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Matthias Reiling and Hauke Freer return with the Matching Half EP. The Berlin-Hamburg connection present two cuts of feelgood deep house with a loose and live feel, no doubt inspired by their energetic live performances. The title track features some funky disco style drumming beneath some emotive strings, jazzy Rhodes keys and xylophones; all working in perfect harmony. There's also a killer remix of said track by Detroit's finest: Byron The Aquarius, who has appeared recently on Wild Oats and S3A. His version gets well funkier and injects a truckload of soul into it, naturally! Second original offering "Up To Rise" is the deepest journey on offer and has a definite summertime vibe about it.
Yorkshire's Ewan Ewan (drum roll!) has relocated to Europe's new capital of electronic music; Berlin, like most ambitious young producers do these days. Despite being on a roll previous to his relocation, there's no doubt that the vibes and sounds of the German capital have rubbed off on him, as clearly heard on his new LP entitled There Is No Right Time. The dusty and lo-fi sounds of hip-hop inspired/disco-fied Berlin deep house are aplenty on this fine EP which covers a wide variety of moods and grooves. Highlights not limited to: the emotive deepness of "10405", the rusty and vintage lo-tech soul of "Waiting For L" or "Left On Lucy" (featuring fellow expat Steve Huerta) and the wonderful "Earnest Kelly" which you could imagine playing during a car chase in an '80s action film.
Henning "Telephones" Severud has repeatedly pointed out that Vibe Telemetry, his debut album, was an attempt to capture a very particular, hard-to-define feeling. Whether or not he succeeded is hard to know, but it's certainly a hugely atmospheric album. It's easy to pick out influences - the jangling, wide-eyed bliss of vintage Italian deep house, the comforting warmth of Balearic disco, the masculine throb of Italo, the blissful melodiousness of new age, and the loved-up colours of early '90s ambient house, for starters - but the resultant tracks don't specifically sound like any of these things. They're warm, colourful, spacey, tactile and hugely atmospheric, with dancefloor ready-cuts - "Sierra", "See Hex & Moon", the hectic "Mezcal Eclipse" - being joined by more hazy, horizontal fare.
Rinse FM resident and Food Music co-owner Shadow Child returns with a full length and boy are we excited! According to the label, the Connected LP takes inspiration from "small warehouses, basements of buildings, abandoned places" and sees the UK based producer collaborate with an all-star cast of UK house and tech-house that is truly impressive. There's a lot of quality tunes on here and many to choose from, but for our money we'd bet on his collaborations with: T Williams on the funky and swinging "Do You", his teaming up with UK house hero Ben Pearce on the deeply emotive "Nothing Ever Hurts" (feat Laurel) and with Tring's finest Huxley on the dark and slinky wobble of "Err". Let's not forget his killer remixes too: There's his take on Jaydee's legendary "Plastic Dreams" and of the classic "Papua New Guinea" by Future Sound Of London.
To celebrate ten years since the release of their classic album, Booka Shade announce Movements 10. The German duo comprised of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier are known for the seminal minimal and electro-house cuts over the mid to late noughties that defined a sub-genre, alongside their Get Physical alumni M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. Timeless classics they're responsible for, such as "Body Language", In White Rooms" and "Mandarine Girl" are all here and remastered for your listening pleasure. Not to mention a collection of fine remixes by a who's who in the current tech house climate. Our favourites weren't limited to: "Lost High" remixed by NYC legend Dennis Ferrer, Swiss hi-tech soul merchant Deetron delivering an absolutely infectious rendition of the aforementioned "Mandarine Girl" and Geordie producer Patrick Topping delivering a very 2016 style makeover of "Night Falls"
Mancunian Kevin Gorman is back with some more lo-slung soul excursions as Adesse Versions. Although usually appearing on his own eponymous imprint or for Glasgow's Numbers, he appears this time for Berlin's Toy Tonics. Starting out with the emotive and dusty deepness of "After Hours" (which soon introduces the most phased and psyched out guitar lick ever) there's then the thumping yet soulful vocal house of "Radio Rahman" with some seriously Kerri Chandler style keys. Closing out this EP in style are the filtered disco loops of "Explain It" which is so infectious and would make even DJ Sneak or Phil Weeks stand up and notice!
Hard Ton are the fun loving Venetian duo comprised of DJ Wawashi and heavy metal singer Max. Soaring falsettos "conjure up memories of smoky dancefloors during the heady days of HI-NRG" and are behind such fabulous titles titles like "I'm Your Machine" and "We Came Here (To Jack)". Their new track "Queer Nation" is a buzzing and grinding all analogue techno jam featuring a massive roll call, name dropping everyone that matters! There's a hot remix by Classic Recordings man man Luke Solomon too, which gives it that early noughties west coast tribal house vibe. Brazilian via Berlin Rotciv steps in to lend a helping hand on the deep acid groover "Style Ga Galore" plus they offer up something a bit more lo-slung and dusty on the deep disco of "The Way You Rock".
The Paper Recordings household keeps coming up with the goods; each new month brings a whole heap of quality house material, and this time they've grouped together a truly special crew of producers. Futureboogie and 20:20 Vision causual, Crazy P, kicks things off by delivering a magnetic slice of slo-mo, funk house in "Last Knockers", a true gem for the boogie heads, and just a great dance tune all-round. Paper Recordings associate, Flash Atkins, goes into more progressive mood on his "Rivers Of Jordan", a house nugget with a fine layer of arpeggios for maximum club damage, and Steve Cobby's "Boule De Suif" ties this stunning little three-tracker off with some gentle, balearic house waves that push the dust into the beat - check those vintage video game sonics, too!
Newcastle Upon Tyne's fast rising star Christoph returns with nine tracks of sheer power for Hot Since 82's powerhouse Knee Deep In Sound. Starting out with the slinky and seductive progressive house of "Closer", featuring Jinadu's soaring and elegant vocal work. Lead single "Alone" gets really adrenalised with its powerful arpeggio fuelling this pre-peak time weapon and yet again featuring some great vocals. Other highlights include the moody atmospherics of "Absent Mentor", which is perfect for the late night and label head honcho himself Daley Padley turning in a typically explosive rendition of "Closer" like he only can!

The latest E.P on Craig Bratley's impressive Magic Feet imprint comes from the man himself, ably assisted by Crazy P chanteuse Danielle Moore. Even by her high standards, Moore's vocals here are particularly husky and atmospheric, and perfectly compliment Bratley's dark, woozy, throbbing backing track (think sharp Italo-disco fused with pitched-down acid house). The accompanying remixes are predictably fine, too. Andrew Weatherall naturally steals the show by turning "Play The Game" into an epic chunk of sparse and druggy synth-pop-goes-clubbing weirdness, though Hsyertic's muscular, shirts-off Italo-disco interpretation is pretty darn tasty, too. In other words, it's a very strong E.P, all told.
Hubert Clarke Jr's debut EP, a very limited 12" on 100% Silk released in February 2016, marked him out as a talent to watch. Happily, this follow-up, which sees him pop up on British deep house imprint Wolf Music, is equally as impressive. The Sydney-based producer begins with the jazzy piano riffs, tumbling analogue bass and bustling deep house drums of "Paradiso", before moving further towards classic U.S deep house territory on the warm and toasty "No Look For Trouble". The loose, rich and jazzy "Midday at Sudek's" sounds like the kind of organic deep house fare that\s regularly championed by Rhythm Section International, while "With River At The Lounge" adds a little synth-boogie swing to Clarke's hazy deep house template.
Sao Paulo deep house producer Xique-Xique's Xaxoeira EP was originally released in 2014 but now sees a deserved vinyl release. Starting out with the very All Day I Dream-ish "1542" which is complete with lush xylophone melodies, woozy synths and smooth beats, he's then into the slow burning title track, which comes complete with cosmic atmosphere and sultry French vocals; just perfect for drifting. Ecuador's Nicola Cruz delivers a fine remix, staying on the same Lee Burridge style vibe of the first track and is perfect for an open air rooftop party near you next Summer.

This time last year Tel Aviv indie dance duo Red Axes made a huge splash with their killer track "Waiting For A Surprise" and now it is time for some equally fun loving remixes. First up Matthew Dear aka Audion steps up to deliver a typically massive rework for the techno crowd, while fellow Israeli homeboy Moscoman follows up and injects some woozy psychedelic rock vibes into it. The man from Vilnius, Manfredas, appears in addition; the Multi Culti tour poster boy going for something on the lo-slung tip and label head honcho Thomas Von Party lends a hand for the boys to remix themselves, for a rather explosive punky/funky conclusion.
We've come accustomed to Nein founders Tronik Youth serving up electronic music that's on the psychedelic end of the spectrum. "Rope Dancer" configures to this stereotype, and sees the duo lace bold, alien synthesizer riffs, spiraling electronics and wonky vocal samples atop a forthright, mid-tempo cosmic disco groove. The duo's accompanying Dark Dub wanders further into skewed, late night territory, largely by further emphasizing their bold synth-work. While Curses continue the trend on their slightly pitched-down remix - check the clicking percussion and hypnotic, looped-up synthesizer motifs - Ron Basejam flips the script entirely, turning the track into a warm, feel good, disco tinged deep house shuffler.
Italian producer Fango returns with more vicious and downright oddball grooves for the third installment in his Viscera series. Starting out with the haunting vibes and suspenseful strings of the punk-funk journey "Amnios, he then gets stuck into "Medulla'. On this dramatic number there's more huge orchestrations on offer complete with a tough beat, sounding like an action scene from a film soundtrack. Finally "Metacarpo" sees him throw down jagged and angular industrial techno which has seen him win the adoration of DJs like Marcel Dettmann in recent times.
German label Audaz has been predominantly guided by its founder and bossman, Alkalino. The nimble and versatile producer has made sure that his label encompasses the full spectrum of house sounds, and his own productions have been there to led the cause. This time, however, he acts solely as A&R man in this tight, thirteen-track compilation names Audaz Heroes. All shades of house are included here, and there's not much we don't like the sound of. From the mechanical tech-house swings of "Give A Message" by Micka Blaster, to the deeper, more esoteric harmonics of the excellent "The Way" by Trobar, and the nutty, spaced-out nu-jazz of "Groove 1" by 54th Street Hustler, this compilation is not to be underestimated. Instead of relying on your usual, perhaps more hyped labels and artists, you should do yourself a favour and check this bad boy of a comp. Tipped and recommended!"
Only those with long memories will remember David 'Move D' Moufang's short-lived Housegrooves alias. It was only used for a single 1993 release, Volume 1, a 12" that has long been in-demand amongst deep house diggers. Misfit Melodies have decided to give it the reissue treatment, partnering two of the EP's most lauded cuts with fresh remixes and edits. In the former category you'll find the low-slung analogue bass, rolling beats and spacey synth melodies of "I Gave My Love", and the more bumpin', New Jersey influenced Seebase collaboration "Deep", which here gets a slight edit from DJ Oyster. The most impressive rework comes from Shan and Gerd Janson, who turn "I Gave My Love" into a saucer-eyed chunk of piano-heavy, rave-era breakbeat-house bliss.
Mexico-based Geordie Man Power has been on the rise for some time, picking up plaudits for the quality of his releases on Throne of Blood, ESP Institute, Hivern Discs and Correspondant. Now, he's decided to go it alone, launching the MeMeMe label as a vehicle for his own productions. "Tachyon" is something of a sleazy, late night treat, with the British ex-pat concentrating the action around a deliciously dirty, mutant Italo arpeggio, nagging electronic loops, and punchy drum machine percussion. DJ Tennis takes the track in a different direction, smothering Man Power's sleazy groove in melodious marimba lines, drowsy chords and elastic electronics.
Kian T, AKA fast-rising producer Andrea Pedra, first showcased his wares via a quietly impressive E.P on ToyTonics back in 2015. Here, he's been handed a further chance to prove his deep house credentials thanks to the Secret Reels imprint. He starts in confident fashion, offering subtle nods to Mood Hut style dreaminess on the hushed, late night deep house bump of "Flughafen" (later remixed in rubbery, deep disco-meets-deep house fashion by Daniel Leseman). The track that follows, "Deepah", sees him layer bluesy vocal samples, twinkling Rhodes keys and wild synth solos atop a slinky, off-kilter house groove, while "Dub Diva" - all heavy bass, Herbie Hancock keys-work and drifting electronic chords - sits somewhere between the two approaches.

Australian oddball producer Dreems breaks away from his usual home; Thomas Von Party's Multi Culti imprint, for an appearance on Bristol institution Futureboogie with the Studio Glucose EP, where he collaborates with buddy Jamie Blanco from London. On "Percussive Racing Cars" the pair reference classic Chicago deep house, complete with Juno 106 and 303 basslines but with a modern twist. "Party Mix" goes for some woozy, groovy, tribal tech house geared for the late night or afterhours while "Red Frog, Green Frog" goes for a strange 80s/balearic tinged groove that many other Australian producers in Berlin are doing at present. There's also a brilliant remix of "Percussive Racing Cars" by Israeli man of the moment Moscoman, giving it a dusty and rusty acid house makeover.
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