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For the latest release on his prolific Midnight Riot label, Yam Who has parachuted in special scalpel agents Disco Troopers. The all-action All Night Long EP is a perfect showcase of their style, which blends big disco samples and even larger beats with original electronic elements inspired by acid house and Italo-disco. The EP's headline attraction is undoubtedly opener "All Night Long", which underpins surging orchestral disco samples with heavy analogue bass and crunchy house beats. The strangely familiar "Eleven" sees them expertly blended druggy TB-303 motifs with spacey chords and Italo-disco style arpeggio lines, while "Howlin" is a fuzzy, cosmic disco vocal cut for dancefloors that like their grooves wavy and psychedelic.
Fresh from the heat of "Buddy Now Buddy", Bosconi barons Minimono return to Robsoul with four freaky house jams. "Let'em Come" has a raw edge from the warped vocal manipulation but soothes with the woozy jazz pads. "Know Is Fonk" is much more visceral and direct with its shuffling beats and weaves of human rhythmic shots while "Estroverso" comes on strong like a really early Sneak record at -5 thanks to its stately jacks, spoken word samples and jazzy sprinkles. Looking for a more delicate disco touch? Jump straight on the wondrously loopy, flute-snapping viber "Junior". Heavens above.
Black cotton: the racy yin to white mink's raunchy yang, Freshly Squeezed squeeze into their slinkiest number and lay down five more unabashed versions on classic speak easy standards. Highlights include the insane energy and juicy funk of Wolfgang & Louie's "Puttin' On The Ritz", the floor-burning D&B mischief of Mista Trick's "Swinging All Day" and the sudden switch into an almost rocky stomp on Pisk's "One Steady Roll". Teases and pleasers with nothing but authentic instrumentation and preemo prohibition party vibes.
The Breaker Breaker label seems to specialize in debut releases. Having released the very first 12" from hyped outfit Ross From Friends, they've now handed a first vinyl outing to Tokyo-based producer RGL. His style of deep house is warm and evocative, but also dusty, loose and lo-fi. This tasty combination of elements comes through loud and clear on smoky, off-kilter opener "S.U.G.A", and underpins the stoned jazz-house goodness of "What About", where cut-up double bass, electric guitar and R&B vocal samples cluster around a slipped, shuffling drum track. Closer "Wade", with its' woozy lead lines, cowbell-driven percussion and soul style studio party textures, completes a fine package.
Guiddo was born in Warsaw, dallied about in Berlin and now runs a record store in Shenzen, China. He can also be found releasing cool jams on labels like Beats In Space and Luv Shack, often featuring people like Snax and Jamie Lidell. Here his collaboration with crooner Louie Austen, Dream Your Dream gets the remix treatment, with Kez YM delivering a deep and smooth jazzy house number (also available in an even smoother dub version). Lee Stevens and Lukas Poellauer also contribute a sublime seven-minute dream-like odyssey of a remix that features soft and warm synthetic textures.
Regular studio buddies Jazzman Wax and Iban Montero enjoyed a productive 2016, releasing sought-after tracks on such labels as Robsoul, Exploited, Nervous, MoodyHouse and Greenhouse Recordings. Here they join forces once more to deliver their first outing on Will Bailey's Simma Black. They begin in typically confident mood on "Hold Skul" [sic], layering rich organ stabs, swirling vocal samples and woozy chords atop a loose, sweaty and cymbal-heavy deep house rhythm track. The humid, sweat-soaked peak-time feel continues on "Red Road", a bumping, disco-influenced house smasher built around rubbery electric bass, effects-laden vocal samples, bouncy beats and rising horn motifs. This is shamelessly good-time music of the highest order.
Following up some great releases in recent times by Jakobin & Peletronic and Beigean, Hungarian Hot Wax are back with Manchester's Dan Wainwright is back with "Kabila Ngoma" a psychedlic acid odyssey into the depths of madness; we never thought it could sound so good! On the remix is British nu-disco don Felix Dickinson; and who better, really. One half of Foolish & Sly was pretty good on the old Roland 303 himself back in the day and for this rendition he gets deep down and dirty, just as you'd expect from the man.
Rising stars Groovy Joy and Sebastian Roser have already made an impression on the pant-swinging scene with remixes of the likes of The Puppini Sisters and Vassili Gemini. Levelling up once again they make their debut on Beatnik with two stamp-happy prohibition party pieces: "Fe Fo Fu" is as giant as its name suggests with R&B vocals, tight doo-wop backing vocals and firing bluesy horns. "Meeny Mo" is equally pleasing thanks to its deep driving 4/4 and infectious playground vocal that will have everyone singing along in seconds. Holy mola.
Apart from being a particularly tasty craft beer, Saison is also an up and coming London-based duo. Here they drop a short, sharp shock of a joint called "Caught Up". If you're a true house head this record is gonna do it for you - with swingy 90s New York vibes mixing with deep and smooth synth pads, soulful vocals and plenty of valleys and peaks. Real vintage Limelight sounds, but with a little sprinkle of modern production for good measure.
ICARUS - King Kong (FFRR)
CLAPTONE - Charmer Remixed: Part 2 (Different Recordings)
WOLFGANG LOHR/BALDUIN feat ALANNA - Dizzy (Electro Swing EP) (Believe France)
PHONIQUE feat STEE DOWNES - Something To Remember (Remixes) (Ladies & Gentlemen)
ALEK SOLITOV - Make Me Float EP (Salted US)
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