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If you were around in 2006 and you hadn't heard Oxia's legendary anthem "Domino", you must have been sleeping under a rock! The track has certainly stood the test of time; so much so that the French producer has decided to celebrate its ten year anniversary with a series of remixes by some of the scene's current best. Some may if it 'aint broke why fix it? But rest assured that these renditions are equally worthy of your attention and come courtesy of Agoria's Sapiens imprint. They're all good, but our favourites had to be German duo; the Innervisions affiliated Frankey & Sandrino with their slinky and hypnotic take that shows us all just how you make a 'dark journey track', while m_nus alumnus Matador serves up a more hard hitting version where tough drums support adrenalised drones and Detroit style string stabs. Finally the master himself Robag Wruhme delivers the goods as always with his rather sublime "Lasika remix". The man's uncanny ability to recreate tracks that can compete with the original's quality is something to behold.
Bay Area tech house hero and Dirtybird Stalwart Justin Martin released his full length Hello Clouds to a great reception last year and now it's time for a remix package that is equally impressive. Featuring the likes of Walker & Ryce, Ardalan and Chris Lorenzo amongst several others; it is so hard to choose favourites among such a talented bunch. But for our money we'd bet on the following: South African Kyle Watson with his take on "Odyssey" which takes the track down even deeper and dreamy territory; if not for that serious grinding bassline. Brit in Los Angeles Doorly is here with a typically explosive remix: this time on the epic acid journey "Midnight" while fellow Brit Jakwob delivers deep tech house in fine form on his version of the title track. Also of important note: witness the return of legendary Brazilian drum and bass don DJ Marky who appropriately remixes the track "Back To The Jungle" and its all quite fitting really.
Here's an unusual release; Italian house duo Hunter/Game have teamed up with Icelandic band Kura, and now their collaborations get remixed by some of techno's biggest names. Robert Hood conjures up a moody spectre with his version of "Signs of Change", with a tearing electronic riff cutting through an insistent metallic rhythm. In stark contrast is Etapp Kyle's remix; dissected vocals float over dreamy, floaty synths and a laid back, dub groove. The direction shifts again when Bambounou gets to reshape the same track; the French producer's first take is a sprawling, spaced out take, while his dub version descends into a complex, abstract workout, led by percussive hiss and tape noise.
Michael Mayer's deeply majestic and romantic "For You" featuring Hot Chip's Joe Goddard on vocals was a hit in late 2016 and now gets a series of brilliant remixes by the one and only DJ Koze. The man from Hamburg delivers a bunch of equally dreamy and candlelit renditions; in particular the "Mbira Mix" which accentuates those ethereal and mesmerising bell tones from the original into something even more hypnotising and special. The "Club Mix" however is definitely a great upbeat rendition were the harbour city hero works his magic as always; creating an epic moment of life affirming bliss for late night dancefloors.
Desire Records head honcho Ricardo Tobar is back but this time on Jennifer Cardini's unstoppable Correspondant; and why not right? The South American producer's penchant for classic 80s retro sensibilities of the synthpop, darkwave and EBM kind are right at home on this label given the niche its carved out in recent times. On "Red Sea", Tobar delivers something that sits somewhere between techno and early 90s goth; its tough four to the floor stomp supporting some soaring new romantic synth leads to stunning effect. "Eleven" goes all cosmic on us with soaring arpeggios and elevating analogue pads taking you direct to the stratosphere, while "Alvear" goes out all guns blazing with its grinding and resonating modulations: frantic, rapid fire 909 rhythms go off Plastikman style circa "Plastik".
Although Henrik Schwarz has kept himself busy in recent years, it's been a while since he released a full-throttle dancefloor workout. This debut appearance on Gerd Janson's Running Back label - the German producer's first solo single 2013 - is arguably his most forthright and floor-friendly missive since the turn of the decade. "Not Only You" is a thumping techno stomper, where ragged, mutant, repetitive lead lines are propelled forwards by some seriously good drum machine programming. Flipside "Not You Also" offers a slightly more eccentric riff on the same blueprint, with Schwarz adding some eccentric spoken word segments and a couple of bold synth fills.
Parisian producer Demian is back with more EBM noir business which follows up great releases recently on Correspondant. Clouded Vision and Blindetonation. For Kompakt this time, his profile has certainly gained traction and his sound is keeping up. Starting of with the slow burning arpeggiated sleaze of "Declica" before the title track chugs along in tunnelling and hypnotic fashion: with yet more spangling vintage synth sequences awash in atmospheric pads. Finally "No Hype For The Fish" is all about those shimmering and wonky synth stabs that dance around the audio spectrum supported by gutsy and rusty drum machines.?
His music productions can be found on labels like Free Range, Golf Channel, Engrave, Compost Records and Hell Yeah Recordings. He is Enzo Elia and he's crafted his own style of producing that has taken him all over Europe as well as to Tokyo and Tel Aviv. This new one's for Jimpster's always impressive Freerange imprint where he serves up "Drfiting" and what a fitting title it is for this sublime and ethereal journey track. Woven from a rich tapestry of rich synthesizer work, comprised of soaring arpeggios, atmospheric pads and lush sound design over a steady beat. It also gets a wicked remix by man of the moment: Tel Aviv's mighty Moscoman who turns the track into his usual cosmo-indie-punk-funk thing and is wonderful as always.
Dutch duo Weval's eponymous debut album was arguably one of the most underrated records of 2016. Here, tracks from that hard-to-define set - think minimal wave-inspired synth-pop fused with ambient and elements of Detroit futurism - are given the remix treatment. Italian twosome Margot steps up first, delivering a version of "Ways To Go" that smothers a wonky, off-kilter drum pattern with woozy, stretched-out cathedral chords, tactile hand percussion, and atmospheric vocal snippets. Red Axes drag the same track towards the dancefloor via relentless bass, skittish drum machine percussion and delay-laden handclaps, before Kaspar Bjorke steals the show with a dewy-eyed, early morning Balearic house re-make of "You Are Mine".
"Global in ethos; South American in spirit." That's how Argentinian progressive house guru Hernan Cattaneo describes his acclaimed Sudbeat label, which was founded in 2009. This sublime new compilation is compiled entirely of unreleased and exclusive material from the label's roster in collaboration with Australian imprint Balance Music. Featured are two mixes which the man himself describes as "the perfect example of Sudbeat's identity that of course is also mine as a DJ." On the amazing journey that is the first mix, it's a mix of old school versus new school in the form of newcomers like London's Guy Shaw with his deep and slow burning "Above The Clouds", Israeli rising star Khen with the ethereal deepness of "Never Lose Your Innocence" and legend of the old school Nick Warren who's back in form on "Savannah" featuring Tripswitch. The second mix is more energetic and features new tracks by leaders of the new garde such as Guy J and Guy Mantzur plus an exclusive track by Cattaneo himself; the entrancing and adrenalised "Pressure Drop".
Magic Edition, Taron-Trekka's second full-length excursion, draws together tracks originally released on a trio of EPs (Purple Magic, Yellow Magic and Black Magic), between 2014 and 2016. Given that those three 12" singles contained some of the experienced German duo's most inventive work, it's not surprising that the material sits well together. It's largely melodious and musically rich, with tracks giddily blending elements of deep house, tech-house, acid, electro, IDM, jazz, soul and techno in its' myriad forms. Much of it is hard to accurately describe stylistically - never a bad thing in our book - but it's all hugely entertaining.
He's back! The Chicago techno and hard house legend returns on his notorious Kne Deep imprint with a new full length effort. The man who brought such legendary titles over the last couple decades such as "Motherucking Bass", "Freaks On Hubbard" and "Look'n Like A Woman" still pulls off his jackin' and relentless style as good as ever here and takes no prisoners! Getting straight down to business on the gusty and stompin' "That's What I'm Talkin' About" featuring his hilarious trademark vocals, there's two versions of the sick "Round Midnight" but we were more concerned with the "Rush Acid dub"(after all, he is from the Windy City!), while tracks like "Dirty Boy" and "Feeling Sexy" showcase his ever enduring knack for charming track titles; not mention a singular techno sound that influenced a generation of dancers and producers. He once famously said "Take more for what I am, or don't take me at all!" and we're certainly with the former. Isaiah Major: respect for doing it your way.?
Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, DJ Joeski has been rocking the house scene since the early 90s. He began his career in the historic NYC club scene where his sound moved the crowd at venues such as Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and NASA. As a producer, he needs no introduction, with hit release on labels such as Defected, Desolat , Kling Klong and Suara.This new one for Steve Bug's Poker Flat sees the label take a much harder direction than what we're not used to but we're definitely liking it. The dark and tunnelling opener "Dub Music" is more reminiscent of Adam Beyer's Drumcode sound. "What Is Love" is more funky tech house, but still moody: save this slinky cut for the late night with its femme fatale vocals and tribal rhythms. Finally "Roots" strays further into the early morning void with its sinister dubby elements, rolling bass and strict drums: this track takes you back to the turn of the millennium where Junior Vasquez' infamous tribal sessions got properly sweaty!
Polish power duo Catz 'N Dogz of the esteemed Pets recordings imprint take on three dynamic tracks from Will Saul's equally credible Aus Music and deliver their take. They certainly had their work cut out for them, but they deliver as always. Take for instance their booming, rusty and downright dusty rendition of "Geeeman's "Wanna Go Bang", their emotive deep electro version of Irish duo Bicep's "The Game" and of course their edit of ManMakeMusic head honcho George Fitzgerald's "Hindsight" where they get into some old school Relief Records style hard house business. All in all some very good tracks by Szczecin's favourite sons!?
Amberoom may be a new name, but members Manuel Tur, Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan are all established producers. As you'd expect, this debut EP is expertly produced, with title track "Rhit" - all Osunlade style rhythms, stretched-out chords and rising electronic melodies - sounding not unlike some of the material on Ame and Dixon's Innervisions imprint. Elsewhere, they show their skills at fusing live instrumentation with electronic beats, first on the gentle and trippy tech-house wooziness of "Hover", and then via the spacey, Afro-electro beats and effects-laden guitars of "Machine". They round things off with a dash of Manuel Gottsching inspired ambient in the shape of the Guitar Beatless Remix of "Hover".
Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman are The Golden Filter; a duo who formed in New York City but are now based in London. They have released some great music in recent years on their own Perfectly Isolated imprint and of course JD Twitch's Optimo Trax; their new full length Still/Alone being their third release for the esteemed imprint in two years. This follows up that great split EP with France's Morgan Hammer. There's a variety of moods and grooves on offer with this great album with such highlights as "Vibrational" (where they throw down some wobbly minimal EBM business), the slow burning minimal techno of "Now We Get Lost" or the sexy modern coldwave of "Questions" where Trappes sultry vocals could bear comparisons to Beth Gibbons. The irresistible synthpop ballad "Dust" is sure to be a hit on the dancefloor in 2017 too!?
Glaswegian techno hero Harvey McKay has released on a who's who of labels of late, not limited to

Drumcode, Intec, Cocoon, Bedrock and Soma but appears here for Barcelona imprint Suara with the Never Forget EP. The title track really channels that raw peak time energy that he has had going for Adam Beyer's label; particularly on the furious title track in all its pounding/tunneling glory, complete with early '90s rave aesthetics. The breakdown on this one is really for the nostalgic and will appeal to fans of Special Request, Alan Fitzgerald or of course Shed. "Use Me" is even more fast faced but funky, with its steely drums, loopy vocals and grinding stabs: reminded us of classic Marco Carola and the Neapolitan sound, turn of the millennium. Finally "Stolen Forest" hammers the message, home going all guns blazing on this peak time monster: Let those dub chords before the drop hypnotize you before he unleashes the power: this one is a lethal weapon.

Comeme felt a connection to the electronic beats from South Africa since its inception with tracks like "Pata Pata", "Osea... Hello", "El Sucu Tucu" and many more being testament to this. DJ Spoko, partner of DJ Mujava, for whom he wrote and produced the legendary "Township Funk" is one of their main influences. The label is said to have quite a following in Johannesburg and Aguayo was elated when invited to play there. He met Spoko, they put together these tracks that the label themselves claim "carry the spirit of this label, the vibe of Joburg nights" and started to jam with him in a studio in the centre of the city! The spooky title track features 8 bit melodies atop of tribal chants and crunchy beats, the funky and broken riddims of "Something About The Beat" are definitely geared to rock the dance floor later on at night while "Esquina" dives right into the exotic on this esoteric jam filled with humming bass, bird calls and hypnotic polyrhythms.?
Italian duo Undercatt are up next on Hamburg institution Diynamic. Young fellows Luca Luperini and Elia Crecchi follow in the footsteps of recent Italian power duos such as Mind Against and Tale Of Us to execute some moody and suspense filled journey tracks: all optimised for maximum dancefloor drama. Just like on the title track and the sublime slow burner "Parade" with its stylish arpeggios that constantly evolve for wonderful suspense. It's a more classic affair on the upbeat and party starting funky house of "Hana". HOSH and Solumun have unearthed a fresh duo here and we look forward to what else 2017 will bring from these guys.
Ghost Culture is UK producer James Greenwood who back in 2012 got singed to Phantasy on the strength of one track on Soundlcoud and the rest as they say.. is history. He's now a staple of the London label with nearly a dozen releases thus far to his name and the Nucleus EP sees the young producer hone his sound further more although it still sits in the interesting space between acid house, EBM and techno. There's a certain sense of soul and emotion throughout. Highlights on here are the bittersweet electro of "ICO130" and "NGC1275" respectively, while the deep broken beat house of "NGC1265" offers a change of aesthetic while still exploring some sublime vintage synth textures like the rest of the tracks. Great effort!
OXIA - Domino: Remixes (Sapiens)
JUSTIN MARTIN - Hello Clouds: Remixes (Dirtybird US)
DEMIAN - Milestars EP (Kompakt Germany)
THE GOLDEN FILTER - Still/Alone (Optimo Music)
FATIMA YAMAHA - Araya (Dekmantel Holland)
ANDRE HOMMEN - These Eyes EP (These Eyes Recordings)
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