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Throughout his nearly 30-year career, Japanese house legend Satoshi Tomiie has worked with Frankie Knuckles (who can forget their timeless anthem "Tears"), in addition to being a touring keyboardist for Yellow Magic Orchestra and remixing everyone from U2 to David Bowie. He released his 'New Day' LP in 2015 and here (courtesy of his new Abstract Nature imprint) Tomiie rounds up a number of respected names for remixes from said album. There's Maayan Nidam, Dj Sneak, Pablo Mateo and more featured across this dozen or so collection. Our favourite remixes (however many there are!) were NYC deepness purveyor Fred P's lush and emotive reshape of "Landscape", Chicago don Ron Trent with the most dubby we have ever heard him on his energetic and soulful take of "Thursday 2 AM" plus Berlin's favourite sons Cab Drivers with their unmistakeable sound brought to the absolutely bumpin' version of "814".
Daniele Baldelli is in a rich vein of form right now, with each successive release seemingly being stronger than its predecessor. The cosmic disco pioneer's latest project is an album that impressively blurs the boundaries between his original "Afro-cosmic" sound and the horizontal world of Balearica. Predictably, it's a formula that delivers a string of musical highlights, from the woozy easy listening flourishes and head nodding throb of "Quagga" and ambient-soaked late night fluidity of "Dodo", to the restless Afro percussion and jazzy guitars and of "Megaloceros (featuring Verdo)". Those looking for more Padilla-style horizontal thrills should check the "Extra Balearic" mix of "Pongo", while Baldelli's love of vintage analogue synths and lolloping rhythms is successfully explored on album highlight "Lipote".
It would be fair to say that Poolside member Filip "Turbotito" Nikolic is spoiling us with this release, which gathers together a dizzying selection of remixes he's produced over the last few years. Musically, it's surprisingly diverse, albeit shot through with the kind of sun-kissed warmth and musical daydreaming that you'd expect from a Los Angeles-based producer famed for his love of hazy Balearica, dub disco and synthesizer-fuelled workouts. Highlights come thick and fast, from the reggae-driven dancefloor dubbiness of "Lose Your Soul" by Dead Man's Bones and the horizontal, Balearic synth-soul brilliance of Baby Alpaca's "Sea of Dreams", to the Idjut Boys style acid/dub disco fusion of Night Things' "Cost of the Summer" and the thrillingly wonky, tech-tinged house Dub of We Are The World's "Clay Stones".
Blair French has dropped his second single this year and there were initially only 300 copies on vinyl! Following "Standing Still Is An Illusion" on Rocksteady Disco come two more sublime Balearic affairs that fit Claremont 56 like a snug pair of speedos; "Sandbar Caviar" wafts and sways with island waves as gentle arpeggios ebb and flow creating harmonies and cosmic textures while "Inland Island" adjusts our seats to a horizontal position with its snaking bassline and spacious percussion gradually opening into a heavenly vocal and guitar lead that's tantamount to transcendental.
Maricopa makes the smoothest summer tunes in the world, as heard on labels like Back To The Balearics and Berlin's La Luna: who released his debut album last year. On his Explorer EP, the second in their Cosmic Pint Keg series, Maricopa makes no exceptions. A journey through Mediterranean landscapes, across mountain tops in the midday heat to the refreshing sea breeze on a midnight beach. It's a thing of beauty; some are directed at the dance floor some almost chilled: horizontally. There's a bit of deep disco on the balearic tip like on "Cavernosa", the deeply soulful and emotive "Volcanic Glass" (having that almost Kompakt vibe about it) while the album's most chilled moment is also its most sublime: the dreamy and captivating "Yucca" (Islander Version).
Last year's eponymous debut album from Silent Riders was something of a slept-on gem. Here, one of the highlights from the hazy, minimal wave-influenced LP is given the remix treatment. Thrillingy, there's a killer dub from the legendary Dennis Bovell - itself edited by Body and Soul man Andi Hanley - and a wonderfully evocative, stretched-out synth-pop meets cosmic disco rub from Whatever Whatever. Music For Dreams boss Kenneth Bager lends a hand on the band's own sparse and stretched out Extended Mix (think Plaid's classic productions for Nicolette from the late '90s, and you're close), while Kaspar Bjork's heady, metallic disco take is an atmospheric delight.
Whether we ever find out the true identity of Com Truise will remain a mystery for the time being, but the one thing we're sure about is that this dude has given us some utterly mesmerising moments of music through Detroit's Ghostly International stable. Matthew Dear's imprint has been going strong since time immemorial, and it's thanks to tunes like "Idle Withdrawal" and their fresh perspective of the wider electronica domain. Sadly, the genre can often fall prey to biases and stereotypes, but Truise's singular blend of colourful synths and playful beats simply never ceases to disappoint. Here, we have another strong case for why the genre will probably never fall on its knees.
The Underyourskin imprint have no definite genre through which they operate, but it seems to us that they love riding at a tempo of no more than 120BPM, and usually reside at the deeper end of the house scale. Lonely Ulf and Just Emma are debuting right here, both artists clearly up for getting their cool, introspective shade of lounge house recognised as soon as possible. Both mixes of "From Beginning To The End" might as well be tagged as general 'balearica', but we're not just talking about ambient rhythms here; these two pieces of music are more songs than tunes, and their elegant tonal blends make for some truly special playback business, especially the short version, which has clearly been made for listeners outside of the usual electronic circles. Majestic.
An Italian DJ at the very heart of the Sound Exhibitions roster, DJ Moy is a leading expert on all things funky. Here on his latest missive, Cosmic Funk, he presents two different sides of his production approach. The eponymous title track sees him venture out into the stratosphere and beyond with a curious take on space-age boogie, featuring furious Afrobeat percussion, delayed guitar stabs and a killer squelchy bassline. On the digital flip though, he turns in a quality slice of uber-90s jazzy hip-hop on "Mia", which is full of organic sounds - live drums, warm piano and soulful vocals.
German Aparde's sound is sensitive and melancholic but moving. Perhaps a bit challenging also; a strong contrast between driving rhythms and unique sounds and atmospheres. Born on the Baltic sea and growing up far away from the scene surrounding him now; Paul Camillo Rachel was rooted in several bands, playing instruments, singing and producing music in many different styles. His music now tries to embody the essence of finely arranged, warm and organic sounding songs. The single "Mouth" is an ethereal and seductive number featuring rich layers of magical synthesis (digital or otherwise) and topped off with some gorgeous female vocals: altogether creating and stunning and cohesive whole.
Italian neo classical impressario released the single "Wait For Me" in late 2016 and inaugurated new !k7 diffusion imprint 7k! Fitting then that another recognised virtuso takes up the remix duties: Frankfurter Gilles Aiken aka Edward. The staple of such esteemed imprints as White (with good mate Oskar Offermann) and Giegling has carved out a singular sound with his take on the deep house sound. The euphoric and absolutely swinging groove that is the main remix, merges the evocative strings of the original that are chopped up and merged with his now renowned sense of rhythm. The Ambienca version is deeper, mysterious even. With its subdued rhythms, celestial pads and brooding sub bass again supporting D'Alberto's flawless string section.

New York City based Wonderwheel are excited to release the brand new Chinampa EP from El Buho, leading into his debut album in early November. UK born Robin Perkins is now based in Paris but spent the last two years living in Mexico City, working, playing and producing music. The EP is inspired by the urban sprawl of Buho's previous home and digs deeper to find the city's ties to water and it's present and past ways of living. "Salto de Agua" with its plinky plonky tones is drifting and ethereal experience. The subdued and slo-mo tribal groove of "Pasale" will put you into a right trance state, supported by some trippy synths and soothing melodic tones.
Presenting the new album from Dutch producer and visual artist David Douglas. Over the years, he has worked on several major television and film productions and he has directed music video's for artists like Blaudzun, John Coffey, Daniel Beddingfield and for his own track "California Poppy". Released via Amsterdam based Atomnation Records who have recently presented works by the likes of Tunnelvision, Gidge and Portable Sunsets. Following on from 2014's "Moon Observations", Douglas continues to perfect his cosmic sound, taking us on a journey through polyrhythmic and technicoloured. This is melodic, sun kissed disco and eclectic electronica. Said to be inspired by the astrological writings of his 18th century namesake, Douglas creates waves of celestial melodies that are merged with driving beats, arpeggiated synths and hypnotic vocals.
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