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David Hanke is a man known for his wild and illustrious array of aliases. Through the years, he's appeared under the names Black Soyls, Madball Scientists, Mankoora and Rengades Of Jazz, among many others. Dem Juju Poets is his latest creation and, needless to say, it is perhaps his most accomplished and mature project to date. We don't want to take anything away from his previous productions but there's just something utterly fluid about this latest reincarnation. Matasuna is the new label to launch this new Liberated Thoughts album, and we're sure this will go down a storm with all the jazz-funk crew, particularly the followers of Giles Peterson's DJ sound. Hanke's approach is playful and diverse, branching out into all sorts of jazzy vibrations that are tied together by funky, off-kilter outernational vibes. Plenty of breaks, bass bumps, and party moves for all sorts of vinyl playaz - oh boy, check those horns on the masterful "People's Republic"!
Favourite Worry was born from the difficulties that everyone feels as they move through life, the dreams that falter, the friendships that struggle or the love that falls away. Each song was born from this very personal atonement that each of the band has had to reconcile themselves with. It was vital that the record demonstrate the many years the members have played together, the blood harmonies and sibling rhythm section. Just as importantly the need for the sound to reach deep into the guts of the listener, as so many of their influences supposedly do. Fuelled by a rediscovery of the music and artists that originally inspired their formation, the four walls of their studio were ablaze with a soundtrack of Bill Withers, Isaac Hayes and the Isley Brothers throughout the songwriting process for their new album. From the swagger of symphonic opener 'Wanderlust' to heartfelt ballad 'Lose That Way' to the thunderous blues of the closing title track; The Milk's confidence in these songs and their execution is clearly audible. Captured in a tireless outburst of creativity at the end of 2014, 'Favourite Worry' is The Milk at their soulful, honest and engaging best.
For the 48th instalment of the popular Katakana Edits series, the shadowy figures behind the rework stable have turned to Mister Vagz, a producer who has previously contributed to a couple of other label EPs. It's pleasingly varied, with Vagz effortlessly switching between spaced-out, bass-heavy mash-up pastures (the reggae/hip-hop/funk-rock hoedown of "Stopper Wayz") and echo-laden electrofunk-rap business ("Get Ice On It"). Throw in the pitched-down soul meets classic hip-hop shuffle of "Supernatural Soul" and the heady soul breeziness of "Wondrous Regulate" and you've got a fine EP of grown-up mash-ups. In three words: mature party-starters.
Rarer than unicorn teeth, the original 1978 pressing of Orlando Julius and Ashiko's Love Peace & Happiness has regularly passed hands for thousands of dollars in the past. Now liberated by careful archivists Hot Casa, the full set is available for all and it's still every bit as spiritual, jazzy and vibrant as it was 39 years ago. The euphoric horn cadances on "Ashiko", the slinky sleazy funk of "Oyetoff Super Hot", the clam-tight groove supremacy of "Get The Funk", fusion at this frenetic level is timeless. Feel the love.

MISTER VAGZ - Katakana Edits Vol 48 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2017
SKEEWIFF - Skeewiff In Wonderland (Pedigree Cuts) - exclusive 01-04-2017
REE KEEN - Makeeni (Beatnik City) - exclusive 31-12-2017
DAYTONER - Shedits 3 (Cabin Pressure) - exclusive 22-04-2018
THE MILK - Favourite Worry (Deluxe Edition) (What Wah 45s)
WILL SESSIONS - Deluxe (Fat Beats)
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