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Gentrification is quite a thing. East London might be full of middle class types fetishising '60s Brutalist buildings like Goldfinger's Balfron Tower. But original resident, and former Roll Deep MC, Flowdan (aka Marc Veira) has something to say about it too. Veira grow up by this tower and to him it's a 'Disaster Piece' from a grim place rather than a masterpiece. This album is his most personal and over this 12 track 'melodic grime symphony', he opens up about a hard knock life that he (and pals like Tinchy Stryder, Manga and Animai) knows better than most.
Endgame has released some pretty killer music on some pretty killer labels thus far, but this new EP for London's legendary Hyperdub is a step up. That is not to say that the music he released before was any less good than these three bangers, but this is Hyperdub-approved, as we're sure you'll understand. "Felony Riddim" sets the scene for an EP that is trapped in its own singular web of bass, a raw and adventurous style that is hard to describe due to its multi-faceted nature and aggregation of sounds. If you're into juke, grime, bassline and dubstep, then this will tick all the boxes because it merely uses those genres as a blueprint for something much darker and more cerebral.
Here's a meeting of truly forward thinking minds, with Belgian post-trance wunderkind SKY H1 delivering the Motion EP on Visionist's Codes imprint. First heard on the Bala Club's trendsetting recent compilation, this young prodigy is someone we're going to hear a lot more of and she delivers six tracks that have helped her 'deal with...emotions that I couldn't express otherwise' and they will probably do the same for you too. Highlights include the Holy Other-esque airborne witch house of "Air", the Grimes style sedated RnB of "Land" and the mutated emo-pop of "I Think I Am". Breathtaking.
Roska's Kicks & Snares label branches out more and more every time we hear a new release form the label, but this new EP by the young Harry Judda is a stroke of masterclass. "War Bonnet" is a magnetic tech-house banger, the sort of tune you see people lining up to ask the DJ what it is and where it's from; there's nothing complicated to it, it's just a deeply effective slice of four-to-the-floor. The Roska remix deviates away from house but the tune itself is a pounding killer of a bass tune, boasting one of the best baselines we've heard from the man. What an EP - highly recommended!
MOONY - No Good EP (Project Allout) - exclusive 31-12-2015
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