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Stone cold classic from 1977. Zebra's self-released (and only) single has had an interesting trip in the last 15 years. First chanced upon by Ian Wright, then a hot target on the collector's merry-go-round, then a big hit for Jazzman and now, 10 years later, a potential smasher for Jazzman alumni Fryer and his consistently ace AOTN imprint. In case you don't know it, "Simple Song" is a slapping, frenzied funk groove while "I Forgot To Say" plays consummate counterpoint with a blissful honeyed ballad. It's worth jumping on this while you can...
Destination '77: Nigerian troupe The Apostles lay down their third album Banko Woman. And, with it, this widescreen vibe excursion that's been a go-to for Afrobeat diggers since it was released on Love Day 40 years ago. "Banko Woman" is a firing, energetic funk jam layered with vibrant levels of instrumentation that gradually strip back at points to let you feel the raw tempo of the groove. "Faith Luck & Music" is at once both more bluesy, thanks to the sliding, melting guitars, and spiritual, thanks to the traditional rhythm and chords.
ZEBRA - Simple Song (Athens Of The North)
SMOOVE - Main Sourced (Wack) - exclusive 25-06-2017
FUNK HUNK - Funkier Than That (Handshakes) - exclusive 31-12-2017
BOOGIE DOWN EDITS - Boogie Down Edits 14 - exclusive 31-12-2017
VARIOUS - Disco Paradise (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 03-06-2017
OMAR - Gave My Heart (Freestyle)
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