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When Bristolian man-of-mystery A Sagittariun released his debut album, Dream Ritual, back in 2013, there was a brilliant freshness to his '90s inspired intelligent techno sound. Since then, many others have mined similar inspirations, but few can match the authenticity of his sound. Elasticity, his sophomore set, widens his palette of influences further, via nods to blissful ambient house, trippy interludes (complete with spoken word samples from famous psychedelic thinkers), Drexciyan electro, the guitar-laden atmospherics of Jonny Nash, and, most surprising of all, classic UK garage. It's a fine set, all told, and one that reveals greater details with each successive listen.
Berlin's Anno Stamm has released previously on the likes of Meakusma and Macro but now presents his first full length on Ireland's All City Records, who have coincidentally released two EP's by Stamm in the last few years; so he's certainly a staple of the label these days. There's a great variety of moods and grooves on the To Gravit & Symmeth We Ryth LP (what a tongue twister!) such as the low slung acid of "The Streets Where We Live", the retro bleep techno of "Charge It Up To My Account" or "The Cities I Waltzed Through". Or there's just straight up deep house of the most sublime kind on "Sensing Social Sirens".
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