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Reviewed this week
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Looking for some seasonal slammers? Aussie funkster Bondi Stereo has put on a spread of such proportions it will feed you (and your floor) well into the colder months; bulging with obese drum dynamics, rifled with references and drenched in shiny wet funk, each of these tracks show BS at his very best. Highlights include the refreshed and rechunked version of DJ T Rock & Squahy's "Nice Pretty Girl With A Crooked Smile" ("Pretty Girl") and the turbo-charged take on Nice & Smooth's "Hip-Hop Junkies" ("Funky Style"). The expert manipulation of Joe Cocker's "Summer In The City" hasn't gone unnoticed either. Here's hoping for a summer as hot as these tracks!
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It's not often an artist gets treated to being remixed 18 times on the one release, but here Morlack pulls it off. But before the remixing gets underway he raises the curtain with a Notorious B.I.G sampling gambit of slashing synths, tearing basslines and fluttering drums. Then there's the remixes. Funkanomics get all big band, Stevie Wonder and straight up hip hop on part two of a remix to "Take It To The Zulu", while BadBoE provides a killer remake of "Nice & Rough". James Brown is in the place during Trotter's remix of "Play Cards Right" while Morlack electrofunkifies himself in a 2014 remix of "Ghetto Vaccination". More breakbeats than you can poke a DJ at!
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Funkosol founders Chudy & Warson return to their vaults and remind us of how many ridiculously funky party-jammers they've given us over the last four years. Pop cultural references wrapped up sweetly in big booty bows, between the two of them they run the groove gamut from Will Smith ("West Point") a jazzy Tupac D&B hipshaker ("Never Give Up") via a big-bass twist on the classic ATFC funky house cut "Bad Habit" ("Number One"). Each one designed for nothing but carefree party chaos, these will still sound sweet in another five, ten or twenty years time. If you've not caught some of these yet, now is definitely the time to catch up.
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Super-prolific Spanish breaks ambassador Shade K unleashes a cheeky one-track smasher. "Magnetism" pumps with muscular drum patterns, gurgles with soaking wet bass and dreams with epic, lazer-gazing arpeggios. With a continuous flow to the groove, he ensures your crowd are glued to the floor throughout. Quintessential breakbeat vibes.
BONDI STEREO - Hot Summer Bombs EP (Scour) - exclusive 31-12-2030
GHETTO FUNK - Hype Vocals (Sample Pack WAV) (Ghetto Funk) - exclusive 01-01-2030
MAKO & THE HAWK - Party Goin' On EP (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 31-08-2013
AUDIOHEED feat SKILF - Bad Man (Rocstar) - exclusive 21-12-2016
MORLACK/TROTTER/MORLACK/LEE ZAMAH - Katakana Edits Vol 19 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2014
F BLOCK - Roots Medic EP (Dirty Dubster Digital) - exclusive 31-12-2030
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