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We've been calling him this for a while behind his back but we'll just come out with it now... Sukh Knight is officially "Renegade" master and this gully whipslaps are proof. "Renegade" (a long-demanded dubplate this year) hits hard with Sukh's gruff, brash funk while the VIP of "Nightcrawler" subverts in all the right places. Deeper into the EP we glide for a little eastern grit while as both "Hands Up" and "Thugz" touch down in Mumbai for gnarly nuances of Bollywood badness. Back once again!
Ahead of the massive Architects Volume 1 album, featuring some of Artikal's most innovative creators, bossman Kenzo drops his first original since last year's jungle damagers on ThirtyOne. "Cross Polarity" sees an endlessly shifting bassline slipping and sliding between evolving drum patterns before diving naked into a deep pool of ageless elements that's deeper than a late night whiskey with Hawkin. A taste of things to come and a reminder of why J:Kenzo is an absolute monster at the controls.
This misty street fighting deep stepper has been on dub for far what feels like an eternity: Flexing his dankest muscles throughout, Estonian artist Dub Killer pays homage to the spiritual motherland with breath-taking mystic aesthetics, hypnotising harmonics and truckloads of sub. Remix-wise The Widdler adds an alluring prayer, sitars and a firing bassline that's so hot it can scorch your skin. Finally LA's Khiva adds a hard-hitting cascading drum riff and chops up the prayer call with trippy effect. Yet another sublime DDD release for the collection.
Another deep space excursion from Encrypted's relatively recent past, label co-founder Content and US star-gazer Krudkutter first dropped these two devilish constructions just over a year ago. "Things" put the gravy in graveyard with its elastic bassline and woozy triplet-based beat. "Just 9" takes the spooky factor to even darker places with unnerving processed breathing and stumbling off-grid beats that shuffle beneath some of the creepiest, swampy tones and textures. Forever future.
Listen to those tightly rolled kickdrums on "Gone Ghost" and try to tell us Dunkee is anything but a badass. Impossible, right? Ostensibly this is instrumental grime but there's a darkness and rough energy behind the blends that nods respectfully to trap and dubstep, too. Aggy, relentless and fun: highlights include the orchestral drama and seismic riddim switch of "Siren" and the no nonsense concrete-denting bass/kick combos of "Wave". That's literally only the half of it, though... Essential grime weaponry right here.

Destination West LA: Ahkur returns to Foundation following his Tetrad collabo earlier this year with his first full EP for the label. Anchored by groaning underground bassweight and titanic Truth-level textures, the EP ranges from delicate to demolishing, often within the space of a beat. Deep heads and fans of wandering round graveyards late at night will enjoy the purified creepiness and mystic feels of "The Apparition", gully-busters will devour that 3-tonne bass grunts of "Wires" while those who love that perfect balance of haunted and hair-raising will munch up "Orca" like it's the last chocolate bar in the factory. Raw, unrefined yet still restrained; this ticks all the important drum & bass boxes.
A year after their last V/A EP, Boxed let rip with another future-fired session that leaves no under illusion what this multi-crew collective are capable of. Boylan & Oilgang set the record straight with a brutal slab of pulverising alien bass before Rebore dusts of his string quartet and gets busy over a rifle-style breakbeat that's not often exploited in grime. Elsewhere Slackk and Logos take us deep into the swampy jungle with an unnerving set of synth tones before flipping us skyward with an elastic bassline that comes from nowhere while Fallow shuts us down with a mighty slice of gun-toting grime drama. Brutal through and through; it's time to think inside the Boxed once again.
The bare necessities: P Jam galvanises his jungle VIP stripes with six cuts that will have your dancefloor swinging from the trees. "Cobra" writhes and bites with sharp drum stutters and venomous bass, "Fire Lion" tears it up with a 93-style rolling breakbeat while "Panther" lives up to its name with a bassline that purrs and growls with savage killer instinct. Elsewhere we find him getting deep, jazzy and steppy with label boss and good friend Terror Danjah (something we're told we're going to hear more of in the future) we get bity and snappy with the blood-drawing rubber ball breakbeat twister "Piranha" and sign out with a punchier, vibrant new take on his 2014 deep stepper "Fresh". Welcome to the jungle...
NOBLE - Junctions (Southpoint) - exclusive 15-09-2017
JOKER - Mad Night (Kapsize)
MOJOE - Yhyh (Simply Deep) - exclusive 28-09-2017
ABSTRAKT SONANCE - Life (Dank N Dirty DUbs)
DISTINCT MOTIVE - Out There (Deep Dark Dangerous)
GUESSWERK - Falling/Untitled (Boka)
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