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Reviewed this week
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Throughout his musical career, the unpredictable Karma has spread his tracks across different genres, and from drum and bass to house and dubstep, he's been capable of reinventing himself on a regular basis. For this latest Innamind Recordings episode, the producer is in half-step mode, channeling his fury behind the mixing board into the deep and subby bounces of "Heal", before moving onto darker and more pulsating territories on the excellent "Rumble Fish" - surely this week's no.1 dubstep cut. "Flee In The Fog" features Dubtro, and the dup conjure a foreboding picture with their mild pads, watery beats and lo-fi sonics. Excellent stuff.
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Canadian depth-plunger Levi Nicoll unleashes his third artist album... And, working as tight, consistent narrative and a powerful collection of dancefloor tracks, it's arguably his best body of work to date. Business from the off, ignition tracks such as monk chanting wall-melter "Ancient" and harrowed, spacious beat and waspy bassline-fronted "Lost Crypt" ensure your attention is arrested and maintained throughout the entire journey. Deeper into the journey you'll strike shakedown gold on the breaky wobbler "Roily", you'll get glitchy and twitchy on the techno-tastic "Troglodyte" and fly to the furthest edges of the cosmos on "Moonbeams". Complete with a full mix of the album to boot (just to prove how well each cut works together), Levi's roots have never dug so deep. Stunning.
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After last year saw Kevin Martin's primary project looming large with the Angels & Devils album and a slew of singles, The Bug is back on Ninja Tune with a new single. "Zim Zim Zim" features seasoned dancehall MC Burro Banton raining down vocal fire over a typically grandiose Martin production, all slow, heavy-footed stomp and strangely emotive slabs of grinding metallic synth tones that sound like the end of the world bursting out of the speakers. Banton's nagging delivery sits perfectly on the track, but for those that want to home in on the subtleties of the production the "Version" provides all the space you need for those staggering sounds to roam.
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