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On previous full-length excursions - including a number of superb soundtracks to documentaries and independent films - Blair French used the Dial 81 alias. Here, the Detroit-based producer finally breaks cover, delivering a set of typically evocative ambient, experimental and downtempo electronica tracks for Delsin. Seemingly capable of teasing great beauty from droning textures, soft-focus samples and perfectly placed piano lines, French is clearly a talented producer. Through The Blinds makes for superb listening as a result, thanks in no small part to a succession of tracks that don't try too hard for attention. Melodious and blissful, but occasionally unsettling, French's take on ambient is up there with the best the genre has to offer.
Matt Karmil is an artist of many talents, and his adventures in sound have taken him across techno, disco, and even ambient explorations. He makes his return herein to Bristol's Idle Hands, coming through with a new album that spans just about all his skills, and can only be described as a musical mind drift - a sonic reverie, if you will. Throughout, we're presented with everything from glitchy, broken down hip hop, to shady shreds of house, and even odd and rhythmic blends of drone and Balearica. It's been on the office stereo all day here at Juno, and it might just be album of the week, in our opinion!
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