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Ok folks, it's a new Bomb Strikes release, you should all know the drill by now. Yep, it's all about party friendly breaks and mash-ups here, so leave your arty pretensions at the door, thank you very much. Here we have two self-professed 'funkmasters', Prosper and the suggestively titled Stabfinger hooking up for three sizzling jams. The title track mixes brassy big beat and daisy age rap, whilst "Don't Hold Back" is pure hands-in-the-air poppy electro funk before "Baby Baby Please" wraps it all up nicely with an infectious fusion of electro-swing, rap and cumbia beats.
Washington DC's Fort Knox Five released the Pressurize The Cabin LP about 18 months ago, and since then they've toured every corner of the globe, releasing many remixes along the way too. Now they've had time to collect all these reworks onto one album and it's a biggie - 20 tunes strong in fact. Some of the many highlights include All Good Funk Allianance's staccato-synth sing-along version of "Fire In My Belly", The Funk Hunters' cut-up electro version of "Whatcha Gonna Do" and the DJ Dan/Mike Balance acid-funk remix of "Keep It Poppin". Something for everyone here.
The Stanton Warriors must never sleep, what with all their own DJ and production commitments as well as the running of their Punks label. Here they've found the time to discover a whole new swathe of fresh talent, enough to fill this mini comp at least. Barely Royal & Bunnie are up first with the dubby electronic UKG weirdness of "Blessing", Pelikann goes for raw ghetto vibes on the Drop It Like Its Hot-style "1,2,3,4". Crawford, meanwhile delivers the mechanical repetitiveness of "Life" and Monikr closes with the spatial minimalism of "Head Down Low".
Italy's Andrea is now a trusted member of the Ilian Tape collective, having only released for the German label thus far. But, why would he go elsewhere? These guys are on fire, and releasing some of the most interesting shades of industrial 4/4 these days. This is his fourth single for the throng, and "Floating" starts off with a beatless, wide-eyed landscape of soft pads to introduce the twisted, shifting, break-driven tech of "Timed". "Queue A" is a driving pile of rusty kick drums and oceanic pads that head into the deeper end of the techno sphere, while "22:22" goes all-out on the jungle patterns with its broken groove that recalls the likes of LTJ Bukem or Dego at their more pacy moods. A killer of an EP!
With releases on New Wave under their belt, a forthcoming release on U Wot Blud and this new two-track missive on Low Pitched, it seems that Daze Prism's time is now. There are two merciless joints here: "Polariza" which fuses skippy, steppy beats with a dubby low-end pulse and scattershot percussion. They really bring some fiyah on "Casma" though, where dark tropical beats and pitched up RnB vocal wails fuel a mean 4 x 4 chassis. Fierce sounds.
When it comes to coming up trumps in the party-breaks scene Italy's Tosses wins the er, toss, every time. Here though he takes a little bit of break from the norm, presenting four less recognisable jams rather than the instant -hits he usually provides. "Adderall" may be generally used to treat hyperactivity, but here it's an utterly electro-boogie wild child. Elsewhere "Funky Fresh" riffs off classic 70s funk grooves, "To The River' is a bluesy, gospel-breaks reverie, and "Work Song" closes with some baddass vintage swing-samples.
Brighton's JFB is the reigning UK DMC champion. In fact, he's won it so many times now he's probably bored of it. When he's not utterly rinsing the decks with his flashy turntablism, he's rinsing it in the studio, lathering up jams like the Wobble Wash EP. Here we get two tracks, one for each deck so he can mix the bejaysus out of them, mash-up style. "FunkATone" is ferocious pop-dubstep - all funky breaks and fizzy melodic bass (with a blues-rock breakdown!), and "Skys Falling" meanwhile, brings trancey synths into play fusing nicely with the more mellow vibes on offer. Boom!
Bristol's DNKZ combines his love of breaks with a love of more atmospheric production. He recently turned heads with a crazy update of The Prodigy's No Good Start The Dance. Now he delivers his own debut, which features four savage cuts that don't hold back. "Mixed Signals" fuses ghetto bounce with a dubby wobble growl, "Put It Up" lends a dark tropical twist to said grooves and "You Know It' is even moodier, with metallic bass, tough, low key breaks and spooky drops. Lastly "Overdrive" whips out the buzzing synthscapes to underlay some percussive electro. Future bass personified.
The pairing of Canadian producer Zander and Dallas pal Left/Right (aka Chris Lund) on the recent Can't stop single proved electric. Now, whilst they set to work on their follow up piece the Punks label present to us a selection of very fine remixes indeed. First up Hotfire step up to the plate with a sizzling 4 x 4 excursion full hissy hats, ascending/descending basslines, bleeps and lasers galore. Jay Robinson then takes control of things, really pushing the limits of bass with woofer-destroying effect. Finally Eyes Everywhere deliver a brooding hip-house jam that's full of bounce.
In just a little bit of break from the norm, veteran producer Diesler recently departed his home stable Tru Thoughts and released his 5th long player, Sounds Familiar, on A Little Something Recordings instead. His nu-funk mojo remained intact though and the album boast 12 of his best. One of which was "Caught Counting", a bewitching tin-pot shuffle featuring the vocals of Lizzy parks and Azaxx. It now been highlighted as single material complete with a neat bonus mix too - a brassy, electro-swing style rework by Sam Redmore that comes in both full vocal and instrumental versions.
with their new album, Mucho Danger, a ten-track excursion into the wildest, most far-reaching corners of nu-school breaks. Tunes like Ellas Son Satan", a sort of break-ridden, nu-disco-coldwave hybrid, make up the essence of this LP, and we love that because it's just s refreshing to hear artists doing things their own way. "Gipsy Drug" is another raunchy, progressive house driver, but the title tune "Mucho Danger" is what gets all our attention thanks to its lead vocal sample and fiercely tight bassline-drum roll. This is the sort of gear for fans of Plump DJs and Scratch Perverts. Solid.
PROSPER & STABFINGER - Mista Funkmaster EP (Bomb Strikes) - exclusive 27-10-2016
MORLACK - Katakana Edits Vol 45 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2016
TOSSES - Scratch Break Vol 1 (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 27-10-2016
VARIOUS - Flashback (36 Hertz) - exclusive 31-10-2016
FORT KNOX FIVE - Pressurize The Cabin (Remixed) (Fort Knox US)
DNKZ - Slam'dnkz (Instant Vibes)
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