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Reviewed this week
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There's no denying Funk Fusion definitely live up to their name; take these first two tracks which sample and flip Kool & The Gang and Tribe Called Quest numbers into something new and different for 2015. There's also a cheeky garage remake of Basement Jaxx, and for something slower check out the hip hop throw down of Aretha Franklin's "Say A little Prayer For You" by KMT. And have you heard Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" pitched against Sean Paul lyrics? Well you have now. Something for everyone.
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A firm face on the Disco Cakes roster now, HZ returns to Deekline's imprint with another clutch of savage-but-sweet shake-ups. "Deepa Underground" takes Jamiroquai into glitch city town square and whip them repeatedly until they do their best performance. "Boot Me Down" takes Nancy Sinatra down to the Atlanta ghetto and shows her the murky side of trap life. The real highlight, though, is the turbo-charged, go-faster-striped twist on Eminem and Nate Dogg's "Shake Dat". Maintaining the flow and funk of the original with peaktime dynamics, it goes way beyond the standard bootleg formula most Eminem bootlegs suffer in this game.
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Combine sounds similar to Mr Oizo's "Flatbeat" with the gnarly snarl of what Russian producer Proxy makes with a sense of cloud pleasing antics and Karfty Kuts' "Bang Bang" is, no doubt about it - a certified banger. There's licks of electro-funk in "The Wasp" with touches of newer breakbeat styles you could compare with The Prodigy, however the 'what!' and 'stealin the flow' vocal samples have got Krafty Kuts written all over it. Huge two-track.
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An epically strong follow-up to his "Rhythm Shift" EP, "Haymaker" is a blitz of old school breakbeat and thunderingly heavy bass. Like stepping into a vortex and landing feet first on the pine needles and gravel of a forest rave in '91, the tone's right, the sound's right, the feeling's right. "Haymaker" is raver perfection. "The Task" on the other hand, is a break-strewn badboy of a different kind. Dark and subliminal, the beat creeps under the skin and into synapses, forcing you to dance to its precision-cut beats. Zombie breaks. If they weren't a thing, they are now.
HOY, Rory - Check It Out EP (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 31-08-2015
INDIGO VIRUS - Haymaker (36 Hertz) - exclusive 30-08-2015
HOTLINE ZERO - Disco Cakes Vol 16 (Disco Cakes) - exclusive 31-08-2015
MIGHTY MOCAMBOS, The with AFRIKA BAMBAATAA/CHARLIE FUNK/HEKTEK/DEEJAY SNOOP - It's The Music (A Skillz & Stickybuds remix) (Jam City)
REPTILES, The - Get It Played (Subtribe)
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