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Cinematic Trap & Ambient Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Adam Shaw presents a kaleidoscope of tripped out melodies, epic strings, off the grid percussion, deep shifting bass, stepped beats, soulful vocal treatments and haunting ambiences
15 Apr 16
Organic Deep House & Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
Live instruments, live percussion and a whole wealth of found sound & foley loops that push deep into the undergrowth of sound
27 Oct 15
Cinematic Piano & Orchestral Ambient Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/FLP)
third of the series with six more orchestral construction kits featuring piano, strings and many other instruments
25 Apr 14
The Big Piano Cinematic (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/MIDI)
Nine piano masterclass construction kits containing WAV, Apple Loops and MIDI files
15 Jun 13
Cinematic Piano & Orchestral Ambient Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Six more orchestral construction kits featuring piano, strings and many other instruments
10 Jul 13
Cinematic No Man's Land (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Seven construction kits featuring piano, strings and many other instruments to give productions a cinematic orchestral feel
17 Aug 13
Cinematic Piano & Orchestral Ambient (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Nine masterclass construction kits including piano, orchestral strings & many other instruments
14 Apr 13
Cinematic Epic & Drama (Sample Pack WAV)
Seven construction kits featuring dramatic melodies and strong harmonic developments with an epic feel
09 Aug 13
Chillstep For FL Studio (Sample Pack FLP/WAV)
Peaceful and serene project for Fruity Loops Studio
26 Nov 14
Rock N Roll Country (Sample Pack WAV)
Ten construction kits containing 240 individual loops with a unique country & pop/soul style
19 Jun 13
TV & Film Score 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Five more heroic & mellow style movie music construction kits inspired by films such as Lord Of The Rings, Superman, X-Men, Halo Reach and Iron Man
12 Jul 13
TV & Film Score (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/APPLE/REX)
Five heroic and mellow style movie music construction kits inspired by films such as Lord Of The Rings, Superman, X-Men, Halo Reach and Iron Man
29 Jun 13
Shaken Not Stirred: Chilled Out House (Sample Pack WAV)
Five construction kits packed with 99 individual loops supplied in 24-Bit WAV format of chilled sound
05 May 14
Ethno & Tribal Ambient (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
265 individual ambient loops with a world music bent are presented here with the tempo set at 110BPM including drum hits such as djembe, darbuka, bongos, shakers & ethnic instruments
BC 0137
15 Dec 11
Ibiza Lounge (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
616MB of drum loops, no kick loops, fx, pads, one shots & atmospheres recorded between 95-110BPM & inspired by chilled out Ibiza sounds
BC 0131
03 Dec 11
Ambient Breaks (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
502MB of content recorded at 24 bit resolution designed for film, tv & video game producers as well as dub step, drum n bass & hip hop productions including pads, synths, drum loops, no kick loops, bass loops, key loops & fx in wav & aiff format
BC 0138
16 Dec 11
Filtered Keys (Sample Pack WAV)
Chords & phrases played on rhodes, pianos, organs & filtered synths with a handful of guitar sounds for lounge, chill out & rnb productions
BC 0124
18 Nov 11
Chillout Jazz Drum Loops & Samples (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
541 drum & percussion loops with one shot samples at 100bpm for silky chilled jazz productions
BC 0166
24 Apr 12
Chillout Revelation (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
A pack containing ove 900MB of chilled out content, featuring chords, flute samples, filtered pianos, jazzy keys, bass one-shots, strings, synths, warm pad loops, fx, percussion hits & drum loops.
BC 0169
22 Jun 12
World Percussion Loops & Samples (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Vast selection of meticulously recorded, reworked & mastered ethnic & tribal percussion grooves & one shot samples
BC 0210
15 Sep 15
Downtempo Box (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF/REX)
125 drum loops between 72-125BPM in a down beat, chilled out style totalling 535MB of content
BC 0108
15 Jul 11
Cafe Royale: Downtempo Dance Masters (Sample Pack WAV)
Collection of loops at 100 BPM ideal for downtempo house, lounge, chill out and R&B tracks
25 Aug 13
Beach Chill, Pop & Lounge 3 (Sample Pack WAV)
Groove driven collection of loops recorded at 100 BPM
16 Jun 15
Deep Chill & Pop (Sample Pack WAV)
toolbox of downtempo loops recorded a 98 BPM for chillout, lounge & pop productions
27 Jul 14
Beach Chill Pop & Lounge (Sample Pack WAV)
Six construction kits for the production of downtempo, chillout, lounge & pop
12 Jan 15
Cafe Royale: Classic Lounge Producer (Sample Pack WAV)
Laidback basslines, crunching beats & ethereal musical phrases for the production of chillout, lounge & R&B
28 Jan 13
Nu Downtempo Movement (Sample Pack WAV)
4 construction kits for the production of chillout, lounge, pop and modern dance music
04 Feb 14
Best Served Chilled 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Compilation of three best-selling Busloops packs covering chillout, downtempo, lounge and pop
28 Aug 14
Beach Chill, Pop & Lounge 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Eight construction kits & six guitars kits ideal for the production of chillout, lounge & pop music.
14 Oct 14
Absolute Guitars Construction (Sample Pack WAV)
14 Construction kits jam packed with funked up & downtempo riffs
10 Feb 15
Absolute Chill Out (Sample Pack WAV)
10 Construction Kits aimed at producers of chill out, downtempo & lounge music including 40 sweeping & dark effects
15 Dec 14
Psychedelic Chill Out (Sample Pack WAV)
Chill out hypnotica & blissed out beats are all to be found in this versatile pack
01 Feb 16
Chill Dip (Sample Pack WAV)
Sensational toolbox of downtempo loops recorded at 98 BPM
28 Jan 16
Chill Trap Future RnB (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
1.16 GB collection of loops and one shot sounds that include complex chord progressions, blissed out vocals, smooth drum builds, elegant synths, strings, epic pads & warm basses
29 Jul 14
Trap Wave And Ambient Haze (Sample Pack WAV)
A journey into the downtempo world of hazey, zoned out hip hop, rap and trap music
27 Jun 16
Chill Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
Break-bathed bass and drum loops inspired by artists like Scorn and Dalek plus melodic atmospheres and SFX influenced by Aesop Rock and Clouddead
09 Feb 15
Chill Hop 2 (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
Inspirational follow up of laid back grooves, inspirational leads, basses, chords and powerful SFX with an even deeper organic vibe
15 Jun 15
Properly Chilled (Sample Pack WAV/ACID/REX)
Chilled sounds abound here with construction tracks containing chords, stabs, keys, pads, horn & brass stabs with key & tempo labels
01 Jun 11
The Laya Project: Ambience Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
A journey through the villages, forests, rivers and communities of India, Indonesia, Maldives and Myanmar
04 Jan 14
Hamsa Arabic Percussion (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
A unique collection of percussion inspired by beats and instruments of the Middle East and Arabic culture
28 May 14
Maasai Tribal Textures & Vocals (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
A unique collection of traditional tribal vocals and rhythmic textures recorded on location with the remote Maasai tribe of Tanzania
04 Aug 15
Masters Of India (Sample Pack LIVE)
Ableton Live pack showcasing India's percussion
06 Oct 14
Electro Folk India Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Sequel in this series of digitally processed Indian folk sounds that can be used in a variety of different production styles totalling 780MB of 24 bit content
08 Nov 10
Electro Folk India Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Volume one in this series of boutique samples featuring recordings of Indian folk instruments played by respected musicians that are suitable for use in a wide variety of productions
17 Dec 10
Cerebral Ambient Glitch (Sample Pack WAV/SFZ)
The most unique feature of this pack is that all loops are at 80bpm & all sounds & one-shots are tunedto F or Fminor
28 Jan 16
Ambient Chill Melodies 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Ambient Chill Melodies 3 from Equinox Sounds features 30 beautiful and soothing melodies for producers of Ambient and chillout as well as film/TV composers searching for some melodic inspiration
02 Mar 17
Future Chill: MIDI (Sample Pack MIDI)
118 MIDI files featuring ethereal melodies & synthesizer lines for creating ambient, chillout, downtempo, soundtrack & TV music
03 May 13
Chillout & Downtempo MIDI Arrangements (Sample Pack MIDI)
10 chilled out construction kits that contain the MIDI files for all parts including piano, bass, synth & pad melodies
02 Sep 11
Ambient Dub (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/APPLE)
A large collection of 15 construction kits inspired by ambient productions and containing 244 melodic and rhythmic loops at 24 bit resolution between 55-75BPM
01 Jan 11
Ambient & Cinematic MIDI Kits (Sample Pack MIDI)
Five lush and deep ambient and cinematic construction kits in MIDI format suitable for ambient, cinematic, soundtrack and TV compositions
02 Jun 13
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