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Jonny Megabyte's curious blends of tooled-up juke is gaining traction both in the realm of our charts and beyond. The rising bass junkie returns to the equally impressive Philthtrax with a scorching five-tracker that gives us a taste of all the favours that the wider footwork equation has to offer, and we're keen to say that this might be his most daring EP as of yet. "Closing Time" opens with a slow, meandering ride through thick slabs of bass, while "Down Syndrome" shifts gears up to faster house tempos. "Gravy Kisser" strips the groove back to a solid artillery of kicks and fiery percussion shots, "Booze & Soil" goes for the jump-up flex - a hypnotic flurry of instruments and tough power drums - and "Your Love" winds the flow down to a more romantic flex. The business.
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JONNY MEGABYTE - Touch Of Machine (Philthtrax) - exclusive 22-08-2017
ROOTLESS & MALOU MORKEBERG - Ice (Good Street) - exclusive 10-07-2017
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