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Jeepers creepers Simula's on the strong stuff again. Seriously...Take one listen to the textures on "Jester" and tell us that's the work of a sane mind. Strange, innovative and unique, it's just one of the six twisted sizzlers on parade here: the rifle-snipping laser love of "Gunfire", the sinewy croaks and 1.21 giggawatt power of the bass on "Trigger Happy" and the pure venom rust of "Swamped" are just a few of the many highlights. Strong enough to turn an intro into an extro, Simula doesn't mess around.
Manchester's North Base is normally found on labels like Shogun Audio and Audioporn, while Turno can usually be found on Low Down Deep or Sweet Tooth. Here though, these mighty titans collide on the Viper Music label. The results are typically explosive. A one-track release, "Third Eye" is a single epic that compensates for like, four of other producer's cuts. Beginning with moody synth work and an ominous rap from Harry Shotta, all mayhem arrives at 1:28 when the fierce metallic bassline and stop/start steppy beats blow up. Dancefloor chaos (in a good way).
Purveyors of fine DnB since 1996, this Essex outfit (Ian Wait, Martin Blackman, Matt North) don't mess about. Here we have a new two-track joint (literally if you see the cover) on Low Down Deep Recordings. Short and sweet and to the point, this single is all about fast fun. "Thrill Seekers" is a proper jump up jam, with dancehall bass melodies, scattershot breaks and spacey effects. "Tracker' is a filthier beast altogether, with sub-troubling wobbly bass barks, speedy drums and some effective vocals samples.
Sometimes you have to look back to look forward. Sometimes you have to look forward to look back. Sometimes you just have to live in the now. Whichever temporal situation you find yourself in, know one thing; Ray Keith has been donning jungle and drum & bass since day one with his mighty and hugely influential Dread imprint and his army of aliases (UFO, Renegade, Terrorist, Dark Soldier, London's Most Wanted, Babylon 5, the list goes on) Here, like the generous D&B Santa he truly is (yes, we are saluting his awesome white beard) he's bringing everyone up to speed with 28 cuts that range every Dread era from here to tomorrow. Serum's VIP-primed soul slammer "Feel For You", Bladerunner's ghostly groaner "Spartan Law" by way of the immense collection from the big man himself, this is an immaculate lesson in jungle with enough upfront exclusives for the biggest completist head. No junglist should be without it.
Danger by name, dangerous by sound: the rising Belgian brute dents the Digital Terror discography with four more bruising steppers. Collabo-wise "Turbulence" sees him teaming up with Nightfang for a laser-shooting riot act while "Empty Space" sees him barking at the moon with Kanine with some really pranged out bass groans. Solo-wise "About You" gets sexy on the vocal element yet militant on the guttural, spiked-out bass tones and "Extinction" is a mammoth of a track, stampeding with a harmonic bass riff and a relentless beats. Warrior level: dinosaur.
A veteran of the Cre8 DnB Radio show, G13 label boss Rowney likes to drop messy dancefloor bombs usually with his pal Toddlah in tow, and here's no different. The original "Wavey" dropped last May, now nearly a year later it's back for the rewind in big VIP sty-lee. If you thought that the first version was fierce, then wait til you hear their own VIP rework - where incisive, mangled bass notes stab over cheeky amen breaks, lairy vocals and there's even a blissed out ravey breakdown too. Bonus cut, "Don't' Say It" keeps the aggy vibes going with skippier beats and pitched basslines. Total mayhem!
Formed ten whole years ago, this Hertfordshire trio (David Wilson, Sammy Stabile and Adam Smart) have paid their dues with their exceptionally slick take on DnB eventually winning fans including Zane Lowe, DJ Friction, MistaJam, Annie Nightingale and even Ellie Goulding! It's all lead up to this, however, their debut album, Under The Blue. Featuring 14 thrill-packed excursions, with highlights including the heart-warming anthem "Sins" (featuring the sweet tones of Charli Brix), the soulful mysteries of "Echoes" and the warm elegance of "Closer". High end beats.
Trustworthy source of killer jumpy jungle for some time now, Ruffneck Ting affiliate K Jah is jamming out some crucial vibers on Natty Dub right here. Not just a clever pun in the title, "All Rhodes Lead Here" flips between a heavenly Rhodes hook and a straight-to-business Serum-style waspy bass groove. "Destination" comes from the Warhead school of thought with its shifting bass sweep and insistent and distinctive percussion, "Heavy Hitter" has an A-Sides-style bounce and funk to it while "Get Out Of My Life" climaxes on an all-out badboy jungle brock-out. Serious business - join K Jah's on the rhode to victory.
It's been a while since we last enjoyed the straight-up ruffage styles of Liz-E but the wait's been worth it... And it's come with a Trigga-sized stamp of Shadow Demon approval. Press play and hear why; "Ducks & Ladders" lives up to its quirky name with a sinewy bass riff, chop-slapping wooden block hits and an energy that will crunch in any mix scenario. "Nightwalker" takes more of a techier trip with Dimension style sweepers and pneumatic drums that could pummel a truck. Serious business.
London's Tephra & Arkoze have been supported by the likes of B.Traits, Basher, Skeptical and John B. The quality and depth of their productions on this new EP will only get them more hype. Firstly, they are joined by Survey for the furious, speedy opener "This World" which blurs the lines between Drum n Bass and simply, er, bass. Things get moodier and more atmospheric on the slinky "Nighthawk" and MC Fokus joins the crew for the dark and nasty title track complete with scattershot beats. Lastly "Inside Out" wraps things up with ethereal synth washes and growling low frequencies.
Following their most prominent and active year to date, Sub-Woofah kick off a new year of releases with a brand new jungle-focused series "Jungle Xplorers". Serious shots are being fired from the off; label boss and leading lady Euphonique kicks off with big Buju-biting damager "Big Man Don't Cry", Omega kicks up with an awesome warbling bass rattler while Erbman kicks out with a horn-tooting floor-shattering roller. Deeper again SynthForce & DJ Ransome get twisted on a Mind Vortex-style bass freak-out and Sl8r chops, pops and double drops with the stuttering, glitched-out Think break led stepper. Long may Sub-Woofah's explorations continue...
Sao Paulo's DJ Andrezz is back on Bryan Gee's legendary Liquid V Recordings with some more, you guessed it: liquid drum and bass. "Take You There" is the kind of emotive and ethereal breakbeat science that reminds us of LTJ Bukem, but the fierce riddims, dubby aesthetics and soul/jazz elements of "Free Your Mind" will get you shakin' your ass even more so. "Rigel Brightness" has you covered for the darker side of things on this moody and bass driven stepper. This is A. Rodrigues De Araujo's fourth release for the London institution and by listening to this you can sure tell why!
Murderation station number one for all junglist pugilists, Deep In The Jungle drop a brand new package and the clue's in the title: Sound Killerz. Soundclash Sessions' Demented Frequency rips up with a balls-out shredder laden with classic sample, Toronto's Hungry T cooks up a strong brew that sits somewhere between BC and Dreadzone and RMS hits up with a strong fix of pure dub jungle with heady FC and dubby textures. Finally Galvatron slaps upside your face with the gulliest cut of the set. All shattered drums and turbo skanks, this will blindside the darkest of floors.
Fresh from shredding up Switch! Northern kindred spirits Shadre & Salvage jump over to Salvage and Carbon's Short Circuit label for more gritty, no holds barred peaktime business. Shadre takes the lead with his own "Shake The Floor". With a spiralling sense of dread in the distorted riff, the drama is tightly sprung into every decaying chord as we plunder further into the darkness. "One In The Chamber" bounces with more of a swagger that could be compared to the recent work of Turno on Charge... Jumpy but deadly. Serious stuff.
Bull-charging into the ring with all the energy of a piston-powered house crusher, Steampunk returns to game with his biggest release to date. "Faster Faster" says it all with its Shot Down On Safari-era hookiness. The whole EP hits the senses with a sound that should resonate well with fans of Original Sin, Supreme Being and Taxman style grit; from the Clipzish Q&A on "Show Me What U Got" to the demonic battle jam "Apocalypse" via the absolute insanity bash "Clipped", this is an all-out wall-of-sound damage-fest. Tops off.
Evil Intention - precision execution... There's no messing around with this brand new Sheffield-based producer. In keeping with Audio Overload's dominant heavy bass riff sound, both cuts speak venomously with forked tongues. "Dub" licks up with a sublime jazzy, hip-hop like sample-based hook before unceremoniously flipping into a guttural bassline that's so rude it would make the mayor of Gully City blush. "Problems" eases off the contrast and just goes straight into the darkness with a tangled, nagging hook of basses. Problems? We got 99 of them but Evil Intention ain't one.
Fresh from a little gully foolery on Stanton Warriors' Punks, Midnight Phulin steps over to Saucy with another out-and-out club thumper. Chunky kicks and bellowing bass complete with mic damage from Tyler Clacey, there's a real grimy momentum throughout. Remix-wise Barely Royal & Bunnie flip the switch as they ride from soothing wavey intro to a gritty two-step and back again, Revaux provides the essential 170 switch up while Tall Order supersize the chunk with a real cheek-slapping house twist. One killer original, three ace diversions - Saucy continue to smash it.
Spellbound by name, spellbinding by nature, Serbia's Soul Connection returns with his first major body of work since his last album Jazz Renegades on Soul Deep. Each of the four tracks make up for lost time; "All For You" ripples with dominant jazzy chords and subtle dubby waves of vocal and horn textures, "Spellbind" confirms its title-track status with clipped rhythmic stabs that owe just as much to techno as they do D&B. Elsewhere "Time" springs with a lighter step and shimmering, dreamlike arpeggio while "Coming To You" brings us to a fittingly atmospheric finale with it soft keys and big oceanic pads. Mesmerising.
Constantly about 20 steps ahead of the rest, Bop's sublime brews are nothing short of future. It's evident from the moment the cosmic drum arrangement and ambient textures roll out on "An Order" to the final echoes of the 23rd century soul "Space 2 Breathe". Darker dancefloor thirsts will be quenched by purring workout "So Unloved", the data-spiked glitch-funk "Untitled Pattern 47" and Anile's super sharp stepper remix. Fancy a cuppa?
Despite the eyebrow-raising name, Tim Reaper ain't scary he's actually a bloke from London called Ed. Here he awakes two tracks for our aural pleasure "All Right" is deep and warm DnB, speedy beats but full and smooth low end caresses, and "Innerspace", a tougher joint featuring relentless amen breaks and soulful breaks. It also features the not inconsiderable talents of Parallel so it's an all-round winner then!
DEMENDE FREQUENCY/HUNGRY T/RMS/GALVATRON - Sound Killerz Vol 1 (Deep In The Jungle) - exclusive 27-03-2017
SIMULA - Introvert (Biological Beats)
EUPHONIQUE/OMEGA/ERBMAN/SYNTHFORCE/DJ RANSOME/SL8R - Jungle Xplorers Vol 1 (Sub Woofah) - exclusive 04-04-2017
STEAMPUNK - Faster Faster (Phantom Dub Digital) - exclusive 31-12-2017
SIMSKAI - Faces (Shiftin Beats) - exclusive 04-04-2017
DANGEROUS - Six Shooter/Written In Bullets (Storno Beatz Recordings)
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