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Manchester duo Scurrilous are really making waves with their US influenced house sounds at the moment and their new track "Suck my soul" is testament to this, taking its cues from Chicago acid house pioneers like K Alexi Shelby. The jackathon continues on with "They say that We're freaks" and the brilliant "Run it" hammers the message home gloriously going for a rolling main room tech house vibe. It's quite redolent of Gruuv or Saced style fare.
Jay Airiness is the latest alias of DJ Moar. Known for his work with his nu-disco group Venice Beach, he, as he claims himself: always has his eyes on the groove. With a fresh vision of club music, he has had releases thus far on Diggin Deeper, Editorial, FKR & Rebel Hearts. Starting this fine EP off with "Grand Baie", a deep and summery nu-disco jam reminiscent of Max Essa, he then gets stuck into the funky and filtered funk sleaze of the title track: those vocoded vocals are wicked! "Priceless Love" goes for some more retro vibes from the '80s which is totally bittersweet and irresistible. Then, on a final note, Reverso 68 main man Pete Herbert serves up an always impressive rendition, in this case the title track which has us counting down the days 'til summer.
The latest EP from long-serving German duo Cab Drivers - AKA Berlin veterans Daniel Paul and DJ Zky - is true to the original '90s ethos of tech-house. With its' spacey synth motif, bustling synth bassline, gentle acid lines and bouncy, New Jersey influenced beats, "Correspondance" [sic] is a near perfect fusion of techno and deep house elements. The fine, analogue sounding original is remixed by Audio Werner - himself a regular Daniel Paul collaborator - whose deeper, woozier and hazier interpretation drags the track further towards European techno territory. It's a fine rework, though it arguably lacks some of the original slick, life-affirming positivity.
French disco deviant and Robsoul/Ondule mainstay Around 7 is back with more bumpin' and loopy house jams for proper house gangsters on the rather infectious "Discotronic" with its hypnotic bass riff and dusty drums really doing the business. "The Woohh Sound" does exactly what it says on the tin: you could really imagine DJ Sneak or Mark Farina using this one to whip up a frenzy at some Chicago basement party. Finally we have "Kiwi Kawi" which serves up some late night deep house of the smooth and sexy variety.
It's nearly 12 years since Olivier Gregoire first donned the Kolombo alias, and almost as long since he co-founded the LouLou label with regular studio partner Jerome Denis. This hook-up with Bjorn Maria is his first single for some time, and should be considered a strong start to 2017. "Make It Look Good" is a devilishly simple but thrillingly addictive fusion of cowbell-laden disco drums, chunky synth bass, off-kilter hip-hop style vocals and sparkling synthesizer motifs. There's a similarly sparse-but-funky feel to bonus cut "Goin Crazy", which features a slick vocal from Maria that perfectly compliments the quirky, warehouse-friendly vibe of Gregoire's production.
Growing up in Napoli areound the golden years of the city's nightlife, Lexa Hill is said to have been swayed by the rhythms of Chicago and New York. His classic house jam "Da Hood" utilises hands in thr air piano rolls, hip-hop style sampling and swing fuelled rhythms that are all in perfect harmony and also receives some killer remixes. Firstly by Dutchman Man Without A Clue (more like Man Of The Moment!) fresh off killer releases on DFTD and Of Unsound Mind who serves up a dirty and sexy late night rendition while Soulphonix aka DJ Spen, Greg Lewis and Thomas Davis serve up a proper stateside remix just beaming with soul on their killer effort.
Mikey Velazquez is a DJ, Producer & Vocalist from Los Angeles, California, who has been a staple on the West Coast underground house scene since 2006. Following up wicked releases for like likes of Cajual and Classic, he appears here for DJ Sneak's always wicked I'm A House Gangster with the Can't Fight The Feeling EP. The title track is a tough and rolling cut that is more intense than the label's usual fair but impressive nonetheless; this one wouldn't be out of place on a label like Knee Deep In Sound or Lost. "Candy Flip" is a druggy afterhours cut bordering on minimal and electro house and those woozy pitch shifted vocals really help hammer the message home. "Crazy" featuring Mena is yet more loopy tech house business reminiscent of Terrence:Terry or Dyed Soundorom's earlier sound which is coming back in vogue on labels like Apollonia.
Second wave Chicagoan, Drewksy, originally dropped the Phase II single in 1994 and finally the digital version is here. Produced by DJ Deeon and mixed by DJ Milton, there are five cuts: "U Can't See Me" is fast and raw, with distorted speedy drums battling fuzzed-out diva vocals and funky loops. "Wigged Out" features woozy organ riffs and classic machine-gun-snares, the Ride mix of "4 U All" is an underground classic -deep and jazzy repetition, Paul Johnson's remix of "Half Of Bat" adds phasered vocals and quirky clarinet samples. Lastly "Shouts Out" is a slowly melted warped-funk skit.
PRESET- Back To The... EP2 (Drenched)
JAY AIRINESS - On The Floor (Trad Vibe) - exclusive 20-01-2017
AROUND7 - Discotronic (Robsoul France)
LEXA HILL - Da Hood (The Man Without A Clue And Soulphonix Remixes) (Unquantize)
DOCTR - Tropique (The Remixes) (Music For Dreams US)
MELGADO/MENA - Calore EP (Midnight Riot) - exclusive 05-12-2016
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