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Reviewed this week
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More scrumptious sonics from the Polish party crew, the fourth volume of Tru Funk's "Tasty Beats" series sees old friends and new lay down five sizzling jams that will guarantee unified butt-shaking. New faces Bruno Borlone and Boogie Mike lay down a Spanish rap funk jam "I Like The Party", DJ Axe pays homage to Nice & Smooth and Curtis Blow, ElectroGorilla reach for the lazers with the euphoric breakbeat flexor "Funky Beast" and Rory Hoy and Saxon Scoundrels get busy on a classic rock and swashbuckling drum vibe with "Bouncin & Rockin". Finally The Beat Selecta boldly fixes up the classic Batman theme tune on a D&B with - quite cleverly - Hijack's "Badman Is Robbin" rap originally sampled by DJ Supreme. Holy bootlegs!
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Sound Exhibitions' popular series of rare Afro-funk gets three more additions this week with its fourth installment. "Funk & Afro 4" begins all guns blazing with natty off-kilter drumming, sinuous Hammond work interlacing with some seriously tight guitar riffs. Elsewhere "Only Funk" hits us with some more urgent instrumental breaks, which are upped a notch again on "Sly Funk" courtesy of some seriously frenetic basswork, rolling drums and of course, plenty of wah-wah guitar. Smokin!
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Morlack comes correct once again with a 27-track collection of total funk blasts. Naughty booties, reversions and mash-ups galore, the eclectic vibe ranges from skippy hair-swishing party rock ("Funky Woman") to cheeky Ting Tings reversions ("Hang It Up") via crazy blends of Zeppelin, Black Box and Outkast ("Ride On A Whole Lotta Love"). Elsewhere we hit gems like the big disco string B.M.W sucker punch "Get A Lil Stupid" and Bowie-busting block party slammer "Triple Fame". Morlack's repertoire was already bulging before this - now it's just ridiculous. Easily one of the best masters of the illicit art of mashery.
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French producer Lionel Corsini (aka DJ Oil) dropped his debut album Black Notes back in 2012. Since then he's been pretty quiet, but that's all about to change with the release of forthcoming second album "Phantom". The first taster from the record is new single "Drop Out". Here we get two different versions of the song, which takes hazy trip-hop as its cue, before layering vocals samples of '70s black radicals waxing lyrical for a pretty heady listening experience. Roll on the LP!
VARIOUS - Strictly Breaks Vol 4 (Strictly Breaks US) - exclusive 01-01-2030
GERRARD, Dave - Rip More Funk EP (Chopshop) - exclusive 31-10-2014
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