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Nu-disco hero 80s Child has come a long way since Masterworks Vol 1, the inaugural release on his Masterworks label a year and a half ago. Now we have the follow-up and it reveals how the label's sound has grown. There are 26 sizzling bangers on board this time, boasting a million delirious dance floor moments. Highlights of which include the fizzy thump-funk of 80s Child's "Computerized", Peza's doomy analogue electro mash up "Filmed Message" and the smooth, synthetic boogie of "Much Too Much" by Deelicious.
Disco duo Yam Who? know a thing about re-edits, just take a listen to the endless back catalogue of their revered Midnight Riot label. Here they've recruited man about town Amp Fiddler, to rustle up an album's worth of scalpel jobs. There are 11 smooth gems here to groove to, some of our favourites including the meaty, meandering bassline and soulful vocals of "Superficial", the funky feminist clap-along "Steppin' (feat Dames Brown)" and the skippy garagey house anthem, "Funk Is Here To Stay". Sweet sounds.
Razor N Tape has been predictably coy about the identity of new signing Tom of Brooklyn. Whoever the New York man of mystery is, he's certainly capable of crafting hot-to-trot edits that pay due reverence to their obscure source material. There's much to admire on this fine debut EP, from the chopped-up, late night hustle of the delightfully percussive "Disco Maniac", to the loopy disco-funk swing of "Dreamin' Again". Elsewhere, the Big Apple scalpel fiend makes merry on the low-slung, delay-laden disco drum workout "Heavy Dense", and pays tribute to sweltering temperatures and long, lazy days on the shuffling standout "Summerjam". Superb stuff, all told.
KS French and Mr Given Raw have forever been uber tight, now though they've let their hair down and embraced a menage a trois with the equally ridiculously monikered, Le Smooth. As per usual label boss KS French is up first, with the urgent fizzy shuffle of "The Disco Way" (a Carl Bean re-edit), before Mr Given Raw delivers both the tough and brassy funk stomp of "Got Competition Baby" and the hard disco house of "Bless Soul". Lastly the meat in this boogie sandwich is provided by Le Smooth, who provides spacey synths and clavinet grooves on "Dance Baby Dance".
The Alpaca Edits camp are back with Anything To Stay Up. Stevie Wonder's classic "Love's Light In Flight" (known here as "Acid Paradise") gets a re-rub and is almost as good as that great one by Soul Clap a few years ago. There's some Salsoul Orchestra sounding big band disco on "Sweet Sensation" And they're not wrong: That Needs An Edit! Chic's "Soup For One" gets a re-splice on "Mojo Soup"; now that definitely needed an edit!
Nachtbraker's latest expansive EP for Heist Recordings - his first release of 2016 - boasts a host of hot, floor-friendly excursions. The EP's first two missives offer two distinctly different takes on disco-house - the throbbing sub-bass, extra percussion hits and early Daft Punk riffs of "Gotta Act To React", versus the smooth, classic disco-sampling loop-jam "Pollo Con Pollo" - before the woozy, drawn out "Intermezzlow" allows the Dutch producer to showcase the groovy, downtempo side to his work. The accompanying "Intermezzo" is a jazzy, percussive deep house variation on the same sun-kissed theme, while "Gotta Act To React (Float Mix)" re-casts the EP's opening tune as a hazy deep house bumper.
It would be fair to say that Chuggin Edits Volume 1 does exactly what its' title promises. While closer "If There's Love Don't Throw It Away" reaches the dizzy heights of 120 BPM - along the way stretching and dubbing out a swirling, string-drenched chunk of loved-up disco-soul - the EP's other two tracks are slow, smooth, hypnotic and groovy. Choose between the walking bassline, sensual vocals, jazzy solos and head-in-the-clouds vibe of "The Cost Of Love", and "So Glad You're Mine", a toe-tappin', head-noddin', summer soul cool-down full of loose drum breaks, fuzzy horns and razor-sharp strings.
Even by Ilija Rudman's immaculate standards, "In Her Eyes" is something special. With the help of a spine-tingling vocal from soul man Andre Esput, Rudman has delivered a breathtakingly evocative chunk of stripped-back Chicago house. While it contains some of his usual aural trademarks - tactile synth bass, sparse production and simple, chiming melodies - it somehow feels extra special. Happily, remixer Charles Webster has stepped up to the challenge of reworking such a cracker, turning Rudman's sparse original into a dreamy, percussive, slowly-building chunk of eyes-closed deep house that brings back memories of his classic late '90s work as Presence.
Dexter Jones is an artist so new he hasn't even finished his SoundCloud profile yet. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how Yam Who? roll when searching for the latest talent for their Midnight Riot label. He may be a newbie but Jones has the production chops of a veteran. "Step Into The Mood" starts things with some tight funk guitar, bongo rhythms and falsetto vocals. Next, "Disco Poison" is all about mellow keys and afternoon poolside fantasy, "Hope You Feel The Same" is pure 80s chrome and carpet slap-bass-boogie and "Funkador" is a dreamy up tempo disco house serenade.
The Editorial label like their tunes slow and groovy, and here we have their 15th comp of such laconic boogie numbers. There are four varieties of disco flavours to try here beginning with Tony Tee's dubbed out disco-house jam, "Can I Get Def", before progressing on to Woodhead's shimmering poolside workout "Cinnamon" the fastest tune on here. From there it's back down to the raunchy slap-bass loops of "West Garda Lake" by Stereo 12 and winding up nicely with the warm Mediterranean breeze of "You're A Dream" by Arequipa Ensemble.
Thanks to previous appearances on Disco Deviance, To Rack & Ruin and Special Edition, SHMLSS are firmly established as one of the most talked about re-edit teams in the business. On this latest outing for Giant Cuts, both cuts keep both eyes firmly on the dancefloor, whilst offering just the right balance between disco purism and contemporary production nous. "Stand Acid Edit" does this by adding subtle acid lines to a slowly rising, stretched-out, extra-percussive disco workout, where bold cowbell lines mingle with foreboding piano riffs, punchy horns and swirling strings. "Get Up Dub", on the other hand, brilliantly builds up a stripped-back, effects-laden groove, before unleashing a killer disco groove, righteous horns and sing-along chorus vocals.
Daniel Solar's hook-up with longtime pal Andi De Luxe was one of the undoubted highlights of his 2015 debut full-length, Rubicon. Here, the superb original - an undulating, bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed trip into deep house/disco fusion - is joined by two new remixes. Fast-rising production starlet Eli Escobar steps up first, dragging the track further into dreamy, U.S style deep house territory whilst retaining the original's deliciously elastic bassline. Vhyce sticks closer to the original, adding some well-placed filters for extra disco-house pleasure. There's also a rather tasty bonus cut in the shape of "La Cupola", where razor-sharp disco samples, sustained note strings and twinkling pianos ride an extra-percussive house groove.
Dead set on 'funky vibes' Hotmood hail from Mexico (the new, nu-disco capital?) and here they appear on Ganbatte with a new four track gem-filled package. The Country People EP sees them do what they do best - delve deep into the 70s to find the finest slo-mo boogie tunes to edit. The title track is a stomping, clavinet march -along, whilst "I Wanna Funk" sees B.T. Express get stripped down and extended. Elsewhere the squelchy Usisilike gets housed up and "Movin' II (Furious Edit)" is a gloriously uplifting disco chant-along.
Dave Allison's Kinjo Music has been in business for 10 years now and what a fitting time to release a compilation of his greatest hits (and near misses) in the form of the Coastal Grooves LP. It's 14 cuts of disco and deep house goodness to soundtrack anyone's perfect summer; who'd have thought this bloke's from Montreal, eh! We knew he could knock out a brilliant edit, but he's pretty decent on the remixes too. Highlights include his smooth and funky rendition of Jorge Montiel & Juan Laya's "Got To Be Music", his ultra-deep take on Los Charly's Orchestra's "Everlasting Love" and his downright groovy and uplifting vision of Faze Action's "Freak For Your Love".
While there have been occasional deviations from their tried-and-tested formula, the vast majority of Tiger & Woods-related releases turn old boogie jams into loopy house gold. This second EP on their Running Back affiliated T&W Records imprint does things a little differently, most obviously by looking to new wave club cuts and Italo-disco jams for inspiration. Icelander Delphi steps up first, expertly cutting up the bass motif and arpeggio lines from what sounds like a vintage cover version of New Order's "Blue Monday". Marco & Val continue the darker theme on "Indiana Tones", expertly building up a clattering drum machine rhythm via the use of moody chords, sparkling electronics and, eventually, a jammed-out synthesizer bassline.
Chopshop founder George Kelly has called on the services of Andre Esput on numerous occasions in the past, so it's little surprise to see the soul man lend his honeyed vocals to two cuts on the Grecian producer's new EP. Both are predictably luscious and breezy, tiptoeing the fine line between organic, soulful house and revivalist disco-boogie. The duo begins with the wild, jammed-out organs, clipped Chic guitars and shuffling grooves of "Nothin' Sweeter", before throwing their hands in the air on the sun-kissed, live soulful house jam "Generations". Although Esput's vocals are superb and enhance both tracks, Kelly has also included a pair of solid instrumentals.
In little over a year, Ziggy Phunk has become one of the re-edit scene's most reliable producers, delivering killer cuts that inhabit the no-man's-land between faithful scalpel rearrangement, re-production, and subtle rework. Here he returns to Rare Wiri with three more essential floor-slayers. Choose between the rubbery slap-bass, swinging drums, swirling strings and crunchy Clavinet lines of "One Evening", the sparkling, synth-laden electrofunk cheeriness of "Hold You Tight", and the decidedly Balearic, Italo-propelled Euro-shuffle of "Baby Doll". All three tracks sound like they were tailor made for al-fresco DJ sets, be they in Welsh woodland, on Ibiza terraces, or aboard Adriatic boat parties.
Brazil's favourite purveyor of re-edits that fell off the back of a lorry, Trotter, is back after a long hiatus with another example of the kind of light hearted party fodder that he's best known for. Yes "Let it Rock" features feet shuffling rolling beats with a poolside aura and tropical lilting guitar. E1sabr delivers a more contemporary mix with melodic electronic disco melodies and emotion, Ursula 1000 also provides some dream-like sun kissed electrohouse vibes and finally P-Sol gets nice and deep, with a Balearic-style smoochy wonder that's teased out over the duration of six minutes. Pure summer sounds.
It's always a joy when a new Under The Influence compilation arrives from Z Records HQ. Even better when it's curated by none other than Sean P, the veteran disco/boogie producer pal of Joey Negro. Sean's diggin' skills are so legendary he even had his own section in the Music & Video Exchange and here he puts these skills to use, rustling up 27 dance obscurities. Highlights include the lo-fi UK funk jam "Bye Bye Baby" by Joanne Ellis, the dubbed-out punky bass mantra "Trinidad Rock" by King David and the percussion frenzy of Jimmy Spencer's mad cover of "Summertime".
Although the original Italian disco clubs have long gone, the spirit still remains in the likes of Massimo Vanoni. Here his latest missive, the Piano Weapon EP, features a variety of takes on a few of his tunes. The title track is a deep and hypnotic lounge funk workout, which gets a thumping 'jazz hands' remodel in a Jaydee Plastic Dreams referencing remix. The title track is all slinky elastic gyrations and is given a percolating Balearic/yacht rock makeover in the 'Cosmic Inspiration' version. Lastly "Feel This Grove" adds some much needed pan pipe action to the mix.
ZIGGY PHUNK - Hold You Tight (Rare Wiri Spain) - exclusive 08-08-2016
KS FRENCH/MR GIVEN RAW/LE SMOOTH - RH Edits V9 (Rebel Hearts) - exclusive 31-12-2030
VARIOUS - Masterworks Vol 2 (Masterworks Music) - exclusive 08-08-2016
WOODHEAD/TONY TEE/STEREO 12/AREQUIPA ENSEMBLE - Editorial Waxed:15 (Editorial)  - exclusive 22-08-2016
DAVE ALLISON - Coastal Grooves (Kinjo Music)  - exclusive 15-08-2016
MASSIMO VANONI - Piano Weapon (Midnight Riot) - exclusive 08-08-2016
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