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Reviewed this week
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Montenegro-based DJ Mr Goju takes great pride in promoting the hottest in nu-disco, modern funk, soul, swing and jazz through both his weekly radio show and record label. Here he rustles up another label comp boasting new work from three artists. Napz provides two tracks; the noodley piano-led "Sunset" and the organic big beat of "System Senegal". Elsewhere we get flute-led '70s cop show funk ("Wyndham Earl's Secret Soundgarden" by Madball Scientists), and the awesomely moody Eastern-tinged dubstep ("Takasim" by Le Cercle).
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If you're gonna be any sort of captain, it's fair to say most people would opt for being a captain of space. Certainly this Brooklyn based collective agree, donning this intergalactic moniker to present their radical take on soul, jazz and RnB. Following a self-released hit on Bandcamp, they've been snapped up by Tru Thoughts for a release later this year. In the meantime they're treating us to a two-track teaser featuring the soft and shimmery groover "Easier" and the deeper, more sensual "Remedy".
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Possibly the world's only label/collective dedicated to 'organic instrumental hip-hop', the success of We Grow Wax has proved that there is an audience for such a niche concept after all. This is their fifth label compilation and it shows that they're still growing (organically of course). Highlights of this 24-track opus include the brittle fuzziness of "Gapfield" by Luviia, the warped, jazzy stumble of "Natural Habit" by Nomad and the stop-start 90s trip-hop vibes of Loop Maffia's "Scram".
EBO TAYLOR/PAT THOMAS/HENRIK SCHWARZ - Ene Nyame (Henrik Schwarz Blend) (Strut)
DRK - SwingSambaLounge (Beatnik City) - exclusive 31-07-2015
VARIOUS - We Got It In Nature Vol 5 (WeGrowWax)
VARIOUS - School Yard Breaks 11 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 31-12-2030
VARIOUS - Dusty Fingers Vol 25 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 31-12-2015
FISCHER, Jesse/SLY5THAVE - Vein Melter (Tru Thoughts)
Wayne Snow DJ Chart
Renegades Of Jazz DJ Chart
BMD DJ Chart
The Allergies DJ Chart
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