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DJ Badboe and Wiccatron's Brekabeat Paradise Recordings masterfully re-enter our charts with their singular approach to breakbeat and electro - this time with a mini compilation! The Danish label has to be given a shout-out for having always done what they believe in, and it's clear they got their strategy right. The numbers don't lie, and these guys provoke quite a few downloads on the ol' Juno system. Breakin The Riddim is a wild and diverse affair, full of sampling grace and brimming with party-ready material in every sense of the word. All of it, however, is heavily centered around break sampling and an audible 'ragga' influence - tunes from DJ Maars, Basschimp, Leygo, Cockney Nutjob and Fredy High are the only solution to any bashment or dancehall DJ wanting to fire the place up!
Another Bomb Strikes from the Prosper & Stabfinger duo, a phrase that works both on a theoretical level as well as a practical one. In short, thispair of breakbeat mashers are back with their inimitable style of groovy electro reworks. "Dopeness", the title tune, features Imagine This & Jui on the vocals, and it really is a perfect example of the best possible sort of modern boogie - phat bass lines over soulful vocals and kick ass disco beats. "Pay For Bass" is more of the same excellence, all thick beats and party-ready bumps, while "You're Wonderful" sounds like a trip back to the late 80s, a sound wrapped in an unmistakable early hip-hop flair, rewired and anted-up for maximum dancefloor effect and seamless DJ use. SLICK.
Featurecast's Shout It Out LP came out one year ago almost to the day, so it was a surprise when this nifty remix compilation landed on our charts this morning! But, this is dance music, and the only rule is that there are no rules. Funnily enough, this is a rule that runs true even in terms of the sounds put together right here, and there's a few too many of them for us to categorise the EP under one genre banner. To give you a taste of the content, Ahee's remix of "Move" is a cut-up technoid bullet with gnarly injections of menacing wobble bass, whereas Inapt's grizzly take on "999" gives the term 'bassline house' an innovative new meaning, and Dub:ra's version of "Take It Down" steps into the darker and more unexpected world of electro-house, served up through a contemporary EDM filter.
It's the third edition of Cabin Pressure Recording's Shedits series, which means we're involved with Daytoner laying down some utter truth in the form of blissfully raw dance edits spanning everything from 60s soul to 90s trip hop. "Apache Street" features that mythical break in action amid some ludicrously addictive singing, while "Moonstomping" goes off on a little ska trip, "Feel It" provides us with a gorgeous example of UK 90s house at its most break-heavy, and "I Feel It Like That" is the sexy sister of the bunch, a seductive soul excursion tailor made for the lovers. Bliss.
After a magnificently timed stint on Bongo Tronic, an appearance which saw Sir-Vere release his first album to date, the producer returns to the Rocstar imprint with a load of breakbeat bruisers that will no doubt appeal across the entire underground spectrum. "Rebirth" is the tune in question, and it sounds to us like a magnificent return to an early 2000's 'big beat' kind of vibe, twisted blended up with a punkiness not too dissimilar from The Fall. The remix comes from Stevie Vega, who delivers a more straight-laced tech-house version with plenty of progressive flex, and is followed by an essential instrumental cut of the original. Recommended!
PROSPER & STABFINGER - Dopeness EP (Bomb Strikes) - exclusive 28-04-2017
JFB & DJ ANGELO feat DIZZY DUSTIN - Scratch 2 This (Disco Cakes) - exclusive 20-04-2017
DJ MAARS/BASSCHIMP/LEYGO/COCKNEY NUTJOB/FREDY HIGH - Breakin The Riddim (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 22-04-2017
FEATURECAST - Shout It Out Remixes (Jalapeno)
STANTON WARRIORS feat GROVE - Feel This Way (Punks)
JOHNNYPLUSE/THE STORM TROOPERS OF LOVE - Talking About The ! (Juno VIP Version) (Bulabeats) - exclusive 31-12-2017
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