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Welcome to the fracture clinic: Delo makes his debut on GRNDWRK with a delicious slice of broken music. Rapid breaks and gritty bass provide the ageless rave template where heads are down and the groove is bittersweet. Subversion fans should lick up Nuvaman's take on Delo's previous roller "Point Blank". Laced with depth plunge subs on the kicks, it's not dissimilar to the type of grit LFO used to blow minds with back in the day.
London beatcrafter Sh?m finally goes legit as he translates his Soundcloud hype into official release business with "Bossmode" on Kapsize. "Bossmode" fits the Kapsize suit perfectly with its Joker-style purpleness and strutting/squelchy sci-fi dynamics. Elsewhere on the EP we chow down on robot gully with "Underground" and take things back to the slinky, jazzy dubstep days with "Untitled". Finally we climax with "Vehement", a vibrant slice of synthtronica that stutters and shakes with evocative funk and emotion. A truly interesting EP. If you're the proud owner of a radar and Sh?m isn't on it, you're not using your radar properly.
If there were an award for 'most remixed album', genre-busting Washington D.C. outfit Fort Knox Five would win hands down for their ongoing remix programme of every track from their Pressurize The Cabin LP. This time it's the turn of their Mexican pop-hop sing-along, "Cinco To The Brinco", and it's been reworked somethin' good. There are a whopping nine different versions of the original on offer here, covering all bases in the process. Highlights include Omegaman's breaky shuffle, Basement Freaks towering party electro instrumental and the sumptuous White Isle vibes of Farid's Ode To The '90s Dub.
DIRTY DUBSTERS - Digital ReRubs (Dirty Dubsters) - exclusive 31-12-2016
PHIBES - Ghetto Beats Vol 2 (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 31-04-2016
MORLACK - Katakana Edits Vol 41 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2016
DEEKLINE - Be Happy Standard (Hot Cakes)
CUT/SHUT - Feel The Funk (Funk Fusion) - exclusive 31-12-2016
ALOKA - K1/K2 (Punks)
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