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The Ghost House imprint keeps the tempo up and emotions running with new collection of spectral bass cuts by the fledgling Filthy Gears. This guys is totally on-point in terms of a match with the label, with his floor-minded beats ranging from the deepest of dubstep to trappiest or trap. This release is jam-packed with quality, from the gunshot synths of "Gully Ends", to the wobbling mutant bass of "Rapture", and the Skream-like wobble rhythm of "Midnight Creeper", he makes quite the entrance and steps right into the limelight. Other killer on here include the deep and cerebral bass folds of "Torture Chamber", a straight-up grime nugget by the name of "War Machine", and the dreary-eyed sway of "Vulture". If hazy, spliffed-out bass is your thing, then look no further.
Quavius is a producer and rapper from the southern United States. Born in the late 80s with family in the military, he's bounced between Virginia and Florida, soaking in regional go-go and baltimore club music along with rap, R&B, jazz and Drum n' Bass. After some years experimenting behind the DAW, he's amassed a diverse catalog of tunes, 8 of which are featured on his debut self-titled album for Lustwerk Music. Energetic deep house, two-stepping astral funk, crispy cloud raps and cascading rollerskate riffs occupy this all-encompassing EP. Quavius manipulates samples like watercolors, letting bitrates blend and snap into euphoric moments of clarity. His rapping is that of a shapeshifter, making room in the mix any way he sees fit, high, low, melodic or not. And the lyrics? Catchy, life-affirming, fun. What more could you ask for?
Serious grime business from long-standing Enfield roadman. Fresh from his adventures on Project Allout, here he brings clutch of war jams, each one riddled with dark energy and heavily coded drama. "Chestplate" looks towards the dubstep side of the game with its epic warbles popping on every chiselled snare, "Immortal" features a slick spar between Nico Lindsay, Capo Lee, Merky Ace and Blay while the instrumental reveals the powerful synth horn funk they're spitting over. Further into the EP we wade to find gold at the end of the gloomy, pensive "Dartford" tunnel before taking more of a chiller approach on his warped and wonderful remix of "Drunk".
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