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Lauer and Gerd Janson aka Tuff City kids emerged with "Tell Me" featuring Hot Chip's Joe Goddard on vocals back in late 2016 on Permanent Vacation, but now it's time for the remixes and they're pretty sweet on this EP; if we do say so ourselves. Hamburg's finest Tensnake is in fine form as always with his rendtion: a tropical nu-disco explosion! Joe Goddard himself chips in too with a makeover of the track; his one getting some emotive Kompakt vibes going on full of rich and life affirming synths leads happening. After all, he has recently collaboarated with Michael Mayer. Finally they save the best for last with the mighty Roman Fluegel delivering the "Happy Gerdy remix" which very uplifting indeed.
Jimpster has a new album on the way - his seventh in total - so has decided to serve up this tantalizing taster of what's to come. "Crave", featuring the quietly soulful vocals of Florence Rawlings, is an exercise in sumptuous, musically rich dancefloor deep house in which the Freerange co-founder can showcase his admirable composition and production skills. Khalil Anthony adds his slick vocals to the chunkier and more bass-heavy richness of "Where You Are", which recalls his appearances on Thatmanmonkz's superb Columbising full-length. Meanwhile, the EP also boasts two remixes of "Crave": a wonderfully soulful, tech-tinged shuffler from Atjazz and a rolling, analogue-rich interpretation full of bubbly electronic flourishes by D.KO co-founder Flabaire.
Mad Mats and Tooli have decided to celebrate five and a half years of their much-loved Local Talk label by gathering together a swathe of fresh cuts that best represent the label's eclectic approach to house music. It's a fine set, moving from the electric bass driven jazz-house of Art Of Tones' "Violation" to the UK garage influenced deep house skip of Hugo LX, via the rich, soulful house warmth of Sean McCabe, the synth-laden Herbie Hancock-isms of DJ Spinna and the celebratory disco-house heaviness of S3A's "Bob Morton". Chuck in superb contributions from Bodhi Satva, Simbad (as SMBD) and newcomer Marcel Lune, and you have a near essential collection of feel-good house moments.
Alexander Pietnev aka Ponty Mython, is originally from Russia but is currently settled in Vilnius, Lithuania. He had his very first release in 2012 on Beats Delivery which gave a solid impression of what was to come. He went on with outings on Tusk Wax, Arma, Dirt Crew and of course Quintessentials. This was originally released on the Quintessentials 50 compilation; it's "Grooff Machine" and it gets some remix treatment from some more 'dope grooffs' (label's words, not ours!). Chicago hotshot Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Classic, Razor n' Tape) throws some sick and gnarly 303 acid business over this loopy disco number. His Mexican buddy Soul of Hex (who he's collaborated with previously) delivers a deep and lo-slung rendition too, just the way you like it!
DJ Semtek's Don't Be Afraid Returns with more soulful Detroit inspired techno courtesy of one Jayson Wynters from Birmingham. Starting off with the emotive and classic hi-tech soul sounds of "Technological Enslavement" which gets a seething and bass heavy remix by Bristol favoutite Kowton, "Double Standards" has an evocative element abut it similar to early Carl Craig and the EP finishes in fine form on the deep and sublime "Sonic Boxing" with its layers of rich pads, dark strings and stylish sense of restraint.
Once impressively prolific, Anthony Naples has calmed down a little in recent years. Us Mix is his first missive of 2017, and follows on from a year in which he released just two singles, one of which was a two-track salvo of loved-up rollers on The Trilogy Tapes. There's a similarly dreamy, mood-enhancing feel about much of this EP, particularly hazy opener "Sky Flowers". While it does contain some fizzing electronic motifs, these largely play second fiddle to the kind of colourful riffs that recall the halcyon days of Italian dream house. Elsewhere, "Sahara" is an analogue deep house shuffler with tweaked New Jersey organs, "At Ease" is a tactile Balearic house bubbler, and "Us Mix" is a locked-in, string drenched bumper.
Scott Diaz has a sizeable discography to his name, so it's little surprise that his latest expansive EP for Grand Plans is a mature and superbly produced affair. Check, for example, the grown-up feel of opener "Mistreated", where heart-aching soulful house vocal samples ride a backing track full of jazz-flecked drums, twinkling music box melodies and yearning chords. The same sort of praise could be heaped onto the languid electric pianos, bumping beats and half spoken, half sung vocals of "Take It Back" (where vocalist KE urges us all to focus on the music, rather than the technology DJs now use), as well as the sample-heavy smoothness of "I Sold My Soul". In other words, it's a luscious EP for those who like their house deep and soulful.
After making occasional appearances on compilation style EPs, deep house artist Demuja - AKA Salzburg-based producer Bernhard Weiss - finally made his solo vinyl debut last month. Here he delivers a speedy follow-up on Austrian imprint RTCT. There's naturally much to admire throughout, from the drowsy chords, classic vocal samples and punchy drum machine hits of "Feel Like Me", to the driving, Detroit techno influenced, acid-laden stomp of "16 Volt". Urulu is on hand to provide a tasty remix of the latter track, toning down the techno influences in favour of a locked-in deep house groove, darting synth stabs and sparkling electronics.
Rhythm Section INTL begins 2017 with a second outing from local Peckham duo FYI Chris. The pair have clearly been hard at work in the studio; between shifts at Rye Wax since their last EP for the label. On their new offering there's a natural progression on show of their refined sound. Take "How To Ruin The World" for instance, which is at once woozy and ethereal with its hypnotic chords building in momentum while a raw drum track powers away beneath. "Repeater" goes for that tropical-indie-baleraica that acts like Red Axes do similarly, while "Lonestar" does dusty hip-hop influenced MPC deep house damn well if we do say ourselves.
To date, Stump Valley has impressed with a string of EPs for the likes of Uzuri and Off Minor, most of which feature the kind of hazy, head-in-the-clouds house goodness that offers a 21st century revision of the late '80s dream house movement. There's plenty to get excited about on the Italian combo's Dopeness Galore debut, too, from the acid bass, languid bongos and dreamy chords of opener "Monkey Flute" and Mystic Jungle Tribe style analogue Balearica of "Tales Of Heike", to the saucer-eyed shuffle of "Pagoda Forest" and the Larry Heard-on-anti-depressants bliss of "Black Sun (Above Japan)". The Mtrpls Shibuya mix of "Tokio Robot Rise", a distorted and dubbed out chunk of experimental hip-hop, is also superb.
Secret Value Orchestra's "Porta", the track chosen to promote the band's debut album, Unidentified Flying Object, tickled our fancy when it dropped earlier in the year. Happily, we can confirm that the finished set is rather good, too. They have taken a widescreen approach, delivering tracks that combine warm and melodious elements associated with both deep house and disco (rubbery electric bass, Rhodes keys, slick boogie synths, and so on) with a variety of rhythmic approaches. So, while a hazy and quietly soulful fusion of house and disco is their stock-in-trade, they also find space to include a fizzing D&B roller ("The Dog"), a dash of jazz-funk ("Superdriver") and some head-nodding hip-hop soul ("Get Enough").
Italian dude in Los Angeles Sasha Robotti returns with a new killer release after representing on the likes of Snatch, Gold Rec and This Aint Bristol in recent times, but Dirtybird really is the label he calls home these days. On his new offering for the label "Melato Nina", Robotti goes for a dreamy and woozy groove that's perfect for dancefloor drifting at Californian desert raves or L.A. rooftop parties alike with its soaring, razor sharp bassline, ethereal pads, tight rhythm and seductive femme vocals.. On the flip, "Low Key Goddess" is a smooth and sultry deep house number that is perfect moodlighting for the warm up or the late night alike.
Given that the first Zoo Brazil EP dropped way back at the dawn of the millennium, it would be fair to call John Anderrson (now separated from original studio partner Johan Emmoth) something of a house veteran. Despite this vintage, he's still capable of producing tasty dancefloor treats, as "Sand" conclusively proves. The track is bouncy and groovy, with synthesized steel drum melodies - occasionally doused in echo - tumbling down over a synth bass-driven deep house rhythm. Mendo's remix is a little more percussive and tribal in feel - think big drum builds, spacey synth pulses and carnival drum hits - while La Fleur opts for a deeper, tech-tinged interpretation full of dreamy chords and percussion hits that seemingly dart across the sound space at will.
Given that it was originally released on vinyl and CD way back in 2000, it's something of a surprise to find that this is the first digital download release of Theo Parrish's acclaimed sophomore set. It remains a benchmark in the Detroit legend's fine career and arguably the set in which he fully realized his unique musical vision (think cut-up and manipulated samples, major jazz influences, and hypnotic, stretched-out cuts that quietly build throughout). Highlights are plentiful, from the deep Afro-house of "Serengeti Echoes" and leisurely, slipped jazz warmth of "Summertime Is Here", to the almost Balearic brilliance of the suitably epic and saucer-eyed "Violet Green".
136 releases deep, Steve Bug's Dessous label continues to impress with each successive outing. As you'd expect, the four tracks showcased on this James Dexter EP are all club-ready and pleasingly playable. Dexter begins with the echo-laden old school vocal samples, atmospheric chords and swinging deep house groove of "Drift", before adding a touch more bumping New Jersey flavour on the similarly minded "Take Me". "Whose Rules?" is an even deeper and more hypnotic excursion with an altogether more locked-in rhythm track, while "Disco Deep" is a fluttering summer breeze of an outing played out at a tempo that suits al-fresco dancing on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.
German producer and live act Christian Loffler released his Mare LP in late 2016. Recorded in a log cabin overlooking the Baltic sea, the album was undoubtedly defined by its sense of place and all in all was a rather splendid effort. We now get treated to a couple of remixes from his last opus. First up Irish electronica magician Max Cooper works his charms as always with a breathtaking remix of "Vind" featuring some ethereal elements contrasted by incredible sound design as always. Then we get treated to some dreamy pop-tronica by Frenchman Superpoze on "Haul" (featuring Mona) which is absolutely bittersweet and evocative: we fell in love with it at first listen, as will you!
The latest from Get Weird comes in the shape of a three track collaboration between C.Vogt and Patrick Jeremic. Following the recent Purple Hills EP and its subsequent success; the duo's minds continue to work in loopy circles and endless grooves that take you off in to the wild blue. Here, 'Vila' captures that moment where the sun peaks over the horizon in some far off land. Reminiscent of the days when trance wasn't a dirty word. The track is the A side off their eponymous EP, which also features the trippy "Vice" and the self explanatory "Ekstasis".
A year on from his last outing on the label, experienced producer Tommy Vicari Jnr returns to Robsoul Recordings. He hits the ground running with "Breff", an energetic and off-kilter fusion of Syclops style synth bass wonkiness, fluid melodic flourishes, and hustling drum machine percussion. He ups the distortion levels further on the cut-up, alien deep-house funk of "Get Dahn", where an irrepressible vocal sample rides aquatic electronics and a thumping, kick-drum driven rhythm track. Arguably best of all, though, is "In The Night", a breezy and pleasingly summery chunk of loose disco-house smothered in attractive instrumentation.
Those who pay attention to Juno's vinyl charts may already have come across Carrot Green's fabulous remix of "Lujann", which was one of the standout tracks on Music For Dreams' recent double-pack of Bongo Entp productions. The Brazilian producer has done a brilliant job reworking the outfit's warm, organic and sun-kissed original, which combined South American jazz-funk sounds with the lazy, seductive feel of classic Balearica. Carrot Green's remix retains some of these elements - meandering sax solos, organic hand percussion, and so on, while adding a dash of mind-altering acid tweaks and some pleasingly intoxicating effects. The result is a chugging rework that treads the fine line between wavy nu-disco psychedelia and humid Balearic loveliness.
Anjunadeep and Needwant regular Joseph Ashworth returns to Pets Recordings following a near two year hiatus. "Sienna" is impressively woozy and tactile, with rich, lo-fi riffs, drifting chords and seductive electronics wrapping themselves around a loose but locked-in drum machine rhythm. While impressive, Earth Trax's remix - which introduces some tasty New Jersey style organs and a genuinely saucer-eyed Balearic house feel - is arguably even better. Perhaps best of all, though, is "Vitamins", a pleasingly analogue-sounding chunk of rolling deep house positivity that boasts some seriously juicy piano riffs amongst its many musical charms. Expect to hear all three tracks a lot in coming months.
STUMP VALLEY - DG 15 001 (Dopeness Galore) - exclusive 30-04-2017
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