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Reviewed this week
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Current go-to-man for the UK underground, Beneath follows up some high profile releases on PAN and his own No Symbols imprint, with a new one on Berceuse Heroique featuring some typically beaten down but forward thinking perspectives of the dancefloor. First up "50/50" and its snarling acid work out faces off with a broken beat off set by serene atmospherics. "Freeze" is next with its funky and disjointed rhythm taking a more minimalist approach to showcase that A1 bassline and sultry kick ass rhythm. "Soho" with its sheer futurism merges reliable dancefloor dynamics with cleverly executed sound design, then wait for the drop! Finally "Future Shock" pays homage to his dubstep roots with a dirty exploration of sub-bass dynamics complete with haunting yet exotic string accompaniment. Tip!
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Berlin-based producer Koehler may well have affiliations with both Skudge and Creme's R-Zone series, but he's clearly built a bond with London label Berceuse Heroique. Last year's label debut Dynasty was Koehler at his post-apocalyptic best and he's on similarly face-slapping form with "Anti-Gravity Switch". Produced with fellow Berlin type Kuno, the track is essentially a DJ tool for those who like their tracks to breathe a certain filth laden rudeness. A disgustingly thick acid-like riff is at the core of "Anti-Gravity Switch" around which Koehler and Kuno lay down some foundation shattering drum programming. Just listen to the clips! Dave Huismans remixes the track as A Made Up Sound, stripping it down and building it back up as some nasty broken dub business.
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German electro artist Boyz Noize is back with a vengeance on this new full length which runs the whole the gamut from classic electro flavours right through to dirty tech house and even a bit of acid for good measure. Testament to his success are the rather interesting collaborations on offer with special guests such as long-time fan and Turbo boss Tiga teaming up on "808-Irag" for some seriously druggy dancefloor antics. "Openn" features the legendary Uwe Schmidt aka Atom TM where they venture into more experimental waters, naturally but will easily warp minds on the dancefloor, no problem. But it's "Spacer" with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs which is undoubtedly the highlight with its epic and soulful melancholia. All in all a brilliant effort and return to form for Alex Ridha.
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