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Welcome to the sunkissed and free world of Swing Set Sounds, a label committed to sunshine melodies and grooves. Having cleverly built interest in this, their first artist compilation, by revealing a track at a time, the album is set to put the label (and the artists!) firmly on the map. Highlights include the slow and low organic hip-hop grooves of "Imagine This" by Shimi Sonic, the big drummed funky breaks of "Watch The Man" by D-Funk and the sparse Latin grooves of "La Majeur" by The Fritz. Once you visit this world, you won't want to leave.
Originally starting as a grunge rock DJ 20 years ago, DJ Clairvo now finds himself a leading figure on the European funk-breaks scene - quite a leap indeed! What this proves of course, apart from the fact the grunge ain't no good to dance to, is that this guy has a wide appreciation of all kinds of music. Here he rustles up 6 Gallic-themed gems, highlights of which include the pacey flutes, funk and fizzy hip-hop of "Bounce & Shake On Ledy Rollin", the retro electro grind of "Vert Galant Groove" and the celebratory boogie of "Party With The Bercy Posse".
The Stormtroopers Of Love were born kicking and screaming into this world when Johnny Pulse (boss of Ireland's Bulabeats Records) decided he needed a live band in his life. Described as being 'a live fusion of hip-hop, funk, dancehall and ska', Ape Panic delivers all this and more (especially here on our very own Juno Deluxe version). Highlights include the badass bottom end attack of "Rebel Bass", the nasty breaks jam ""In The Heat", the piano-led shuffle of "Pull The Cord" and the jump up DnB fun of Leygo's remix of "Blast & Blast". Proper good times music!
A former hard junglist who defected to the chilled world of dub and reggae, LA's 6Blocc, has found a whole new lease of life. Usually found jetsetting around the globe spinning tunes, he's taken a break from his busy schedule to deliver Bassline Bangers Vol 2. There are six raw cuts to be found here with highlights including the rolling sing-a-long rasta anthem "Fiyah Tyme", the I Got Five On It-referencing warehouse garage of "Changes" and the clap-heavy booty bouncer "Sundayz". Dope!
Stanton Warriors were pleasantly surprised when a demo from Brazil arrived on their doorstep. The demo was from none other than Bombo Rosa, possibly Brazil's only break beat-style act, and so impressed were the Warriors that they signed the guys to their very own Punks label. Their first release for them, Make It Bang, is a jaw-dropping short, sharp introductory jab in the solar plexus. Sounding like nothing else around right now, the track is four and a half minutes of stop-start dirty breaks with a red blooded Latin twist. A dancefloor monster if ever we heard one!
An Australian based in London, producer Frankee More gives the occasional instalment of frothy party fun. There's no fear of groundbreaking sounds here or deep navel gazing, it's all about cheeky giggles on the dancefloor. Here we have another two such sizzlers to enjoy. First up, "This Feeling" fuses a laid-back electro-funk bassline with an impassioned soul vocal and a sax solo. On the digital flipside lurks "Dance Now", basically an update of C&C Music Factory's Everybody Dance Now that, if played at the right time, will blow the roof off any self-respecting house party. Job done.
Dalindeo are Finland's most famous jazz sextet and they recently dropped the enormously successful fourth album Slavic Souls. Described by their own bandleader, Valtteri Laurell Poyhonen, as sounding like a 'surf-jazz-tango-extravaganza', the album fused modern jazz with traditional Finnish Tango music and easy listening (informed by traditional Nordic and Slavic folk songs). So not exactly X Factor then. The album also marked a more melancholic turn in style, and here the title track sounds like a sassy Dick Dale on an old skool European journey. Mr Bird however adds some light with his perky shuffle-house rework. Slick!
Hot Cakes are a Brighton-to-London stretching collective lead by Nick Deekline and Ed Solo. They have fingers in many pies but chiefly they are a label, and one dedicated to bringing 'ghetto style, guaranteed'. Here they do that and then some with two fierce remixes of Mish Da Fyah Sis's sparse digi ragga/trap hybrid "Bad Gyal". The Push brings both mixes to the table, the Breaks mix adding bass and muscle for a killer UK ghetto jam, the "Bass Mix" is the winner here though, given the track a melodic tropical makeover with extra synth lines and some wobble bass reverberations for good measure.
We're not sure what his initials actually stands for but Serious Rave is a high contender. Proof? These heritage-rooted 140-60 BPM breakbeat workouts. "MC DJ" bumps and flexes with an array of recognisable samples and cool drops into half tempo grooves. "Tremor" is straight out of 92 with its well-crafted drums and rush-riddled pads. "Winged Sapphire" strips things back on an Omni Trio vibe, all snares and sharps teeth snapping louder and louder as the track develops. Finally, we hit "Vampire", a blood-sucking slower cut with a bassline so crude and slimy you can almost see it falling out of the speakers.
Since starting out back in 2012, young UK producer Joey McCrilley has rocketed to the top of many people's one to watch lists. Here he maintains momentum by dropping a cheeky two-track single. First up is "Lights Out" which is a remarkable slice of haunted late-night-jungle beats and sounds. On the digital flipside, "What's Up" is a tough and skippy breakbeat jam. Full, bassy and chromium plated, this guy's productions are gonna be around for a long time.
Stanton Warriors are busy firing out one track missives at the moment, with each single release on their Punks imprint packing more of a punch than most other four track singles out there. Marten Horger's "Deeper Down" was already pretty fierce proposition, but now Slovakia's Macho has got his hands on it and now no dancefloor really is safe anymore! Macho actually won a remix commotion with this effort and we're not surprised - starting out with some seriously tough ghetto beats, the track evolves into total hands-in-the-air piano house territory and crucially does so with ease, rather than cheese.
Hailing from UK bass capital, Bristol, Troy Gunner has already appeared on the likes of Black Butter and Sound Pellegrino. Now after a break he's back on Jakwob's Boom Ting with "Slack In The Noose'. The time off has clearly changed his outlook as the tune moves on from the bass sounds of yore, instead incorporating an effects-laden percussive tech approach. Stark and minimal with whirring beats, this is body music, 21st century-style! "Bottle Bang" is even deeper still, with the twisting percussive whirls carrying swishes and sways trough your body and brain, leaving both scrambled in its wake!
Canadian label Westwood was formed by Nick Middleton with the sole purpose of keeping the funk alive. He's done a good job so far too, none more so than with new signing SugarBeats. This Oregon duo have been preaching a similar vision for years and it's no wonder that Middleton picked up on them. They recently dropped their debut album, Fly High, on Westwood to great acclaim. Now we get a different take on the LP - a purely instrumental version that allows the music to breathe over the course of these nine tracks of funk, hip-hop, glitch, and future bass.
VARIOUS - Swing Set Sounds/Artist Compilation (Swing Set Sounds) - exclusive 31-12-2016
VARIOUS - Fused Funk Vol 17 (Fused Funk)  - exclusive 31-12-2016
JOEY MCCRILLEY - Lights Out/What's Up (Punks)
DJ CLAIRVO - Rally In Paris EP (Breakbeat Paradise)
JOHNNYPLUSE & THE STORM TROOPERS OF LOVE - Ape Panic - Juno Deluxe Version (Bulabeats) - exclusive 31-12-2016
FRANKEE MORE - This Feeling EP (Mustbeat) - exclusive 31-12-2016
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