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Reviewed this week
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Four firing party pieces here from nu-funk's Irish ambassador DT, where we find him tricking out some of modern history's most formative classics. "Shake Ya Booty" lives up to its title with salubrious grooves and a quick-switch dynamic to sharp mid-range bass, "Have A Party" takes a Jackson Five standard and processes it through an industrial strength low-end machine, "Funky Music" pays homage to Wild Cherry by way of seriously swashbuckling beats and an arrangement that twists and develops on every 16. Finally "Nod Ya Head" ignites with an instantly engaging skank riff and a bassline so squidgy and funky it could make Bootsy Collins titter like a schoolgirl.
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The Dynamics EP marks the artist debut from Caserta, a future star for sure. He tries his hand at a bit of everything over these six tracks, including the deep cowbell soulful grooves of "If It Wasn't For You", the lean sample-laden electro-house of "Dynamics" and the elegantly wasted, blissed out synthpop of "My Dreams". It's all sewn up with quirky interludes and outros too, making for an impressively cohesive release.
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Theo Parrish's Wildheart imprint has seriously impressed since its first release last year. The label's aesthetic is simple: good music. While the previous two releases have featured established artists such as Tony Allen and Dego, this latest EP comes from Living Proof-member, Budgie. Having established himself as an eclectic selector up until now - his boogie-centred sets causing quite a stir on the dancefloor each time we've seen him play out - he comes through with his debut productions for the London-Detroit label. There's no real way to describe this release, where shreds of funk, hip-hop and soul are mashed up so tightly that they've grown a life of their own. In fact, when you hear it through, it almost sounds like one full track; a vibrant and grooving mass of crunchy beats, mesmerising harmonics and devious little samples. We're certainly looking forward to hearing Budgie's upcoming blends of neo-soul. Heartily recommended to fans of most cuts on Stones Throw or PPU.
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