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The first two volumes of Paper Recordings' Trash The Wax series both flew off the (virtual) shelves, thanks in no small part to their on-point selections of modern disco in all its' glorious forms. This third installment is, if anything, even stronger. Beginning with Red Rack'em's killer rework of Solid State's cut-up disco classic "Philly Live", the 17-track collection variously touches on psychedelic disco-rock (Deckard), sweaty, homoerotic disco-acid (Dunn and Massey's filthy "Red Room Disco"), baggy revivalist disco-funk (Skinny Dipp), hustlin' edits (Get Down Edits), synth-laden nu-disco (Julian Sanza), and contemporary Scandolearic treats (Rave-Enka). In other words, it's a hugely strong collection of modern disco treats.
Valique must have the world's largest record collection, as he is now on his fourth anniversary re-edit compilation and still shows no signs of stopping. This time round we get a whopping 28 reworks to choose from. It's packed full of copyright dodging megahit reworks including "Booty Itching" which features a super-teased KC & The Sunshine Band sample, the trippy acidic rework of Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes and dreamy disco laser-fest "When Did I Stop Loving You". Party gold.
Midnight Riot's latest recruit, the wonderfully named His Dirty Secrets, hails from the steamy, sleazy surrounds of Miami. His music is similarly saucy, with this debut EP offering a sextet of tracks that effortlessly blend soul, disco, funk and boogie samples with his own warm, goodtime house sounds. There's naturally much to admire, from the funk-goes-house hustle of "When You Get The Groove" and bouncy, string-laden disco-house stomp of "Real Love" (built around an oh-so familiar classic), to the loved-up, slo-mo chug of "Sylvia", and rich deep house opener "Thug Life". All told, it's a strong collection of tried-and-tested dancefloor grooves.
Russian disco and edits label Vintage Music is still doing the business good and proper. As said previously, living in Siberia doesn't stop these guys living a sun kissed dream and more power to them! This time it's home grown talent Sunner Soul appearing for the most part, mining the kind of smooth 70's soul funk samples that even Kenny Dixon Jr. would approve of. We're particularly keen on the sultry Rhodes and guitar licks of "Do It For My Brother" and the oh so uplifting "Smooth Riding". Liner offers us "Ocean" but hang on; it's Sunner Soul's edit and it's brilliant too; that vocoder, wow!
Midnight Riot's latest re-edit/rework outing is an all-star affair, with a variety of cheeky scamps delivering a track each. Dot 40 manage to turn in a genuinely revelatory version of a classic in "I Believe", which impressively chops and loops a Jackson Sisters' classic before unleashing the song's party-starting powers as it progresses. GG re-invents a Modern Romance classic as a spiraling, Latin nu-disco throbber, while A Digital Needle make merry with another familiar disco-soul classic, impressively teasing out the vocal and instrumental solos. Best of all, though, is Fatneck's "Circulate", which subtly breathes new life into a White Isle-friendly blue-eyed soul classic.
Here we have a juicy debut from re-edit man Mike Woods. Boasting five tracks, we quickly can see that he is all about squeezing the grooves out of classic disco, teasing each samples until it pops. "Hot Your Hot" kicks things off with six-minutes of extended funky riffage that occasionally gives way to some vocal joy. Elsewhere "It Seems To Hang On" is more vocal-orientated with a vintage Curtis Mayfield-style singer lost in painful rapture, "She's A Groovy Freak" is taught boogie fun, "That Dexter Thing" is a hypnotic, low-slung groove loop and "Right In The Socket" is an accelerated keyboard disco jam.
Giant Cuts' mysterious Disco Boogie Classics series has a simple aim, namely to provide DJs with on-point, contemporary dancefloor rearrangements of vintage gems. There are four more (un-credited) edits to choose from here, beginning with the rolling, feel good disco-funk grooves and tight boogie bass of "Super Lover". "Make My Dreams" is a slightly tightened up, expertly rearranged version of a boogie/'80s soul killer, while "Scratch The House" turns a low-slung, disco-era funk jam into a filter-heavy, house-friendly roller. Finally, "I'm Serious" takes a trip into the piano-and-synth heavy world of disco/boogie crossover, offering up a breezy interpretation of an Aleems-like groover.
Three months on from his last outing on Rebel Hearts, Mr Given Raw returns with four more reasons to be cheerful. Cannily moving between different disco moods and tempos, the Shake Raw Hearts EP sees the French producer once again tiptoeing the fine line between scalpel-style re-edits, and house style remixes. He begins with the tightened-up, horn-heavy disco-funk of "Shake Your Body", before heading to heavier - if a touch slower - pastures with the low-slung disco-funk-meets-disco-house hustle of "Get On Down". There's a bouncier feel to the rather tasty "Love At The Disco", while "Shake Raw Cut" is a grandiose, string-drenched, Salsoul style disco treat.
Everyone's favourite golfer-baiting cut-up merchants are back, once again plying their trade on the T&W Records label Gerd Jansen set up for them as an offshoot of his mighty Running Back stable. Although their method and style rarely changes - and it certainly doesn't here - the Italian duo also rarely fail to deliver. "Boca" is another killer, with cheery, boogie-era disco loops and vocal cuts being tweaked to perfection over the course of nine mesmerizing, party-starting minutes. Flipside "No More Talking" is arguably even better, with the pair making great use of an extended breakdown and build up. By the time the track drops again - via big vocal loops and piano-laden disco hooks - you'll have stopped wondering about the identity of the source material and be dancing like mad.
Known for their releases on Yam Who's Midnight Riot, the appropriately-named Shit Hot Soundsystem call shotgun on this latest digital drop from Bordeaux-based Discoalition label. "Flashback" is a wonderfully vibrant slice of retro modern disco, taking all that is classic about the genre but executing it with a contemporary sheen. It sets the tone for this EP as a whole to be honest; witness the delightful disco chug of MB Unlimited's "Float On" or the filter heavy funk stomp of JB Dizzy's "Love Slip". Discoalition founders SEEN ON TV round out matters with the brass heavy delights of "Reach For The Stars."
Few producers are quite so skilled at creating timeless, sunset-friendly, Balearic disco as Max Essa. Here, he emphasizes that point with another collection of tactile gems on the fast-rising Palms & Charms label. The real highlight is opener "Blame It On Rea", a delicious fusion of dreamy, "Pacific State" style chords, endorphin-heavy synthesizer arpeggios, glistening guitars and head-nodding 4/4 beats. He goes sleazier on the EBM-influenced synthesizer chug of "Body Time" - whilst still retaining his usual saucer-eyed melodies, of course - before channeling the spirit of early Italian house, Soichi Terada and Art of Noise on the wonderful "Keep On Truckin".
We're not quite sure who SAM PaLmER AKA SAMPLER is, but this debut EP for George Kelly's Chopshop stable is something of a winner. Palmer's default style is loopy, sample heavy and intense, sitting somewhere between the slamming disco-house cut-ups of Soundstream, and the baggier, slo-mo loop-jams of LTJ. It's a formula that frequently delivers fantastic results; check, for example, the slow-building brilliance of Steve Miller Band rearrangement "Super Fly Eagle", or the rolling, saucer-eyed dancefloor bliss of "One Night In Chaka". Elsewhere, the debutant gets jazzy on the woozy, Bossa-influenced deep house of "Night In Tunisia", before heading for low-slung Balearic disco pastures on "Body Bits".
It's that time again: yet another volume of Editors Kutz. NYC underground hero Jkriv gives the sublime and dreamy deep disco of "Horizonte" a nice rework. Riccio's "Space Traveller" follows in suit, giving a modern retouch to James Vincent's 1975 classic. The Noodleman from Toronto lends his midas grip to the smooth and sultry "Baby Doll" which is a real highlight on here and finally it's over to Em Vee aka Marcel Vogel who's edit of "Dance The Blues Away" is pure fire.
Mexico's analogue funk heroes Future Feelings have a history of heavy impact releases, usually backed up with equally heavy remixes. Back once again on Nang, FF's latest is "Find Out" - a slow and sleazy grind that's all twanging bass, taut guitar licks and soul-rock vocals. There are also a whopping five remixes, highlights of which include Pete Herbert's bouncey electro-house dub rework (think early DJ T here), the sparse, arpeggiated minimalism of Serj V Gaudi's "Expose" mix and the groovy tension of Irregular Disco Workers' "Lost In Zara Rerub".
Those lamenting the lack of new Tiger & Woods produce over the past 18 months can rest easy as the golf loving scalpel merchants return to business on a new Editainment 12" that celebrates the work of their favourite Italian label, the iconic Full Time Records. Gone are the days when Tiger & Woods acted illicitly, as both the tracks here feature fully licensed samples; spliced and diced into almost new shapes of course! Lead track "Fox In The Box" messes around with Matrix's "Take Me Up" whilst the Kano classic "Don't Try To Stop Me" is transformed wondrously on the superb "Stopper".
The mighty Future Disco have built a strong reputation through their high quality compilations and here they aim to 'pay homage to the long-standing love affair between dance music and disco'. They've scored a coup with the much sought after "Whats A Girl To Do" - a long lost cut from Fatima Yamaha (aka Seymour Bits) that's samples Lost In Translation. There are a further 16 tracks and a DJ mix too. Highlights include Joe Goddard's sumptuous mid paced rework of "Square 1", the sparse strings and guitars samples of "Oma Doris" by HNNY and the Italo disco classic "Dirty Talk".
It's been nearly three years since Letherette announced their arrival with a widely acclaimed debut album on Ninja Tune. Here, they return to Coldcut's legendary stable for the first time since. The duo begins in confident fashion, delivering a hazy, jazzy take on dusty deep house ("Rayon"), before going deeper into UK deep house/classic US house fusion with the similarly wavy and quietly positive "Look No More". They're often at their best when including post-dubstep production techniques within their garage-influenced deep house tracks, and that's exactly what's delivered on "Without You". Best of all, though, is toasty, floor-friendly closer "Don't Think About Me", which layers soulful vocal samples, twinkly samples and fluttering chords atop a deliciously warm groove.
The good humour of the We Mean Disco!! crew is present and correct here on their first release of the year. However "Don't Make They Wait" is more than just a long toilet break, its 18 minutes of suspended bliss built out of a Peech Boys sample. The Paradise Garage vibes continue with two lushly accentuated cuts from The Padlock EP, turned into the spacey synth-funk gems, "Hot Scotch" and "We Are Getting Hot". Things wrap up on the lively "Luv Is The Message And The Message Is Luv", a dubby, but fast, exploration of early 80s disco joy.
One modest man known as Das Komplex has been steadily producing music for almost a decade now in his quiet hometown of Koszalin in Western Pomerania region of Poland. It could have stayed like this if not for Maciek Sienkiewicz (veteran DJ and promoter, one of the pioneers of Polish electronic music scene), who picked some tunes for his new label FASRAT. As the artist himself prefers to stay out of the spotlight, let the music speak for itself: from sun-drenched, guitar-driven "Like A Fish" (remixes coming from some key players in modern disco/Balearic scene), through futuristic disco of "Narkoleptyczni Troche" and hazy deepness of "Nowadays", towards epic, over 13 minutes long, jazzy, dreamy, but no less energetic "Siren". Elegant, original, infectious grooves for club play and home listening alike. Limited edition with cover art by acclaimed contemporary painter Aleksandra Waliszewska.
Having previously plied his trade on Internasjonal Spesial, Tom Tom Disco and Spare Change Disco, Frank Agrario pops up on Glasgow's Maxi Discs. As usual, there's a pleasing looseness about the Bologna-based boffin's productions, with both the percussive, Afro-influenced nu-disco chugger "Balfonic", and altogether bolder "The Later The Better" making great use of analogue synths and live-sounding percussion. The latter features some musical elements that really shouldn't work together - most notably some sleazy, rave-era riffs, tasty piano solo and wonky drum hits - but somehow come together to create a really special track. Pete Herbert offers a smoother, cheerier rework to round off another solid EP from the Italian.
CHRISSY - Join Me (Classic)
MIKE WOODS - Juicy Cuts Vol 1 (Masterworks Music) - exclusive 22-02-2016
VARIOUS - V's Edits 4th Anniversary (Vehicle) - exclusive 31-12-2030
MAX ESSA - Blame It On Rea (Palms & Charms) - exclusive 25-02-2016
DOT 40/GG/FATNECK/A DIGITAL NEEDLE/CID & FANCY - Toys Of Joy (Midnight Riot) - exclusive 22-02-2016
SHIT HOT SOUNDSYSTEM/MP UNLIMITED/JB DIZZY/SEEN ON TV - Flashback EP (Discoalition) - exclusive 17-02-2016
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