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Das Komplex is a Polish producer who had been anonymously producing tunes in his remote hometown for nearly a decade before being recently discovered. Ever since his big break he's kept the jams a' comin' - here he serves up some "Pudding" and who are we to refuse? There are five courses, sorry, tunes to enjoy here - the laid back and sunny disco-funk of the title track, the dubbed out haze of "Saw", the deep, slo-mo beats of "Piano", the breathy nature-referencing grooves of "Concrete Jungle" and lastly, the fluffy analogue swirls of the dreamy "One Moment". Textbook chill.
Von Party is back on his Multi Culti imprint and, as always, this guy means business. But, unlike his previous techno releases for the likes of Turbo Recordings or Convex Industries, this time he's on a balearic tip. There's four mixes of "Cobra Rush" here, but it's the original mix by Von Party himself that gets our attention thanks to its slow-building waves of phased-out funk. The remixes aren't exactly without their merits either, though, with Rodion offering a warm, dubby house version. Peter Power reinterpreting the tune through a more tribalistic lens, and Sabo offers a more classic deep house sound to sooth the DJs.
Italian duo Alex Carpentieri and Pietro De Lisi are System Of Survival and present their second album since 2012's Needle & Thread LP on BPitch Control. There are some diverse moods and grooves on offer that really pack a punch on D-Votion, such as the hi-tech soul of second track "Packing" or the appropriately titled "From Motor City With Love" a dusty deep house jam which sounds reminiscent of MCDE's Raw Cuts series. There's the usual tech house shenanigans from the duo on offer in the form of "No Time To Waste" or the title track where they team up with homeboy Salvatore Stallone. But our favourites were the latin house epic "Kutting" featuring Vhelade's powerful vocals or the tunnelling and mysterious "The Bear, The Wolf & The Eagle" which is perfect for building a vibe.
Veteran deep house producer John Daly first released material as The Smoke Clears back in 2013, delivering a deliciously evocative fusion of ambient and IDM tracks for Further Records. Three years on, he's finally finished the follow-up, an eponymous LP for All City. Taking cues from Selected Ambience Works era Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Pete Namlook, HOLOVR and John Beltran, The Smoke Clears is a sublime collection of beat-less and gently percussive tracks that are variously picturesque, life affirming, bittersweet and mournful. Naturally, it's all beautifully produced, with the shimmering IDM sparkle of "In Time", and the intergalactic ambience of "Heaven Sent" standing out.
Stefan Schwander aka Harmonious Thelonious is back on Italic presenting a new album of globetrotting sounds. More often seen experimenting with polyrhythms with Florian Meyer aka Don't DJ and Marc Matter as The Durian Brothers, most of Schwander's work these days is centred around his Harmonious Thelonious project. Often contributing to Meyer's Diskant label as well as presenting original works on his Asafa imprint, International Dance Record follows up last years Santos LP. The Harmonious Thelonious sound is undoubtedly centred in traditional musical forms, but not bound to specific practices from any one part of the globe. Starting out with the uplifting Afro vibes of "Uhura", there's plenty of variety on offer when considering the sublimely exotic drum science of "Kimbili", the feelgood Nigerian boogie vibes of "Remake" and of course the killer drum sampler workout "Too High To Get Over".
Plevna (an alias of Horatiu Serbanescu, long-time contriver at Future Nuggets and co-founder of Steaua de Mare) presents its first full EP.After incubating for almost 2 years while extracting and forging gems in the south-east space-time anomalies, the untraceable sound of Plevna has reached the optimum balance between eighties delicate nostalgia and contemporary local oriental melody. Bouncing on the delightfully twisted 9/8 groove, this is a unique contact with a multiverse under meticulous construction, an excursion abundant in haunting tunes and unfamiliar melancholy.
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