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Los Angeles bassheads and Jelly Bean Farm bosses Squane and Rees are back with more nasty low down bass shenanigans on the Illumination EP. Starting out with the guttural street level grind of "Grable" before the brooding deep dubstep journey "Shards" takes you well into the void. Elsewhere, "Automotonic" goes for a more futuristic and dystopian vibe on this experimental cut full of bleeps and sci-fi sound FX creating some real atmosphere to immerse in. Closing out the release is "Aphotic" which introduces some industrial textures over its half time beats which make for some very rolling and trance inducing riddims this side of the Autonomic or Exit Records sound.
Bruk bastions, the CoOp collective were one of the brightest, most exciting musical movements in the early to mid 2000s with their barbed, broken soul take on bass music emanating from Plastic People playing a heavy role in the forms of contemporary house music, dubstep and all things in between. Freshly reformed since a Boiler Room comeback in 2015 and loaded with new affiliates, the ensemble, First Word proudly present their first collective EP. Ranging from the jittering soundclash bashment of "Spartan Riddim" to the sensual Bias-like harp heaven of "Can't Hold It" via the technoid stutters of "2nd Intention", this marks the start of a very exciting new chapter for the CoOp crew.
Sao Paulo's Badsista coming at you with "Na Madruga", which was the fourth track from the Beatwise Singles Series courtesy of the local imprint of the same name. It now gets a killer remix by Branko aka Joao Barbosa from Lisbon, Portugal. This is some serious latin bass music brought to you by an esteemed selector and the head of Enchufada Music. A respectful edit if you will.
Not only does Jacques Greene constantly rack up some of the best, house-laden garage available on the streets, but he also seems to attract the finest of remixers to his catchy, UDG-friendly grooves. As always, he's waving the flag high for the Lucky Me imprint, and for good reason too given the qulity of this particular crew of producers who've decided to give him a hand reworking tunes from "Feel Infinite". Matthew Herbert leads the pack with his inimitably odd and leftfield strain of house music - this time in a comparatively more restrained style compared to some of his other productions - and retunes "To Say" beautifully, while Shlohmo does a good job of twisting "You See All My Light" into a growling, bass-heavy r&b monster. Bwana's 'I Felt Alive in 95' remix "Feel Infinite" takes a broken house beat and layers it with her own majestic vocals to make for a magnetic late night jam, and Baltra's version of "Fall" offers the most house-centric moment on here, a rough analog groove with a deep edge and an utterly seductive melodic wave.
Bang! Right in the kisser... In The Face finally unleash Zemon's skanked-out gutter shuffler "Soulman" and no one is safe any more. Grunty but funky, dark but light - it's a surefire summer smash for bassline, garage and house heads alike. Remix-wise Hadean removes all sense of hope and wokes us the hell up to the harsh reality of the world. Elsewhere we hit space bass UK funky groove heaven in "E Fa Funky". Instant carnival blaster.
Hessle Audio mark the first release of their 10th year in business with a label debut from one of Bristol's finest. Head of the Timedance label and events series, Batu steps up with four tracks of driving percussion and oddball atmospherics. Starting off with the offbeat sci-fi groove that is the title rack, "Off Court" soon gets into some booming lo-end dynamics, complimented by some darkly emotive synth textures. "Nosema" is the most straight ahead effort on here: a tight and rolling groove (for sweaty late night weirdness) until the lush ambient epic "Don't" closes out the EP in top style. In addition to his hot releases on Dnuos Ytivil and Fringe White in recent times: this guy's on fire!
Raised in Southern California but recently relocated to Portland Oregon, CRIMES! has released previously on Saturate Records and Never Slept and his music has been supported by heavyweights such as Dutch techsteppers Noisia, UK's Plastician and the legendary DJ Craze. He claims it is hard to pigeonhole his music as it is a hybrid of various genres, spanning multiple musical scenes over the years. There's certainly a hip-hop influence; after all he is a West Coast kid and he was heavily inspired by Los Angeles' beat scene. On the release in his own words: "there's a dark and light side to these tracks combining 8bit sci-fi fantasy with a heavy bass hip hop twist." Set up in 2014 by North London trio Ivy Lab, 2020 was initially a London club night set up as a home for the halftime movement. The project expanded to encompass this record label, the clubnight appearances across the U.K and the inclusion of a broader collective of artists, both established and emerging.
[RE]SOURCES head honcho Tommy Kid is DJ/producer/promoter based in Paris who also does a weekly show on Rinse France. His new jam "Raptor" is dark, deep dubstep on the street level that's as polyrhythmic as you like and rolls pretty damn well, too. It also comes with some wicked remixes by some global up and comer of the bass music scene. First up is Los Angeles' self confessed 'professional badass' Ana Sia with her rendition: which is more chilled and merges deeper tech house elements into the mix to sublime effect. Finally UK's Murder He Wrote of Roska Kicks & Snares fame throws down a truly bass heavy assault that strips the tracks down to its raw element.
Parisian in London Big Dope P has been releasing influential artists from Jersey, Chicago and more for over a decade on his Moveltraxx imprint. He and cohort maggyDMP have linked with Feadz, who has been a part of French club music since his work with Mr. Oizo in the late 1990s. Altogether they create some 'MPC jubilance' on "Freak"' via London's Local Action. If you are a fan of '90s R&B then you'll be delighted by the samples of Adina Howard's classic "Freak Like Me" This jittery and bass heavy party starter is sure to bang the party. The Jersey club queen UNiiQU3 is up next with a remix that adds some wicked breakbeats and adds just a little bit more of the "Freak Like Me" hook.
These tracks were the result of an official remix competition series at Movement Detroit 2017. The project offered creators the exclusive opportunity to remix their musical heroes and get discovered in the process. Distal's spaced-out jam "Psychomagic in an Adobe Home" is taken from the EP on his Anarchostar label. Since releasing his 2010 debut on Soul Jazz Records, he has been on a steady escalation since. With 17 releases thus far, including his first full length on the famed Tectonic Recordings imprint, plus remixes for the likes of Om Records: the guy is bringing some serious game. We particularly enjoyed the bass heavy assault that was the Order[66] remix here, and the boppy/hi NRG electro-house of Gloriou5's remix too.
Different Circles imprint, Mumdance and Logos' have now turned to Rob McAndrews' Airhead project. Since setting his stall out with a number of lauded EPs on R&S records a few years back, McAndrews has been relatively quiet on the solo front but kept busy in his capacity as guitarist for James Blake. "Kazzt" is quietly impressive, with trippy electronics, delay-laden percussion hits, out-there textures and fizzing builds creating energy atop a sparse but weighty kick-drum. Mumdance provides the obligatory flipside remix, increasing the low-end pressure and percussive intensity - mostly via machine-gun drum bursts - while retaining the sparse weirdness of McAndrews' original.
After their first few outings, which included the efforts of Mumdance and Logos, Different Circles are back with their third release, this time an EP from Rabit (Soundman Chronicles) and newcomer Strict Face; the latter has only put out a handful of tunes to date. Bass wizard Rabit dominates the A-side with "Tearz", an aptly moody experimentation into piano keys, sparse bursts of noise and percussion - perhaps the oddest tune form the man yet! Strict Face comes through with the beat-heavy, hip-hop-leaning "Into Stone", followed by a dubbier, beatless version from Widows. Enticing and fresh.
Leeds based label 1undread is, in their own words, a melting pot of beats and vocals: some with cheese and some with chile. But on a more serious note, they've also eluded that by creating new sounds, forward momentum can be created and that those that include ideas from different cultures can bring people together. We're down with what they are saying: and the sounds aren't too shabby either! The mysterious H+ throws down the mad junglist stepper "Hashshashin" with its mad breaks that are truly fierce. There's more darkside broken beats of rave's yesteryear to be heard on the no holds barred fury of "The Spear" and closing out the EP is "The Speed Of The Sword" which firmly wears its Dillinja and Ray Keith influences on its sleeve.
TROY GUNNER/SILAS/SNARE/AGRIPPA/YAK - Percussive Parameters Vol 2 (Brotherhood Soundsystem) - exclusive 25-06-2017
SAIDWHO - Noise Complaint (877)
CRIMES! - Lords EP (20/20)
BOK BOK - Salvage 2017
BIG DOPE P feat FEADZ & MAGGYDMP - Freak (Local Talk)
SQUANE X REES - Illuminating (Jelly Bean Farm) - exclusive 26-06-2017
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