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Midnight Riot's latest recruit, the wonderfully named His Dirty Secrets, hails from the steamy, sleazy surrounds of Miami. His music is similarly saucy, with this debut EP offering a sextet of tracks that effortlessly blend soul, disco, funk and boogie samples with his own warm, goodtime house sounds. There's naturally much to admire, from the funk-goes-house hustle of "When You Get The Groove" and bouncy, string-laden disco-house stomp of "Real Love" (built around an oh-so familiar classic), to the loved-up, slo-mo chug of "Sylvia", and rich deep house opener "Thug Life". All told, it's a strong collection of tried-and-tested dancefloor grooves.
To date, Bavarian duo Coeo has released a number of quietly impressive deep house singles on a variety of labels, including Let's Play House, Seven Music and Dabit. Back In The Days sees them return to the Toy Tonics imprint they last graced back in 2014. There's a classic disco-house-meets-contemporary deep house feel to the groovy and attractive title track, while "Jugendstil" adds hazy jazz influences to the same successful formula. The bizarrely titled "+++" throws African vocal and drum samples into the mix, combining them with bold string riffs and unfussy house beats to excellent effect. Finally, bonus track "Humbled" sees the duo return to their filter-sporting best, with the results sounding like a fusion of Soundstream and Tom Trago.
Here we have a juicy debut from re-edit man Mike Woods. Boasting five tracks, we quickly can see that he is all about squeezing the grooves out of classic disco, teasing each samples until it pops. "Hot Your Hot" kicks things off with six-minutes of extended funky riffage that occasionally gives way to some vocal joy. Elsewhere "It Seems To Hang On" is more vocal-orientated with a vintage Curtis Mayfield-style singer lost in painful rapture, "She's A Groovy Freak" is taught boogie fun, "That Dexter Thing" is a hypnotic, low-slung groove loop and "Right In The Socket" is an accelerated keyboard disco jam.
Everyone's favourite golfer-baiting cut-up merchants are back, once again plying their trade on the T&W Records label Gerd Jansen set up for them as an offshoot of his mighty Running Back stable. Although their method and style rarely changes - and it certainly doesn't here - the Italian duo also rarely fail to deliver. "Boca" is another killer, with cheery, boogie-era disco loops and vocal cuts being tweaked to perfection over the course of nine mesmerizing, party-starting minutes. Flipside "No More Talking" is arguably even better, with the pair making great use of an extended breakdown and build up. By the time the track drops again - via big vocal loops and piano-laden disco hooks - you'll have stopped wondering about the identity of the source material and be dancing like mad.
Manchester hero Chris Massey is back with the Pink Flamingo EP. He serves up some high octane disco on "You Are Devine" featuring none other than The Emperor Machine aka Andy Meecham of Chicken Lips fame. "Floor To the Four" is pretty jacking electro house for the peak time hour. Berlin's ROTCIV steps us to deliver an even more acidified take on things also with his killer remix.
KRL's latest release - his first since 2013, coincidentally - is not so much an EP as a mini-album. Featuring a trio of hazy, quick fix interludes and a quartet of dancefloor-friendly house jams, WOLFEP032 sees the Wolf Music regular in fine form. "Manchester Beat" is a loose, oven-fresh groover built around looped, warehouse-friendly riffs, Lone style electronics and cut-up hip-hop vocal samples, while "You Roll Me" continues the late night, old skool vibe by way of gospel vocal snatches, bold chords and Balearic synthesizer flourishes. KRL joins forces with vocalist Janine Small on the tactile, groovy and luscious "So Far", but it's the retro-futurist pianos and classic US garage bump of "Tell Me Why" that really steals the show.
Those lamenting the lack of new Tiger & Woods produce over the past 18 months can rest easy as the golf loving scalpel merchants return to business on a new Editainment 12" that celebrates the work of their favourite Italian label, the iconic Full Time Records. Gone are the days when Tiger & Woods acted illicitly, as both the tracks here feature fully licensed samples; spliced and diced into almost new shapes of course! Lead track "Fox In The Box" messes around with Matrix's "Take Me Up" whilst the Kano classic "Don't Try To Stop Me" is transformed wondrously on the superb "Stopper".
They say that the devil has all the best music, but some would say that Immoral have him well and truly beat. Here they present 16 of them, with highlights of these fresh cuts including the ominous synthwork on "Shake That Ass" by Dark Truth, the buzzy low end thrust of "The Heist" by DJ Jayne and the tropical laser-fest "Three Sided" by LDFR. Lucifer who again?
Zombies In Miami, the mysterious alias that seems to produce the funkiest and oddest strains of house around, return to action, and they land on the devilish Love On The Rocks, a certain go-to destination when it comes to the right spice. "Snake Language" is a robotic house cut that is bound to go down a storm on the big systems, and "Calo" is a little deeper and more loved in its eerie web of melodies and progressive beats. "Yama" has a tribal edge to it, bringing out flutes and psychedelic vibes all over the shop, whereas "El Fuego" heads back to the floor with a classy, straight-edged house beat and plenty of head-nodding.
Despite his habit of dropping one-track nuggets, Jamie Berry is back in business and brandishing a proper song-packed EP too! Berry has always been in a different galaxy of class to most electro-swing pretenders, and here is no different, with the raucous staccato strut of the title track leading the charge. Elsewhere "You Better Get Down" is a sassy half time prowler, "Risque" is all tough 30s-goes-breaks grooves and "It Ain't Right" is a pounding whirling dervish of jazz hands and bass. Finally the regal "Majesty" boasts some seriously elegant bass and urgent 4 x 4 bounce. Spectacular.
Having previously plied his trade on Internasjonal Spesial, Tom Tom Disco and Spare Change Disco, Frank Agrario pops up on Glasgow's Maxi Discs. As usual, there's a pleasing looseness about the Bologna-based boffin's productions, with both the percussive, Afro-influenced nu-disco chugger "Balfonic", and altogether bolder "The Later The Better" making great use of analogue synths and live-sounding percussion. The latter features some musical elements that really shouldn't work together - most notably some sleazy, rave-era riffs, tasty piano solo and wonky drum hits - but somehow come together to create a really special track. Pete Herbert offers a smoother, cheerier rework to round off another solid EP from the Italian.
This is the second installment of a trilogy of EPs containing previously unheard music from Sebastian Doering aka Lovebirds. Balearica is an overriding theme here, however we get all kinds of interpretations of the term so there's little room for repetition. "Bells" is a slo-mo 303 odyssey and "Mysterious" is a standout deep house cut - slammin' kicks and warm, gushy synth layers. Elsewhere the focus is on disco, with "National" being a hot mess of breathy vocals, tropical-pop bass and cowbells, whilst the celestial string laden "In Between Clouds" wraps ups the package in nice neat bow.
A former punk who had a disco epiphany, Darren Woodhead hasn't looked back since. Here on Call My Own we get two versions of the deep and soulful title track, all mellow chords and warm bounce, one featuring a retro rap by Dios Cozsmic Astro and one without. "Express Yourself" is more abrasive with a boogie sample given a lo-fi makeover, "Start The Show" is a fun venture into early hiNRG territory and "Too High" is perfect for afterhours parties. Finally "Want To Know" is a killer boogie-house slam down with enough thump to get everybody on the dancefloor.
Ibiza-dwelling synth man, Miguel Campbell, bravely stood out from the shadow of Hot Creations for his recent second LP, Night Drive Without You. Now following on from its success we get the remixes. This first installment of rerubs features five new jams, three of which are by MAM: the Imagination-esque slow funk of "Collision", the vocoder-led robo grooves of "Light & Darkness" and the Les Rhythmes Digitales-style 80s vibes of "The Music". There is also a sleek dub version of the latter as well as a cool moody electro version of "Melody Of Love" by Minotta & Stephane Deschezeaux.
2016 has marked the year that this shady producer has returned to his roots at the Audaz label. It may be February but he's clearly in summer mode already: "Holiday Sex" is a shuffley, beach party workout, whilst "4 Little Birds" adds some vintage Afro-funk vibes to the mix. "Feets Feeling" meanwhile is a harder, retro flute-rock stomp-a-long and "Mustang" revisits the gritty funk of 70s cop movie soundtracks.
Remastered and expanded edition of Derrick L. Carter's seminal 1994 album originally released on Chicago imprint Organico. Starting out with the smooth and ultra deep "Tripping Among The Stars (A Necessary Journey)" featuring Carter's brilliant vocals, the fierce acid techno of "Mars" reminiscent of his Tone Theory days, the funky liquid tech house of "Cruisin' With The Top Down (Lazy Sunday Edition)" which probably lay the foundations for the west coast sound which came soon later, or the funky soulful techno of "Cantina Benny's (Underground Extravaganza)" which honours more the sound of the neighbouring Motor City than his native Windy City. Comes with four bonus tracks not heard on the original. What a timeless piece of history this is.

Now into their 25th year, Scouse label 3 Beat still can snap up the latest cutting edge tunes as good as any young whippersnapper out there can, and then some! "Pumping" is a sizzling tropical ripsnorter that's already melting the airwaves courtesy of some serious 1Xtra support. IV Rox are four girls on mission to cause maximum fun and with tunes like this they achieve it. There are also some killer mixes featured too including Tazer's fierce percussion-heavy dub, FooR's bangin' 4 x 4 underground dub and Cahill's hands-in-the-air Eurodance version.
Orange County's Dillon Nathaniel is back on Audiophile XXL. "Bang To This" is a reliable tech house DJ tool with functionality to cross over into other sub genres easily; that bassline... and that breakdown, wow! "Play This Record" sets the record straight on this jackin' electro house jam; yet another monster bassline on show. Finally "Aristocrat" gets on the more minimal tip and his is best offering here, borrowing equally from dub techno and electro house on this unholy mixture that works well; one for the after-hour party!
Some dance music production is super-raw and some is titanium-plated slickness. German duo Fromdroptildawn are all about the latter. Here they present their "Blacklist" - a homage to all their heroes of house read out over a steely percussive machine. Remix-wise Sasch BBC & Caspar deliver a gyrating trancey rework and Robert Mycer turns in a deep but pumpin' shuffle-house hoedown.
One half of Mandal & Forbes, Liverpool's Michael Mandal first found success as Mick Willow. After holding DJ residencies all over the UK, as well as in Ibiza & Marbella, he started producing. He serves up a stadium sized funky house anthem that's got sure hit potential on "I Dont Know" featuring those progressive house arpeggios, huge piano rolls and naturally: some huge diva vocals! Everton's Anton Powers steps up to deliver a massive U.K. Garage style remix which will prove to Golf Clap that the ball's back in Britain's court now! Mandal & Forbes join forces again for another remix on the soulful house tip that you could imagine being smashed out at Southport Weekender (R.I.P.). In total curveball fashion, Dexcell jumps onboard to give it a smashing drum and bass remix reminiscent of London Elektricity, pretty heavy!
LOVEBIRDS - The Hamburg Years EP Part 2 (Teardrop Music)
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