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World Tek Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
600+loops & samples feature in this sound set that includes flute & woodwind loops, drum loops & instrumental loops between 61-154BPM. The second in this series is suitable for industrial, hip hop, world, soundtrack & techno music
DJ Tools
28 Apr 12
Future Progressive Trance Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
1.66GB of drums & percussion, synths, pads, leads, FX, fills, melodies, basslines & more
Uplifting Trance
16 Feb 13
Supalife Dynamite: Dirty South Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
The second part of this dirty south collection of ten construction kits recorded at 80Bpm that include MIDI files as well as bass lines, drums, percussion loops, pianos, synths & brass in wav format
Hip Hop/R&B
22 Sep 12
Progressive Trance Electro Vols 1-3 Bundle (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI)
Volumes 1-3 of this progressive, trance & electro series featuring 15 construction kits with all loops at 128BPM including bass, drums, keys & synths including midi files
Uplifting Trance
01 Mar 11
Pop Guitars Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/REX/WAV)
Second of the series with versatile guitar loops recorded in LA & mixed & mastered by Simon Rudd of The Fliptones.
19 Dec 13
Abstract Electro House 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
The last in the trilogy of electro house sounds clocked at 128BPM with synth phrases, bass loops, drum loops & drum samples in acid/wav & rex 2 format
Electro House
28 Oct 11
European House Vocals Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Second volume in series inspired by superstar male vocalists like Trevor Guthrie, Conrad Sewell & John Martin
Progressive House
15 Aug 16
Modern Electro House Beats Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/WAV)
Second of the series with 220 MB of content & 160 unique files including produced & carefully crafted electro house loops
Electro House
19 Mar 15
Melodic RnB Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Third volume of r&b sounds with a melodic bent including 5 construction kits with leads, pianos, drums & chord progressions
Hip Hop/R&B
12 Oct 11
Classic Bollywood Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV)
The second volume of this series of five construction kits showcasing percussion & vocal loops with Bollywood style strings, dholak ensembles, tabla ensembles & other traditional Indian instruments with key & tempo tags recorded at 24 bit resolution
DJ Tools
31 Jan 11
Abstract Electro House Vol 5 (Sample Pack ACID/REX/WAV)
Fifth of the series of electro house sounds clocked at 128BPM with synth phrases, bass loops, drum loops & drum samples in acid/wav & rex 2 format
Electro House
13 Feb 15
Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/ESX24/MIDI/REX)
Volume two of this series of drum & bass sounds including 550 loops & about 300 one-shots at 174 BPM & all royalty free
Drum And Bass
31 Jan 11
RnB Chillout Sessions Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV)
New series of laid-back RnB with 5 construction kits complete with one-shots, FX Tails, MIDI and more
Hip Hop/R&B
02 Jul 14
Vocal House Anthems (Sample Pack WAV/REX/Refill/AIFF)
Chart-ready collection of soulful male vocals & instrumentals inspired by worldwide hits by EDX, Robin Schulz & Kygo
Progressive House
26 Sep 16
Trap Essentials Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
70 one-shot percussive samples and more than 50 loops to create your own trap beats
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
14 Feb 14
Deep House Vocals Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/WAV)
Second of the series of deep house products featuring complete vocal tracks and individual phrases for you to edit and re-arrange
Deep House
23 Jan 15
Global Tech House Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REASON)
First in a new series of tech house construction kits inspired by Sander van Doorn & Green Velvet
Progressive House
02 Sep 15
Future Progressive Basslines Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
240 MB of infectious grooves & growls to infuse tracks with low-end energy
Progressive House
16 Jul 13
Future Of House Music Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Eddy Beneteau brings together a range of styles and influences to create a razor-sharp sound on the cutting edge of modern house
Progressive House
26 May 16
Future Deep House Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/REX/WAV)
Five construction kits inspired by artists including Oliver Heldens & Dusky including quintessential deep house basslines to the most up front future house synths, detuned piano lines & drum loops
Deep House
15 May 15
Dubstep Tip Trixxx Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Over 800 MB of slick & hard-hitting dubstep construction kits, one shots and synth presets
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
27 Aug 14
World Tek Vol 6 (Sample Pack WAV/Refill/APPLE/REX)
World Tek Vol 6 completes this long-running series from Producer Loops, bringing you over 800 MB of glitched, warped and totally Tek'd up drums, percussion, basses and synths
02 Feb 17
Killer House & EDM Drums Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/REX/APPLE/Refill/Ableton)
Killer House & EDM Drums Vol 1 from Producer Loops is a powerful collection of expertly-mixed drum loops and one-shots, bringing you 25 drum kits and 280 individual drum stems and single hits
Deep House
02 Feb 17
Deep House Vocals Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/REX/WAV)
Five construction kits, complete vocal performances & individual vocal phrases designed to be chopped, re-arranged & sculpted to fit your next deep house production
Deep House
17 Aug 15
Commercial Dance Elements Vol 6 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Sixth volume in series for serious dance and commercial RnB producers looking for rhythmic & FX one shots, synth loops, bass loops and more
Progressive House
29 May 14
Experimental Dubstep Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
Third instalment of this collection of dubstep sounds featuring five construction kits including grooves & ambient loops at 140Bpm in wav & rex2 format
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
06 Oct 12
Essential Tropical House: Vocal Edition (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/REX/WAV)
Five construction kits packed full of lush, hazy tropical house grooves complete with vocal performances
Funky/Club House
29 Jan 16
Cinematic Series Vol 3: Alien Encounters (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/Ableton)
Cinematic Series Vol 3: Alien Encounters is a unique collection of otherworldly construction kits, SFX and cinematic vocal samples influenced by the hugely successful Netflix original series, Stranger Things
03 Feb 17
Trap Essentials Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Third of the series with 70 one-shot percussive samples and more than 50 loops to create your own trap beats
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
06 May 14
Deep Techno Progressions Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID WAV/MIDI/REX)
Five deep, lingering construction kits complete with long up-filters, sparse melodies and a variety of percussive loops
20 Jun 14
Gangsta Beats 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Part three of the series offers 10 construction kits featuring drum & percussion loops, piano/keyboard phrases, synth & pad loops, strings & brass
Hip Hop/R&B
14 Apr 11
Supalife Drum & Bass: Dark Edition (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Five construction kits totalling more than 1.5GB and packed full of aggressive reese basslines, relentless drums, intricate synths & mind-expanding FX
Drum And Bass
13 May 13
Supalife Classic Trance Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
More than 2GB of trance music content featuring dry/wet melodies, fx tail loops & 220 one shot samples in acid /wav & rex files with accompanying midi files
Uplifting Trance
09 May 12
Deep Funky House Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
First in the series of house sounds with over 170 loops across five construction kits, with MIDI files & one-shots & including quirky bass, vocal snippets, pads, synths & fx
Funky/Club House
07 Dec 11
Future Progressive Trance Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/ACID/REX/MIDI)
Another five colossal construction kits combining awe-inspiring breakdowns, peaker-shattering FX, the darkest of basslines, catchy vocal snippets and dancefloor-destroying drops
Uplifting Trance
03 Oct 13
LA Pop Drums & Guitars Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV)
28 guitar loops is perfectly complimented by a selection of 52 fresh urban, dance & pop infused drum loops.
15 Sep 14
Commercial Hip Hop Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/WAV/REX)
Vol 3 continues this series of cutting-edge modern Hip Hop arrangements, featuring five Construction Kits inspired by Drake, Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West
Hip Hop/R&B
30 Dec 15
Liquid Drum & Bass Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
5 more construction kits featuring high energy DnB breaks, grimey bass & euphoric washes & rises recorded at 177bpm
Drum And Bass
31 Jan 11
Commercial Dance Elements Vol 5 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Fifth volume in series for serious dance and commercial RnB producers looking for rhythmic & FX one shots, synth loops, bass loops and more
Funky/Club House
02 Apr 14
Chillout Progressions Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI)
Volume 2 in this series of mellow chord progressions featuring 1.66GB of content with bass, fx, pad, snare, string, synth, drum & piano loops with single one shot hits.
14 Feb 12
European Pop Vocals Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REX/Ableton/Refill)
European Pop Vocals Vol 3 gives you direct access to a captivating vocalist and the techniques, tricks & sound design skills of a professional producer, all bound together in five superb construction kits
08 Feb 17
Supalife Drum & Bass: High Energy Edition (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
2.69Gb of content featuring 465 loops, 173 samples & 185 midi files for drum & bass producers
Drum And Bass
09 Mar 12
Symphonic Series Vol 11: Horror & Mystery (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/MIDI/OMF)
A journey to the dark side, carving up over 4.6 GB of blood-curdling orchestral construction kits
05 Jun 16
Producer Loops Free Demo Pack Bundle (Sample Pack WAV)
Bundle of 5 free demo sample packs: Supalife Tech House, Deep Funky House Vol 1, Dubstep Chillout, Supalife Classic Trance Vol 1 & Euro House Vol 4
Minimal/Tech House
01 Aug 12
Commercial Dance Elements Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Third volume in series created for serious dance and commercial RnB producers looking for rhythmic & FX one shots, synth loops, bass loops and more
Funky/Club House
01 Aug 13
White Papoo: Liquid Breaks Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/EXS24/REX)
The first in the series of breakbeat & nu skool patches & drum loops clocked at 145BPM for ease of use packed into 1GB of 24bit royalty free content
31 Jan 11
Open Your Trap Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
Five dark & menacing construction kits packed full of all the essential instrumentation needed to create real, authentic Trap
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
06 Feb 15
Ambient Metal Constructions 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
With 5 construction kits this is the first instalment of the series of ambient metal sounds in wav , rex & MIDI format
06 Jun 11
Open Your Trap Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX/Refill/Apple)
Latest addition to this up-front series of commercial Trap productions featuring chopped and tuned vocals, speaker-piercing leads, dirty basslines, and quintessential Trap drums,
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
15 Mar 16
Kings Of Bhangra Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
Five construction kits containing 130 loops & samples fusing traditional Indian musical elements with contemporary Bhangra & urban styles
DJ Tools
13 Dec 12
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