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The new musical wonder that is Kenya's Ogoya Nengo is fast becoming the stuff of legend around the Juno HQ, not least because her singular style of African folk manages to appeal to so many different sorts of listeners. This 'versions' EP is full proof of that, too; clearly an inspiration as a blueprint for some truly mind-bending dance concoctions. Lena Willikens' take on "Orutu Run" is as eerie as it is magical, while Toulouse Low Trax's version of "Mix Zwei" manages to aligh Nengo's vocals with something a little more dubby and wayward. German duo Don't DJ are in their perfect environment, and their usual blend of polyrhythmics is perfectly balanced on "Sorbe Pekingese", a beatless glow of spectral bass bumps, whereas Hardwax-casual Orson delivers a majestic steppers charmer for "Bunde Dub". What an EP. 5 stars.
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