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Skue-K is getting more and more airtime over the last year, appearing more often and on more quality labels, such as Project Allout and the present Tumble Audio. The producer likes to go for the harsher strains of UK bass, deploying some naughty levels of mutant bass amid fast-paced garage beats and house drums. "Criminals", as the name suggests, delivers a load of machete bass for the peak time hours, with "Full Whip" providing more of the same drug, for added effect; Brent Kilner twists up the low frequencies to create an all-out bass attack from an aerial position. Careful with these explosives, son!
Following a series of EPs from label head TSVI, Houndstooth's Second Storey and Dutch newcomer DJ Missdevana; Nervous Horizon are proud to release their second compilation almost two years since the release Volume 1. Comprised of 10 breathless club tracks from label crew and affiliates including Lloyd SB, Lokane and Ikonika (fresh off the back of her debut album on Hyperdub) Nervous Horizon Volume 2 serves up some of the most dynamic and exciting, new-skool club music out. It solidifies the core unit that has given the label such gravitas; Loom (who forms part of offshoot club night, Acid Fantasy), Tarquin, Luru and Lokane have all contributed heavily since its inception. There's also plenty of in-demand ammo on the tracklist like Wallwork's epic "Final Fantasy" and the VIP version of Lokane's "Body Double". London grime MC Jammz also features on the anthemic "Come To The Dance", produced by Tarquin, TSVI and Luru. An ambitious summer jam for the club, it embodies the label's experimental spirit, landing as one of the most memorable tracks on the compilation.
Negativ are two Polish producers currently based in Warsaw and London. Originating from completely different musical backgrounds, they joined their forces in 2012 and have been steadily working on new material since then. The release consists of two originals including a collaboration with the legend Dread Mc coming out on UK bass imprint 877. "Break It Down" channels the heyday of early noughties n-skool breaks with its minimal broken beats and funky sub bass snarl that alternates with a razor sharp arpeggio for dramatic effect. Second offering "Killa" is much more evocative and atmospheric: this one is where they really shine and the breaks on this one are reminiscent of early rave until it takes a bold u-urn and introduces more electro style rhythms accompanied by dark [pads and addictive synth textures. Keep your eyes on these guys as they're onto big things!

Up next on Bristol's Sneaker Social Club is Up on Sneaker Social Club, West Norwood's finest...the one and only cassette librarian - keeping it hardcore! Following up great releases by legends 2 Bad Mice, Bass Clef and The Brothers Grimm. Starting off with the very Shut Up And Dance sounding tribute that is "Everytime You Touch Me (I Get Hype)" they then get stuck into the savage junglist roller "Theme To Street Knowledge". The aforementioned Brothers Grimm make an appearance with The Brothers Grimm appear with "Exodus (The Lion Awakes) - WNCL VIP". Closing out the EP is the back to '93 trip that is "Feeling Too Big To Dance". Retroverts rejoice!
Osiris Music boss Simon Shreeve is back under the Monic guise, after recent appearances for Tresor and Downwards: the latter being a similar label, aesthetically, and exploring the outer limits of modern industrial, techno and noise. On "Deep Summer", Shreeve has really found another dimension to his sound: going less for the jugular like his recently harsh textural abrasions. This sombre and bittersweet ambient journey is kept pace by subtle, reverb drenched beats and hypnotic waves of metallic noise: all the while accompanied by angelic vocal passages. And let's not ignore the elephant in the room here: yes, there is a remix by the one and only Burial. His rendition was not what we were expecting, but captivating as always. Let's just say that this ambient house odyssey is the perfect accompaniment to a Lynchian styled island dream.
You have got to hand it to Daniel Haaksman: the Berliner continues to fight the good fight, swimming against the current that is the city's ever burgeoning techno and house music scene to push the pseudo-exotic electronic music sounds of South America and Africa on his respected Man Recordings. His latest offering features the bombastic and accordion led groove of "Fun Fun Fun" which sits somewhere between bass music and Baile funk. Second offering "Ana Ana Ana" channels the spirit of West African dance music in all its life affirming and irresistible glory.
Keysound are proud to announce the third installment in their Rollage sub-series. This EP is from Blackdown, with Dusk joining on co-production duties. "C-troit" is a name revived from a lost, unfinished track by Blackdown in the very earliest years of dubstep. A hybrid of the names Croydon and Detroit, it's a heuristic for the place between Greater London's bass-led music and the halcyon synths of early Detroit techno. Now that there's a growing body of dark, 130bpm-ish rollage, from within the Keysound camp and crews beyond: the EP seeks to throw warm light into the shadows, with the tracks "Godlike Power", "Clueless ft Dusk" and "Halcyon Skies (Rollage mix)." The EP's closing cut "The Greatest Concert (RIP PMC)" was written by Blackdown in the days immediately following the passing of his father. The tracks in the Rollage series are designed to be mixed together as one flow.
LuckyMe Records present first release with acclaimed young producer Suicideyear: six fresh tracks recorded in his new home of New Orleans that showcase his continued development at the forefront of futurist hip hop production. Each track evolves in its own way, from the warmth of 'Summer Hate' through to the more club oriented "Mosh Mosh" and "Spent Days Watching Horses Die". The artist known otherwise as James Prudhomme hails from the home of No Limit records - Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His music is very much a product of his environment - the menacing sound of tuned 808 drums coupled with angst- ridden emotive synth work: inspired by listening to shoegaze and punk bands throughout his formative teenage years. First coming to attention via his split single with Kaytranada on Bromance in 2013, it led him to releasing the highly praised Remembrance EP on Oneohtrix Point Never's Software label soon after.
WILD KID - Cathedral (48k) -exclusive 28-07-2017
SKUE-K - Criminals (Tumble Audio) - exclusive 23-08-2017
VARIOUS - Nervous Horizon V/A Vol 2 (Nervous Horion) 



VARIOUS - Nervous Horizon V/A Vol 2
VARIOUS - The Compilation Vol 2 (Simply Deep)
DJ ZINC/HOLY GOOF - Push It (Bingo Bass)
MONIC - Deep Summer (Osiris Music UK)
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