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Reviewed this week
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Derrick Daisey's Los Angeles imprint Cold Busted have a developed a strong reputation for quality downtempo trip-hop. Here they compile a whole lot of it for the first in a series of (presumably many) instalments, although we're still stumped as to what the title means! There are 20 short and sharp cuts to choose from - highlights of which include the forlorn, flute-filled melancholia of Manu Beats' "Afrodita", Sev Seever's blunt-friendly headnodder "Dream Whisper Succubi" and the warm stutter-funk of Jcrizzy's "Sumo".
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The end of summer and the rustic pinch of autumnal air has, by now, become synonymous with a new instalment of Allo Love - Wah-Wah 45s annual compilation. This year sees the fourth volume in the series curated by their very own 'queen of dark, electronic soul' Lea Lea. As usual it's packed full of quality gems including the fizzy, synthy hip-hop of Paper Tigers' "Gundam Bling", the ghostly trap of Keena's "Behind Doors" and the anthemic broken soul beat of Anushka's "Atom Bombs".
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Seasoned Roman axeman Piero Masciarelli has been around the block. Here with the help of famous Italian label Irma he revisits his jazzy roots with the help of a whole host of pros including Romina Johnson, Charlie Cannon and Carlo Bianci. The LP, produced by Masciarelli and Carlos Sarmiento, features 10 tracks including a sizzling rendition of "On Broadway" - all played with dazzling aplomb by his muso gang, but ultimately the show is all about Piero's slick, peerless guitar chops.
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With the success of FKA Twigs and the like, it's easy to dismiss another act pushing an ethereal take on '90s RnB. But Vancouver's Evy Jane have been doing their thing for a while now, and on "Closer" they take the sound to a new level, coming across as late '80s Prince on some seriously mind altering substances. Further on we're taken on an often haunting ("Sosoft") and even perky, tropical dub ("Worry Heart") journey. Next level stuff!
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Prolific LA beat-maker Ringgo Ancheta has christened himself Mndsgn, which is pronounced Mind Design. However with a name as fun as his own, we're not sure why he needs to change it. What we do know is that he's delivered his debut long player via Stones Throw. It features 12 tracks, all recorded "in a state of bliss" and it shows -each track revelling in gentle, quiet joy, each of which show him to be one of the LA beat scene's most intriguing new talents.
SKEEWIFF - Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom Remixed (Pedigree Cuts) - exclusive 18-10-2014
BUDGIE - The Budgie EP (Wildheart Recordings) - exclusive 18-07-2030
WEEKEND SUN - Forever Tomorrow (Hero) - exclusive 31-12-2013
VARIOUS - Shools Yard Breaks Vol 6 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 31-12-2030
VARIOUS - Copperdollar The Back Of Beyond (Compiled By DJ Marc Stylus) (Freshly Squeezed) – exclusive  20-01-2014
MINIMATIC - Minimatic Remixed (Tour Eiffel France) - exclusive 31-12-2030
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