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There is a quote on his Soundcloud which declares "'Kasper Bjorke definitely makes art. Each production feels assured with the Scandinavian impacting a genuine sense of the cerebral into his music" and we can definitely agree with such sentiment. On his new track "Cloud 9" he takes us on a journey through the use of deep and emotive electro groove, much like Visionia or Dorisburg have of late, but with the addition of Urdur's talents on the vocal version.. which is just electric! There's some great remixes: Correspondent alumnus Marvin & Guy give the track a deep and dreamy journey vibe, like they only can, on their dub remix. Weval turns in a wicked dub too, but his goes well deeper and those Rhodes keys are a very nice touch.
In previous years, Kasper Bjarrke has focused on delivering atmospheric music that can variously be described as woozy, Balearic and intoxicating. In 2016, he's upped his game, moving further towards the dancefloor in a bid to incite saucer-eyed glee amongst dancers. Intriguingly, his original instrumental of "Cloud 9" is a spacey affair, with star-kissed chords and dreamy pads riding a snappy, 808-electro rhythm. Gerd Janson provides the headline remix, fusing Bjarrke's deliciously intergalactic chords with bubbling acid lines, spiraling electronic top lines, and punchy, drum machine-driven house rhythms. It's really rather good, as you'd expect, lifting the package into "must-have" territory.
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