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It was 4 years ago when Scour Records happened upon the phenomenon in waiting three-piece Captain Flatcap, playing to two men and a dog in some best-forgotten dive. Now its 2016 and it's different story indeed, the world is beginning to be seduced by the madcap fusion of styles that Chris, Tom and Matt uniquely provide. Now here is their eponymous album to take things to the next level. There are 10 tracks to enjoy; our favourites include the melodic dubstep-meets-ye-olde-flute music of "Awakening", the pulsating medieval trance of "Sergei's Journey" and the DnB mayhem of closer "Are You Me?".
It's number 46 in the Katakana Edits series, and we got The Worldstylers alongside DJ Claire to lay down some hybrid breakbeats for ya! "Rub A Duby Stylee" is just pure fun, a tune that manages to blend dancehall together with disco and nu-skool breaks, but "Be Bam Pop" isn't exactly far behind on the freak-o-meter thanks to its jazzy nuances and merry-go-round melodies. "Space Frequency" is the final slice of oddball beats, a beat-heavy, mid-tempo breakbeat scorcher that would certainly get some attention from the likes of peeps like The Scratch Perverts.
With the Christmas gorging season fast approaching, WotNot Music thinks it's an appropriate time to crack open a second selection box of Dancefloor Sweets. EMV128 kicks things off with the sugary soulfulness of "Warm 'n' Easy", a deliciously rich and tasty fusion of broken beat, future jazz and deep house. Galactic Ganesh impresses with the soft-centred, but hard-boiled electrofunk/house fusion of "Tell Me", before Danvers invites us to unwrap the gooey melodies and popping drum machine hits of "Hoxton 203". The last sweet in the tin comes from Body-san, whose dub-wise fusion of heavy bass, undulating organs and cheery positivity will leave you hungry for more.
On UKNOWYs latest release 'Homeless Soul Music' NEMOY delivers a trilogy of warm & unique house grooves further extending and developing UKNOWYs catalog of organic dance music. From the rolling and hard hitting banger 'We made it' to the percussive piece 'Particular Beat' to the laid back, bassline driven 'One for CKENZ' NEMOYs sophisticated blend of delicious synth- and samplework with additional remixes by Sam Irl & Chief makes for an overall exciting EP. Ranging from classic house cuts to afrobeat elements this crisp production will get into your head & legs!
Mr Walker and the Deep Heads label have a pact together - a pact to explore the deep extremities and sounds of bass music. This release, Truffles, is a particular breakthrough, with Walker tunnelling so deep he's found himself emerging, spade in hand, from a hole on a particularly hazy Balearic beach. "Promotion" features spacey guitar licks that waft in and around rolling bongo beats and loose, shuffley drums. "Truffles", meanwhile, is a gentle beachy breeze beach jam and soft as candyfloss clouds.
Bible-referencing Russian, Isaiah Tapes has a sideline label called Baptismo Alpinismo, and here he presents two 'soundtracks for individuals braving themselves towards self discovery within the structures of the concrete jungles'. Heavy stuff, but for you and us, it means two tracks of cool, leftfield mood music. "Come Into Rain" is a crackly, shuffly, tension-building soundtrack embellished with sporadic tabla rhythms. "Red Blue (7 Inch mix)' is a much friskier affair however, adding slammin', raw, four to the floor disco beats to the hazy, dubbed out vibes and creating a very potent cocktail in the process.
THE WORLDSTYLERS/DJ CLAIRVO - Katakana Edits Vol 46 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-10-2016
CAPTAIN FLATCAP - Captain Flatcap LP (Scour) - exclusive 08-12-2016
HOMEBOY - The Heart Is Where Homeboy Is (House Is OK)
THE SESHEN - Flames & Figures (Tru Thoughts)
SHAFIQ HUSAYN - On Our Way Home (Eglo)
Sam Redmore DJ Chart
Kosta Kostov DJ Chart
Savages Y Suefo DJ Chart
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