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Much like his namesake, Finland's bass underdog, Rico Tubbs, proves that he packs just as much of a punch Don Johnson in Miami Vice, and then some. Here he references more American culture with Ghost Rider, the flaming skeleton biker. However, it's less retro America and more sweaty UK warehouse - fusing hands-in-air piano stabs with gurgling low basslines and skippy beats. Dr Cryptic's mix perfectly captures that gurn-fest moment when it feels like the sky is literally attacking you. Elsewhere Thijs Haal delivers the hardest mix here, whilst Ampr drops to half time for some robo dubstep fun.
UK grime maestro Terror Danjah has been smashing it ever since his first EPs started to emerge in the early 2000s, and we have to say that the man hasn't stopped rinsing it since. Among other big labels, he's been an integral part of London's Hyperdub unit, but the time has come to spill some truth on the respected Keysound label and here he is with "Juicy Patty", a vocal-led gunshot riddim that literally sounds as if it was recorded straight on the curbside; jacking, stop-start beats and a minimal arrangement make this a true London burner. There's an instrumental mix, too, for the DJs, but the first remix comes from Logos, who shreds the entire structure down and focusses heavily on the percussion, followed by Blackdown's louder, more menacing interpretation for the peak time hours.
GRRL returns to Car Crash Set with an extended EP of multi-faceted bass flavours that we're honestly quite into. The producer wastes no time in introductions or small talk and gets straight to the point with the machinegun percussion track that is "Warmup", followed by the comparatively housier 'Hands", and back then back to the violence again through "Do It". 'Whoa" is the killer in the mix, the tune bound for the rewind, and "Drop Ha" will satisfy fans of DJ Funk and the like. "Workouts itself" is loose but extremely effective at making you dance, and "Cooldown" feels like its natural continuation.
London's Lington is back again on home base White Peach with the Vendetta In Space EP. This is tough grime music with attitude that's honed equally in the studio as it has on the streets. As heard on the ferocious "Informa" which starts things off with a bang. The title track is the offering which shows the most restraint, albeit with some pretty snappy traps snares sandwiched between its layers of tonal bass frequencies. Finally "Falcon 2" is the haunting party starter with its horror movie melody leading the way before those hands in the air synth leads bring the house down.
Hammer horror vibes: Dubzta takes us back to dubstep darker, gritty side with a staccato riff that marches with a few sense of doom. Laced with arpeggios and far-away cries, it's an instant screwface piece for any discerning dance. Remix-wise we're in for a treat as Project Allout provide no less than six versions. Highlights include Creep N00m's retained riff and subverted textures, the detuned tones and melodic twist of Filthy Gears' remix and the humour of John Brown The Rebel's version. Ice cold.
Whilst Britain has voted against remaining in the EU, it's positive to see integration is still on the agenda for British musicians. Here the Southpoint crew present their first compilation for our listening pleasure. Distinkt is up first, driving the hi-hats and ragga vibes on 4 x 4 monster "Babylon", next with into exotic, orchestrated RnB/hip-hop territory with Scruloose's "Flukes". Elsewhere Bushbaby's "Yh Man" is a minimal drum machine jam, KXVU's "Assassinuit" is a moody and percussive grime instrumental, James Mannion then rocks up to deliver the aggressive shuffle of "Madness" and Familiar Face provides the boomy trap closer "Lengman Riddim".
Macabre man Demon up to his old tricks again: "Light" is a foundry-smashing design, all concrete slaps and smashes. Soul is found deep in the barbed vocals of Monika who creates a sheen that's not far off Portishead circa Third. Immense. Hot on its heels is a sight-blurring, blood-pumping, fist-bumping VIP of last year's breaker "Narkotics". Now with added busted beat jungle designs, it's even more complex and sense-popping as it was before. Stick this to the man and tell him the drug war is over.
Doctor P is back with the explosive "Rekt Together" which just reeks of teen spirit if we've ever heard it! The stage name of the English dubstep producer and DJ Shaun Brockhurst, he is the co-founder of Circus Records along with Flux Pavilion, DJ Swan-E and Earl Falconer. This dirty grime anthem is the soundtrack to a misspent youth in Cancun this summer which cleverly samples a certain pop hit over its grinding, threshold pushing exercise in low down bass therapy and snarling trap beats.
From Berlin to your playlist via LA, Germany's London Nebel makes his debut on burgeoning US imprint Arcane with four hair-tugging examples of gruesome gully. Just when you through the most toxic, twisted bass tones and textures had already been exploited, along he comes with the swampy slime steps of "Deadly Foraging", avalanche slides of "Mammoth Hunting" and total paranoia incarnate on "Stampede". Interested in a grimier vibe? Jump on "Caveman". Beastly.
MOONY - No Good EP (Project Allout) - exclusive 31-12-2015
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