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Reviewed this week
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Boothroyd has only put out one EP to his name thus far, but the young beat head has obviously earned himself some attention because he's back and he's on Rinse. The dude is joined by MC's Maxsta and Maniac, and together the trio blast six tracks through with utter ease. "100 Problems" is pure London business, a nasty grime tune like they used to make 'em, "No Retreat" is more broken and experimental", and "Green Light" goes for a hip-hop approach. The aptly named "Mare Street Dickhead" makes reference to the level of the streets these days, "Hood Pharmacist" wins on its sublimely wonky melodies, whereas "Local Splitter" takes piano keys and lays down the vocal truth.
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More proper UK bass from Shoreditch's Circus Records. Cookie Monsta from Nottingham delivers some peak time dubstep on "Dem GirlZz" that would make even Skrillex stand up and notice. He might be from the Midlands but this is some proper U.S. style bass insanity that the EDM crowd will be absolutely mental for. The bassline on this one is epic, and speaks profanity at you while awash in trippy sci-fi sound design. "Darkside 666" however is more on the drum and bass tip and reminiscent of old DJ Zinc vibes with its grinding sub bass and tech-step rhythm.
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Another new cadet joins the Dub Police massive, and it's the young Fallen 45 who gets a spot on the label's catalogue. Much like the grand part of the releases on DP, Fallen 45's "Illusions" is a dark and brooding mutant swamper boasting large slabs of growling bass, and gun-toting drums. "2D Spaces" is similar in texture but the drums are now charged with a stepping rhythm, and "Fractals" goes into the deeper end of the dubstep spectrum with its muddy low-ends and intricate percussion patterns. It's "Realisations" that replaces the murk for the light, and Fallen 45 drops in a fine layer of vocal chops and fluttering melodies. Tough yet meditative bass squelchers.
MOONY - No Good EP (Project Allout) - exclusive 31-12-2015
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