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George Kelly's most recent appearance on his Our Records label was something of a slick, soulful treat, with vocalist Andre Esput lending his honeyed tonsils to a pair of luscious nu-boogie gems. "Uptempo Cruise" is an altogether different beast. The "Club Version" is warm, rich and melodious, with Kelly peppering a shuffling nu-disco groove with jammed-out Rhodes keys, dreamy chords and undulating, acid-style electronics. The Grecian DJ/producer completely flips the script on the "Acoustic Mix", retaining the Rhodes lines but replacing the electronic groove with fantastic, Bossa-influenced live drums. This replacement rhythm gives the track a breezy, summer-fresh feel that's wholly in keeping with Kelly's hazy keys.
Sizzlingly hot UK label Jalepeno's latest signing is Brighton based producer-slash-intelligent-sound-designer, Asta Hiroki. The Balance EP is Hiroki's debut effort and features four tracks heavily indebted to Teebs, James Blake and Flying Lotus. Two tracks features the silky vocals of Kathrin deBoer (Tru Thoughts) - the sensuously orchestrated acoustic-lead "Her Image In Focus" and the loose and loungey "Hold Tight". Elsewhere we get the 90s-style hazily broken dub-out "Beatrice" and the ethereal loops of the almost vanished "Most & Least". Quality stuff.
For over two decades Jeff Parker (Tortoise) has been Chicago's go-to guy in all matters experimental jazz. His distinct fretwork can be heard on zillions of recordings but surprisingly he's only released five solos albums, and only two since 2005. However a recent relocation to Los Angeles prompted Parker to explore the city's killer fusion scene, awaking his creative juices in the process. This resulted in the New Breed album, recorded with Paul Bryan (Aimee Mann, Meshell Ndegeocello), Josh Johnson (Thelonious Monk Institute protege) and Jamire Williams, and woven together with beats and samples for his most personal work yet.
Berlin's Afromaniac describes his music as being 'a colourful microcosm of diverse musical influences'. This is actually quite a good description because this producer's work really does invite the listener into a small, nuanced world constructed by the weaving of these disparate influences. Seasons is a compilation of tracks created at Sample Science, an event for beat makers & producers were willing participants get one sample each to contribute to the music. Here Afromaniac combined spontaneous radio and tape samples with MPC beats, resulting in these 14 cool 90s hip-hop style jams.
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