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The Danish may be all serious about design, but when it comes to partying the Breakbeat Paradise crew prove that they can be as frivolous as the rest of us. Here they've rustled up a bumper packed collection of cheeky if disposable mash-ups and edits of the kind that'll go down a storm in bars and house parties. There are six offerings some highlights of which include the squelchy retro funk breaks of "Walk In Place" by F-Block, the cut-up go-go boogie of "Free Wheelin Franklin" by Kibosh and the raw big beat swing hybrid "Hit Em Hard" by Blitzkrieger.
From Four40 to Project Allout, UK bass scientist Tuff Culture has shown us many sides of his artistic persona. If we want to keep things topline, this guy can make just about any form of UK dance music; he's given us dubstep, a little trap, some house, and now two new garage-leaning joints. "Take Me" is deep and pensive, but once the main hook drops it's an infectious drum affair with a growling, penetrative bassline. "I Don't Care" is a more typical garage tune because of its twisted, dusty drum pattern, but the sounds within are anything but what you'd normally expect from a 90's garage track. Wait for that switch, too.
The clue is in the title here as Brighton-based funk label Jalepeno have rounded up fifteen of the best soul sister cuts from their mighty catalogue. Boasting a mix of old and new, and spanning quite a few different styles too, this compilation couldn't have come soon enough. Some of the many highlights featured include the powerful and bluesy soul-bearing opener, "Reckoning" by Iro FitzRoy, the candy floss tones of Berenice Van Leer on the 80s-tastic "My Mind' Made Up" by Kraak & Smaak and the muscular harmonies of Farina Miss on Featurecast's "Ego Tripping".
Some people have incorrectly dubbed Switzerland as being well, a bit boring. This is nonsense of course, and, with their cheeky mash-up productions, Swiss duo The Niceguys take great delight in proving the haters wrong. The EP's title alone sets the tone - Joy indeed. There are two incendiary party jams featured here - "Pride & Joy" leads the way, taking Marvin Gaye's ode to fatherhood and setting it to a slow trumpet-stab-lead hip-hop groove. Providing a contemporary foil to the latter, "Get Up" sees classic Nate Dogg (and Eve!) set to a lively electro-house backbone. Feel the party joy!
Well known for leaving festivals in their native Canada in tatters, Smalltown DJs have called in extra artillery for their latest festival-friendly assault, the Bout To Go Down EP. Not that their productions don't work in a club, of course they do, but their energy is so epic that a roof couldn't' contain them! The title track is only three and a bit minutes long but it packs some serious punch, switching between 4 x 4 jabs and breaky fills and breakdowns. On the digital flip, "Complete Madness", is a sleeker, sleazier, late night bass/house hybrid. Hype!
Washington DC breakbeat duo Fort Knox Five presents yet more killer remixes of Pressurize The Cabin, originally released a year and a half ago. Starting out with the Eighteenth Street Lounge affiliated Ursula 1000, who delivers a low slung and funky rendition of "Ready Go" which will rock the dancefloor of any party, there's also a handy instrumental version for serious DJs. Meanwhile Palletz delivers a bass heavy, very UK makeover of "24 Hours To Set It Off" complete with ragga vocals which will storm any serious soundclash. Interestingly enough, this fella is from British Columbia, Canada; who'd have thought! Again, a handy instrumental version is included of this remix too.
J.L Cruz calls himself 'The Brainkiller' and delivering brain-cell destroying bass is what this Spanish producer does best. Here he moves in and moves out with a short, sharp attack that will leave you reeling on the dancefloor. Clocking in at almost five minutes, "Super Bass" is a roof-raising ghetto-laser-bass joint with descending lad melodies, tropical percussion, vocodered vocals and even some cheeky rave breaks. Totally real bass music.
Andrenachrome are a double act from Lincoln (Steve Eyre & Sam Souls) who make dance music played with the passion of a rock band. Here they rock up with a hefty track, "The Skywalker" that may or may not be influenced by the recent cinematic return of the eponymous Jedi Knight. Either way it's a pulsating electronic bleep-a-thon that's glowing with force-like power and an emotive vocal too. If the indie hero vocals aren't your thing though, don't' worry! There's an instrumental version that reduces it all to a cool Black Strobe-style jam.
Captain Flatcap is a three-piece act, (Chris Rotherham, Tom Rotherham and Matt Woods), who perform the most unique fusion of electro-swing, dubstep and ska, all fully live btw, that you're ever likely to hear. Propelled by the hypey rhythms of his band mates, Chris is a whirling dervish of flutes, beads and flat caps. Here he's helped out by Great Scott who delivers an edgy rap over a chunky, funk break beat. Instrumentals and clean versions also help round this cheeky melodic package.
THE NICEGUYS - Joy EP (Bomb Strikes) - exclusive 31-12-2016
THE BRAINKILLER - Super Bass (Elektroshok)
JAYL FUNK - Across The Sea (Remixes) (Honkey Phonk) - exclusive 31-12-2016
SMALLTOWN DJS & PEEP THIS - Bout To Go Down EP (Hot Cakes)
B-SIDE/F-BLOCK/THE SWING BOT/KIBOSH/LEYGO/BLITZKRIEGER - Swing That Funk (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 31-10-2016
ANDRENACHROME - The Skywalker (Rocstar) - exclusive 02-10-2016
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