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Reviewed this week
Not quite house, not quite disco, Fouk (aka Daniel Leseman and Hans 'Junktion' Peeman) straddle both worlds, utlising the best of both in their quest for the ultimate groove. Here they present the gruff EP, comprising a set of three truly accomplished recordings - the loungey shimmer of "Gruff", the filtered loop boogie of "Freebooter" and the live sounding jazz-funk of "Orchard". The best remix is Snacks' rework of the title track - all squelchy disco synths.
It may be detox January for some, but for Yam Who, it's champagne o'clock as he sees his label series reach its tenth volume. There's a mind boggling 27 tracks featured here, a veritable smorgasbord of deliciously disco tuneage. Highlights include the chaotic hiNRG of Seamus Haji's "ReLoved", the tough, but soulful, jacker "Many Lovers" by Judge Funk and the smooth, synth-boogie of "Takes Me Out" by G Prajekts.
Editorial are back with another mini compilation: hallelujah! It's more on the deeper tip than the disco one this time around, but it's all the same quality you expect from this camp as always! Jus Tadi's dreamy and lush deep house vibes come courtesy of "Peaches", Matt Hughes serves up some deep down and dirty funk on "Do Your Thing", plus there's some chilled-out balearic business covered also by P SOL on "Come On". A Salsoul sounding re-edit by Serge Gamesbourg (!) on "Burning" is a worthy addition and some sexy deep house to close out proceedings courtesy of Long Island Sound and The Owl respectively. All killer no filler!
Dirt Crew's latest trip into hazy, soft focus deep house territory is an all-UK collaboration between London-based House of Disco regular Harry Wolfman and Manchester's Loz Goddard. They begin with the watery chords, off-kilter samples and eyes-closed grooves of "Uncle Buck", before reaching for the cascading synth solos on the classic New Jersey deep house bump of "Problem Child". You'll find a little more nu-disco influence on the bolder, more heavily electronic bump of "Neck Of The Woods", while the slap-bass boasting "Sundays" is a breezy, sun-flecked treat. If this isn't enough to get the juices flowing, check Brame & Hamo's remix of "Uncle Buck", which brilliantly re-casts the original as a loose chunk of jazz-funk inspired, organic house goodness.
Part of the appeal of Frits Wentink's productions has always been their inherent wonkiness. While his take on deep house has always drawn on classic US house influences, these are often combined with curious synth melodies, off-kilter jazz samples or subtle nods towards UK garage. All of these inspirations can be heard on the Dutch producer's latest outing for Heist Recordings. There's much to admire on the toy-box melodies and bumping beats of "Child Of The Universe", the fluid, late night deepness of "Worldwide Deluxe Edition", and the drunken jazz-house shuffle of closer "Yeah But Maybe Never". Best of all, though, is "Rising Sun, Falling Coconut", a delicious fusion of slipped US garage grooves, heady late night vocal samples and wild, P-funk-on-acid synth lines.
Midnight Riot's latest recruit, the wonderfully named His Dirty Secrets, hails from the steamy, sleazy surrounds of Miami. His music is similarly saucy, with this debut EP offering a sextet of tracks that effortlessly blend soul, disco, funk and boogie samples with his own warm, goodtime house sounds. There's naturally much to admire, from the funk-goes-house hustle of "When You Get The Groove" and bouncy, string-laden disco-house stomp of "Real Love" (built around an oh-so familiar classic), to the loved-up, slo-mo chug of "Sylvia", and rich deep house opener "Thug Life". All told, it's a strong collection of tried-and-tested dancefloor grooves.
Italian house producer Riva Starr arrived towards the end of the fidget boom and has been slaying dancefloors ever since. He's not been afraid to tackle different styles too and this bravado has captured the attention of Defected how have signed him up for this latest three tracker. "Raw Feel" is very much that - a low-slung, raw, vintage groove with hypnotic vocals (can you guess the classic sample?). Elsewhere the title track recalls Groove Armada at their moodiest and finally "Body Movin" is all about rolling, almost tribal, funky house fun.
KRL's latest release - his first since 2013, coincidentally - is not so much an EP as a mini-album. Featuring a trio of hazy, quick fix interludes and a quartet of dancefloor-friendly house jams, WOLFEP032 sees the Wolf Music regular in fine form. "Manchester Beat" is a loose, oven-fresh groover built around looped, warehouse-friendly riffs, Lone style electronics and cut-up hip-hop vocal samples, while "You Roll Me" continues the late night, old skool vibe by way of gospel vocal snatches, bold chords and Balearic synthesizer flourishes. KRL joins forces with vocalist Janine Small on the tactile, groovy and luscious "So Far", but it's the retro-futurist pianos and classic US garage bump of "Tell Me Why" that really steals the show.
Having initially impressed with two fine singles on Lobster Theremin, Jay "Palms Trax" Donaldson joined the growing Dekmantel with 2015's In Gold. Here, he delivers his second EP for the acclaimed Amsterdam imprint. Opener "High Point On Low Ground" is a cheery, life-affirming delight, with layers of glistening, analogue-sounding synthesizer lines riding a rubbery electronic bassline and breezy deep house beats. You'll find nods to Giorgio Moroder, grandiose Italian piano house and spine-tingling Balearica on the notably large "Cloud City", while "Pause" is a punchy electro-meets-acid track with a sunny, melodic twist. He rarely fails, and this is another ear catching three-tracker.
On this fine release, Kompakt has recruited a crack team of high profile remixers to rework tracks from Dave DK's 2015 album, Val Maira. First to step up to the plate is German veteran Isolee, who delivers a woozy, hypnotic version of "We Mix At Six" full of his trademark percussion, minor key melodies and typically teutonic attitude - plus, of course, some rather odd but endearing, dubbed-out synthesizer refrains. Ulrich Schauss reaches for the grandiose, wall-of-sound chords and glistening guitars on his picturesque, deep tech-house interpretation of "Kronsee", before Portable pays tribute to long Ibizan sunsets on his beautifully poignant - if likeably tipsy - deep house-goes-synth wave remix of "Nueva Cancion".
Antoine Harispuru, otherwise known as Golden Bug, has been delivering consistently excellent levels of disco-tinged house and electro over the last eight or so years, and it was only a matter of time before he's pop up on Ivan Smagghe and Leon Oakey's eclectic Les Disques De La Mort. The original mix of "Wild Boys" features Yan Wagner drooling over the beats in his familiarly lamenting, 80's reminiscent style, and there's a Lord Tusk mix on the back of it; the Londoner adds a subtle EBM flavour to the song, making harder and more penetrating on the dancefloor. "Ik Voel Je" is the weirdo in the crew, a magnificent piece of lo-fi psychedelia that stutters its guitar riffs amid heavy distortions and delays, while "L'Horloge" enters Kraftwerk territories thanks to its broken chops of mechanical voices and robotic beats. A little tip, indeed!
Manchester hero Chris Massey is back with the Pink Flamingo EP. He serves up some high octane disco on "You Are Devine" featuring none other than The Emperor Machine aka Andy Meecham of Chicken Lips fame. "Floor To the Four" is pretty jacking electro house for the peak time hour. Berlin's ROTCIV steps us to deliver an even more acidified take on things also with his killer remix.
Rodion is back with "Alle Der Kosmonauten". The original is a cosmo-psychedelic journey track supported by some sweet auto-tune vocals, for fans of Rebolledo or Man Power. The Lauer remix is all that you'd expect and more: his catchy retro sensibilities are complimented by some sweet 303 acid on this total epic. Finally the Heretic remix is rolling peak time tech house with a good injection of funk with its rolling bassline and druggy synth leads plus the vocals get properly vocoded this time around. Sick!
Last year, Benoit Gagnon sent some tunes to Massimilano Pagliara in order to receive critical feedback. However, the Live At Robert Johnson regular was so inspired by what he heard, though, that he decided to add his own "personal analogue touch". Here, the unusual collaborations get an airing on Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant [sic] label. First up is "In Spirals", a trippy, slowly building groover built around snappy analogue drum hits and a rolling dub disco bassline. The duo reaches for the winding acid lines and drawn-out chords on the hissing "Agamous", before Pagliara's Italo-disco/John Carpenter inspired synthesizer lines come to the fore on the brilliant "Go South" and standout "Don't Push Me".
Released last June, Opolopo's Superconductor LP, is the gift that keeps on giving. We've had a string of album tracks remixed ever since and here is the latest batch. First up Nachtbreaker tackles Feels Good 2 Me, delivering a muscular, celebratory house workout in the process. The euphoria escalates on Rhemi's rework of "Spare Me The Details" - all jazzy synths and sing-along vocals. There's even an instrumental in case the latter proves a bit too much for those who don't like to be distracted from the groove.
Monaberry is a label run by Halle-based tech house hooligans Super Flu, who also appeared on Herbert's Best 06. There they collaborated with Viktor Takling Machine on "Plastik" which samples Lil' Louis' classic "French Kiss" on this epic Innervisions style house excursion. The bittersweet and glitchy deep house jam "Number's Station" by Robot Love sounds like classic Stimming, not bad! Martin Waslewski's "Kwaiet" or Parra For Cuva's "Borneo" are the kind of dreamy and ethereal journey music you'd expect to hear at one of Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream parties. Nice one fellas!
In what we hope to be the beginning of a very fruitful relationship, the Whiskey Pickle crew brings us two original jams from super-chilled German groove merchant Mac-K-Cee. "Temptation" is a mid-paced slice of slinky cocktail house, peppered with diva vocals, and "Step Outside", rather than being an invitation to fight, is in fact an invitation to dance to some seriously deep and jackin' funk. Elsewhere the title track gets remixed by Walter Jones (DFA) into sleepy, bleepy Balearic acid and dubbed out yacht rock by The Funk District.
You have to admire the work ethic of Smart Bar resident Chrissy, whose reputation as a house and disco DJ/producer has recently grown following years championing Juke under the Chrissy Murderbot guise. Here he pops up on Freerange with an EP of perfectly pitched deep house grooves. "Growl", featuring the unfussy vocals of Shaun J Wright, offers a great balance between quiet soulfulness and frayed, analogue-inspired deep house sleaze. The producer's love of wobbly, analogue sounding riffs and classic drum sounds comes to the fore on "Presidential Astrologer" (which is also smartly remixed by Savile), while "Loudness Wars" is a Classic Music-style stomper that's guaranteed to get 'em sweating out on the dancefloor.
We're thrilled to have Polish producer Selvy back following a long absence. His debut, Gotta Have It, arrived nearly two years ago, and now the follow up, Missing The Light, is finally here. There are three examples of exotic grooves this time - the hazy, eight-minute bongo and Fender Rhodes trip, "Tale To The Sky", the perky piano house-goes-rainforest boogie, "Toucan" and the tougher 303-led stomp of "Comb The Bushes".
D.KO records boss Mad Rey is a Paris based producer with further affiliations with Red Lebanese and Babylon Rockers. He inaugurates new label VERTV, imagined by the three Parisian producers and DJs: Neue Grafik, Hybu and EVANS. Opening with "JaJa Californien" which is a dusty, smoked out and sampledelic deep house jam in the vein of Glenn Astro or Max Graef. The same goes for "Song 741" with its playground samples and deep house keys a recurring theme throughout, it sounds great. "Commune (Les Pigeons)" however gets on a much tougher tip and could easily mix/ transition into techno in a DJ set, with its furious drums and sharp saw wave stabs. We're likin' it!
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