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Reviewed this week
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It's fairly rare that a remix will blow you away, but that's undoubtedly the case with Acid Arab's astonishingly good remake of Etienne Jaumet's Metallik Cages, the first single to be taken from the former Zombie Zombie man's forthcoming album, La Visite. Utilising only the briefest snippets from the original (sadly not included in this package), the Paris-based duo deliver a snaking, slow-building, deliciously paranoid rework that puts their exotic intentions and dense Middle Eastern percussion at the heart of the action. In truth, the clips don't do it justice; it's an amazing piece of work. Versatile boss Gilb'r sticks close to the druggy, EBM-inspired chug of the original on his solid Club Mix, but it's his Bonus Beats version - a trippy rhythm cut that makes excellent use of stereo panning effects and weird noises - that impresses more.
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Experimental. It's a word used and used again when describing music that's a little off-the-wall but in the case of southern lad Toronto Is Broken, it's not a lazy adjective. There's a bit of an art to creating heavy, high energy D&B that's also deeply ridden with blockbuster theatrics and when it comes to pushing an atmosphere of widescreen tension and fast-paced action, he's got it down. Eerie samples pulled from places deep inside TIB's mind scatter the surface of each track, giving more texture to what could be lost as 'another' heavy drum & bass release. Don't be fooled - this one is different.
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Gerard Ryan's Le Cliche project sees its first full-length release, and it's on the increasingly on-point Medical Records. Consumer Behaviour largely takes influence from the minimal synth scene and much of Krautrock's more electronic side, where tracks like "Waiting On The Internet" or "Human Computer Interaction" clearly explore the issues and complexities of today's technologies and their bonds with humanity. A mixture of Kraftwerkian politics, synthesised melodies and a touch of electro. Check it out.
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