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Reviewed this week
Hamilton, Ontario's finest are back with a new album and we're sure excited. There's something about the Canadian industrial town that creates such visionary people like Dave Foster or Jessy Lanza; there's something in the water? Jeremy Greenspan and Mat Didemus offer us another serving off pop inflected electronics and the soundtrack to broken hearts yet again. There's the bittersweet and irresistible "Over It", the psychedelic nu disco vibes of the awesome title track and the fabulous throwback Hacienda vibes of "What You Wont Do For Love" amongst a bunch of other gems that command your attention.
According to their Discogs profile The Pheromoans are a six-piece experimental rock band from the South East of England who deal in deadpan DIY music. It comes courtesy of Luke Younger 's (Helm) Alter imprint, dedicated to pursuits in odd and adventurous music on the fringes. Married to the mundane yet surreal reportage of our lives, their music manages to address the truly restless boredom and absurdity of everyday life. "In Freefall" sounds like Gang Of Four style punk-funk, the spacey prog-rock of "Dont Spread It Around College". "Rodent Costume" or About to Go" is mellowed post punk vibes supporting vocalist Russell Walker's dry observational musings.