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Paris-based Andres Komatsu should be familiar to those who like their electronic music bold, chugging and intoxicating. He's previously released on Nukod and Truth Underground, amongst others, and here makes his debut on the Nein Records label operated by scene stalwart Tronik Youth. There are two original productions to enjoy: the strobe-friendly, analogue disco sharpness of "Carcosa", and "Alban", a deepier, prettier and altogether more saucer-eyed take on the saucer-eyed, Italo-influenced nu-disco sound. Both tracks are also given the remix treatment. Tronik Youth makes "Carcossa" even rougher and heavier, mixing the original's throbbing melody lines with chunkier drums, before Gladkazuka re-interprets "Alban" as a distorted, analogue techno stomper.
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