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Reviewed this week
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Here we have the sophomore outing for Californian edit crew, Boogie Down, who specialise in sunkissed retro West Coast vibes. Keen to make up for lack of releases, they've jammed a whopping nine scalpel jobs on to this release. We've been grooving to the whole lot here at Juno HQ, but our faves include the minimal cowbell and clap-athon "Get Up", the dreamy Supremes teaser, "Hanging On" and the squelchy G-funk synth jam, "West Side". Dope.
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Here it is, another Strictly Breaks jam! As usual we've got both a great index of classic breaks sampled by many a DJ and a great, varied compilation of simply great tunes. There are 25 of them to choose from with some of the many, many highlights including bonkers German romp "Wenn Die Sonne Scheint" by Bernd Wefelmeyer Orch, the funky drummer-riddled "I Lost Me A Friend" by Glitter House and the sweet Philly soul of "Give Me Your Love" by Rae & Toomey McDonald.
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The staff at Barely Breaking Even are a tireless lot, constantly digging and scouring for more of the 'real music for real people' that they have earned their reputation through supporting. But it gets hard to keep on top things which is why this annual tradition has evolved in which they all sit down, consume lots of mulled wine and throw plastic cups at each other before they eventually agree on what was the most essential cuts from the year's schedule. Here are the 15 tracks from 2014 that made the final cut - the creme de la creme so to speak- so sit back and enjoy many wonders from the likes of Mr Bird, Shawn Lee, DJ Vadim and more.
VARIOUS - Beat Bacana (Royal Soul) - exclusive 08-12-2014
GENERAL NARCO - Dub In The Arena EP	(Ghetto Funk) - exclusive 31-12-2030
SMOOVE - Wack Dynamite EP (Wack) - exclusive 01-01-2030
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