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As you can imagine, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings specializes in the sort of house music that's carried by chunky blockade of beats and bass, all rounded off by a distinctive electro swing. This is the second chapter of the Big Fat Mama Beats series and, once again, the imprint have gone to extreme measures to secure a supremely effective line-up for both them and us. There's not a dull moment in here, or anything remotely beatless, so be sure to cop yourself this super-charged, super floor-minded collection of new-school breaks for the masses.
Negativ are two Polish producers currently based in Warsaw and London. Originating from completely different musical backgrounds, they joined their forces in 2012 and have been steadily working on new material since then. The release consists of two originals including a collaboration with the legend Dread Mc coming out on UK bass imprint 877. "Break It Down" channels the heyday of early noughties n-skool breaks with its minimal broken beats and funky sub bass snarl that alternates with a razor sharp arpeggio for dramatic effect. Second offering "Killa" is much more evocative and atmospheric: this one is where they really shine and the breaks on this one are reminiscent of early rave until it takes a bold u-urn and introduces more electro style rhythms accompanied by dark [pads and addictive synth textures. Keep your eyes on these guys as they're onto big things!

Tengu and Nina Wilde are on some mad flex right here, bursting through the charts like a pair of dementors on speed; this new collaboration on Illegal Bass feels like exactly the right territory for their pair in hazy, summery 2017 gust. "Loop Machine" is part house, part grime monster, whereas "Go" focusses particularly on the latter thanks to its pulsating flow of grizzly bass and sharp, jump-up drums for the head-nodding souljahs. Big, big tunage right here!
Hybrid Theory and the Stanton Warriors, both ridiculously talented when it comes to pounding, cerebral breakbeat and electro-minded house, are herein remixed by a pair of relative newcomers in what is surely a pair of summer keepers...that is if you're up for turning your dancefloor into a state of utter euphoria. Tru Fonix transforms "Under The Lights" from pleasant banger into deadly party bomb, made all the more real by the tune's grizzly percussion drops and chunky low-ends; Francois and Louis Benton's version goes for the jugular with its swinging, penetrative curbside bass that will undoubtedly receive the rewind treatment in an excessive manner. Naughty.
VARIOUS - Big Fat Mama Beats 2 (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 04-08-2017
DAZE PRISM - Tektonix (Articulate) - exclusive 24-07-2017
TENGU/NINA WILDE - Loop Machine (Illegal Bass)
NEGATIV - Breakdown (877)
WILD KID	Cathedral (48k) - exclusive 31-12-2017
HYBRID THEORY/STANTON WARRIORS - Under The Lights (The Remixes) (Punks)
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