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Cleric aka Jorden Hodgetts is one of the new techno artists to emerge from the UK in recent years, and he proves his worth on this, his sixth release for Len Faki's label. "Resurrect" sees him skillfully strike a balance between musical elements and dance floor strictures as epic, Detroit techno chords are fused with rasping hi hats and a wiry rhythm. By contrast, "Turbine" sees Hodgetts take inspiration from the Luke Slater playbook, underscoring a lone, one-note riff that builds and ebbs over storming kicks and "Shackled Minds" is a militaristic, percussive workout. While Hodgetts is proving himself as a techno producer, he also delivers the smoky, down tempo "Xejn (8am mix)" and "Resurrect (3pm mix)", hinting at a serious creative mind from beyond the dance floor.
Having come to light on Optimo Music, The Junto Club now kick off the Snap Crackle & Pop label with a new single that builds on their promising reputation. "Shiviana" is a perfect encapsulation of what the band are about, channelling all kinds of wave styles into their instruments but still coming off sounding contemporary and seductive at once. Khidja comes on board to remix the track, turning it into an acidic burner with a heavy dose of bombast thrown in. "Ikiryo" presents a more post punk side to The Junto Club sound, which Smagghe & Cross then buff up into a crafty electro number for the dancers.
The new musical wonder that is Kenya's Ogoya Nengo is fast becoming the stuff of legend around the Juno HQ, not least because her singular style of African folk manages to appeal to so many different sorts of listeners. This 'versions' EP is full proof of that, too; clearly an inspiration as a blueprint for some truly mind-bending dance concoctions. Lena Willikens' take on "Orutu Run" is as eerie as it is magical, while Toulouse Low Trax's version of "Mix Zwei" manages to aligh Nengo's vocals with something a little more dubby and wayward. German duo Don't DJ are in their perfect environment, and their usual blend of polyrhythmics is perfectly balanced on "Sorbe Pekingese", a beatless glow of spectral bass bumps, whereas Hardwax-casual Orson delivers a majestic steppers charmer for "Bunde Dub". What an EP. 5 stars.
Leipzig imprint Kann presents Ergin Erteber aka Things From The Basement who delivers a fine EP here entitled Intimacy. As the label claims "This soundscaping and atmospheric collection of interluding House takes you to the most enjoyable basement you can imagine." The soothing tones of the title track wouldn't be out of place on a label like Erased Tapes, while "View From The Window" is a truly emotive and bittersweet deep house journey in the vein of early Simon Flower. "No One Belongs Here More Than You" gets some great remixes later on, but for our money we'd pick local lad Svensol's groovy, sunny and upbeat rendition as well as Map.ache's deep, dark and emotive remix which is on the same vibe as his fine EP for Giegling last year.
The excellent Music For Dreams label is one of the few outlets to deliver a fine selection of indie-electronic crossover tracks, and Silent Riders are exactly the sort of group that the imprint always keeps a hawkish eye out for. They have an album dropping imminently, and "I See You" is one of the many quality singles that will feature on it. What we have here is a taster in the form of a dark, languishing piece of music that will satisfy everyone from the goths to the punkers. Check it.
DJ Haus' Unknown To The Uknown and Filter Dread's blazed-out bass experiments are a match made in heaven. Yes, we-re getting romantic with this shit, because this EP is something to get truly excited about. What we love about it is its ability to showcase to many different UK genres without sounding half-arsed. Tunes like "Expansion" or "Ice Click" manage to infuse the best elements of jungle together with, well, something completely different, and fresh to even the most cynical of ears. Stuttering beats, stoned percussion shots, and heartical waves of low frequencies make this something to treat with respect. Please, please do NOT sleep on this. In fact, don't come wining to us that there ain't no decent music out there before you've digested these killers.
Having Halcyon Veil as your first label ain't exactly a bad start, especially when it concerns to full LPs in quick succession, but that's just how Jesse Osborne-Lanthier goes about his business. The dude isn't only a music producer, though, and has actually collaborated on the design aspects of several stellar boutique labels like Paris' MIND Records, and London's Where To Now?. He makes his debut here with a four-tracker for Germany's Raster-Noton, a legendary electronic label that dates back to the late 90s, and one which has always procured our charts with the most explorative of sounds. From "Blackwell Dynonetics" through to "Lick & A Promise", Osborne-Lanthier leads us into a world of his own, where genres are liquefied into cerebral pools of sound that have more in common with the big bang than they do with techno or noise. A stellar EP - recommended!
JESSE OSBORNE-LANTHIER - Unalloyed, Unlicensed, All Night!' (Raster Noton Germany)
OGOYA NENGO & THE DODO WOMEN'S GROUP - On Mande Versions (TAL) - exclusive 20-01-2017
FILTER DREAD - Tribal Data (Unknown To The Unknown)