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Reviewed this week
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Modern Ruin ain't messing... Having launched in August with a full album, they now follow it up with this daring audio adventure from Leeds-based footworker Sarantis. Taking the Chicago genre into fresh pastures, tracks like the "Highway" fuse the distorted, acidic bass more often seen in dubstep or electro derived tracks but applied in a way that makes complete sense. Paying homage to the label itself, Sarantis's label-homage "Modern Ruin" develops this idea further with a twisted skank and pneumatic kick that manages to resonate with both dancehall and techno schools of thought. The 4/4 switch on "I Want To Know", meanwhile, will genuinely sweep you off your feet. Unique.
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The artfully titled Ninja Tune Traktion EP finds the storied label dip into their vast archives to offer Traktor DJs exclusive stems to help convolute their sets with a range of obscure sounds and classics. For some basslines and synths to throw over drums or percussion the Bogus Order Reorder of Falty DL's "Atlantis" is an obvious choice, as can be said about the snares and hyperactive synths of the Spacelab remix to Starkey's "Blood Roses". The manner in which Seiji messed with that classic synth riff to Coldcut & Hexstatic's "Timber" ensures his remix can always be left as is, and for something more melodic and liquid funky there's the chiming and remixed sounds of DJ Food's "Dark Lady".

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MoJoe and Chemist RNS release their first full EP and each track is such a stern lesson in instrumental grime heaviness Grime Disciple has compared them to war dubs. We kick off with the title track. All double kicks and bass hits that pour over the drums so fast they pour over each side, it's a mesmerising mess of low end messages. "2099" is a future-focused shot of sharpness; Eski-beats at full effect, it's just as much garage or breakbeat as it is grime. "Moon Base" tells a dark tale of alien invasions over the jugular-punching break and ominous subs while we climax with the demonic tones and far-away drum spaciousness of "No Guy Test". Hungry? You won't be once you've feasted on these.
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