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For his latest full-length, post-dubstep innovator turned dystopian soundscape specialist Shackleton has joined forces with British-German singer-songwriter Anika. Her drowsy, chilling tones provide the perfect foil for the producer's alternately paranoid and ethereal musical compositions; stretched-out pagan epics that sit somewhere between the soundtrack for The Wicker Man, the wind-swept ambience of Firecracker's Mac Talla Nan Craeg - compilation, and the experimental sound collages of the Music Concrete movement. It makes for a heady, intoxicating and at times otherworldly listening experience, even if it features numerous pastoral elements. Prepare to be thrilled and scared in equal measure
Optimo Trax 30 celebrates a double 30 years anniversary. The original release date of "Rejekto" is 30 years since Twitch started behind the decks. In 1987, it's almost folklore now that he picked up a copy of "Rejekto" and was smitten. Shortly after that, he got his first ever gig and played the said track in his set. It was known to be a fizzer every time time, but a few years ago he felt the time was ripe for a comeback and this time people danced to it. In fact, people loved it and would ask about it. 30 years later, it feels audiences are more open: or perhaps "Rejekto" was just ahead of its time? German duo Ra-Hen and Talla 2XLC would go on to become Bigod 20 with the addition of Thomas Franzmann (aka Perlon's Zip) on vocals. They were seminal in Frankfurt's early industrial scene alongside the likes of Lassigue Bendthaus aka Atom TM (Uwe Schmidt). Featuring the original, "U.S. Dub" versions and a slo-mo cover version by long-time Twitch friend and ally, the mysterious Frenchbloke.
Oneohtrix Point Never's upcoming album, Good Time, has the capacity to turn our entire Download Team into a bunch of zombies. By that, we mean that we probably won't be doing much work when it finally drops next month; this single, "Leaving The Park", is already keeping one or two of us glued onto our speakers like moths to the light. Out through Warp, whom OPN seems to be collaborating with extensively, the tune is much denser than some fo the producer's previous works, heading down new age territories thanks to its vast, bottomless landscape of synths. With barely any beats to carry it, OPN manages to make the track into a delightful groove of ambient euphoria for the open-minded. Lovely, as always. Stay away from the light...
The sadly departed Jaki Liebezeit was the kind of drummer whose influence will be continually recognised over the decades to come. Best known for his work in Can, there are also many more sides to this singular sticksman, and Emotional Rescue has chosen to shine a light on his post-Can period living in Stollwerck. First is the sound of Phantom Band with Linear Johnson & The Protons. "Rush Rush" has a spiky new wave bent to it, but still Liebezeit's drumming stands out. Then "Drums Off Chaos" need little explanation - it's the sound of one of the all-time drumming greats letting rip in a ferocious blast of percussive abandon.
When the New York composer Vito Ricci produced a handful of experimental pieces in the 1980s, he probably would not have expected that a popular reissue label would bear the name of one of his albums: Music From Memory. This is his first album in 30 years, released via the new label Intelligent Instruments. Ricci has composed a lot over the decades, but this LP is completely composed on a Commodore Amiga; using the Music Mouse - developed by avant garde Composer Laurie Spiegel. The album turns out to be a timeless, fresh perspective of ambient music. With its new-age drones, hypnotic percussive loops: the different tracks do not sound unusual given the instrumentation and restriction. Between Ricardo's distant guitar and the alienated vocals of his wife Lisa Vachon: it is detailed, fascinating and perfect music conjured from obsolete music technology to tremendous effect.
Moscow based producer Anton Kubikov is one of the key figures of the Russian electronic music scene. His recent dub techno exploits have been heard on local labels like Heisenberg and his own Pro-tez imprint. Kubikov's relationship to Kompakt extends years back, when his SCSI-9 project (with Maxim Milyutenko) made its debut and has since several releases for the label thus far. It's a predominantly atmospheric affair on his new LP entitled Whatness. The slightly Italo tainted horror soundtracks of "Liquid Mirror" or the title track soon give way to seductive soundscapes of "Other The Sea" which wouldn't have sounded out of place on one of the label's famed Pop Ambient collections while tracks like "Kurt's Forest" or "April" have that Balearic tinged style of chill-out about them that will appeal to fans of International Feel or Music From Memory. Elsewhere the modern classical bliss piece "Pia" is quite a gorgeous moment but he saves the best for last on the mesmerising shoegaze style drones of "Entrance"

Venezuela born, Barcelona based Cardopusher's career goes back over 12 years- the proverbial 10,000 hours to master a skill long fulfilled. His forthcoming LP "New Cult Fear" on Boysnoize Records proves it through disciplined, focused craftsmanship. It's the type of no-frills production that deceives the amateur listener with it's simplicity, while the seasoned listener knows that the simpler the elements, the harder it is to make a track that moves the dancefloor. Moving dancefloors it does, although there's few smiles to be had. This is music for dark rooms, for Nitzer Ebb's famous pairing of "muscle and hate." This is being electrocuted by a broken TB-303- only you find the feeling erotic, your exclamations recorded on a haunted reel-to-reel. And it's never sounded so good.
WILDLIFE! presents his new EP "Anima" in a live setting, in collaboration with Nitemind. Wildlife! is the alias of Swiss music producer and sound artist Samuel Riot. "Mysterious human-like sounds land like the shrapnel of teenage goth nostalgia, detuned pianos provide delight and discomfort in their grandeur, and ominous sonic bombardments put the finishing touches on WILDLIFE!'s otherworldly soundscapes. Oscillating between moments of ambient bliss and traces of left field dancehall and hip-hop DNA, "Anima" remains a decisively genre-defying venture, an emotive and compelling listening experience."
Chicago born and raised Jana started DJing at the tender age of 10, and started producing just three years later. Influenced by Robert Armani, Lester Fitzpatrick, Cajmere, DJ Milton, and DJ Deeon. She released her first record on Dance Mania back in 1996 but having a hiatus from music between 2000 to 2013. With her latest opus here, she has created an album rooted in Chicago's footwork sound, but with a myriad of influences, such as jungle, acid, soul, jazz and house, developing her sound on from "MPC 7635".
ANTON KUBIKOV - Whatness (Kompakt Germany)
WILD KID - Cathedral (48k) - exclusive 29-07-2017