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Time for some Taiwanese dub: regular face at Instigate, DTR returns with his debut full lengther and it's nothing short of a contemporary low end odyssey. Bedrocked by rich weight and space, throughout the album he weaves subtle but strong musical elements with a measured sense of detail. From the lilting horn flutters on "Inner Strength" and the trippy tape stop spirals of "Creator Dub" to the mountainous peaks and abyssal troughs of "Kalimba", DTR ensures to immerse, entertain and constantly develop. Modern dub bliss.
Last spotted on Sub Slayers with bass veteran King Yoof, London singer/songwriter Rony Blue turns our frowns upside down with a velvet homage to lovers rock. Crisp delivery with all the right levels of emotion and delicacy, she's backed by a groove that's fat enough for a party but chill enough for any downtime. Remix-wise Potential Badboy gets his skank on twice with vocal and dub versions. Nothing to be sorry about here.
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