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Brownswood Bubblers provides a platform for unsung heroes and emerging talent from the Worldwide underground. The series distills the stream of exciting new artists that have become semi-permanent fixtures in Gilles' playlists and DJ sets of late to create a suite of perfect bumps.The compilation is now in its twelfth release and there's some real gems on this edition: just some of the highlights are: the soothing inner city blues of Selbeyone's "Are You In Peace?", Kathy Hoskins and the legendary Paul Randolph's magical soul excursion "Could You Be Me?" (channeling the vibe of Roy Ayers' Ramp project) or The Pendletons with the wonderful "Gotta Get Out" which will give you your funky acid nu-jazz fix, for sure.
Nocturnal Activity was released by Mark Rae on Manchester's Grand Central Records, an independent record label back in 2002. It is a remix album, composed of alternative mixes of the tracks from the Sleepwalking LP, plus one new track, a cover version of the Parliament track "Flashlight". It contains some of the labels most sought after tracks. For the dancefloor, The Nextmen remix of "It Aint Nothin Like" is considered a classic. Atjazz turns in a magical remix with Kate Rogers on "Not Just Anybody". Groove Armada went on a weekend break to a country house to flip the Pharcyde's Booty Brown on "Let It Go". However the best is left to last with the fully acoustic version of "Get A Life" with soul legend Bobby Womack.
Given that it was originally released on vinyl and CD way back in 2000, it's something of a surprise to find that this is the first digital download release of Theo Parrish's acclaimed sophomore set. It remains a benchmark in the Detroit legend's fine career and arguably the set in which he fully realized his unique musical vision (think cut-up and manipulated samples, major jazz influences, and hypnotic, stretched-out cuts that quietly build throughout). Highlights are plentiful, from the deep Afro-house of "Serengeti Echoes" and leisurely, slipped jazz warmth of "Summertime Is Here", to the almost Balearic brilliance of the suitably epic and saucer-eyed "Violet Green".
In and out with a bang; that's Duct Tape. The Berlin duo are one of their city's few artists who are making truly outstanding broken beat and, while everyone else is busy churning out techno on a regular, these two like to cut up samples and vibe out on a certified jazz flex. This new LP sees them return to Giles Peterson's rarely disappointing BBE label, and it's clear that the duo have matured yet again, their beats now sublimely fluid and arranged with the upmost care and dedication. What's more is that this new LP, The Thirteenth Floor, is everything that an album should be; each tune flows into the next with utter ease, never leaving the listener with a sense of detachment. It sounds like Duct Tape have taken notes and done their best to replicate the timeless arrangements of giants like Gaye or Muhammad. Endlessly pleasing...
Sam Shepherd - the producer behind Floating Points (and label boss of Eklo and Pluto) spent some time with his band in the Mojave Desert last summer, where he composed a new piece called Reflections - Mojave Desert. Shepherd shares one of the first efforts from this project entitled. "Silurian Blue" a drifting and ethereal psych/kosmic journey calling to mind the work of early prog/experimental rock greats. Top!
This London based band has risen in profile steadily since they broke onto the scene a couple of years ago with their critically acclaimed debut album entitled Nothing Is Easy. They've established themselves both at home and on the continent with a combination of a tireless touring schedules and prolific writing periods that sees them having completed album number three in as many years. As before, this new album once again sees them refresh their sound with a new set of influences and direction. Always unafraid to push the boundaries of their craft, this release unashamedly emanates jazz, afrobeat and psychedelia which galvanises the soul and R&B that remains at the core of the band's sound.
For the 48th instalment of the popular Katakana Edits series, the shadowy figures behind the rework stable have turned to Mister Vagz, a producer who has previously contributed to a couple of other label EPs. It's pleasingly varied, with Vagz effortlessly switching between spaced-out, bass-heavy mash-up pastures (the reggae/hip-hop/funk-rock hoedown of "Stopper Wayz") and echo-laden electrofunk-rap business ("Get Ice On It"). Throw in the pitched-down soul meets classic hip-hop shuffle of "Supernatural Soul" and the heady soul breeziness of "Wondrous Regulate" and you've got a fine EP of grown-up mash-ups. In three words: mature party-starters.
REE KEEN - Makeeni (Beatnik City) - exclusive 31-12-2017
SKEEWIFF - Skeewiff In Wonderland (Pedigree Cuts) - exclusive 01-04-2017
DUCT TAPE - The Thirteenth Floor (BBE)
80S CASUAL & YURI PETROVSKI - Fiesta/True (Cold Busted)
ONRA - Chinoiseries Pt 3 (All City)
DELE SOSIMI - You No Fit Touch Am Retouched 2 (Kudos)
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