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Reviewed this week
Andrew Weatherall's Covenanza full-length, released earlier this year, was rightly praised as an atmospheric, largely impressive fusion of the veteran producer's many disparate influences. For Consolamentum, he's handed over the parts to those album tracks to some of his favourite producers, giving them instructions to stamp their own distinctive styles on his cherished material. The results are naturally impressive, with Timothy J Fairplay, Justin Robertson, Emperor Machine, Red Axes, Scott Fraser and Heretic - a rising star whose productions have been getting major rotations at Lord Sabre's A Love From Outer Space parties - each delivering fine interpretations.
with their new album, Mucho Danger, a ten-track excursion into the wildest, most far-reaching corners of nu-school breaks. Tunes like Ellas Son Satan", a sort of break-ridden, nu-disco-coldwave hybrid, make up the essence of this LP, and we love that because it's just s refreshing to hear artists doing things their own way. "Gipsy Drug" is another raunchy, progressive house driver, but the title tune "Mucho Danger" is what gets all our attention thanks to its lead vocal sample and fiercely tight bassline-drum roll. This is the sort of gear for fans of Plump DJs and Scratch Perverts. Solid.