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When you consider the sheer quality and breadth of their output, there really isn't another label like Wah Wah 45s. Adam Schrimshire's pioneering imprint reaches its 18th birthday this year, and he's kicking off celebrations straight away with the launch of this new collection featuring a whopping 33 remixes of mighty back catalogue tunes. Highlights include the bleepy, warped hip-hop of "Ooh (J-Felix remix)" by Paper Tiger, the doomy, the brooding witch-soul of Goth-Trad's remix of Lea Lea's "Black Or White" and Ashley Beedle's deep and silky smooth "Return To The Factory" remix of "Glory" by Stac. Happy birthday fellas!
You'd imagine Clap! Clap! to hail from some mysterious, far-away contient but, in fact, Domenico Crisci is from Florence, a city you wouldn't immediately associate with tribalistic dance flavours. That is, until now. This is his second LP for London's excellent Black Acre label and, thourghout its stupendous twelve tracks, there are appearances from Planet Mu's John Wizards, the OY duo, and another like-minded tribal enthusiants from Italy, HDADD. This is a truly engrossing album, filled with tropical instrumentation, worldly chanting, and an altogether 'outernational' vibe. Dance to it, chill with it, leave on it the background. Whatever you do with it, it's bound to go down a storm, especially heard in its entirety. Don't sleep!
Swindle's latest jam is a total homage to the chrome and carpet dancefloors of 1980s. No one's being conned here though as there is nothing but pure love of the Minneapolis sound with this here EP including a homage to the mighty Purple One. There are four tracks in all with the title tracks being a fresh update on the early Rick James funk blueprint and "Sympathy" could be a smoochy Wendy & Lisa grind from 1987. Elsewhere the warped nu-funk "Saturns Returns" and "New Life" sounds like a stoned Maxwell tryin' out some g-funk shizzle.
Black cotton: the racy yin to white mink's raunchy yang, Freshly Squeezed squeeze into their slinkiest number and lay down five more unabashed versions on classic speak easy standards. Highlights include the insane energy and juicy funk of Wolfgang & Louie's "Puttin' On The Ritz", the floor-burning D&B mischief of Mista Trick's "Swinging All Day" and the sudden switch into an almost rocky stomp on Pisk's "One Steady Roll". Teases and pleasers with nothing but authentic instrumentation and preemo prohibition party vibes.
A nine-piece outfit from Hamburg, Diazpora formed back in 2002 and haven't looked back since. For them its all about the grooves and the funk, and now they've reached their fifth album, Islands. There are 13 tracks here that fuse live bass, horns, guitar and Hammond organs in their unique 'no-school' sound. In addition to all this mayhem, the band now boasts a brand singer and 'soul mate', Axel Feige, guitarist and singer of Absolem Max fame. Great to hear that their quest for true funk is continuing in fine style!
Rising stars Groovy Joy and Sebastian Roser have already made an impression on the pant-swinging scene with remixes of the likes of The Puppini Sisters and Vassili Gemini. Levelling up once again they make their debut on Beatnik with two stamp-happy prohibition party pieces: "Fe Fo Fu" is as giant as its name suggests with R&B vocals, tight doo-wop backing vocals and firing bluesy horns. "Meeny Mo" is equally pleasing thanks to its deep driving 4/4 and infectious playground vocal that will have everyone singing along in seconds. Holy mola.
OMAR - Love In Beats (Freestyle)
DISMANTLE - Huntsman/Any Key (Gutterfunk)
BONOBO - One Offs (Remixes & B Sides) (Tru Thoughts)
80S CASUAL & YURI PETROVSKI - Fiesta/True (Cold Busted)
MANU DELAGO - Metromonk (Tru Thoughts)
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