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Reviewed this week
As well as being a resident at Moscow's Denis Simachev bar, Leonid Lipelis has been slowly making a name for himself as a producer for some time. There's a whole raft of Lipelis remixes for the nu-disco set dating back to 2006, but it feels like the Russian producer has stepped up his game of late. Inbetween some killer edits for LIES and an upcoming Public Possession 12" as TMO, Lipelis dons his Beard In Dust guise for the latest release from the mysterious Bahnsteig 23 label. If you were a fan of that aforementioned LIES release or any BAH 12 it's highly likely you will dig the four cuts here with Lipelis drawing for some obscure sources with eminently danceable results.
Andrew Claristidge has been a wonderful revelation in 2016, and he's bossed the Mille Feuilles catalogue in fine style. Although his style often verges towards the abstract and surreal, Claristidge's productions do, indeed, offer plenty of dance floor charm, particularly with this revisiting of his Danser Ou Mourir LP. The whole album is remixed and re-edited by a mixture of known names, and even some emerging talents on the scene; people like The Hacker, a known techno demigod, are present and very much in full motion, as are Automat, Cosmo Vitelli, and 99LETTERS. Whether it's someone that you're already aware of or not, each one of these tracks represents the deeper end of the dance spectrum, and this is definitely a pretty daring excursion through cold, industrial beats, and a little bit of coldwave charm. Top gear.