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It was 4 years ago when Scour Records happened upon the phenomenon in waiting three-piece Captain Flatcap, playing to two men and a dog in some best-forgotten dive. Now its 2016 and it's different story indeed, the world is beginning to be seduced by the madcap fusion of styles that Chris, Tom and Matt uniquely provide. Now here is their eponymous album to take things to the next level. There are 10 tracks to enjoy; our favourites include the melodic dubstep-meets-ye-olde-flute music of "Awakening", the pulsating medieval trance of "Sergei's Journey" and the DnB mayhem of closer "Are You Me?".
It's number 46 in the Katakana Edits series, and we got The Worldstylers alongside DJ Claire to lay down some hybrid breakbeats for ya! "Rub A Duby Stylee" is just pure fun, a tune that manages to blend dancehall together with disco and nu-skool breaks, but "Be Bam Pop" isn't exactly far behind on the freak-o-meter thanks to its jazzy nuances and merry-go-round melodies. "Space Frequency" is the final slice of oddball beats, a beat-heavy, mid-tempo breakbeat scorcher that would certainly get some attention from the likes of peeps like The Scratch Perverts.
Brazil's premier re-edit guy Trotter hasn't been as prolific of late as he used to be. However he's treated us here to a stop gap one-track, suitably-tilted "One". The track is classic Trotter, being over five minutes of party breaks, rolling basslines, cheery brass and hippy-era voice samples. Remix-wise Pilots On Dope deliver a super chilled out Latin-tinged dubby incarnation of the tune, whilst Badboe ups the vibes for a party-friendly go-go style romp with added lashings of electro-funk fun.
It's a long time since Bushwacka (aka Matthew Benjamin) dropped his legendary Billie Jean rework and he's come a long way since! Here he is in a rare appearance without partner Layo, delivering a mix DJ mix The Everlasting for out listening pleasure. Aside from the mix, the 15 tracks featured in it also appear in full. Highlights include the tough rhythmic loops of "Let It Play" (which features vocals from EQ), Makesome Breaksome's electric ghetto-tech roller "Let's Dance" and the funky breaks of "Sweet Tings" by Mashupheadz.
Bristol-born, London based bass man Dephex has building solid rep for himself through producing 'sinister, inventive beats in the 120-140bpm' tempo. Here he conjures up four cuts for the Impulse EP. "Bad" opens with percolating, forward facing bass and skippy beats. Elsewhere ""Bust" incorporates intricate stop/start beats and monstrous bass growls and "full Fat Butter" ventures into 2-step territory with extra lashings of rubbery bounce. Lastly "Impulse" features soft synth chords sharing the stage with relentless wobble bass and speedy 4 x 4 drums. Muchs power here.
Rico Tubbs runs London's Bass=Win with Terry Hooligan and returns with more street level low end theories here on the Re-Animated EP: a bunch of stellar remixes from their most recent releases. Starting off with the bombastic, ragga-inflected Reese devastation of "Bullets" (Mij Mack remix), "Ghost Rider" (Papuga remix) goes for some modern funky house flavour in the tradition of the legendary Michael Gray (Full Intention) while "Rolling Proper" (YYVNG remix) does exactly what it says on the tin with this deep down and dirty UK funky throwdown.
To be a successful Mafioso in a world of street tuff beats, you gotta be hard. Good job then, that Breaksmafia are hard as nails. Here we have a quick one -two attack, with "Put Em Up" getting in first with stadium-sized ghetto beats and epic rave breakdowns. "Let Me In" is even more lively: with bouncing subs, laser-beam effects and Prodigy-esque vocals.
The Funky Fury steps out of the pan and dive straight into the fire with this new three-tracker for MustBeat. What you see is what you get here, and what you get is a trio of dance-friendly, DJ tools that span house, two-step, and pure breakbeats. "Like" rolls forwards with its easy, house-fuelled groove and hummable bass tones, while "Birdy" is deeper, more sensual, and something of an r&b crossover, and "Baw Baw" makes use of a placid, psyched-out synth to tie its chunky breaks together into a tight groove.
Crimes Of The Future is the kind of label you can trust, no matter who is at the controls. The same could be said for Giallo Disco, and certainly the two labels orbit a similar space for lurid soundtrack-inspired hardware jams from the Italo age. Vercetti Technicolor is one half of the Giallo team alongside Antoni Maiovvi, and here steps out with a perfectly bombastic range of compositions that revel in B-movie brilliance. "Golden Taurus" is the perfect slow-burner, those mono bass notes warming like no soft synth ever could, while "Topaz Fear" brings a more action-driven sequence into the mix. "Death Wish" too opts for a pumped up club scenario, while Heinrich Dressel smokes out "Golden Taurus" into a seedy slow-jam.
MR BRISTOW - City Love EP (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 31-12-2016
CAPTAIN FLATCAP - Captain Flatcap LP (Scour) - exclusive 12-12-2016
DUBRA & ARTEO - Here We Come EP (Bomb Strikes) - exclusive 27-11-2016
THE WORLDSTYLERS/DJ CLAIRVO - Katakana Edits Vol 46 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-10-2016
JPRIME - ILL FIXED EP (Relative Dimensions) - exclusive 31-12-2016
HIPSTA - RE-HOP EP (Relative Dimensions) - exclusive 21-12-2016
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