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Midland's bass troubadour Tuff Culture recently explored his feminine side with the recent emotional Solar/Desire release. Now he's back with "Edification" and although he has returned somewhat to his 'tuffer' side, he has retained some of the softer, melodic touches he learned along the way. "Asia" begins proceedings with a fluffy 4 x 4 bounce, with quirky melodic interludes and raw ragga vocals. Next, "Midnight Safari" is just that - all dark, nocturnal jungle percussion and spooky breaks. Lastly "Tell Me", is smooth and moody bass with choppy hi-hats and all kinds of synthy atmospherics. Top drawer tunes!
Mace's sensual trap-infused RnB hit "Jungle" owes a lot of its success to the exquisite, multi-layered synth melodies and the hypnotising seductive vocals of Sofi De La Torre. The remixes haven't hurt either, with Crookers previously leading the charge with their uber nasty late night underground fidget workout. Now comes veteran heroes Plump DJs with their own take (complete with a snazzy video to boot!) on the Punks label. This time the tune's tropical trap get beautifully fused with an infectious ghetto bounce. The hit that keeps on giving!
Happy hardcore and rave in the house thanks to 36 Hertz Recordings! These four tracks from label faithful Indigo Virus sound like they could have come from back in the day; just take in the 909 hi-hats, chipmunk vocals and in your face synth action of opener "Caffine". There's undeniable rhythms and gnarly breaks on "I C 93" while "Rock The House" is a classic, straight forward raving techno. There's some deeper more introspective moments (during the breakdown) in "All Crew" - plus some classic piano sounds - and this final cut is an EP highlight. For real.
Imagine a rave circa 92. Now imagine that in the haziest, cloudiest, most physically relaxed way possible. That's the sound of this EP. "Do Right" rushes you through time on an ageless craft of rave elements. "Breakage" follows the dreamy theme with proggy vocal snippets whirling through the cirrus while "Dumbshow" has a darker warehouse-feel while retaining it soft edges. After something with just a touch more punch? Jump on the toughened groove "Enough", Murder He Wrote's wobble-drone 4/4 remix then wash it down with a glass of amen delight a la Denham Audio. Ravers, breakers, tech and house heads should all take note right here.
Lionel Corsini aka DJ Oil has previously released two albums and now brings his off-centre approach to Ivan Smagghe's label. The title track is a deep, dubby house groove embellished by hypnotic clicks. In contrast there's a stream of consciousness freeform broken beat track called "Hypnosis" that features a stoner talking about television being used as an instrument of mind control. "Space Control" sees DJ Oil resume his dance floor focus but it is based on a low-tempo groove while "Ougada Ou La Mort" delves into voodoo territory with its rambling chanting groove. Add in an acid-soaked remix of the title track from Radioactive Man and you have a truly individualistic release.

References to 'ammunition' in dance music journalism can sometimes be overused, however it's more than justified with Common Underground's 27 Calibre, and not just because of the bullets on the cover. Stanton Warriors peerless breaks label Punks just has this knack of supplying a regular stream of dancefloor bombs that make a DJs life so much easier. This one's no exception either, being a veritable feast of ghetto cowbell bounce and infectious ascending/descending bass. Boom!
Breakbeats don't always have to be about tear out sounds and snarling basslines - although there's still plenty of that here. But for a subtle starter, check out lead track "Out There" which at times channels into a sound probably more associated with Ibiza than London backstreets, and it's a highlight of this EP. Now, to the banging stuff: "The Snowman" rips and roars in a way reminiscent to Pendulum's seminal "Tarantula" (plus some piano rave) while "Closer To All Your Dreams" is up front funky ravedom! Finally, for an extra hit of soulful vocals and talking basslines, hit up "One Family". Safe fam.
Here's the latest from the trio of DJ Rory Hoy and Brighton's Kitten & The Hip aka Ashley Slater (Freakpower) and Scarlett Quinn. Their intention with this record is 'to funk up your summer" and with its perky 80s Latin funk vibes, think Kid Creole and ZE Records with some modern oomph, it's very likely that they will succeed. Remix-wise Ursula 1000 injects a little Blue Monday into the mix, Fort Knox Five drop the tempo for a more chilled out groove, Trotter adds more slap bass and finally Turntill teams up with Merlin for some edgier tropical bass action.
SLAPPIN PLASTIC & MC SHURESHOCK - It Shocks Pt 1 (Bomb Strikes) - exclusive 31-12-2016
MACE feat SOFI DE LA TORRE - Jungle (Plump DJs Remix) (Punks)
INDIGO VIRUS - Audio Stimulation (36 Hertz) - exclusive 02-08-2016
COMMON UNDERGROUND - 27 Calibre (Punks)
TUFF CULTURE - Edification (Four40) - exclusive 31-12-2016
STEVE AOKI/REID STEFAN - Bring The Funk Back (Dim Mak US)
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