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When you consider the sheer quality and breadth of their output, there really isn't another label like Wah Wah 45s. Adam Schrimshire's pioneering imprint reaches its 18th birthday this year, and he's kicking off celebrations straight away with the launch of this new collection featuring a whopping 33 remixes of mighty back catalogue tunes. Highlights include the bleepy, warped hip-hop of "Ooh (J-Felix remix)" by Paper Tiger, the doomy, the brooding witch-soul of Goth-Trad's remix of Lea Lea's "Black Or White" and Ashley Beedle's deep and silky smooth "Return To The Factory" remix of "Glory" by Stac. Happy birthday fellas!
Original pressings have been previously spotted passing hands for well over L1000: Big Apple Band's 1976 deep funk classic has been rarer than hen's teeth for most of its 41 year life. Its sought-after status accelerated by Keb Darge for last 15 or so years - that and the fact it's an out-and-out soul-stirring, honey-vocalled, low and slow funk burner - AOTN have finally unleashed it in it full length for all of us. And we should all be eternally grateful.
Now this is what you call a hot damn funk record right here. The legendary Nathan Bartell released this absolute scorcher entitled "Top Going Up Going Down" back in 1975 and is what you could call a good and proper digger's delight. You can trust German powerhouse Tramp (run by Tobias Kirmayer) to bring the revival as always; these guys specializing in rare soul and funk reissues. Second offering "Jody & John" undeniably takes its cues from the godfather himself James Brown and his orchestra, but wow: this one's an absolutely explosive tribute if we do say so ourselves. Hailing from Ashburn, Georgia. Bartell started out with Eddie & the Cascades in the '60s. In 1991 Bartell was hospitalised with a lung ailment and while recovering became born again, vowing never again to sing R&B music. He instead formed a Gospel group called Nathan Bartell & Reality and still performs in Southern Georgia.
Swindle's latest jam is a total homage to the chrome and carpet dancefloors of 1980s. No one's being conned here though as there is nothing but pure love of the Minneapolis sound with this here EP including a homage to the mighty Purple One. There are four tracks in all with the title tracks being a fresh update on the early Rick James funk blueprint and "Sympathy" could be a smoochy Wendy & Lisa grind from 1987. Elsewhere the warped nu-funk "Saturns Returns" and "New Life" sounds like a stoned Maxwell tryin' out some g-funk shizzle.
GROOVY JOY/SEBASTIAN ROSER - Mola Gramola (Beatnik City) - exclusive 31-12-2017
SWINDLE - Purple Walls EP (Butterz)
PULPFUSION - Funk Never Sleeps (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 27-02-2017
THUNDERCAT - Friend Zone (Brainfeeder)
VARIOUS - Wah Wah 45s Remixed (WahWah 45)
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