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Reviewed this week
Version excursion: Liondub return to Numa Crew's 2014 album and issue a selection of on-point artists with remix orders. The sharp steppy jump-up of "Bass Hater" gets an added muscular murking from Sub Killaz, a classic jungle roll from Brian Brainstorm and a heads-down growl twist from Samy Nicks. Meanwhile on the dubstep side of Numa Crew's output, "Control" enjoys even more remixes from the likes of Piezo & D Operation Drop (rolling paranoia vibes that border on thoroughbred techno), Lost City (mystic dancehall business) Badjokes (dark style breaks), Liondub (grimy skanks with added voicing from Dirty Smirks) and Meeku (classic jungle Omni Trio feels) Genuinely something for everyone here.
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Tads Jamaica
King Jammy's Gold
Chimney Jamaica
Bassrunner Productions