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Reviewed this week
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After his Dego moniker burst back onto the scene with a killer release for Eglo alongside regular cohort Kaidi Tatham last year, Dego is going it alone for Falty DL's Blueberry imprint with just the kind of plush broken beat finery you would expect from the man. "Nuts!" even slips a little bit of Hashim into its slow but dextrous rhythm, but largely the funky Moog bass and sublime chords rule the day. "Could Murder A Burger" ramps the energy levels up while getting into a more circular pattern that opens out once some delectable piano chords worm their way in. The original version of "Celestian Ditton" finds Dego drifting into a more dreamy downtempo mood without losing the forwards momentum, which Falty DL then twists up into a more flamboyant version that stays respectful to the source.
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Voiron's fourth release this year is issued on Photonz' One Eyed Jacks label. It feels like the producer has decided to plunder the past as much as possible. "Hardchore" is a metallic stepper that features breezy trance melodies, while the title track sees Voiron go back to the early '90s warehouse sound, as subsonic, bleepy bass unfolds over tough breakbeats. "Harlem Juno Shake" is led by crashing cymbals and wild acid bursts. This connection to the '90s continues on the remixes; the Violet take on "Harlem Juno Shake" is more evocative and led by lithe breaks, while Pal+ version of "RN12 91" adds shaking percussion and ecstatic 'oohs and ahs' to the arrangement.
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Matt Flanagan is finally starting to prove it's not just the spelling of his production moniker, DeFeKT that's rad, it's his music too. This release for Komish sounds like his most accomplished batch of tracks yet, arriving on a label that has previously released music by Peter Van Hoesen, Samuli Kemppi and Bleaching Agent. DeFeKT adds a touch of rumbling electro to Komisch, which begins with the rough and bleepy groove of "Chain Drive". It's the motoring stabs of "Move" which will get the Drexciyan heads walking to the dancefloor like the track's bassline, while a third track, "Down Here", sees Flanagan provide some uber-dub techno made with an electro brain.
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