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Reviewed this week
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Looking for some seasonal slammers? Aussie funkster Bondi Stereo has put on a spread of such proportions it will feed you (and your floor) well into the colder months; bulging with obese drum dynamics, rifled with references and drenched in shiny wet funk, each of these tracks show BS at his very best. Highlights include the refreshed and rechunked version of DJ T Rock & Squahy's "Nice Pretty Girl With A Crooked Smile" ("Pretty Girl") and the turbo-charged take on Nice & Smooth's "Hip-Hop Junkies" ("Funky Style"). The expert manipulation of Joe Cocker's "Summer In The City" hasn't gone unnoticed either. Here's hoping for a summer as hot as these tracks!
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Four firing party pieces here from nu-funk's Irish ambassador DT, where we find him tricking out some of modern history's most formative classics. "Shake Ya Booty" lives up to its title with salubrious grooves and a quick-switch dynamic to sharp mid-range bass, "Have A Party" takes a Jackson Five standard and processes it through an industrial strength low-end machine, "Funky Music" pays homage to Wild Cherry by way of seriously swashbuckling beats and an arrangement that twists and develops on every 16. Finally "Nod Ya Head" ignites with an instantly engaging skank riff and a bassline so squidgy and funky it could make Bootsy Collins titter like a schoolgirl.
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Four cheeky party-pleasers: "Party With Me" takes Busta to the nu-funk pastures his distinctive vocals have always demanded. "Hold Me Down" introduces us to Morongroover's ability to fine-tune the perfect amount of distortion to an otherwise salubrious party chant while "Hit That Jive" acts as the liveliest, glitchiest, freakiest soundtrack to one of Bootsy Collin's wet dreams. Finally we hit "Can You Do It", a slower hip-hop influenced track that struts with a confident guitar-twanging swagger and expert execution of one of People Under The Stair's best raps. We can only assume Morongroover has named himself ironically - truly, there is nothing moronic about these beats!
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A bona fide nu-funk original with a truly international backbone comprised of Germany (CMC & Silenta), Canada (The Funk Hunters) and the US (See-I). The result: a beautifully instrumented booty-shaker that's heavy on the shiny organs, an even heavier on the low-end funk and a breakdown that's so majestic you expect a prince to stride in on a horse at any minute. To top it off, See-I's vocals give "Shock Rollin" real identity and edge - they haven't been fronting the Thievery Corporation's live outfit for 15 years for nothing you know. A seriously cool piece of music.
GHETTO FUNK - Hype Vocals (Sample Pack WAV) (Ghetto Funk) - exclusive 01-01-2030
MAKO & THE HAWK - Party Goin' On EP (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 31-08-2013
BONDI STEREO - Hot Summer Bombs EP (Scour) - exclusive 31-12-2030
AUDIOHEED feat SKILF - Bad Man (Rocstar) - exclusive 21-12-2016
F BLOCK - Roots Medic EP (Dirty Dubster Digital) - exclusive 31-12-2030
CHUDY/WARSON - Old Bangers 2 (remastered & reissued)	(Funkosol) - exclusive 31-12-2030
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