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Pelikann (aka Jack MackMersh) is a West Midlands producer who is currently taking the UK's bass scene on an epic journey via his fearless genre-hopping approach. This, his latest release on Saucy, boasts three originals and some remixes too. The title track is mega hyped ghetto breaks with super melodic synthy fizz, "Badboy Sound" is all about the relentless subby fuzz-stabs (given a demented percussive makeover by Affiliate) and "Calm It" incorporates a nasty bass hum into a breaky bounce-a-thon. Rho reworks the latter into a super-fast DnB jam whilst "Spectre" becomes a jungle snarler thanks to Data 3.
What we love about the Fat! label is its ability to shine bright in whichever domain it likes to delve into. On top of that, it also never seems to disappoint in terms of scouting out new talent from across the electronic stratosphere. Ted Jasper is a newcomer to the scene, but the producer is clearly able to deliver the goods from the get-go, and this four-tracker sounds like it was made by a producer with quite a few years of experience behind them. We like to think of its as electronic pop, especially on the opening "Little Bit More", thereafter transforming into something more of an r&b experiment. James Blake is someone who this guy has much in common with, but Jasper's tunes are perhaps even more far-reaching in their ideas and influences.
As they say, Styles Upon Styles are "brewin' dreams (and nightmares) since 2012", and we couldn't agree with them more. Thanks to releases by producers like Archie Pelago, Gut Nose, Bredon Moeller, and the present Space People, these dudes have managed to put together a wildly diverse and invariably seductive selection of electronic sounds. That's why Space People is exactly the right sort of artist for them, a man who likes to experiment with all sorts of musical flavours and, from house to hip-hop and electronica, an artist who has yet to disappoint us. Thankfully, Wet is perhaps his best and most accomplished work yet because, aside from the wonderful title track, tunes like "DX7 Of Love" are the perfect combination of r&b sultriness, and house magic - even ol' Snoop features in a cameo! But don't expect this to be a single-minded journey; oh no, there's also plenty of juke experimentation...see the excellent "Love" for the details.
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