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Reviewed this week
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We've all experienced an 'economic boom' of some sort during the course of this recent recession, none more so than the Greeks. Here, despite the title, Greek nu-disco label Timewarp thankfully deliver more of a sonic boom. The title track kicks things of with a mid tempo breaky dub workout with an uplifting flow from vocalist The Mage. The Ragga Twins step up to the mic and up the fierceness on "Pump The Style", whilst "Economic Boom" gets remixed by Balkan Riddims adding some killer bottom end and Jazz K Lipa who adds some breaky punch.
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With a title that sounds like a long lost Prince B-side, "69 Times & Then One More" is, in fact, a party tune that looks much further back in time for inspiration, chiefly the big bands of the '30s and '40s. The lead track is basically electro-swing without the electro, replaced instead by a stormin' Latin-fuelled live band. Mondo Cane brings back some of the clubby beats, fusing them with sassy vintage brassy for his remix, whilst Funkanomics delivers an eccentric slap bass-led jam and Dutty takes things into a jazzy late '80s hip-house zone. "Swingy Mamma" is more your up straight swing crowd-pleaser, given a beats boost by Acido Domingo.
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Inventive re-edit maestro Vida G has invented edgy scalpel jobs for a plethora of recognised nu-disco labels, and now he commandeers the latest installment of Katakana's long running Edits series. We get two tracks - "Nu Soul", which sees stoner G-funk vibes fused with hazy filtered disco samples (it also gets a speedy adrenaline boost via Maikon's mix), and the choppy cut-hop of "Supa Soul", which is also remixed - this time in a swooshy trip-hop style by Timewrap.
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Loopmaffia, the Polish old school rooted producer, has been busy holed up in his studio preparing the follow up to last year's Funkish, and now it's here. Having been making retro sampled beats since the '90s, Loopmaffia knows his classic funk, R&B and soul, influences rediscovered here to great effect on Letters From. Pals Toni Pereze and DJ Flovcut appear on the hazy-slow lazy opener "Future In The Past", whilst 'blood brother' My Neighbour Is appears on brittle jazz-lullaby closer "Letters From". In between there's a further eight tracks of loopy and soulful nu-funk to explore, so best getting cracking!
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Sean Sanders' primary project has enjoyed a productive 2014, not least thanks to multiple releases on Peoples Potential Unlimited, but he rounds the year off by sidling over to the celebrated climes of 1080p to drop this mixtape-style mini-album, and it's a format that really suits his musical approach. Moving through woozy edits of all kinds of material, the Moon B vision widens out to encompass a strong thread of exotic Indian funk that sits surprisingly comfortable alongside the more familiar boogie tropes. As with any mixtape the ideas fly thick and fast, keeping things charmingly rough and light-hearted, but still the tangible romance of the Moon B sound hangs over all, making Lifeworld a particularly pleasurable environment to dive into.
BONOBO - Flashlight EP (Ninja Tune)
ALMA NEGRA - Mao Negra EP (Basic Fingers) - exclusive 31-12-2014
VARIOUS - Beat Bacana (Royal Soul) - exclusive 08-12-2014
VARIOUS - Shools Yard Breaks Vol 6 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 31-12-2030
MINIMATIC - Minimatic Remixed (Tour Eiffel France) - exclusive 31-12-2030
VARIOUS - Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych From Peru's Radical Decade (incl. Free Track) (Tiger's Milk) - exclusive 31-12-2030
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