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Reviewed this week
Although William Basinski's work is often tagged as 'neo-classical', the veteran producer is very much an electronic musician. His craft does involve plenty of deep instrumentation and symphonious arrangements, but he's been experimenting with tape loops and reel-to-reels for over three decades. A Shadow In Time is his new EP for his own 2062 imprint, run alongside James Elaine, and it's every bit as glorious as the rest of 2062's glorious catalogue. "For David Robert Jones" is the opening slice of glorious sonority, a wondrous loops of aqueous sounds with free-roaming jazz instruments balancing in mid-air, and a mysterious charm to its hazy smoke of sounds. The title track "A Shadow in Time" is a sparser, less imperceptible slice of ambient textures that slowly builds into a vast, fiery soundscape of aural delight. A beautiful sonic massage.