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Reviewed this week
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A lot of re-edit producers seem to be reappearing following a fairly long hibernation period. It can't be a coincidence that the sun's out too - as re-edits are good times music. The Reflex are finally back and there'll be some mighty good times soundtracked by "Bongle Joogie", an almost seven-minute muscled up version of Kool And the Gang's monster party jam. Meanwhile, Earth, Wind & Fire's timeless hit "September" gets tweaked into a floaty cloud of party joy, with some pretty impressive acapella breaks too.
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What would we all do without Strictly Breaks, eh? Well, we'd all be spending much, much longer hours in dank basements digging for records for one thing. This compilation label tirelessly collects songs with classic breaks as used by many artists over time, with their albums working both as a reference source and as just good albums of classic tunes. Highlights here include Grace Jones' otherworldly tropicalia of "My Jamaican Guy", the raw and evocative free jazz of John Klemmer's "Free Soul" and the hazy grooves of Roy Ayers' ever-seductive "Searching".
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Having recently rescued veteran pianist Henri Pierre Noel from virtual obscurity, Wah Wah 45s boss Adam Scrimshire has uncovered another long lost LP by the man titled One More Step, and has now re-released it for all our listening pleasure. Originally only receiving a limited release in Canada, this sophomore LP dates from the early '80s and features 12 more diverse cuts including the borderline schmaltz of ballad "Will Come A Day" (rescued by stunning ivory tinkling), the frenetic Afro rhythms of "Roller Skate Rhapsody" and the accelerated Eurodisco gem "Funky Spider Dance".
VARIOUS - The Wah Wah Version (Wah Wah 45s) - exclusive 14-07-2014
AFTERNOONS IN STEREO - A Jazz Odyssey (Timewarp Greece) - exclusive 31-12-2014
REFLEX, The - Revisions Vol 5 (Gamm) - exclusive 31-12-2014
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