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Old wobbly bottom's back on Ghetto Funk with three premium party pieces precision released for the sunnier months. The shindig starts with a sleazy horn-heaved warm-up where WBBL showcases an expert use of male vocal stabs as rhythmic shots, "Toe Tapper" takes us deeper into the night with glitchy mischief while the sexy chords and sultry vocal elements of "Carry On" tell us to grab our coats and drags us home by our short and curlies. What a night.
JayL Funk's delightful approach to edits and vintage reincarnations has just got a new groove on thanks to this little beauty of a two-tracker for the Honkey Phonk imprint, and it's hard to have a smile on your face when listening to this gear on a Friday morning. Featuring the Tarzan Bros, "Funkin Your Soul" offers a chunky boogie bass that drops like a mother****** on the speakers, leaving absolutely no laggers standing awkwardly in the corners. Trotter mix is a little more elegant in its approach, but still carries the original's tight groove, hummable vocals and utterly funked-out bass.
From Doncaster to Sheffield, the Future Wildstyle pair dominate the bass scene and, thanks to releases like the present "Burning Up" for Seven Four Two, they've made quite a name for themselves. While this is tagged as breakbeat, this one-track anthem EP has the soul of house very much running through its DNA, particularly thanks to one noticeable sample which is lifted and propelled to new dimensions thanks to the help of some absolutely killer percussion work. Half way between breaks and 4/4, this is the sort of tune that will get ANY dancefloor moving. BAD!
The prodigious McTwist doesn't release a huge volume of music every year but, then again. we're all about quality over quantity, and this is precisely what the artist supplies our charts with. Up on Grits N Gravy for the first time, "Popsicles" leads the EP with a mid-tempo breakbeat groove backed by Bobby Danger's LA-style hip-hop rhymes - an instant classic in our opinion. Sonek's remix injects a noxious wave of bass to the equation, while Smokey Montrose goes for the disco rework - majestically fronted by an electro-style boogie bass - and D-Funk ties the EP off with a more old-school, vintage house approach filled with chunky breaks and badass bass bumps.
Mafia Kiss and Stanton Warrior's Punks imprint feel like a match made in heaven. In fact, there are few other labels onto which the artist would proliferate so well, and this is surely because of the Warrior's openness to any new hybrid strain of nu-breaks. "Raise" is a club banger that blurs the lines between house and two-step, coming through hard and heavy with mutant wave of bass that is bound to electrify just about any dancer, regardless of musical preferences. This is pure movement gear.

Vancouver's The Funk Hunters aim to 'put the soul back into electronic dance music'. Recently they teamed up with Most recently they collaborated with MC Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 (they've toured together for years and he calls them "the selectah's of the century!") for the ILLectric EP. Now the tracks featured on it are all getting the remix treatment. This week it's the turn of Funk Back where labelmate Shylow adds tougher beats and extra bounce, whilst Freddy Todd's delivers his trademark chopped up everything and the kitchen sink vibes.
BADBOE - Get Your Boogie On EP (Bmb Strikes) - exclusive 31-12-2017
KING HYDRA - Tear Up The Dance (Hot Cakes Bass) - exclusive 31-12-2017
THE FUNK HUNTERS & CHALI 2NA - Funk Back Remixes (Westwood Recs)
MAFIA KISS - Raise (Punks)
SMOOVE - Main Sourced (Wack) - exclusive 25-06-2017
JOHNNYPLUSE & THE STORM TROOPERS OF LOVE - Dos Tonas (Juno Version) - exclusive - 31-12-2017
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