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Cinematic Trap & Ambient Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Adam Shaw presents a kaleidoscope of tripped out melodies, epic strings, off the grid percussion, deep shifting bass, stepped beats, soulful vocal treatments and haunting ambiences
15 Apr 16
Experimental 170 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
ASC delves deep into his archives to present lush atmospherics, reverbed chords, deep basslines & heavily syncopated beats for minimal drum & bass and ambient producers
16 Aug 12
Dubstep Colours (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
2.2 GB collection of deep ambient dubstep & electronica by Author aka Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin
06 Jan 16
Dark Atmospheres & SFX 01 (Sample Pack WAV)
First in this series of dark sound fx featuring 342MB of pads, layers, soundscapes & atmospheres with orchestral drum hits in wav format
BC 0133
07 Dec 11
Dark Atmospheres & SFX 02 (Sample Pack WAV)
The second in this series of cinematic sounds presents 312MB of pads, layers, drum hits & atmospheres in wav format for multiple genres including dub step, progressive, grime & drum n bass
BC 0134
09 Dec 11
Ambient Injection: Evolving Energy (Sample Pack WAV)
With over 400 MB of sounds for genres such as breaks, dubstep, ambient, hardstyle, idm, drum & bass, tv, film & soundtrack.
BC 0153
13 Feb 12
Robotic Division: Sci Fi Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
247 robotica & sci fi sound fx in wav format suitable for breaks, dub step, ambient, trance, techno, electronica, tv, film & game designers
BC 0154
20 Feb 12
Orbital Transmission: Sci Fi Sound Effects & Soundscapes (Sample Pack WAV)
A comprehensive set of sic fi sound fx suitable for ambient, dub step, drum n bass, breaks, IDM & experimental music in wav format
BC 0156
29 Feb 12
Ambient Injection: Evolving Space (Sample Pack WAV)
398Mb of material including 117 treated samples (some of them over a minute long), suitable for use in genre's such as breakbeat, dubstep, ambient, hardstyle, idm, drum & bass, tv, film & soundtracks.
BC 0158
01 Mar 12
Experimental Ambient Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Ambient experimental sounds abound in this sound set that features 225 grooves, synth loops, fx & drums clocked at 100BPM in wav format
BC 0162
17 Mar 12
Lightning Blue (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection totalling 395MB of ambient textures, fx & soundscapes for use in chill out, drum & bass, dubstep & ambient productions.
BC 0160
10 Mar 12
Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Over 1080 loops & samples are a feature of this set of atmospheric sound fx that come in the form of a comprehensive 1.8GB of content in wav or aiff format
BC 0151
01 Feb 12
Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
1.4Gb of soundscapes & sound fx featuring explosions, risers, metallic reverse effects, sweeps, unnerving impacts & turbulent climbs
BC 0168
14 May 12
FMJ - Dramatic Soundscapes and Textures (Sample Pack WAV)
Broad range of audio samples, including atmospheric sounds, metal impacts, ethnic textures and one-shot sound effects recorded in 24 Bit WAV format by AV-Production
29 Jul 13
Robotic Assault: Textured SFX (Sample Pack WAV)
A sound fx library featuring 400+ samples including aircraft noise, weapons, robotic sounds & more for use in any number of sound design, cinematic or dance music projects with files in wav format
BC 0170
24 Jul 12
Synthetic Organic Textures (Sample Pack WAV)
158 twisted fx such as fresh submarine ambiences, splashes, bubbly underwater sounds & ripple effects totalling 560MB of content
BC 0172
18 Sep 12
Autobots - Transformers Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Sound library featuring 288 altered mechanical, hydraulic and electric sound effects for video game sound designers, music production and multimedia projects
BC 0178
01 Jun 13
Lost Locator - Sci Fi Communication Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
Sound effects for a total of 985 MB of radio communication SFX, twisted military radio sounds, walkie-talkie and white noises, analyzed and more
BC 0179
02 Jun 13
Exoplanet - Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
Cinematic/ambient sound library including ature sounds, forest ambiences, textured animal gurgle and growl sound effects and reworked hardware synthesizer pad sounds
BC 0180
03 Jun 13
Mixed Ethnic and Cinematic Percussion Loops (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
cinematic sound library perfect for film and TV soundtrack artists including over 116 samples
BC 0181
04 Jun 13
Altered Zone - Dark Ambient (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
120+ precision programmed electronic ambient loops, pads and samples.
BC 0177
15 Nov 12
Abandoned Labs - Dark Cinematic Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Vast collection of atmospheres & soundscapes, dark textures & deep ambiences, metal textures, cinematic hits & eerie sound effects
10 Jul 15
Scary Ambiences & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Over 1,20 GB of dark drones, spooky ambiences, chaotic impacts, screaming sounds, dark soundscapes and more
BC 0217
01 Mar 16
Sky Observer - Cinematic Samples 01 (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Exciting cinematic/trailer sound library featuring over 1.3GB of modern sounds for soundtrack and electronic music producers
BC 0218
03 Mar 16
War Zone - Designed Explosion Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Solid arsenal of sound FX for documentary/film editors & video game sound designers
BC 0214
02 Mar 16
Cosmic Dub Electronics (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
600Mb of 24-bit quality loops & sounds including crunchy warped beats, deep grungy basses, diverse music loops & sinister SFX
02 Jan 13
Electronic Visions (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A subversive collection taking you on an eclectic aural journey featuring chunky beats, celestial leads and slick bass frequencies
16 May 16
Ghosts: Essential Evolving Massive Presets (Sample Pack Massive Presets/WAV)
Adam Pollard aka Multiplier presents unique textures, atmospheres and lush evolving captures
07 Apr 15
Textures: Dust Dirt & Crackle Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
More than 1 GB of of crisp organic soundscapes, haunting sci-fi elements, evocative vintage vinyl noise, tape & and cassette captures and ghostly voice textures
24 Nov 14
Roseway Studio Sessions Vol 1: Future Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
35 original studio sessions that include the full royalty free mixes and individual stems of each sample
25 Apr 16
Ninja Cartoon Bloopers (Sample Pack WAV)
Chinese & Japanese styled construction kits inspired by cartoons and video games
28 Jun 13
House & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Diverse 500MB collection of fresh laid back house grooves and fractured melodies for deep & thoughtful electronic music productions
25 Feb 13
Fighting Is Futile (Traktor Remix Set)
Matthew Dear's hypnotising track set up for immediate use with Traktor's remix decks
21 Mar 13
Masters Of India (Sample Pack LIVE)
Ableton Live pack showcasing India's percussion
06 Oct 14
Tribal Vocals FX (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
Oer 1 GB of of tribal vocals FX from the Indian Ocean countries, the Balkan states and the Middle East
29 Jul 14
The Laya Project: Ambience Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
A journey through the villages, forests, rivers and communities of India, Indonesia, Maldives and Myanmar
04 Jan 14
Hamsa Arabic Percussion (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
A unique collection of percussion inspired by beats and instruments of the Middle East and Arabic culture
28 May 14
Dubstep India (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
547 MB collection of dubstep signature sounds and Indian instruments and patterns including vocals, strings, woodwinds and percussion
25 Nov 13
Static Sounds Vol 1: Broken Electronic Loops & Pads (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
756 MB of experimental rhythms, futuristic soundscapes, glitched-out sequences, bit crunched textures, mesmerizing pads & multi layered sound FX from Merv Pepler
25 Nov 13
X-Static Goldmine Vol 4 (Sample Pack WAV)
Volume four in the Xstatic Goldmine collection features bass, drum, beatbox & music loops with over 2500 one shot samples in a pack that totals 470MB of old school content
07 Jan 10
Rare One-Shotz: Household Edition (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 100 original samples taken from typical household appliances and utensils
08 Dec 14
Cinematic Guitars FX (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A sample set featuring guitar fx with a cinematic edge that are suitable for tv, film or game music composers in wav & apple loops formats totalling 1.47GB of content
15 Jun 12
Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies 2 (Sample Pack MIDI)
Five piano construction kits in MIDI format suitable for ambient, chillout, downtempo and new age producers
03 Aug 13
Ambient & Cinematic MIDI Kits 2 (Sample Pack MIDI)
Five lush & deep construction kits in MIDI format suitable for ambient, cinematic, soundtrack and TV composers
30 Aug 13
Darkside Drum & Bass (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REX2)
1GB of drum loops with added rhythm FX, basslines, FX loops & energetic breakbeats
01 Jan 11
Ambient Chill (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/APPLE/REX2)
1.9GB of loops & samples in aiff, wav, apple loops & rex 2 formats for the production of ambient & chilled out genres.
01 Jan 11
Binary Code (Sample Pack ACID/WAV)
250 experimental loops for the production of glitch, industrial & experimental tracks including pads, toys, beats, non pitched elements in wav format
01 Jan 11
Chain Reaction: Tech Sounds & FX Loops (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
952Mb of sounds recorded at 24bit resolution featuring 440 loops in wav format, 440 loops in apple loops/aiff format, 166 one-shot samples in wav format all royalty free
01 Jan 11
Looped Atmosphere FX (Sample Pack ACID/WAV)
A sample set of evolving textures & fx loops that is ideally suited to film composers or sound designers with a total of 665MB of drones, fx & textures
01 Jan 11
Future Chill (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
Euphoric chill out sounds featuring melodies, synths, atmospheric sequences and drum loops in acid/wav & rex 2 formats
01 Jan 11
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