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Bingo Beats head honcho DJ Zinc teams up with 2-step legend MJ Cole here, on its sub label Bingo Bass. The man behind the legendary Mercury Prize winning Sincere LP has gone on to produce for everyone from Dizzee Rascal and Wiley to Mary J Blige over the years. Here he makes a tremendous return to form with "Interbass", this tough and bouncy bassline track will shake the walls and have the crowd shaking their behinds too, no doubt!
Bristol's Peter Simon aka DJ Madd touches down on Roots & Future with six, fully-loaded dance bullets packed with his inimitable beat snap and future-minded approach. To give you a taste, "Biggest Boss Jah" opens with a fiery cascade of liquid drums and dread bass, "Natural Journey" goes on some next level dub science, and "Square Crabz" launches a bleep riddim that's made for the 2AM slot, just when things start going one take over the line. This is next level bass engineering for all lovers of lower than low frequencies. Bad!
Paint's initial string of released for the AWAL imprint went down a storm on our charts, hitting a considerable amount of downloads on each drop, and so this new release for the 20/20 cartel will no doubt be received with the same level of enthusiasm. The thing is, Exodus pushes the standard even one step further, with the opening "Beast Mode" sounding like a real piece of bass experimentation; the same thing can be said for the utterly sleazy groove of "Gaiden", a tune which sounds more beast that banger. "Exodus" has it all; eerie shards of ambient mashed up with broken bass drums and a hazy smoke that encircles the entire arrangement, but the final "Reverie" is where Paint's technique really shines through thanks to a wayward swarm of half-steps and glacial drowns which together make for a stunning soundscape.
Manchester-based producer Anz makes her release debut here with some bold meditations on where bass music is at right now, making a strong case for how much talent is coming out of the her city at present. "Panrico" is a killer opener, rocking a set of steel drum licks before a mighty fine drop into globulous bass and frantic drums. "Clang" aligns itself with the underground grime scene, although the beats also sport a touch of B-more booty about them. "Fencin" makes the most of massive monosynth tones in a distinctly purple-tinted dubstep throwdown that would have Joker nodding his approval no doubt.
It's back to the future with Massacooramaan right here, with this new EP for Fade To Mind giving grim a whole new texture to play with. Much like the early gear that was promoted by DJs like Plasticman, Drum Fission is an endless reinvention what is possible with a simple set of percussion and bass stomps. The opening "Voltage Slip" is a perfect example of that, a tune which never uses the 'less-is-more' effect, ands the same can be said for the rhythmic bangs of "Exhume", another impressive drum experimentation built from only a few core elements. The likes of "Dautrada" bring in a more tribal rhythm to the picture, while "Hyper Garrote" finishes off with one final stab to the gut, in the form of some pretty devilish drum stabs. This be some Darth Vader bass!
Given their addiction to British style bass music - not to mention rhythm patterns from around the world - the Through My Speakers crew is not your average Berlin-based DJ/producer collective. That much is clear from this all-star EP. There's much to admire throughout, from the trap-with-bells-on dancefloor madness of "Ladies & Cash" by Bukez Finezt and the high-octane, shangan shake-goes-acid brilliance of TMS Soundsystem's "160bp", to the wobbly post dubstep/revivalist jungle fusion of Radar Bird's formidable EP closer, "Execute". Perhaps most impressive of all, though, is the dancefloor-focused future dub fuzziness of vowel-hater NGHT DRPS's "Timebomb Dub".
From modest beginnings in Scotland, LuckyMe now operate out of London and New York City. Besides releasing records, they also manage a number of artists and run LuckyMe Studio - a film production company and agency for select clients, in music and fashion. A staple of the label for many years now, Cid Rim is back with another standout EP. The Viennese beatsmith serves up "Four-Eighteen", featuring fellow Austrians Dorian Concept & The Clonious. It's a serving of chilled yet riveting future beat experimentation, contrasted by some smooth jazzy elements for added measure.
Oh yes, it's the Blondes duo back in action for the mighty R&S! If there's been one act missing from our shelves recently, it was certainly these guys; their loose, laissez faire attitude to outsider techno is always a breath of fresh air - especially given the lack of direction which most experimental shades of techno seem to offer these days. These ten tracks, under the banner of Warmth, are not be heard in unison. That is our recommendation. While they are magnificent dance tracks own their own, Blondes have constructed them with the album format in mind, which is a characteristic all too often forgotten by dance producers who step onto the LP framework. Moreover, tunes like "Clipse" and "Quality Of Live" feel like they've been made for each other rather than next to one another. The sounds, the beats and the peaks and troths are all perfectly calculated and balanced. Deep, tech-minded dance music is about as close as we can get to deciphering this sublime organism. Recommended.
Schockglatze is a long standing collaboration between artists working across several disciplines. With audio-visual performances, band projects and international exhibitions thus far, they have been causing a stir within the art and music worlds. Spank has already collaborated with a range of acclaimed vocalists, including Warrior Queen, Sensational and Christoph Waltz. As a competent producer, he forms the solid basis for the studio productions of Schockglatze. Nik Nowak has attracted international attention with his mobile sound sculptures and worked with Chicago footwork pioneers like (the late) DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn as well as Kevin Martin aka The Bug. Graphic artist, VJ and video director Moritz Stumm aka Ultramoodem brings to the project an 'inimitable rhythmicity' while creating a singular technique of audio-visual effects: the aesthetic of which has become a signature style of the collective.
DJ MADD - Biggest Boss Jah (Roots& Future)
ANZ - Anz EP (Chow Down) - exclusive 04-09-2017
IGLOOGHOST - Bug Thief (Brainfeeder)
PAINT - Exodus (20/20 LDN)
GLACCI - Lifeforce (Terrorhythm)
TMSV - Modification / Doom Clone / Junglis (Perfect)
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