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The Danish may be all serious about design, but when it comes to partying the Breakbeat Paradise crew prove that they can be as frivolous as the rest of us. Here they've rustled up a bumper packed collection of cheeky if disposable mash-ups and edits of the kind that'll go down a storm in bars and house parties. There are six offerings some highlights of which include the squelchy retro funk breaks of "Walk In Place" by F-Block, the cut-up go-go boogie of "Free Wheelin Franklin" by Kibosh and the raw big beat swing hybrid "Hit Em Hard" by Blitzkrieger.
Having cut his teeth on Tru Thoughts, veteran soulful beatmaker Diesler moves on to pastures new with his 5th long player, Sounds Familiar, on A Little Something Recordings. Don't worry though, the clue's in title with the album boasting 12 nu-funk jams that are just as good as the old stuff. Highlights here include the deep and percussive future-soul vibes of "Human When You Dance", the very topical and tropical electronic baile funk of "Gold In Rio" and the rolling bass boogie locomotive "Soho To Brighton". This time round familiarity breeds content(ment).
Originally a DnB act in the 90s, the duo of Roberto Adani & Daniel Wolf have progressed into a much more interesting musical beast in the decades since. If you've felt it a bit quiet from their end recently though, that's because they've signed a big juicy deal with ChinChin Records and have had their heads down in the studio conjuring up this, their much toiled-over new LP, The Irresistible Dust On The Floor. Featured are ten future-vintage sounding tracks that aim to provide 'a musical statement of understanding, respect and patience' in dark times. Dance away the blues!
Linear John's productions are straight down the line smooth, and here he presents a whole album's worth of his louche crooner gems. Hits With A Twist conjures up images of romance and intrigue in vintage Mediterranean summer nights. Boasting 11 Latin-tinged swingers, highlights include the Austin Powers-in-60s-Rio vibes of "Slates", the bluesy trip-hop of "When It Comes To Ladies" and the liquid elastic bass on space-boogie wonder "Shaken & Disturbed". Groovy.
FLOFILZ - Cenario (Melting Pot)
VARIOUS - Katakana Edits Vol 42 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2016
VARIOUS - IPS Collect Beats Vol 3 (InchPerSecond)  - exclusive 19-09-2016
SHAFIQ HUSAYN - On Our Way Home (Eglo)
NEGADES OF JAZZ - Moyo Wangu (Agogo)
ASH WALKER - Thunder (Deep Heads)
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