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Radiation is not a typical Third Ear release, but Why Sheep aka Japanese producer Gaku Uchida has a long-standing relationship with the imprint, having released an album on Guy McCreery's label back in 2003. Both versions of "Radiation" favour experimental textures and extreme sonic diversions. Bluesy guitar shards are combined with bursts of noise and creaky effects on the first take, while the second version is just as warped. There, waves of spiky percussion and crashing drums provide the basis for jazzy licks and vocal chants. The remixes from Kare San Sui are less intense, with the first "Radiation" reduced to an atonal sound scapes and "A2" turned into a jazzy broken beat workout.
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Pink Skull have released on some of the US' most cutting-edge labels, including Throne Of Blood and Rvng Int'l, and this latest LP on Metal Postcard is both daring and inherently different. It may be a cliche to say so, but Pink Skull's devious soundscapes are truly bizarre in the best sense of the word. Conceptualising the release around a mixed pool of flavours, the artist manages to convey an organic feeling, both in sound and texture. "Vanilla", for example, is dense and fluttering, whereas "Orange" is more rigid in structure and sounds like the soundtrack to one of the Alien films. In a sense, this feels like musical synaesthesia, where Pink Skull translates the tastes of the world into tones and melodies. Utterly compelling and warmly recommended...