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US spoken word don Rich Medina is usually seen releasing a downtempo strain of hip-hop that branches out into more soulful territories, but BBE have snapped him up to take control of their latest compilation, this being number one in the new Jump 'n' Funk series. Tropical-flavoured funk would be the best way to give you a snapshot of this glorious collection of music, ranging from rare afrobeat to newer, more contemporary broken beat rhythms, but in reality this is simply a wonderful vibe placed under one roof. Inside, you'll find everything from drumming legend Tony Allen, to Fela Kuti, Tweak, Jungle By Night, and plenty more dance-friendly artists. Warmly recommended, and afro comp of the week from us!
There's no doubt that Berliner's Max Graef and Glenn Astro are some of the biggest success stories to emerge from the deep house sound and creating their own signature style that's often copied of late, but seldom ever matched! Sure, the dusty hip-hop inspired jams are no doubt indebted to Detroit legends such as Theo Parrish or Andres but they've certainly put their own slant on it and created a new sound for the German capital to be synonymous with. Testament to their success is this LP for the legendary Ninja Tune; The Yard Work Simulator. Nearly a dozen tracks of chilled, sampledelic, MPC driven dope jams that are the perfect soundtrack for a misspent youth in Berlin this Summer. In particular check the raggedy junkyard joint that is "Where Fuck Are My Hard Boiled Eggs" or the psychedelic urban soul jam that is the title track.
London's nu-soul hero Ziggy Funk's latest eschews his regular female vocalists, instead featuring three new out-there instrumentals - 'a product of nights listening to the voices in his head...and gazing into to the sky'. Opener "Go With It" lays on the jazz thick with frenetic, eccentric bass notes and beats jostling about under a constant hazy keyboard loop and billowing trumpets, "Word to Your Mother" is like the former but stoned: with a slower groove setting the pace for a mellow afternoon headnodder and finally "Channel Through" wraps things up with driving disco/house beats and lashings of trippy synth noodles.
New Orleans' ensemble, Hot 8 Brass Band, are back with more of what they do best - bringing their raucous, genre-bustin' celebratory sound to the world. There is a mix here of three new tunes and some remixes to shake it like madman to with the seven minute trumpet-led mayhem of Can't Nobody Get Down leading the pack. Elsewhere "Take It To The House" is a simmering potboiler of rhythms and live favourite "That Girl" also appears. Reggae producer Wrongtom remixes their iconic cover of Sexual Healing, a tune also given a trippy reworking by Ray Cooper too!
Despite a slew of recent releases, Paper Tiger have still managed to find the time to also produce an entire album. This sophomore LP was mastered by LA beat hero Daddy Kev and sees the prolific six piece from Leeds finely tune their disparate talents with help from such guests as Shafiq Husayn (Sa- Ra, White Boiz), Chester Watson and Pyramid Vritra (Odd Future). With a tighter, live sound, the album boasts 12 tracks, highlights include the fluttering beats and instrumentation of "I'm A Helicopter", the brassy neo soul/rap hybrid "Weight In Space" and the distinctly British sci-fi flow of "Rush". An outstanding effort.
PAPER TIGER - Blast Off (Wah Wah 45s) - exclusive 27-05-2016
FLOATING POINTS - Kuiper (Pluto)
LACK OF AFRO - Hello Baby (LOA)
TAYLOR MCFERRIN - Postpartum (Brainfeeder)
ZIGGY FUNK - Red Light Syndrome EP (BBE)
VARIOUS - Pomo Presents: Tempo Dreams, Vol 4 (Bastard Jazz)
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