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Stafford's Dave Gerrard has been around for over 30 years so you can trust the DJ on this one. He's back on his usual stomping ground for more disco goodies on DJ Butcher's Chopshop out of Athens, Greece. He first takes the knife to the Jackson 5's "Dancing Machine" on "Generation 5" (great edit this one!), then he turns in an edit of a proper soul funk classic on "Repeat The Funk" (any guesses?) but finally he gives a Bill Withers classic a makeover on "You Got The Stuff". Class!
Russian disco edit fiend Valique serves up another hot Boogie Box and we're up to number three already! Highlight's on here not limited to Princess' smooth ergonomics displayed on the re-splice of the Prince classic "Sexy Dancer", Feel The Vibe's great cover of "Get Down Tonight" looped for your pleasure by Kc/Sub and they save the best for last with Mr Faded/Blackhead's (aka McFadden & Whitehead's) 1979 classic "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now". They are all 're-re-edited' by the way: by none other than Valique himself. Trust the DJ!
The Rev's back! Parisian edit magician serves up four revised soul excursions for modern audiences to experience the second time around and in true style. On the first side he takes the knife to a couple of Gladys Knight classics, namely the feel-good "Don't Make Me Run Away" and the uplifting "Love Gives You The Power". On the flip it's George Duke's turn, "Say That You Will" is you all know is a sultry deep soul number for lovers while "Party Down" is definitely for night people; this one is pitched up for optimum dancefloor effectiveness too!
Brooklyn's Razor-N-Tape reach out to the Lowlands and coax Hans Peeman into donning his Junktion alias for a new four-track EP on their Razor-N-Tape Reserve label. Living up to it's dignified and reserved billing, this release on the offshoot finds the Nijmegen-based Peeman laying down some luscious, colourful disco vibes that will brighten up any sun laden afternoon on the terrace. Title track "Hot & Bothered" sets the tone with a summery vibe underpinned by some bumping drums, whilst "I'm wishin'" glides with a subtle house bump and some wonderful vocal touches. "Fling Cleaning" sees Peeman veer off into disco chug territory, whilst "Visions of You" ends the EP on a soulful note.
Michael The Lion differs from the average re-edit chancer by actually recording extra musical parts for his re-tweaks. Here on his Most Known Edits EP he applies extra guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion to a selection of fairly well known 70s dance tunes. First up the immortal Love Hangover by The Fifth Dimension gets some extra bounce and fizz on "The Hangover", "Know This" sees the raw emotion of the People Choice original gently beefed up and filled out, "Fly Robert" is a chugging boogie locomotive of a tune and "Bo Knows" ends things with a Latin-tinged percussive spectacular.
Ever since their first releases on 20:20 Vision back in 2005, Art Of Tones have steadily grown into purveyors of fine deep house, and you can rest assured that you'll always receive nothing but quality from them. As of late, they've been more closely associated to London's House Of Disco Records, an imprint onto which they return to herein with three smackers, starting with the disco-laced groove that is "Devil The Difference", a soulful house joint with nothing but vibes spilling from every corner. On the flip, "Boogie With Billy" adopts a similar formula to a more electronic rhythm that recalls material from the mighty 80's imprint SAM, while the 'future dub' of "Devil The Difference" twists the original into a deeper, more heady cut for the deep hours...
Bristol's X-Ray Ted is about the light and fun party jams, no cool digger's obscurities welcome here. Here he serves four guaranteed floor fillers starting with "Mild Mild West", a loose-limbed disco rendition of the Good The Bad and The Ugly theme, next "Too Good" sees Aretha Franklin get a house-shaped whoosh under her backside, "EveryMoney" meanwhile sees some vintage soul fused with classic Kelis and ODB and finally "Hold Tight" sees the show close with some sizzling neon-flecked arpeggiated disco..
London's Aroop Roy is back, This guy has won acclaim from the who's who of the industry such as Gilles Peterson and Rainer Truby and his music fuses afro (such as on the hands in the air party vibe of "Ifa" that's reminiscent of Fela Kuti vibes), funk (the disco funk soul excursion on "Manuman") and into house like on the spiritual NYC vibe of Um Trago" that's calling to mind classic Joe Claussell and Kerri Chandler. And we're really digging it!
Life is just one big weekend to KS French and that means a lot of music is required. Luckily he's more than happy to supply as much party soundtrack as needed. His Super Cuts series has now reached its eighth volume and here again he shares the honour with his old pal Mr Given Raw (who else?). KS takes pole position with the thumping chug-funk of "The Backdoor" and the pumping, hi-hat driven disco anthem "Ain't Nobody". MGR then takes the lead with the tense and percussive "America" and the machine-like raw 70s funk of "Fonkeh Music". The pair then unite for the shimmering disco-boogie jam "All Night Groove".
"Sugar" lay unissued for many years, before finally seeing the light of day on BBE's 2003 set of previously unheard Roy Ayers' recordings, Virgin Ubiquity. It was later remixed by Dave Lee under his familiar Joey Negro pseudonym, and here gets the multi-track edit treatment from French scalpel specialist The Reflex. He typically does a good job of building energy and excitement throughout the vocal version's seven-minute duration, showcasing different instruments (vibraphone, horns, bass, guitars) and the track's alternating male and female vocals, in the manner of Tom Moulton or Walter Gibbons. The accompanying instrumental is tasty, too, but lacks a little of the vocal revision's soulful charm.
Charlie Brown Superstar is no stranger to a bit of space boogie, and the Alpaca Edits crew seems like the perfect place for him to socialise in. In fact, "Givin' It Up" is a lovely, laid-back chat-starter, the sort of banger you put on to impress that special person on a night out - what a bassline! Now that tune is difficult to beat, but "Goin' South" does a good job at delivering a highly sensual, dubbed-out house rush, "Never Gonna Stop" flaps its funky disco wings at a steady pace, and the excellent "Oh Yeah" ties this absolutely stellar EP off with a west-coast, blue-eyed soul kind of swagger - for fans of Ned Doheny. TIP!!
Favorite Recordings deals only in the best disco-minded club music, and you can always count on them to deliver a new artist with a bag full of surprises and delight. "Lovestruck" is a heavy, sticky 70s-style nugget tailor-made for the sunny weather and that sweet smell of freshly cut grass. There's a string of sexy remixes that follow: Patchworks adds to the percussion roll and the bumpiness of the groove, while Golf Channel's Africaine 808 dubs the shit out of the original by adding girth and menace to the low-ends, only to be stripped-down further by Voilaaa's own masterful reinterpretation.
Ali "Nebraska" Gibbs last outing on Mister Saturday Night, 2015's Stand Your Ground, saw the producer treating listeners to a quartet of tracks that touched on a multitude of house styles. This follow-up has a similar feel. He begins with the loose-but-bold drums, electric piano solos, disco strings and occasional punchy horns of "Done My Best", before dropping down into slower, deeper, dub-tinged territory via the toasty electric bass, stretched-out chords, mid-tempo grooves and pitched-down horns of "Look What You've Done To Me". He rounds off another fine outing with "S.O.S Dub", a crackling, unfeasibly atmospheric journey through dub house grooves, fluttering chords and creepy electronics.
If you're looking for anything termed under the umbrella of 'Balearic', then Canada's Multi Culti will deliver in fine style, and save you all the hassle of digging for lost B-sides from the 1980s and 1990s. It's a call to the Sun Gods this time with Sun Gaze II, a sublime collaborative EP from a bunch of new and exciting talent. Nicola Cruz opens the doors to heaven with the tribal-minded chugger that is "Pagano", followed by Moscoman's more house-leaning jingle on "Se Acabo". "Boom Boom Boom" by Sanga features Sheikh Djibouti on the vocals, offering a hazy wave of Hispanic rhyming, while "Shkarim Ba Afela" by 84PC is a tune that you could truly imagine being in a Cafe Del Mar mix by the likes of Jose Padilla - softly-spoken but nonetheless effective and sensual on the hips.
Retro scalpel-wielder Disco Funk Pioneer has now released quite a few of his fine spliced and diced disco re-edits on some key labels (Katakana Edits, Sound Exhibitions) but the one he calls home is Disco Fruit. Here he's back where he belongs and he's in top form too! There are five new jams to sink your teeth into, beginning with the appropriately named "Disco Fun", a classic Kool & The Gang-style clap-along. Further highlights include the tough Afro/hip-hop craziness of "Funk Power" and the dreamy arpeggiated disco of sax odyssey, "Revolving Funk".
Greek DJ and retrovert Floppyedits gives credits to the edits on Floppyedits 10. "Imagination" is a serving of soulful deep funk for open air Sundays in the sun, cocktail in hand. There's next a killer makeover of the legendary "Miracles" by Italian disco supergroup Change and "Together" is the kind of looped and uplifting disco goodness that reminds you of the best of Thomas Bangalter.
Heads down for the 12th installment of the mysterious Boogie Down Edits series, in which our L.A-based heroes take their scalpel to more choice '70s and '80s material. They begin with the tactile Rhodes chords, drifting pads and loved-up house grooves of "E-Lusion", before returning to familiar territory with the talkbox-boasting P-funk shuffle of "Groove". "Street Boogie" saunters off on an edit-heavy, electro-propelled synth-funk tip, before "Feel Free To Boogie" makes merry with eyes-closed guitar solos, rubbery slap bass and punchy drums. Finally, "Infatuation" is piano-laden roller that sits somewhere between classic disco, Italo-disco, boogie and proto-house. It's arguably the EP's finest moment.
The output of Austria's re-edit label We Mean Disco! has always veered toward the housier end of things, and here they appear to have recruited 'Serbia's first lady of house music' Miss Kay Dee to explore her disco influences. There are a whopping six tracks on here, edging the release into mini-album territory. It's a typically slick affair with highlights including the eight-minute streetwise funk of "Going To See My Baby", the orchestrated funky house loops of "You Are & We Are" and the sequined Sylvester-esque boogie of "Doin It".
Here on Neon Dancer Mr Absolutt stays true to his name and goes absolutely pure on his homage to the sound of early RnB dancefloors. "Night Drive" is a hazy blend of What's Love Got To Do With It tropical synths and sultry Princess-esque grooves. Elsewhere "One Love" is fluffy boogie fun, "The Cross" is a twangier Paradise Garage-era raw funk jam and "Champ" is a hiNRG-funk crossover. A refreshing 80s vodka cocktail of an EP (no prizes guessing which brand).
Veteran Scandolearic sort Magnus Sheehan has never been one for putting out huge amounts of material, making this EP - a speedy follow-up to recent debut album Echo To Echo - something of a surprise bonus. While two of the four tracks - the dreamy but jaunty, loved-up goodness of "Big Red", and intensely cheery "Zap The Cat" - are taken from that set, that still leaves a pair of previously unheard cuts to savour. There's "Kambodia", a sparse but heavy combination of chugging, Italo-disco arpeggio lines, hypnotic drum machine beats and tuneful synthesizer motifs, and "Swing Your Thing", a typically positive number that fixes jammed out melody lines to analogue-sounding techno beats.
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