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The thing about the Katakana Edits series is that, with each new release, sometimes it's a compilation, sometimes there's a solitary curator. Here on their 43rd outing they keep it nice and simple - two sizzling summer edits by Rocknrolla Soundsystem. A Dutch foursome (Sebastian, Raymond, Martijn Bosch and Joris), here the soundsystem present two contrasting versions of the same tune - "Thank You". Firstly the Cosmic Funk mix is an eight-minute funk escalator that builds on a brassy, sassy swaggering groove. Meanwhile the Stripped Groove mix keeps the cool 70s vibes but strips everything back to a hip, loose jam.
You can never accuse Wah-Wah 45s of being boring, or indeed of giving poor value for money. If however, there is any doubt left in your mind, then this sixth instalment of the Allo Love series will dispel them for good. Curated by Leeds / London based electronica act Paper Tiger, they present 15 disparate gems for our listening pleasure. Highlights include the loungey swagger of "One Thirty Three" by Chrome Glaciers, Paper Tiger's own abstract synth-funk beats of on "Ebor Basement" and the knackered boogie of "Shoe Girl" by Bastien Keb. Top-notch stuff.
RANKO - Hypersensitivity (O*RS)
STABFINGER/KDS - Black Mama (Freshly Squeezed) - exclusive 19-08-2016
KYLIE AULDIST - Waste Of Time (Freestlye)
KYLIE AULDIST	Family Tree (Freestyle)
PALOV/SIBU & JOE NAGALL feat BONZES FUEL/BANDURA - Carnibal 014 (Carnibal) - exclusive 31-12-2016
DELE SOSIMI feat PRINCE FATTY & NOSTALGIA 77 - You No Fit Touch Am In Dub (Wah Wah 45s)
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