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Reviewed this week
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Marietta-based Drew Anthony stirs a unique brew. Steeped in trip-hop heritage, original dub and contemporary jazz just as much as it is dubstep, these cuts smoulder with real timelessness and groove weight. From the sleepy trumpets on "A Little Class" to the steel-foundry reverberations on "Side Effects" via the badman loopiness of the super-murked, slow-amen massage "Acid Vibes" and the hazy organ and horn flurries on "Soho Jam", this transcends standard stuffy genres. Ideal for deep floors and heavy headphone sessions, Drew's theory is a winning one.
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How Strange is Truth's fourth release on Tempa following last year's Devil Hands and Chicks & Drugs. The brass bell chiming title-track features the eastern-tinged vocals of female singer Bijou. Layered over the top of wobbly bass rumbles that create its lurching groove are keys similar to 187 Lockdown's garage crossover hit "Gunman". Two further tracks appear with the minimal yet heavy drum passages of "Justify" sounding like something that would be right at home on Deep Medi, while its vocals and synth work nestle quite comfortably into the Tempa aesthetic. For some deeper bass vibrations to bliss-out to there's also the icy cold and dusty "Yesterdays".
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Three dank and dingy originals and one respectfully dark remix - if you like it deep and slimy, you've come to the right place. The title track is a real creeper; full of halfstep sludge, kicking at the shackle-like pads, it's a paranoid fusion that will hench a floor at 20 paces. "Abyss" gets the same reaction but via an unrelenting 4/4 groove that pounds through thick mystic atmospheres and elements. "Kingpin" is the heaviest of the set. Naked sub business with anchor-like kicks and well placed hand drums, there's a confident sense of stately space throughout. Remix-wise Konvex quadruples up the kicks to create an exciting dub techno groove that will find favour with the likes of Regis and Mills as much as it will dubstep DJs. Don't torment yourself - grab this now.
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Some serious South Welsh sonic sludge right here, as Cardiff-based Sovex returns to his motherland's finest bass imprint with two breath-taking originals. "Voices" rides a treacle-thick sub line that purrs beneath a subtle breathy vocal. Careful now; those purrs quickly turn in growls throughout. "Submerged", meanwhile, is even thicker in dynamic as we flip from spares dynamics to a well textured rhythm and bass arrangement. Laced with some touching minor key chords, Sovex has created an unnerving sense of atmosphere throughout. Complete with two killer remixes from Dark Harmonics and Spacedrome, Abyssal have pull out every stop on this. Don't sleep on it.
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