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Ok folks, it's a new Bomb Strikes release, you should all know the drill by now. Yep, it's all about party friendly breaks and mash-ups here, so leave your arty pretensions at the door, thank you very much. Here we have two self-professed 'funkmasters', Prosper and the suggestively titled Stabfinger hooking up for three sizzling jams. The title track mixes brassy big beat and daisy age rap, whilst "Don't Hold Back" is pure hands-in-the-air poppy electro funk before "Baby Baby Please" wraps it all up nicely with an infectious fusion of electro-swing, rap and cumbia beats.
Finally here we have the much-awaited fourth album, Crown Posada, from the proudly gritty Geordie soul act Smoove & Turrell, who combine hard hitting social commentary with dancefloor thrilling vintage style soul and funk. They're' teased us with attention grabbing singles such as Glue Bag Flags, Fight On and you Could've Been A Lady. However there a more, deeper and richer delights to be had across the further nine tracks featured here including the Chic-influenced disco boogie of "No Point In Trying" and the edgy electro-funk "50 Days Of Winter". A seriously smart long player.
What would Sound Exhibitions do without chief resident DJ Moy? Here is again having already worked up a sweat on this week's Retro Funk Part 3. On Know You Like The Way We Get Down", he broadens the emphasis beyond the former's 1970s focus. "Funkoick" edits down a synthy, digital funk jam from about 1985 and turns it to a shimmering dubby workout, next "Feels Good" is all about crisp electro soul, whilst the title track takes a searing guitar riff, loops it over a thumping house kick and throws in some wayward sax to up its Balearic credentials.
DJ Moy is a trooper. He is the guy in the Sound Exhibitions engine room working around the clock to keep the whole thing going. Don't believe us? Well this week alone he has two important releases on the label. The first of the aforementioned two releases is Retro Funk Part 3, a three-track mini-comp that concentrates on revitalising long lost gems from the er, retro funk genre. First up is "Funk Floor", a viciously funky 70s clavinet attack, followed swiftly by the tight and quirky elastic boogie of "Super Funk" and the warm and lazy grooves of closer "Hot".
MNDSGN - Body Wash (Stones Throw US)
DJ INKO - Downtown Funk (Timewarp Greece)  exclusive 02-10-2016
SMOOVE & TURRELL - Crown Posada (Jalapeno)
VARIOUS - Jalapeno Soul Sisters Vol 1 (Jalapeno)
STEVE SPACEK	Follow Me (Eglo)
BRIAN AUGER - Back To The Beginning ...Again: The Brian Auger Anthology Vol 2 (Kudos)
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