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Tramp's supremacy as the master's of the funk reissue is almost unchallenged at this point, so far ahead is their lead. Here they have unearthed to ancient gems, originally found relinquishing on the long lost LP, on the Dream Queen album. They first transferred these two tunes to 7" vinyl for all the purists out there, now they've sold out we can all now enjoy them digitally too. The title track features trumpet harmonies a-go-go, bongos and a general far-out 60s groove. "Pearl/Among The Swine" however, adds pianos and xylophones into the heady retro mix.
Russia's Dmitry Ermakov is a man committed to creating the perfect fusion of funk, prog, rock, jazz and electronica. Classically trained in his youth, he was a punk in the 80s before a move to London in the 90s sparked a return to a more organic virtuoso approach. Having recruited the help of some fellow former jazz-core musicians and vocalist Carol Ermakova, Ermakov slowly but surely releases singles as MetaQuorum. "The Piper & The Frog" is like a live jazz-rock outfit jamming out an 80s TV cop show theme. This is a very good thing indeed by the way.
COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERS - This Girl (Special Edition) (Freestlye)
VARIOUS - Bamboola Boogie (Timewarp Greece)
KRAAK & SMAAK - Toxic Love Affair (Jalapeno)
DJ REVEREND P - Reverend P Edits 3 (Gamm) - exclusive 22-12-2016
LACK OF AFRO - Hello Baby (LOA)
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