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Black Sun Empire's Blackout development has been astronomical: A go-to hub of forward-thinking tech-edged drum & bass, it's played a leading role in the dominance of the neuro sound this decade. And here are 13 reasons why it's developed such a buy-on-sight status: from BSE's hair-raising, joyriding shake-up of Audio to Current Value's Kubrickian sci-fi drama to the long-awaited arrival of "Ego" VIP, not only will this shatter any floor in a ten mile radius but also documents the versatility, talent and innovation in the darker side of D&B right now. And Blackout are partly responsible for this.
Besides cameos on Shogun's 100 series with Proxima and Sotto Voce with Spor, this is Icicle's first full body of work since his critically celebrated sophomore Entropy. Four tracks (and one instrumental) deep, it's loaded with all the meany mannerisms and characteristics we know and love the Dutch scientist for... Tasha's Bjorky delivery on "The Nothing", stark techno loopery and FX on "Differentia", the electrified robot romp of "Ego" and the unforgiving halftime badlands of "Push Back". No one does it like Icicle.
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