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Italian duo Alessandro Parlatore and Marcello Giordani aka Marvin & Guy appear next for the Life and Death powerhouse for a stellar new EP. These four tracks 'explore parallel worlds through expert synthesizer sequencing and cavernous vocal features.' Esoteric melodies mixed with Athena's stream of consciousness recital guarantees dance floor energy on "Superior Conjunction". "Arpadia" with its hypnotic theme compliments the title track's restrained drama, while the Fantastic Twins' spoken word performance elevates "The Train of Fantastic" to an altered state of being. Fresh off some killer releases this year for Correspondant, Disco Halal and Permanent Vacation, these guys are bringing some top tunes and are truly on fire at the moment.
Six years have passed since Maceo gave the world his debut album Life Index. In that time he's solidified his status as one of techno's most untouchable soul men who's unapologetically ungoverned by tempos or boxes or any type of formula. He's also become a father, which is what this (and last year's "Journey To Solar") are all about. Rich in sentiment, hope and fear, each cut reveals a deeper layer of Maceo: the star-gazing optimism of "Kepler's Journey", the Bristolesque industrial dub soul of "Indigo", the careful countering of vulnerable emotion and roboticism on "Was Away My Tears", the list goes on. This is Maceo at his most heartfelt and arresting.
Burnski's debut album DNA dropped on Constant Sound last year, and now the label have called upon a strong cast of characters to do the remix duty on some of the LP's key tracks. Parisian trio Mandar bring a heart-melting tone to "Another Source" without losing their insistent shuffle, while Diego Krause strips things down with a functional broth of minimal minded business. The original mix of "Another Source" gets a fresh outing, and very fine it sounds too. That leaves it to Laura Jones to twist out a hypnotic electro version of "I Like You".
Snatch! is Riva Starr's first label project and the aim behind it is to push new talents and well established forward thinking producers. Expect slamming fresh house cuts from some of the most exciting talent in the scene. For its 89th edition, he presents a collaboration with Spanish tech house hero and Chicago deep house legend Gene Farris on the druggy and rolling mani room tech house of "Play" which absolutely reeks of White Isle hedonism this Summer. Second offering "A Jem Be" is much more deep and rhythmic with its sexy latin influence that is perfect to the set the mood early on the terrace on a Sunday afternoon before launching into the harder stuff.
For their next release, Berlin institution Watergate welcomes back two of Hamburg's finest: Adana Twins. Last seen on the label's last compilation, the duo returns with a bunch of stunners which the label itself best describe as 'low slung, infectious cuts blurring the lines between house and techno' and truly showcase the signature sounds of these two Harbour City heroes. The original version of "Flower Of Cane" sees the duo follow their darkest route into the abyss yet on this druggy and heaving main room groove that follows in the tradition of classic Reude Hagelstein or even local legends like Stephan Bodzin. "Ortus" is an adrenalised exercise in mood lighting which is perfect to make a transition with its elevating EBM style bassline. The third offering "Relentless" (feat Jeppe Kjellberg of Danish electro-poppers Whomadewho) offers yet more quality, but if you ask us: it's all about Andre Lodemann's vocal mix, which is so incredibly dreamy and evocative as always.
Dehnert is a prolific producer, with a long list of EPs and albums to his credit, but Home is his most diverse work yet. While he initially rose to prominence with storming club tracks, much of his latest album sits in stark contrast to that style. There's the atmospheric ambience of "Intro" and "No Time", and the electronic torch song, "Between No Words", featuring the vocals of Albert Vogt. On "Want Be", there are echoes of the German producer's sinister techno sound, albeit realised against a lithe stepping rhythm, while the title track and "Up" sees Dehnert use his trademark churning chords and firing percussion in a more off-beat style. Even on more out and out dance floor tracks, like the swirling organ playing of "Providing Home 2", Dehnert ends up sounding more like Bodycode than Basic Channel. It's an assured, mature work.
Hot Creations gear up to drop the eagerly anticipated new release by Rowan Jones aka Route 94. Echoing the excitement that surrounded his number one hit "My Love" which propelled him to stardom in 2014, the release has been in serious demand for months. Title track "House & Pressure" contains the vocals from Joey Negro's classic "Ride the Storm" featuring Linda Clifford. The dominant female vocal on the track, combined with the force of the drum machines makes for quite a powerful production. The affectionately titled "Crazy Bitch" has more of a big room sound and incorporates ghetto house elements. "Dark Keyless" is the complete opposite, creating a groove that aims to grab the crowd and let them loose. With a wealth of new material still on the way and a hectic touring schedule in place, it's clear this is only the start for the young artist.
Upon its arrival about 15 years ago, DJ T's mighty Get Physical label helped put electro-house on the map, big-style. Now all these years later the label is stronger than ever, and that's all down to the talent. Here we have a long player, Circles, by Jazzuelle and it only just compounds this fact. Boasting 14 tracks, this South African producer impresses on this LP highlights with highlights like the shimmering, otherworldly chimes of "The Darkside Paradox", the dreamy electro-funk of "Music Of the Spheres" and the cinematic bombast of "RX J1532". A deeply satisfying record.
Italian multi-instrumentalist and Tenax Club resident Giorgia Angiuli appears next for Berlin institution Stil Vor Talent. Well known for her versatile sets, where she combines keyboards, drum pads and theremin sounds with sax and even toy flute and trumpets. Her knack for versatility in her live sets is all on show in spectacular fashion throughout the two tracks she contributes. First up "Hidden Garden" is a dark exercise in dancefloor drama; an epic journey which is definitely in line with the label's modus operandi. Next up is the life affirming and evocative "Axial Tilt" which is awash in stunning analogue arpeggios and heart wrenching strings like the classic Kompakt sound. Dutch youngster Marc Holstege is up next. This young DJ from Amsterdam is well on his way up the techno ladder, and there's no stopping him anytime soon. "Maaari" is a brooding and atmospheric slow burner that builds in suspense and tension creatively throughout its duration while "Alpas" introduces more surefire dancefloor dynamic on the slinky and hypnotic progressive house number.
It was undoubtedly a big moment for Hudd Traxx when they got Chez Damier on board to lend his vocal tones to Eddie Leader and Tomson's "I Am With You" back in 2014. A few years on and Huddersfield's premier house label are revisiting the modern classic with a raft of top shelf remixers on hand. Iron Curtis brings a bubbling, piano-enriched lilt to the jam, while Bristolian duo Outboxx go for an understated slice of straight up deep house. Ekkohaus gets busy with chunky tech house concoction, and then Sakro smooths the mood out with some jazzy keys and a steady groove.
A group of Detroit titans have assembled together to create a huge house release on Seth Troxler's Play It Say It Records. Featuring Andy Toth & Billy Love's sensual and playful "Thrillseekers", it's filled with dynamic remixes from Motor City legends Chuck Daniels, DJ Godfather and Andres plus Midnite Jackers, Oliver Dollar & Matthew K and Michigan Left. Billy Love recalls a time when he was a male dancer at the iconic strip club, Watts Club Mozambique and "Thrillseekers" soul infused vocals, are a perfect fit to tell it's story. The track's thumpy kicks and bass heavy stabs are neatly blended together, making "Thrillseekers" fit for a club floor filler. In the last of the remixes, the worlds of electro and funk meet, where reverb heavy claps, a warped bassline and funky vocals collide. This Detroit release really is one that is needed for your summer playlist.
Reykjavik-based BORG Ltd can hardly be described as 'prolific'; in fact, this EP from sometime Hot Haus and Unknown to the Unknown producer Locklead is only the imprint's fourth release since debuting in 2014. Thankfully, the two tracks on offer are both impressively bumping and forthright. Opener "Madniz" is a typically British concoction: a thrusting fusion of bleep style sub-bass pressure, the swing of two-step UK garage and the four-to-the-floor bump of 1990s New Jersey garage. While "Roa Tek" feels a little more "straight-up" in vibe, it retains a similar low-end approach - think booming bass and chunky drum hits - while peppering the groove with all manner of eccentric electronic noises.
Stelios Vassiloudis has released under various aliases over the last five years, racking up an impressive discography. He has teamed up with Nils Nuernberg, who despite his name is actually from Hamburg and has been around for over a decade, releasing on local powerhouse Liebe*Detail in addition to Mannheim's 8bit and Moodmusic out of Berlin. These guys appear now for Steve Bug's always reliable Poker Flat Recordings with the Chair In Orbit EP. The title track is an immaculate slow burner, sitting somewhere between a slinky late night tech house groove and the emotive/atmospheric mood lighting of classic progressive house. It's then onto some proper dub techno with glacial aesthetics on the epic "Chrome" displaying their diverse range of influences. Dieb Audio mainman John Dalagelis steps up for a remix next which takes the track down a more subtle and cyclical route that stays true to the original's aesthetic
The 57th release from Loco Dice's esteemed Desolat imprint comes from Ecuadorian talent Carloh. He is said to be influenced greatly by the musical styles of South America: his uncle and his father who were also DJs. After several trip to Europe where he experienced a thriving club culture first hand, he came back inspired and with a burning desire to produce. Fusing pre-Columbian musical instruments of Ecuador, he also throws hip hop, Andean music and house into the mix: which all come together in great harmony on the Selva Magica EP. It was made using bare elements: a MIDI keyboard, TR900 and old cassette and vinyl samples culled from his father's music collection. Highlights like "On The Way" that have that rolling, main room at peak time vibe that's sure to be a hit on The White Isle this Summer, as will the epic acid techno odyssey "Dancing Crazy" which will the kids peeking in no time! Homegirl Claudia Trujillo then joins the party to co-produce two tracks, in particular the druggy and tunnelling hypnotism of "Recalling The Paradise".
"Changing Face" was the first single from Fritz Kalkbrenner's well received 2016 album Grand Depart and it now gets a bunch of stellar remixes by some of the scene's current heavyweights. Maya Jane Cole's soulful, sexy and emotive rendition is the kind of groove that will burn up dancefloors from London to Berlin and beyond this Summer, while Swiss hi-tech soul merchant Deetron hands in a wicked rendition as you'd expect. With its epic and life affirming chord progressions over some subtle latin and bossa influences: the guy can really do no wrong on the remix front. An honourable mention to the Harbour City's favourite sons Adana Twins, whose remix of the track takes you down the darkside and further into the abyss with its furious and tunnelling groove that would make their homeboys Stephan Bodzin and Andre Winter stand up and notice! The tremendous original appears here too for your convenience as well as a friendly radio edit.
Gheist is a Berlin based conspiracy. The project was founded at Riverside Studio during the last years and based on a deep friendship between the members. The goal is to connect the sound and vibe of an electronica band and the clarity of an energetic DJ set. Appearing here for Sasha's Last Night On Earth imprint, they start the EP off in great style with the moody and evocative dancefloor drama of "Rufos" and then get into the nine minute long epic "Final Chords" causing some tunnelling moments with its darkly hypnotic groove assisted by some wonky Life & Death style synth leads. Finally "Man In The Tree" saves the best for last on this Innervisions style serving of hi-tech soul that's sure geared for some life affirming moments on the dancefloor.
The last time we heard from Monolink, he was joining the dots between deep house and acid house via a collaborative EP with Acid Pauli. Two years on, he finally returns to action with "Burning Sun", a luscious Balearic house jam full of evocative acoustic guitar, impassioned vocals and slick, tech-house style electronics. DAVI provides the first remix, playing down the Balearic elements in favour of an atmospheric, slowly building and occasionally foreboding tech-house vibe. In contrast, Be Svenson goes all-out Balearic, delivering a remix that fuses the vocals and guitars with a loose, languid and organic sounding new beat pattern. Arguably best of all, though, is the simmering beauty and freshly baked deep house feel of Just Emma's "Just Take Me Back Mix".".
Toronto based Sven Lochenhoer is up next for the Dirtybird Select series with "Do You Love Me?" Lochenhoer first appeared for Claude Von Stroke's esteemed imprint with "Get Down To This" on 2016's BBQ compilation and this latest jam again fits the "Dirtybird sound like a glove." The title track is a cheeky, boompty and fun lovin' groove that will appeal to fans of Bristol's Will Clarke. "On and On" gets properly weird on you in wonky, trippy and swing fuelled fashion: perfect for the late night or the afterhours alike.
James Jacob is a London based producer, DJ and label owner who has been in the business since late 2009. Releasing music under several well known aliases, both his original work and remixes are notable for transcending genres. On this new one here for local imprint Food Music, James gets straight into it on "Over" a tough basement jam with rough drums, grunting bass and hypnotic chords all doing groove business the right way. "One Second" is the kind of druggy and rolling main room tech house that will appeal to fans of White Isle party sounds brought to you by Gruuv, Saved or Material Series. Finally "Shifty" gets all classic house on you: this funky, stateside styled house jam was a surprise highlight and has heap of soul in it too!
The Australian producer Arle produced "Close To You" as early as 2015. It took a while before the British duo of Icarus discovered him on the Internet and were thrilled by this mixture of melody and danceable rhythm. They found him so good that they wanted to make the unknown artist better known: and it was their edit which became a hit back in early 2017. Now we great treated to a couple more brilliant renditions to add to the list. Stray Beast's moody and rolling main room tech house rework features the most razor sharp bassline we've heard all year! Next up London's Pola & Bryson take it back into the roller's realm on this soulful and evocative serving of liquid drum and bass, that would make the likes of Bukem or Calibre stand up and notice.
MARC ROMBOY - Trapped In An Orbit (These Eyes Recordings)
CARLOH - Selva Magica (Desolat)
BURNSKI - DNA Remixes (Constant Sound) - exclusive 03-07-2017
MARVIN & GUY - Superior Conjunction EP (Life And Death)
ANDY TOTH & BILLY LOVE - Thrillseekers (Play It Say It)
ANDRE LODEMANN - Birth (Best Works)
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