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Break Beat Paradise Recordings tend to celebratory the more celebratory side of breakbeat music. Here though, the gloves are off on this hard-hitting compilation, Big Fat Mama Beats. There are seven fresh jams to enjoy including the housed-up, ska-infused bouncer "Chinese Robots (Re-Up)" by DiscObeta, Mr Rich & The Caretaker's street tough electro breaks cover of "My Feelings For You" (originally a Gwen McRrae joint) and the urgent percussion and Middle Eastern samples of Crunch "(Scratch By DJ Craft)" by Funky Boogie Brothers. Dope!
Navigator recently dropped the dramatic hip-hop/grime hybrid Lyrical Warfare recently bringing much fire in the process. So successful was it that Liondub/ODT have decided to keep the party going with some seriously heavy remixes. First up Brian Brainstorm delivers some hyper DnB action with high bpms and even higher energy. Elsewhere Social Security fuse manic, scattershot beats with relentless ragga MCing (and a cool dub version too), but it's the precision of Submatic's speedy ghetto beats on his dub workout that win the day this time round. Dancefloors everywhere be warned!
Blustering bass boss Leda Stray brought some serious fire with his Punks debut Oracle/Vision, which was all over Radio 1, Kiss FM and Rinse FM. Now he's back with evidence of how blistering an experience he actually is. The Live EP captures him er, live in action with some killer hardcore breaks, chest-busting bass and serious crowd rousing MCing ("Is there anyone inside who doesn't come from fackin Bognor Regis?!" Elsewhere Cellardore streamlines the tune into some wobbly heavy garage, whilst Doctor Nick delivers some nice and deep 2 step goodness.
Following on from a successful appearance on the Punks Warehouse Selection album, Canadian producer Zander now looks to the future by hooking up with Dallas resident Left/Right (aka Chris Lund). The results are electric and have already received props from the likes of The Crystal Method, MJ Cole, Krafty Kuts, Sly-One and Nick Thayer. "Cant' Stop" is a prime slice of brooding and intense breaks with serious dark alley vibes, all brought to life by some impressive synth work. Let's hope they keep these collaborations coming!
"Sunglasses, Champagne and jewellery" what more could anyone ask from life? Well, maybe some killer beats too and here Badjokes duly obliges with two ribcage rattling collaborations for bass fiends everywhere. First up we get "Champagne" (featuring Jay Robinson) and its aforementioned lifestyle mantra set to razor sharp ghetto/booty beats and harsh bass attacks. "Drop Down Low" meanwhile, pursues a hip-hop/trap route with descending stabs that dance around a stop/start strip club groove. All killer, no filler.
A self-confessed 'bass music reprobate', Jason Laidback has certainly paid his dues, being one half of Slyde (Finger Lickin') and a veteran of the Bolshi label too. Here he delivers a new solo bomb, "Namechecka!" and it's clear that his ferocity hasn't diminished over the years. The UK mix of the tune combines a big thumping shuffle and seductive female vocals with almost Plastic Dreams-esque 90s house goodness. His esteemed pal Leeroy 'The Prodigy' Thornhill also appears with a mix that is unsurprisingly a tough big beat assault with plenty of cacophonous 303 mayhem! Another day, another destroyed dancefloor!
Miami's Jesse Perez follows in the tradition of his hometown's musical legacy ie: seriously bass driven dance music for freaks. He teams up with the west coast don of electro Egyptian Lover on "Cell Phones" fuelled by some fierce and funky breaks beneath a collage of hip hop samples that will appeal to a wide cross range of DJs. "Twerk Machine" will have you doing exactly that, right after the sick drop; bumpy and funky minimal tech house in the vein of Jamie Jones or Jey Kurmis plus those breaks make a welcome comeback. Finally "The One Two Checka" re-asserts that breakbeats are his main strength once more, these ones come at you fierce like a wall of sound; check it!
A long-distance collaboration between glitch hop producers Mitra Xyde and Moritz Breit, Synergy have notched up five acclaimed releases despite living in separate countries. Here they present the Orbit EP, which appears to have a bit of a space theme. Their sound on these three tracks is so widescreen that the universe can barely contain them - "Departure" being the liveliest - all squealing Daft Punk key-tar riffs and dreamy soulful breaks. Elsewhere "Orbit" is quirky and yes, glitchy, synth pop that's positively dripping in expert synth work and "Titan" wraps up with some nasty, epic techno stabs and contrasting dreamscapes.
JAY ROBINSON/G ROSS/BADJOKES - Champagne/Drop Down Low (Punks)
JASON LAIDBACK feat SIMM - Namechecka! (Nightprowl)  - exclusive 31-12-2016
LEDA STRAY - Live EP (Hot Cakes)  - exclusive 06-06-2016
BEAT FATIGUE - Can't Stop (Lowtemp)
VARIOUS - Fused Funk Vol 16 (Funk Fusion) - exclusive 31-12-2016
GROOVE MIND - Rock The Party (MUstbeat)
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