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Reviewed this week
Cue Release play release
Mystery surrounds this eccentric release from Berlin, offering a musical collage of influences from The Doors and Santana to Latin grooves and classic drum and bass sounds. More likely to be heard drifting from a nearby open air bar on the sunny shores of some paradisical Greek island or Croatian coastline than on the sticky floors and darkened interiors of your downtown club, interestingly, they're said to be offering up an LP later this summer with zero odd sampling involved. A pair to keep an eye on over the next 12 months!
Cue Release play release
For over five years, London's Chris Read has been BBE's go-to guy for providing praise-winning genre-defining compilations. He has also tackled much of the BBE catalogue, creating mixtapes and remixes. "All Night..." collects the best of all these moments and more. There are 14 memories (and future memories in the form of previously unreleased stuff) to enjoy including Bev Lee Harling's eccentric, rambling, water-splash funk grind "Come On A My House", the bleepy future-soul of Algebra Blessett's "Nobody But You" and Read's own vintage soul clapper "Stop Playing (With My Soul)".
Cue Release play release
One of the many highlights from Tricky D's future dub document Equanimity, "Fight You With Love" features the sultry tones of Katya Tasheva and a bubblesome bassline that's precision engineered for summer soundsystem fun. Remix fix-ups come courtesy of Mr Bird (chunky digidub bounce business) and Steve Cobby (a laidback, sandy-toed Balearic dubwise rendition). Wrapped up with a vocal-free dub and short, sweet radio-ready version, this is all the fighting talk you'll need for the sunny season.
Cue Release play release
Debutant Mocky comes through on the young and energetic Heavy Sheet label with a blistering LP of no nonsense downtempo and sultry balearica, all rounded off with a charming jazzy edge. Tunes like "Soulful Beat" flutter between shades of ambience and beat-driven soul. "Whistlin" is another gorgeous piece, its beats and basslines verging on 70's style fusion of the highest calibre, while other tunes like "Tomorrow Maker" contain an r&b edge tightly wound in the electronics. It's an album of many shades and layers but also one which flows with total grace from start to finish. Beach gear.
Cue Release play release
J-Felix is the solo moniker of Bristolian producer, multi-instrumentalist and musical wizard, Joe F Newman. Now based in Brighton and quickly snapped up by Tru Thoughts, we now get a solo album inspired by his investigations into all the funk and soul samples heard in the DnB and hip-hop that he grew up with. However research is where the samples end for Newman, instead he layers recordings of his own vocals and instrumental pieces into a beguiling 15 track organic jam with more than a nod to his beloved white-gloved, dry-iced and jheri-curled 80s p-funk and synth soul.
MOCKY - Key Change (Heavy Sheet) - exclusive 24-07-2015
BILAL - In Another Life (BBE)
J FELIX - 101 Reasons (Tru Thoughts)
VARIOUS - Dusty Fingers Vol 25 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 31-12-2015
VARIOUS - School Yard Breaks 11 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 31-12-2030
FISCHER, Jesse/SLY5THAVE - Vein Melter (Tru Thoughts)
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Wayne Snow DJ Chart
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