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Joey Negro has ordained Scandi producer Opolopo to work his magic on this, the latest Z Records comp. This he does and then some, literally zig zagging his way through Z Records' back catalogue like a louche disco serpent. He eventually whittled things down to 35 tracks, all of which are contained here both as full tracks and within his DJ mix. Exclusives include new Opolopo reworks of "Staying Power" and his own "Sustain". Other highlights include the speedy smooth funk of "Midnight Sun" by Doug Willis and the sensual grooves of "Face The Face" by The Sunburst Band.
You don't get any more NYC than Manhattan disco/deep house hero Eli Escobar who presents his debut album on Luke Solomon's Classic Music Company. Starting out with the soulful feel good opener that is the title track, there's more quality on offer on the pure disco inferno "Phreeky" featuring Hercules & Love Affair's Nomi Ruiz on vocals (who appears on several tracks throughout the albums duration) and the cheeky "Chaka Khan" which is a bouncy after-hours jam for freaks and the deep low-slung groover "Next To Me". But that's just scraping the surface. The album is full of quality grooves from start to finish, inspired by one of the Big Apple's finest talents and we highly recommend it!
Steve Huerta's first single for Amadeus, 2014's Apotheke, was widely praised for its' fusion of bumpin' deep house grooves and trippy, tech-tinged sounds. In contrast, Apache Line begins with "Mandala", a breezy, warm and lightly melodious deep house cut that benefits greatly from some intricate synth-work throughout. The deep and musically rich vibe continues on the Kaidi Tatham style broken beat-meets-jazz-funk flex of "EisTee", before Youandewan lends a hand on the bumpin', late night shuffle of "Apache Line". Youandewan gets a chance to go solo, too, completing a fine EP with the deliciously hypnotic, ocean-deep throb of "Yo Endlos".
As Tuff City Kids, Lauer and Gerd Janson are masters at delivering raw-as-sandpaper jackin' house-pop (just the way we like it). Here though with the help of Norwegian popette Annie they indulge their hidden campy side on the monumentally fun "Labyrinth". With a classic mid-80s arpeggiated energy, the track perfectly straddles the fine line between Italo Disco and early Jamie Principle (think Bad Boy) with a hint of the Smalltown Boys. Their own TCK rework steers things more towards the Ron Hardy side of town, and there's also some tasty reworks by Morgan Geist and DJ Oyster too.
Since making his debut on the label in 2006, Joss Moog has been one of Robsoul Recordings most prolific artists. The Parisian specializes in the kind of fuss-free, club-ready tackle that blends elements of "French Touch" style disco-house, the "boompty" deep house funk of Derrick Carter, and more tech-tinged, bass-heavy excursions. These influences can be clearly heard on the four tracks that make up "Triple Loop", all of which could be regarded as proper dancefloor jackers. Highlights wise, we're particularly enjoying the jazzy organ riffs and chunky U.S deep house style of "Hey Mr DJ" and the Carter-esque heavy Chicago bump of "Triple Loop", though it's all pretty damn good.
It's been a decade in the business for this Hamburg institution that's spawned many a summer anthem or outright hit during its existence. To celebrate the occasion, Diynamic have launched a killer compilation featuring all the usual suspects that have played a crucial role in the development of the label thus far and they're here to assure you they're more keen than ever. Highlights on 10 Years Diynamic are not limited to: Hanseatic homeboys Kollektiv Turmstrasse with their rather mid '90s electronica sounding "Jupiter Sunrise", label mainstay Stimming with the bittersweet symphony of "Hope & Ramati", label head honcho HOSH with some adrenalised peak time tech house on "The Drumpet Show" and Norwegians Ost & Kjex with their new track "Heatwave".
Paul Woolford has finally begun releasing music under his own name again, following years building up the hardcore and jungle flavoured Special Request project. "Heaven & Earth" follows a similar approach to his recent "Mother & Child" 12" on Hotflush, combining slick house rhythms with luscious, occasionally soaring orchestration. This time round, the bottom-end tech-house grooves are subtly darker and more intoxicating, while the string stabs and sweeps slowly build towards a spine-tingling breakdown, and notably wistful conclusion. The "symphonic house" flavour is stripped back a little on the epic flipside extension ("Part 2"), which offers three minutes of beat-less orchestration before introducing Woolford's elastic groove.
Well isn't this a marvellous meeting: progressive house legend turned techno's dark lord Dubfire collaborating the pioneer of dark journey tracks (long before the Life & Death crew): the man from Bremen and Senso boss Oliver Huntemann. The dynamic duo team up for "Humano" where some ping pong delayed tom drums drenched in reverb create tunnelling trance induction atop of a slinky tech house groove; druggy dancefloor drama indeed! There's also some killer remixes on offer. Brazil's Victor Ruiz serves up his absolutely bangning peak time rendition while American producer Shaded's "Summer Skin Remix" certainly honours the trademark sound of both producers on this seething and slow burning dancefloor journey guaranteed to cause a headrush or two!
Von Party is back on his Multi Culti imprint and, as always, this guy means business. But, unlike his previous techno releases for the likes of Turbo Recordings or Convex Industries, this time he's on a balearic tip. There's four mixes of "Cobra Rush" here, but it's the original mix by Von Party himself that gets our attention thanks to its slow-building waves of phased-out funk. The remixes aren't exactly without their merits either, though, with Rodion offering a warm, dubby house version. Peter Power reinterpreting the tune through a more tribalistic lens, and Sabo offers a more classic deep house sound to sooth the DJs.
Colin McBean is an unstoppable force at the moment isn't he! At the moment you say? Yeah too right; the guy never actually stopped his relentless pursuit of the perfect house and techno grooves since the '90s and this Conectionz EP is no exception. Starting things off in explosive fashion with the "You In Or You Out? (Sims Jacker edit)" with its relentless thud and crack of a 909 workout with funky bass and evil pads helped out by some generous reverb build ups; all you need really. The original version up next is more restrained deep house with that great vocal refrain repeating "live your life the way you wanna be free" the tracks aggression provided by those hissing rhythms. Finally "Bring It" is a soulful breakbeat number with soaring synth leads that is a great departure from McBean's normal style.
One of Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook's many aliases in conjunction with Gareth Hansome, Mighty Dub Katz originally released "Let The Drums Speak" in 2002 on Southern Fried Records. It now gets some remix treatment by an all star cast with Mannheim tech house hero Butch stepping up to deliver a loopy and funked up rendition that will appeal to fans of DJ Sneak or Phil Weeks. The classic "Just Another Groove" from 1995 gets a makeover by Hamburg legend Boris Dlugosch but delivers more of an edit which doesn't deviate too far from the original, while Brit in L.A. Doorly's version is well funky tech house for party people.
Italian duo Alex Carpentieri and Pietro De Lisi are System Of Survival and present their second album since 2012's Needle & Thread LP on BPitch Control. There are some diverse moods and grooves on offer that really pack a punch on D-Votion, such as the hi-tech soul of second track "Packing" or the appropriately titled "From Motor City With Love" a dusty deep house jam which sounds reminiscent of MCDE's Raw Cuts series. There's the usual tech house shenanigans from the duo on offer in the form of "No Time To Waste" or the title track where they team up with homeboy Salvatore Stallone. But our favourites were the latin house epic "Kutting" featuring Vhelade's powerful vocals or the tunnelling and mysterious "The Bear, The Wolf & The Eagle" which is perfect for building a vibe.
Dresden native Jacob Korn has clearly decided that quality is preferable to quantity. Since 2014, he's really cut back on the number of EPs he's put out, with this simply titled four-tracker being his first release of any description for 18 months. Predictably, he barely puts a foot wrong, moving from the chunky grooves, alien melodies, dusty musical touches and pulsing loops of "The Happening", to the low-slung, disco-flecked mid-tempo deep house bump of "Thru The Eye". Along the way, pay close attention to the choppy, post-Soundstream edit-house swing of "Holiday", and the soaring, near-symphonic disco-house heaviness of "Goodbye", which is arguably the EP's most bombastic moment.
Sebastian Hoyos is a Colombian DJ and producer from Medellin who has been releasing on Comeme Records since 2012 when he first presented the Chupa EP. "Los Muchachos" is his new single and follows a darkly balearic path like much of his label mates at present with its '80s Italo horror film synths, grinding rock bass and harsh drum machine strikes all working to perfection. Second offering "La Grua" features a bit of help from DJH and gets all slo-mo and low-slung on you with its woozy deep-latin groove. There's also a killer remix of it by Salon des Amateurs resident Detlef Weinrich aka Tolouse Low Trax. His "Interview remix" injects some added oomph into the track in typically stylish fashion.
Jack's House Recordings launched by long serving island resident DJ and producer Clara Da Costa, is a new label born out of Ibiza, which also boasts a successful weekly prime time live radio show that focuses mainly on exclusives and vinyl releases, broadcasted on the award winning Ibiza Sonica. Jack's House also hosts parties at the worlds most famous club, Space for Carl Cox. This first release comes from the talented and well respected, Alex Arnout from Dogmatik Records. Alex has had numerous releases over the years on many other respected labels such as One Records and the Fuse imprint. He is also known for launching, nurturing and finding good talent. This 4 track EP fully demonstrates Alex's versatility in the studio by offering 4 distinctive quality productions which can only be described as true house, and underground house music, made with integrity.
Kompakt's Michael Mayer and Magazine's Barnt (a couple of Cologne's finest) team up for some darkly sophisticated and contemplative house sounds on "Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen", a woozy and sombre sonic excursion with layers of dark strings that hypnotise you into submission atop of epic, near tribal style drum beats. Amsterdam's Patrice Baumel delivers a very futuristic remix; this is how you make a dark journey track right here! While in a surprise twist, Bristol bass-techno stalwart Kowton gets on board to deliver a pretty an impressive rendition that shows more restraint than what we're used to by him; quite a highlight actually.
They say if it 'ain't broke don't fix it, but with a rave classic such as Moby's 1990 hit "Go" still remaining as relevant as ever over 20 years on, any modern revision of the legendary track is welcome listening. In this case, it's German tech house hero and Desolat boss Loco Dice who delivers a typically storming and energetic rendition that's made to absolutely rock peak time festival crowds.The "Loco Dice Mo' Strings remix" is the version staying most true to the original though, complete with those epic Angelo Badalamenti strings from Twin Peaks backed by Dice's bleepy and drugged out synth stabs and adrenalised beats.
Renate Schallplatten returns with more surefire grooves that perfectly represent their legendary Berlin club. Russian expat in the German capital, Dimitri Veimar, presents the Lazy Trance EP. The title gives away much of its aesthetic. Starting out with the tripped out dark journey track "Rundio" which you could completely imagine yourself losing it to under a strobe light with its droning arpeggiations. There's more quality on the fittingly titled "Lauer Strobe Age remix" where the man from Frankfurt impresses as always. Elsewhere, the banging acid techno of "Lips" is reminiscent of a certain Josh Wink classic (this one's well crazy!) and digital exclusive "MM" is a sexy noir thriller with gloomy vintage machines getting that Comeme/Correspondant vibe happening nicely.
Bristol's master practitioner of boompty electro house returns for west coast institution Dirtybird with his rendition of DJ Godfather's 1999 classic "Booty Perculate" feat DJ Funk, but in the process sounds more like Cajmere's seminal "Percolator" with its stomping Chicago hard house groove and wobbly melody. Second offering "House Girl" sounds more like the Clarke we know with its massive bouncy baseline, tight rhythm and buzzing synth leads that fly all over the shop for perfect trippiness beneath druggy pitch shifted vocals. That's what we're talking about right here!
You Got Me marks the 4 Lux Black debut of The Shake Up Connection, an Alex Agore alias that pops up sporadically, last appearing on vinyl only imprint Vakum. It's a predictably assured and entertaining collection, with Agore delivering four fine, club-ready house cuts. Both "Shake Up Theme" and "You Got Me" draw heavily on disco and boogie for inspiration, whilst retaining the warmth and low-end pressure of quality deep house. "Untitled" is a thickset, jazz-flecked bumper, rich in Rhodes riffs, rolling bongos and simmering soul samples, while "Righteous Men" is a Detroit style, groovy deep house number complete with all manner of tasty, jazzy flourishes.
YOUSEF - Three Cities EP (Circus Recordings)
THE SHAKE UP CONNECTION - You Got Me (4 Lux Black Holland)
NAUTILUSS - Reflections (Spectral Sound US)
DIMITRI VEIMAR - Lazy Trance EP (Renate Schallplatten)
REINIER ZONNEVELD - Megacity Servant (Stil Vor Talent Germany)
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