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Reviewed this week
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Languishing in the oceanic pastures of deep, jazz-tinged modern dub-focused electronica, MindStep missions are consistent in their soul and crystalline creativity. Here's a firm reminder - in the slim case we needed one - as the label's exponents are united for the label's second 'best of' style collection. Ranging from the two-step subversions of Sepia's "U Make Me Feel" to the more techno-minded sound palette of Dillard's "Rocks & Trees" to the 22nd century jazz of Jafu & Freud's "Sofia", every facet and feature of MindStep's ever-evolving remit is explored, represented and celebrated in great detail here. Dive deep.
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Brighton institution Skint is still in the business and as switched on as ever. From big beat to techno to surefire house music, few labels know how to evolve like this one. On the A-side Seb Wildblood's 'Noshi' serves up a sultry broken beat with a thick hummer of a bassline, of course accompanied by the lush vocals of one Kelly Lee Owens. This is perfect for the warm up or the after-hours, likewise. On the digi-flip we have the charmingly titled Apes doing "Mortimer Road" which caters for the peak time deep house crowd with its Larry Heard inspired production complete with Diva Vocals.
Cue Release play release
What can one say about this compilation that has not been said before. It's only one of the most seminal, influential and important releases in US electronic music's history. It inadvertently influenced music across the Atlantic and its influence can be seen in everything from progressive house to big beat and nu school breaks. All icons of the '90s US rave sound. The Hardkiss Brothers were a true symbol of the US west coast sound until Scott Hardkiss (God Within)' untimely passing in 2013. And Rabbit In The Moon being synonymous with the Florida rave scene and their associations with DJ Three's early Hallucination Ltd imprint. This digital version features additional tracks from their discography not featured on the original vinyl release from 1995. Essential listening.
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