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Somebody Lonely & Me (remixes)
17 Mar 17
Somebody Lonely & Me (DJ Koze remix) - (5:02) 57 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Somebody Lonely & Me (DJ Koze remix instrumental) - (5:02) 57 BPM
Somebody Lonely & Me (Ricardo Villalobos remix) - (7:55) 124 BPM
Somebody Lonely & Me (Chi Thanh remix) - (5:08) 61 BPM
from $1.86
Played by: Domshe
Review: Berlin duo 2raumwohnung are back! The duo comprised of Inga Humpe, and her life partner, Tommi Eckart made it big in the early noughties with their irresistible electro-pop ditties which got them lumped in with the whole electroclash trend (lest we forget) and of course the inclusion of their anthemic "Ich Und Elaine' on Tiga's legendary DJ Kicks mix in 2002. The master DJ Koze's remix is where the Hamburg hero stays true to the original by retaining most of the elements but injects the track with his trademark knack for deepness, emotion and all things quirky and trippy. If that was not enough, the king of minimal Ricardo Villalobos lends a helping hand and delivers a pumping, rolling and glitchy makeover which could be one of his best remixes in recent times. Finally Thi Chanh knows what he's doing, as he treads a similarly poppy path. He gives the track a dreamy and ethereal rendition that will appeal to fans of the Crosstown Rebels sound.
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