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Spanish producer Rayko has delivered some impressive dancefloor magic courtesy of his Rare Wiri label. Ranging from re-edits to deep nu-disco and everything in between, the imprints sound is all encompassing. That philosophy is fully explored here on Retro Future Disco, bringing all kinds of disco approaches to the table. Highlights include the schmokin' 70s jazz-funk of "Hot Head Disco" by Psychemagik, the legendary Il Flagranti's rare re-edit of new wave classic "Walking In The Rain" by Flash & The Pan and the dreamy, star-crossed synth-pop of "In Your Eyes" by Yam Who? Something for everyone here.
Sleazy McQueen's Whiskey Disco label seems to be on fire at present, with new EPs of white-hot edits appearing on an almost weekly basis. Predictably, there's more high-grade material on this latest split artist four-tracker. Pontchartain kicks things off with a brilliantly dubbed-out take on Gayle Adams classic "Lifesaver" (previously successfully extended and re-touched by FLX One a few years back), before Osmose delivers organ solos, orgasmic groans and rump shaking beats on "Broadway Kiss". Derek Kaye's "Holdin' On", a deliciously celebratory number full of cheery scat vocals and incessant grooves, and "I Got Your Wang", a cheery, sun-kissed chunk of disco perfection from Rulefinns Kravstor.
We've come accustomed to Kiu D delivering warm, groovy, floor-friendly music that blurs the boundaries between re-editing, remixing, and original production. He's at it again on this first outing for Fingerman's Hot Digits imprint. The EP's four original tracks utilize big chunks of killer old soul, funk, disco and jazz-funk jams, but combine these elements with chunky house beats and woozy deep house flourishes. This is arguably best exemplified on the tactile, sun-kissed swing of "I'm In Your Life" and surging, solo heavy "Jazz or Funk". The package is completed by two tasty reworks: a bass-heavy disco-house revision of "I'm In Your Life" by Voodoo Whiskey, and Twisted Soul Collective's righteous, party disco remix of "Jazz or Funk".
By now, we should all know what to expect from Serbian scalpel maestro Tonbe. His frequent EPs are aimed fairly and squarely at the dancefloor, delivering a mixture of re-edits, reworks and sample-heavy productions that don't try too hard to impress. This latest EP is full of such cheery, tried-and-tested cuts, from the rolling jazz breaks, comfy Rhodes stabs and fluttering soul vocals of "Gambling Face", and punchy disco-house flavours of "Sweet Love", to the rich, organ-flecked soulfulness of "Those Days", and riotous, disco-goes-hip-house opener "Don't Mess With Us". In other words, it's another rock-solid collection of tasty peak-time bangers from one of the edit scene's most reliable producers.
We're not sure what Hotmood got up to on his recent Rhodes Trip, but whatever it was, it was good enough to result in his latest EP on the mighty Editorial. Boasting four tracks, the EP features the freshest sounds from nu-disco world capital Mexico. "Can You Dig It" opens with smooth, jazzy and Latin-tinged poolside boogie, "Magic Touch" follows up with some looped saxy -fizz, whilst "Check This Out Yo!" veers into funky/disco house territory and "Soul Energy" wraps things up with a heady Fender-Rhodes-lead groover. Slick stuff.
Whisky Disco invite a trio of fresh faces to their ever-growing talent troupe for the Disco Darling EP. Andy Ash takes the lead with a loopy, strutting slice of sample-laced house that wouldn't go amiss in a Mark Farina set while Vincenzo De Bull & Halve Soul lower the tempo, invite us on a Balearic picnic and insist we gobble up huge chunks of Sade's "Cherry Pie". Deeper into the EP we find firm label friends Rabo & Snob laying down a velvet bed of Rhodes and vocal harmonies before the final label newcomer JP Source plays a slo-mo game of sample patty-cake with loopy disco mischief.
Greek re-edit powerhouse, Chopshop, is back this time with a new various artist's compilation, Lost In Grooves. There's plenty of jollies to be had here, beginning with the high drama of "Lost In Venice" a swirling disco features golden tonsilled sirens and bug thumping drums. Elsewhere Levantine's "Atmosphere" recalls the good old days of French Touch, with its warm, filtered loops, C Da Afro opts for lazy beats and sumptuous strings on "The Sexy Groove" and DJ Laurel mellows things out with some silky 80s synth funk grooves on "Rising On Top". Slick!
Italian duo Mena and Melgado step up to the plate with their first appearance on Midnight Riot, bringing with them a quartet of funk-fuelled dancefloor bombs. They begin in confident mood, successfully looping up a breezy, impassioned vocal sample over a tooled-up disco-boogie groove on "Wings of Love", before "African Food" sees them stick a house rocket underneath a horn-heavy Afro-funk jam. "Instant Party" happily lives up to the promise of its' title, with chopped-up chants, spiraling sax links and goodtime grooves ensuring an energetic, club-ready feel. The EP also includes a tasty remix of "Wings of Love" from Masterworks and Hot Digits man Kiu D, who successfully drags the track further towards bumpin' disco-house territory.
Back in the day, US rock band Kiss created quite a furore when they were finally unmasked. Now it's the turn of veteran re-edit maestro DJ Butcher who, for this new LP, now steps beyond the moniker to reveal himself as George Kelly. Staying true to his heart he album delivers 11 tracks of what he does best - expert disco scalpel jobs. Highlights include the retweaked Eric B & Rakim/Coldcut jam "Music Just Turns Me On", the six-minute, string laden clap along "Turn It Up" and the squelchy funk grooves of "No Taboos".
The terrible twosome from Tel Aviv are back! Yes, Rabo & Snob have rustled up more boogie treats for our dancing pleasure, and a pleasure it is. First is the pumping Italo-disco fizz of "You Get By", which is turned into slinky peep-show grooves by Love Dance. Elsewhere we get the muscular disco rock of "Believe" and last but not least the elastic bass arpeggiations and percolating synths of "Together". Ace.
Eric Duncan may be best known for his sterling work in Rub N Tug amongst many other projects, but now he's also to be found cruising the highways and byways of the late night disco underworld under his own name. This release on Not An Animal represents everything you want to hear in a sleazy party spot, with throbbing arpeggios and shimmering lead lines hovering in a perfect retro-futurist reverie that comes on like second nature to the NYC producer. Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi turn in a remix of "Shut It" that raises the temperature a touch without losing that addictive veneer, making this a record perfect for all kinds of neon-lit abandon.
Having gleefully flitted between labels since first popping his head above the parapet five years ago, Stephane Deschezeaux has decided the time is right to settle down. This expansive EP-come-compilation gathers together the best of his nu-disco and sample-heavy edit productions for the Springbok label he founded some years back. There's naturally plenty of dancefloor fire to be found throughout, from the chunky disco-house strut of "Deeper", and synth-heavy '80s soul re-edit business of "Prime Time", to the undulating synth bass and life-affirming pianos of "Make It Hot". Also worth checking is the twinkling, Loose Ends-meets-Onra style slow jam, "The Virtual Love", and the thrusting, hard-edged electrofunk of "87".
David Platzdasch has enjoyed a productive 2016, releasing a string of quietly impressive singles on Manuscript and Gents & Dandys. Here he rounds off the year via an appearance on '80s Child's Masterworks Music. First, he heads into loose, loopy, peak-time disco-house territory with "First Step", before diving into deeper, warmer and groovier territory via the mid-tempo deep house shuffler, "Gleichtsicht". The German aims deeper still on "Free At Last", where swirling strings, dreamy chords and a dense analogue bassline smother a bongo-rich disco drum track. Finally, he wraps up proceedings with "Strimpulse", a spacey deep house number blessed with twinkling electric pianos and warm, sun-kissed chord progressions.
For the latest edition of Let's Play House's occasional LPH White series, serial re-editor Sleazy McQueen drops a delicious chunk of Balearic-minded, saucer-eyed disco. It's arguably one of his finest original productions for some time, and builds from a baggy, groovy start into a spiraling chunk of dancefloor positivity. There's more of a live disco-funk feel to bonus cut "Galway Jam", with rich bass, jammed-out keys and decidedly cosmic electronics. The EP also boasts a couple of tasty remixes of title track "Huit Etoiles". There's a slamming, delay-laden disco-rock interpretation from Kenji Takimi, and a luscious, new age influenced Balearic house rub by Gerd Janson.
Hailing from Melbourne's party scene Kris Baha has been at the helm for many a serious party, the most recent of which being Power Station. Now he's expanded beyond DJing and is running his own label (Power Station) and producing his own tracks. This new EP, "Bah 028" sets the bar pretty high, delivering four cuts of supremely excellent weirdo-disco. Slow on the BPM's and heavy on the machine funk, it's clear that the recent New Beat revival has been an influence. Highlights include the pumping industrial arpeggios of "Powerform" and the stomping, steely EBM beats of "Crystal Ballroom".
This latest release from Yam Who?'s Midnight Riot label, No More War, sees prolific producer Planet Jumper (is it a jumper with planets on it or is it someone who jumps from planet to planet? We may never know...) deliver three new muscular tracks for our disco enjoyment. First up is the tougher than usual "Do It Some More", in which we get a heady cocktail of thumping kicks, looped and filtered vocals and electro-rock riffage. Elsewhere "Can you Get It" is fast n loose sleazy funk and "War" is a slower flutes and rubberband bass grinder.
Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks In Hell label shows no signs of slowing as it ramps up a killer new salvo from debutant artist C Scott. "Climb On" is an uptempo workout to capture the absolute peak of the party in the funkiest of ways, while "Hands Free" provides an apt alternative with its slow, organ-led whimsy. Disco remains the backbone of the sound here, whatever tempo the track rolls at and wherever it may head. "Stuttering" demonstrates this perfectly with its heavily treated, head-spinning FX still capturing that classic good-time mood, while "At Ease" finishes on a life-affirming canter of Rhodes led celebration.
Covering a Prince-produced electrofunk classic is fraught with danger, but happily UnoMas has managed to pull it off with "Nasty Girl". His original mix of the Vanity6 cover re-casts it as a cheery, 4/4 nu-disco roller full of sparkling synths, tactile house rhythms and breezy vocals. Impressively he repeats the trick with a fine, Ourra-remixed cover of Midnight Express classic "Danger Zone", which is laden with wiggly synth lines, sparkling slap bass, and the super-smooth vocals of Andre Esput. Elsewhere, check out the piano-laden nu-disco bounce of "Hott 4 U (feat. Pirate Stereo)", and the unabashed, party-starting cheeriness of "Get It Girl", which boasts some very familiar samples.
By his usually prolific standards, Fernando Pulichino has had a very quiet 2016. In fact, this fine EP for Leng is his first, and presumably only, release of the year. It wuld be fair to say that it's been worth the wait, though. As usual, each of the three tracks is built around his own fine instrumentation; check, for example, the spacey synths, tactile synth-bass and freshly baked guitars of opener "Backwards". Arguably even better is the funk-fuelled Balearic blues workout "Natural 77", which boasts Pulichino's own freestyle vocals, razor-sharp funk-rock guitars, and one of the producer's traditional rubbery basslines. Closer "Attic Party", a breezy trip through deep space via the Adriatic, is also rather good.
It's been a while since we last heard from Last Waltz, a fact partly explained by solo success enjoyed by one third of the North East combo, Geoff 'Man Power' Kirkwood. Fittingly, it's on his recently launched MeMeMe label that they've resurfaced, whipping their tops off for a spiraling, synth-laden sprint through Italo-disco territory on the excellent "Tunnel Snakes". Elsewhere, they drop a dash of Balearic deep house in the shape of "You've Changed", and doff a cap to basement-bothering early Danny Tenaglia productions on "Itchy". If that's not enough to get the juices flowing, the EP also contains a fantastic Red Axes & Naduve remix of "Tunnel Snakes", which turns the track into a post-punk influenced chunk of tropical voodoo madness.
UNOMAS - Nasty Girl (ISM) - exclusive 16-12-2016
FERNANDO - Natural 77 EP (Leng)
HOTMOOD - Rhodes Trip (Editorial) - exclusive 15-12-2017
THE REJECTED/QUE SAKAMOTO & NT - To Rack & Ruin Vol 12 (To Rack & Ruin) - exclusive 05-12-2016
GEORGE KELLY - AKA DJ Butcher (Chopshop) - exclusive 16-12-2016
PLANET JUMPER - No More War (Midnight Riot) - exclusive 12-12-2016
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