Reviewed this week
Okay hands up, who did it? Who enraged Joker to this phenomenal level of bass funk fury? Go to the top of the class whoever you are because this is absolute fire. "Mad Night" sets the tone with unruly oscillations and broken glass shards of talkbox devilry, "Melkweg Bass" pays homage to one of Amsterdam's finest dancehalls with wonked out grunts, a drop into pure 23rd century jazz and an ace little sweary glitch before "Medium Core" goes HAM with the off-grid oddities and rah-ting lasers. One of his most uncompromising and deliciously off-centre releases to date; no one does it like Joker.
Dark man ting: Noble expresses more not-so-noble intentions with this menacing instrumental grime dispatch. "Junction" serves a serious function with its dance-worrying drama, sharp steps and strident orchestration. "Cement" flips for something a lot more toxic and swampy with its warped-out bass melts and stuttering spacious beats. Finally we have the wily sci-fi trap subversions of "Specialist", a tune that's been on demand since it was teased at the start of the year. You need more do you? Chow down on JFO's exceptional remix and think about where you want to be in life.
What an absolute banger of a year it's been for Mr V so far. Denting 2017 with "Bits" and a reboost of his game-changing 2009 wounder "Hypnotiq" he ripped the summer a new one with the launch of his Bigger Bass imprint via a killer 20 track album and a mix from bassline OG Jamie Duggan AND slapped us silly with last month's "Drop That Bass". Now he returns on a grime flex with four crucial, stepped-out vibes: "Buss It" is a mic riot as P Money and Stormin get lively over a sci-fi creeper, "Red" messes with Kraftwerkian chemistry while "Jazzy" balances thug economics with horn dynamics. Finally with its sharp staccato strings "Next Tune" closes on a bare Psycho note. Savage indeed.
Flexing across his two more prominent aliases, Raff AKA Demon AKA Macabre Unit AKA Nurve b2b's himself hard in the kisser at the behest of professor Nomine. Three tunes a-side, his 140 dubstep-inspired Macabre Unit guise takes the lead with drama and dark humour; "Darth Vader" is a theatrical skanker, "Mash Up Da Place" is a woozy, toxic jam with a bassline that spirals into paranoia while "Man Up" gets all stiff upper-lip with its rising bass hook that flips between textures with a nervous twitch. Raff's slower, tech-inspired Nurve constructions complete the story with glacial glee... "Silentium" is a sparse, deep space twist on halftime and alien jungle, "Amazon" is a swampy triplet swinging riddim while "Best To Just Ride It" sends us packing off to space on a rocket of off-grid drums and raw man-eating bass. Immense.
Lost does it again: two deadly Hench hurters that do nothing short of melt your skin and make you realise everything in life is just a fabrication set upon a loose set of unconfirmed beliefs. "Swingerz" is raunchier than a top-heavy eight way and thrice as sweaty while "Groupies MVP" has a bassline that's toxic and thick with twisted venom you will start to question whether you actually exist... Only to find yourself at the end of Lost's rabbit hole. Truly one of a kind.
Listen to those tightly rolled kickdrums on "Gone Ghost" and try to tell us Dunkee is anything but a badass. Impossible, right? Ostensibly this is instrumental grime but there's a darkness and rough energy behind the blends that nods respectfully to trap and dubstep, too. Aggy, relentless and fun: highlights include the orchestral drama and seismic riddim switch of "Siren" and the no nonsense concrete-denting bass/kick combos of "Wave". That's literally only the half of it, though... Essential grime weaponry right here.

The bare necessities: P Jam galvanises his jungle VIP stripes with six cuts that will have your dancefloor swinging from the trees. "Cobra" writhes and bites with sharp drum stutters and venomous bass, "Fire Lion" tears it up with a 93-style rolling breakbeat while "Panther" lives up to its name with a bassline that purrs and growls with savage killer instinct. Elsewhere we find him getting deep, jazzy and steppy with label boss and good friend Terror Danjah (something we're told we're going to hear more of in the future) we get bity and snappy with the blood-drawing rubber ball breakbeat twister "Piranha" and sign out with a punchier, vibrant new take on his 2014 deep stepper "Fresh". Welcome to the jungle...
VOODOO CHILLI feat RHIA - My Heart (Cheap Thrills)
SPEC - I Feel Sick (Uprise Audio)
KRONODIGGER - ENC015 (Encrypted Audio)