, and the result is a gabba-speed banger charged by infectiously speedy drums, raucous melodic patterns and masses of vocal chops to match any of AFX's craziest tunes.
A year after their last V/A EP, Boxed let rip with another future-fired session that leaves no under illusion what this multi-crew collective are capable of. Boylan & Oilgang set the record straight with a brutal slab of pulverising alien bass before Rebore dusts of his string quartet and gets busy over a rifle-style breakbeat that's not often exploited in grime. Elsewhere Slackk and Logos take us deep into the swampy jungle with an unnerving set of synth tones before flipping us skyward with an elastic bassline that comes from nowhere while Fallow shuts us down with a mighty slice of gun-toting grime drama. Brutal through and through; it's time to think inside the Boxed once again.
Cold Recordings are proud to now bring you Cocktail Party Effect. Eric Baldwin, the Berlin based British producer, shows off his colours here with a diverse, but always dancefloor savvy EP with four killer cuts. The title track "Battered" kicking things off with a glitching set of electronics and setting a curious mood, before dropping into a crazed rhythmical explosion. "OOYFM" takes things into more typical UK bass music territory, rolling out techno ingredients, with a grimey bassline and broken-beat dynamics that also hint at UK garage influences. On the second half of the EP you'll find "Intens" taking a stance that sits somewhere between dancehall and techno, rolling and smashing its way as it goes along. The EP closes with the moody, bass driven and percussively expressive track "I Kno3".
ETCH - Chemotaxis (Sneaker Social Club)
NOBLE - Junctions (Southpoint) - exclusive 15-09-2017
MOJOE - Yhyh (Simply Deep) - exclusive 28-09-2017
SPECIAL REQUEST - Curtain Twitcher (Houndstooth)
DANNY SCRILLA - Fight Or Flight (AMAR)
TEIELTE - Magnetic Soul/Magnetic Tree (Father & Son Recordings)
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