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Reviewed this week
Terence Fixmer and Douglas McCarthy are what you would class as big dawgs in the house and techno game. The two have been present and very much in the frontline since the turn of the millennium, but their collaborative project under the Fixmer/McCarthy banner has been more of a recent conception. They've released plenty of effective dance material for Fixmer's own Planet Rouge imprint so, it was time to branch out, and what better way to do that then release an EP for Adam X's gnarly Sonic Groove? The label's been a staple of the NYC techno diet since the 90s, and it really is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down as it reaches its 30 year birthday. There's two cuts to the electrifying "Chemicals" tune, a first version with the vocals intact, and a second instrumental cut; the base of the tune is high-powered techno with a bubbling electro bass line, and a malevolent flurry of punked-out vocalism. "Wrong Planet" is a stranger sort of beast, a tune that lurks in the depths of the techno underbelly, but that has no problems in launching continuous arial threats in the form of sinister screams and spectral melodies. Enter if you dare...
Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label continues its quest to become the number one hotspot for the most daring of neo free-jazz improvisations. This ambitious task is set to be fulfilled good and proper if the likes of Australia's Will Guthrie are given the helm, and especially if the output sounds this good. People Pleaser sees the multi-talented drummer and instrumentalist spread his wizardry across a whole plethora of styles and niche influences, meaning that this isn't really jazz but something much darker and tentative. In fact, remnants of field recordings, glitches, noise and power electronics can be heard at the core of these eleven experiments, and we can't say that this is for the faint of heart. On the contrary, fans of both Ambrachi, or even Dilloway's material on his own Hanson Records will surely find plenty of moments to marvel at in here. This is an excellent LP; we recommend not snoozing on this one.