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Craigie Knowes is a weird and wonderful leftfield disco label based in Glasgow. How weird you ask? It's pretty out-there, but then all the best music has nearly always been so, and that's fine by us. This various artists EP, Knowes Universal Broadcast, features five tracks, the shortest of which is seven minutes long. That would be "Fade Away" by Baltra, a lo-fi distorted acid jacker, Highfield Casuals deliver the dreamy and melancholic "Highfield Daze", whilst Natureboy Gold rocks it harder with the slammin' Fairlight/303 orgy, "Prozac Test". Lastly Stephen Simpson delivers "Qaua", a heavily percussive, sub aquatic groove machine.
Marius Lauber is an over-achiever. Originally a prolific musician in indie bands, an interest in dance music lead to a DJ residency at Kompakt's regular Total Confusion party. Then came the records - his debut, Sea, aged 22 which got snapped up by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard at Greco Roman. Here he presents his debut LP under the name Roosevelt. Mixed by Chris Coady (Future Islands/Beach House) we get 12 tracks of cool, elated pop. Highlights include the super catchy widescreen melodies of "Belong", the shimmering 80s-fun-via-Tame-Impala vibes of "Moving On" and of course that infectious sing-along debut, "Sea".
Originally discovered by Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya), Federico Leocata is an Athenian electro artist with penchant for the dark side. Following a string of releases on key underground labels he now returns with this long player on Central Processing Unit. Fans of minimal wave and synth pop won't be disappointed as we get nine stark cuts of gimp mask beats and dungeon friendly melodies. Highlights include the sleazy horror-clash of opener "Der Zeitlose Raum", the metaphysical dominatrix vibes of "Metavision" and the Propaganda-on-a-budget pop of "Zunachst" which features the ice-cool vocals of Beta Evers.
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