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Astrophonica kicks off 2017 with the sounds that have driven the label forward over the past five years. Gradients is the label's first compilation and brings together its small but powerful roster with a string of close friends and allies, giving prominence to both well-known names - dBridge, DJ Earl, Stray, Om Unit (under his Philip D Kick guise) and newcomers such as Lewis James, Tusais, Touchy Subject and Tehbis. This is a glorious celebration of Astrophonica's growth, as well as its stylistic roots and forward thinking ethos. Each of the 13 tracks have been tested in the clubs over the past year to ensure an all killer/no filler experience. Respect!
Producer from Brazil, Cesrv whose musical endeavours started back in 2006, he's an important figure in the Brazilian bass scene. He managed to score some fruitful collaborations outside his home country, with the likes of DJ Rashad and Taso to name a few. After his single "STRTZ", on the "Groove Sounds & Twisted Rhythms Vol. V" compilation, the artist shows us his arsenal of abilities and his musical maturity on his debut EP "HIGH". The tracks found on this record are rhythmically pulsating compositions pulling us closer to the climate of South America, fueled by the most recent sounds in the electronic music world of jungle and footwork.
Big Dope P DJ Chart
ActRaiser Juke DJ Chart
Modern Ruin Records DJ Chart
6Blocc DJ Chart
CESRV - High (Sequel One)
PLOT TWIST - Polaroid (Philthtrax) - exclusive 25-04-2017
SHAO - SHAO (Balkan Kolektiv) - exclusive 01-05-2017
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