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A chilled Brazilian-tinged boogie cut from the recent Joey Negro epic entitled Produced With Love gets transformed into a piano fuelled, peaktime banger by Swedish jazz musician/producer Crackazat. He retains the Latino flavour of the original but 'adds bags of dance floor energy.' Dave Lee has been one of the most prolific producers in dance music over the last three decades and we would highly recommend the album to anyone who considers themselves a fan of proper house, disco or soul music. It features collaborations with such legends as Diane Charlemagne, Linda Clifford and Alex Mills. In addition to remixes of recent heroes of the scene such as Horse Meat Disco and Peven Everett.
Hot Digits enjoyed Kellini's last EP so much that they asked him to come back and this time he's brought fellow Norwegian Saskin S: who follows his The Game EP from last year. The two bring some serious heat with this bunch of energetic nu-disco cuts. Starting off with the neon-lit boogie of "Break A Leg" followed by the low slung groove of "In Doubt" which really takes things deep. It comes alongside remixes from rising Irish producer Stephen Richards, whose rendition of "In Doubt" gets some groovy summertime vibes happening (to get any decent Disco Stu in the mood) while Chewy Rubs' From The Deep dub of "Resaca" takes things down a darker and headier route: which would be perfect for late night mood lighting on the dancefloor.

Our butts haven't stopped shaking since "Hotmood Volume 4" earlier this year and already the respected Mexican vibe maestro/edit king/groove sculptor Hotmood is teasing us with another sweet disco dispatch. As yet untitled, each of the four cuts sparkle and shimmy with his signature warm flare. From the belting vocal harmonies on "Track 1" to the loose-limbed percussive and wonked-out bassline of "Track 4", Hotmood has cooked up another superlative vibration fest. Start counting down the days...
SBM is a new collaboration between Philpot co-founder Micahel Baumann (AKA Soulphiction) and the mysterious Blunted Monkz (an artist who has made just a handful of appearances on EPs and compilations since debuting in 2011). Happily, the quality threshold remains high throughout. Opener "Gotta Have It" sets the tone, serving up a rolling deep house cut built around low-slung dub disco bass, echoing vocal samples and layered percussion. "Tripolis Jam" is an even sweatier and more intensely percussive affair, with restless cowbells and heavier drum hits working in unison with a fuzzy, punk-funk bassline. Finally, they unveil the EP's undisputed banger, "Criticize", a woozy but energy-packed, jazzy deep house jam featuring vocal snippets from the Alexander O'Neal classic of the same name.

Earlier in the year, London Afro-dub stalwarts Soothsayers made their Wah Wah 45s debut with Speak My Soul, a four-track EP full of rich, Afro-centric musical fusions. Here, that collection gets the remix treatment with a range of artists stepping up to provide killer interpretations. The mixes tend to fall into two categories: ultra-blazed, bass-heavy Dub style revisions (see Jamtone's superb remake of "Refugee", SMBD's echoing, deep space "Warrior Dub" of "Blinded Souls", and the band's own skanking "Roll Over River (Dub)") and those destined for peak-time club plays. In the latter category, you'll find a brilliant Afro-disco take on "Blinded Souls" by SMBD, Deoke's wonderfully warm and woozy Afro-deep house version of "Eagle Souls" and a variety of percussive, UK funky influenced revisions of "Blinded Souls" by Tieknots.
File Under Disco: releasing 100% original disco since 2012. Their latest release is by Oh Yeah, who produced the massive "Nothing But The Beat" last year which included a mighty Hot Toddy remix. Now they deliver yet another dancefloor weapon of a track: it's reminiscent of classic Michael Jackson or '80's Motown. Remixes are by Perth's finest Dr Packer: two in fact. The first injects much more funk and dancefloor dynamics into the track, while the dub mix does exactly what it says on the tin. New Zealand's Frank Booker is in top form as always, getting that soulful '70s vibe on and finally Razor 'N Tape's Dicky Trisco & JKriv go for a New York City circa '83 kinda joint: which will take you back to the days of Studio 54.
International Feel's mini album series seems to explore the space between world beat, balearic and library music. Here, L.A's Pharaohs 'have imagined a place far from the city' on their first release for Mark Barrott's esteemed imprint. Co-founder Sam Cooper has stated that we were influenced by a surfing book by photographer Michael Kew and that a lot of the music was inspired by his travels in the South Pacific and its imagery: an idea of what it would sound like if they were actually there themselves. Cooper met co-founder Ale Cohen in Amoeba Music and the pair started jamming in the late noughties. Diego Herrera (aka Suzanne Kraft) was an original member but now resides in Europe, preventing him from collaborating, moving forward. But still, some of his playing can be heard on the album. Casey Butler aka Stellar Rahim, is the fourth member, who studied composition at CalArts.
More from long serving German scalpel fiend Frico (AKA DJ Friction), a producer whose re-edits are consistently amongst the best around. This time he's in a slow and seductive kind of mood, serving up tasty rearrangements of simmering, hip-hop tempo boogie and '80s soul jams. First up is "What's On Your Mind", an evocative, eyes-closed love song smothered in impassioned vocals, darting horns and jazzy, George Benson style guitars and freestyle vocalizing. "I Don't Need Somebody Else" is a slightly more disco-fied affair, albeit a suitably smooth one. There are more headline-grabbing vocals, but also some stellar disco style orchestration and subtle solos aplenty. Smart work, Frico.
Born in the depths of Yorkshire, somewhere in the north of England, Mighty Mouse has been gradually building a reputation for making innovative electronic music and performing energetic, eclectic DJ sets. His disco tinged sound continues to evolve and excite, more recently with his band Du Tonc. Flying solo here on new single "The Spirit", it features a familiar soulful diva vocal over it's pumpin' and funky disco arrangement that is redolent of the filtered sounds in the early '90s from the UK and France. Top stuff from an emerging talent which follows up killer remixes for the likes of The Penelopes and Overjoy
Glamour Mourgue' is a weird one, it's slow, creepy, with glimmers of heavy rock, but it's funky as hell. The 'Freudenthal' remix however speeds things up, and actually sounds more like an X-Files theme tune remix rather than a 'Glamor Mourge' remix although do we have the same earthy electric guitars as the original. The 'Modulaire' remix is still odd, it's a speedy version with the addition of off key organ tones. The 'Man 2.0' remix certainly catches the attention, with a continuous uncomfortable high pitch squeak, some fun echoing bongo and hints of animal noise
Norwegian Pandreas last appeared on local imprint Maksimal with some spacey nu-disco business. He's finally hit the big time: if an EP for local powerhouse Full Pupp qualifies? We sure think it does. The Bergen native throws down a wicked EP following up great EPs by Velfred, Chmmr and label boss Prins Thomas. High octane opener "Trommer Traumer" gets things off to a good start, title track "Back 2 School" is a bleepy jackathon using a sick 303 acid bassline. "Ohm" is cruise control that holds the suspense before you can drop a bigger tune and finally "R.G." is the deepest of the bunch: lo-slung and perfect for the early evening or sunrise set alike.
Deeply rooted in '70s and '80s disco, funk, boogie and rock, Raico Pena is the founder of Rare Wiri Records. Rayko's influences are masterfully interpreted and transformed into modern day dancefloor bombs. His name has appeared on literally dozens of great records scattered across labels like Eskimo, Is It Balearic? and of course Nang who present "No Stopping". His debut album entitled Rebirth first appeared on the London based imprint back in 2014 and this is his third release for them. Starting off with the original version, which is a deep/lo-slung disco joint for lovers and featuring Tania Harosha's gorgeous vocals. Ron Basejam (Delusions Of Grandeur/Futureboogie) takes it further into slo-mo territory, creating a nice chilled atmosphere while Santa Esperanza Records boss Ilya Santana (who has
The Souljazz Orchestra continue to be an unstoppable force. Nominated for a Canadian Juno award for the third time in 2016, the Ottawa based band regularly tour the globe and have shared bills along the way with heavyweights like Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, and Femi Kuti. Turbulent times call for strong voices and the eighth album by this sextet 'packs a suitably heavy lyrical punch, with wry observations and an urge for progressive change.' They've brought in new elements and influences; bringing lo-fi disco, boogie and electro touches alongside their trademark horn arrangements in addition to dusting off some vintage synths and classic drum-computers for the first time

Italian-in-Shanghai Eugenio Altieri returns to the ever-juicy Slow Motion imprint with another body-blowing analogue jam. Bubbling with a rich acidic low-end, laced with otherworldly samples and enshrouded in just the right amount of cosmicity, it hits with a vibe that could easily be the offspring of Black Strobe and the Idjut Boys. For added dancefloor dizziness go for a mind-melting 10 min+ remix from Fabrizio Mammarella as he over-dubs the risers with a casual degree of chaos while ramping up the bass arpeggio with avid technoid momentum. Addictively immersive.
Quartet Series is back with the Bodybuilder Series after Scott Franka inaugurated the series in Spring. Here label boss Nachtbraker sourced some serious production talent from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It's the Portamento Boys' first ever release, characterized by catchy melodies, quirky vibes and warm analogue grooves. First offering "Been There Come Back" is a neon-lit/ nu-disco journey to the stars that will appeal to fans of Smalltown Supersound. "Portamento 101" is described best by the label themselves. It "feels like you're playing the 1986 version of Outrun on your Sega." Finally, the slow burning groove of fittingly titled "Final Dinner" gets deep with spangling arpeggios, dusty classic drumcomputer beats and an unabashed nod in general to '80s Italo.
Tensnake fires up the engine for a new offering on his True Romance imprint with some serious heat. "Hello?" is yet another serving of infectious nu-disco to set the dancefloor alight with its euphoric elements and catchy melodic arpeggio like only the man from Hamburg (who now dwells in Los Angeles) can do! Following up some great releases on the label by Phil Gerus, Freundchen and Janis: you can really count on True Romance in terms of the quality factor.
Passport To Paradise has been befitting of the label's name on vinyl since 2015 with releases featuring the scalpel work of Italy's Beppe Loda and Nemas Problemas from Malmo crate diggers Wildlife Records or Macadam Mambo musclemen Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois. This third EP available on digital sees the focus remain on Sweden and invites Frisbee Records boss Albion to sift through his archive of secret weapons. Lead cut "Kompression" sets the tone, a twinkling electro disco excursion with kosmische overtones that is positively spine tingling. Ric Piccolo and Albion team up for "No Es Computable," a deliciously wonky European number that features strange vocodered vocals and even stranger synth work. "Super Magic Woman" offers some straight up vocal disco grooving, whilst "Anima" heads off into Pat Cowley does proto-house territory.
Boston-based Japanese singer/producer Saucy Lady has been responsible for a swathe of superb releases over the last couple of years, including outings on Star Creature, ISM and Monophonic. Here she makes her bow on Bristol-based Boogie Cafe. The original version of "Together", in which her sultry soul style vocals seemingly dance atop a hybrid p-funk/'80s soul groove full of crunchy Clavinet lines, swirling chords and rubbery synth lines, shows the Sauce-stress at her very best. It's backed with vocal and instrumental "E Live" remixes, both brilliant chunks of jazzy synth-boogie smothered in attractive synthesiser lines and elastic electrofunk bass. Superb stuff, all told.
Some songs comes along that you seem to know the moment you hear it, even though it's for the first time. In the case of Spark The Universe it had exactly that impact. A mixture of late-60s psychedelic homage, early 80s new wave, white boy soul, plus a good dose of dub, all wrapped around a killer hook and super tight production and a hit was surely made. Recording at Lanois' Grant Avenue Studios, his interest in mixing past and present technology, with multiple digital delay units, harmonizers and other effect processors allowed Ramm and Lanois to explore using the studio as an instrument alongside real musicianship. Backwards guitars, tremolo bar dives and guitar harmonics are incorporated with the vocals and percussion to perfection. With a 'Dance' and alternative 'Dub', the song's hypnotic and dreamy feel superimposed over beats pin-pointed to the later Euphoria project and with the addition of a latter day 'Discomix', from the labels' own Chuggy, Spark The Universe deserves it's place on contemporary dancefloors.
'It's Go Time' has a cinematic vibe with orchestral strings along side the expected funky guitar, bright sparkling twinkles lighten the mood. 'Los Chicas' is a fun track with a shuffling shaker, which will have you shimmying with the best of 'em. Moving in to 'Shimitronix' and we've got a really fusion of modern electronic from the sci-fi samples to the subtlety detected jutting undertone.
OH YEAH - All Night (File Under Disco)
PANDREAS - Back 2 School EP (Full Pupp Norway) - exclusive 29-09-2017
MIGHTY MOUSE - The Spirit (Space Native) - exclusive 25-09-2017
SOOTHSAYERS - Speak To My Soul Remixed (Wah Wah 45s)
MR BC feat L LONGCHAMP - Glamour Morgue (Nein)
RAYKO feat TANIA HAROSHKA - No Stopping (Nang)
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