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Bahnsteig 23's productive run shows no signs of letting up as we round off 2016, with the label following up on Albion and Etbonz by turning to the considerable talents of Alexis Le-Tan under his Le-Fan guise. The Les Edits Du Golem regular turns up the heat on this wildly inventive record, touching on all kinds of styles in the process. "Swiss Cottage" is a slow swinging slice of new wave on a mission, while "Bruzzano" fires off samples in a mad cap Art Of Noise fashion. "Den Tempst" is a more bombastic kind of stomper, and then "Sondrio" veers off into moody soundtrack territory.

Vincent Koreman has a brace of albums to his credit as Drvg Cvltvre, but Night is the first time that one of his long-players has appeared in vinyl format. Perhaps as recognition of that achievement, this release on Pinkman is a sprawling, epic affair. It starts with the breathy vocals and drawn-out ebm of "Where Embers Die" before moving into the splurging acid of "Charge Of The Haploids' and the more typical gritty Dutch techno of "Shock Corridor". "Brakes Are Death" sees Koreman embark down a grating industrial path, but it isn't an entirely nocturnal affair - the title track revolves around a curiously euphoric, infectious riff wrapped up in a fuzzy, bass-heavy groove.
Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell has long been a fan of Leopoldo Rosa's work as Lerosa, so it's little surprise to find the Dublin-based producer popping up on the Bristol-based imprint. Subcouture is a fine EP, with Rosa taking the opportunity to expand on his hazy deep house blueprint. So, we get an impeccable trip into spacey electro territory (fine opener "Maryelen"), nods to dub-influenced NYC proto-house (EP standout "Line Bass"), synth-heavy Balearic deep house (the melodious, 107 BPM shuffle of "Scruffy"), and - arguably most impressive at all - rolling, spaced out dub-house ("Subcouture" itself). It's arguably one of Rosa's strongest EPs to date, and certainly his most versatile.
Having done such wonderful work alongside Wolf Muller on The Sound Of Glades album, Cass makes a welcome return with an expansive album release on Emotional Response. The German producer's ambient tendencies blossom here, occasionally meeting with laconic drums as on "U" but primarily dealing in huge swathes of melody. DJs will want to hold out for the dramatic pulse of "Ann", where a more pronounced drum set makes for one of the album's most club-ready moments. There's a strong variety of tones and moods across Youth Sessions, from the strafing arpeggios of "Running" to the bliss-out shapeless swirl of "Prismatic Prolog", and this ensures that the album will not dull with repeated listens.
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