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Reviewed this week
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With the previous collaborative benchmark set high from the massive "September Sun" and their remix of Plastician's "Hard Graft", N-Type and Surge compound their premium partnership once again with this massive five-tracker. Every track is total galvanised darkness; from the paranoid pads and disgustingly thick bass/kick drive on "Katnip" to the almost Detroitian arpeggios, mangled grimy rhyme and spiked out acid line of "Clobber" via the dramatic rips and sneers of the EP title track, it's clear Surge and N-Type complement each other incredibly well.
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It's been some six years since renowned misery guys Kevin Martin won plaudits for London Zoo, a typically dark, intense and aggressive full-length that showcased his unique ability to blend dubstep, grime, dancehall and dub techno textures into nightmarish new shapes. Angels & Devils, his belated follow-up, is intriguingly different. While the second half of the set is blessed with plenty of robust, floor-friendly riddims (each blessed with vocals from a range of impressive collaborators), the first half is an altogether more downbeat affair. In fact, it's these moments - the droning, dub-inflected ambience of "Pandi" and the bluesy, soundscape dub-soul of "Save Me" - that hit home hardest.
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Deep dark, future-focussed madness from Bristol's darkest partnership Asa and Sorrow. "Legendary" has been doing the rounds with a select few heads for a while now with its bubbling bass undulations, sharp Eski beats, synth-string stabs and cut up grime vocals, fusing to create a physical bomb that is guaranteed to cause chaos. The rest of the EP stands up to the duo's near-legendary status, too: "Untitled" carefully balances harmonic vocal textures and groaning bass attitude, "Titan" is undiluted grime drama as it pings you across the dance with cheery aggression and "Shook" flickers and flutters with dynamic choppy mischief and a mean soft skank.
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