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You can never accuse Wah-Wah 45s of being boring, or indeed of giving poor value for money. If however, there is any doubt left in your mind, then this sixth instalment of the Allo Love series will dispel them for good. Curated by Leeds / London based electronica act Paper Tiger, they present 15 disparate gems for our listening pleasure. Highlights include the loungey swagger of "One Thirty Three" by Chrome Glaciers, Paper Tiger's own abstract synth-funk beats of on "Ebor Basement" and the knackered boogie of "Shoe Girl" by Bastien Keb. Top-notch stuff.
Great to see some previously long lost gems get a second chance through the medium of a digital release. Here we have singer Kim English's classic take on Anita Ward's 'Been So Long', originally released over ten years ago. The original is a late night acoustic soul jam with the glass-shattering vocals of Ms English all over it. More famous was the superclub era remix by Wamdue, classic retro commercial house that brings back memories of superstar DJs in white vests, muscles and 'drawn on beards'.
VARIOUS - Katakana Edits Vol 42 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2016
MALA - Mirrors (brownswood)
RANKO - Hypersensitivity (O*RS)
WOLFGANG LOHR/LOUIE PRIMA/OSUNDI/SWING REPUBLIC - Black Cotton Remixed Vol 1 (Electro Swing Versus Speakeasy Jazz) (Freshly Squeezed)
FAE SIMON - The One That Got Away (BBE)
IZO FITZROY - Reckoning (Jalapeno)
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