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M-Audio – Trigger Finger Pro

by on at 17:28pm


Rob Lee investigates the new update to M-Audio’s classic Trigger Finger unit to find out where it fits in the current production landscape.

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VXXY – DCM8 Digital Chiptune Drum Machine

by on at 12:22pm

Rob Lee investigates the London-made drum machine and step sequencer with a crunchy sound that takes inspiration from the early days of computer-generated audio.

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Roland – Aira TB-3: Touch Bassline

by on at 14:33pm

Aira TB-3 header
The manufacturers of the famed TB-303 finally update the instrument for a new era. Rob Lee finds out if Roland’s new machine delivers all that it promises.

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Elektron – Analog Four

by on at 11:31am

Elektron - Analog Keys

Rob Lee puts the latest piece of Elektron hardware to the test, a keyboard-equipped version of its popular analogue synth module.

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Denon – MC6000MK2 Digital Mixer and Controller

by on at 10:01am

Denon’s flagship mixer and controller hybrid makes the leap to Serato. Robin Lee finds out what improvements have been made.

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Rane – Sixty-Four DJ mixer

by on at 15:59pm

Rob Lee examines Rane’s new Serato DJ-focused mixer, the Sixty-Four.

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Sennheiser – HD6/HD7/HD8 Headphones

by on at 16:15pm

Rob Lee investigates Sennheiser’s new series of headphones designed for the studio and the DJ booth to find out whether they live up to the standard set by their predecessors.

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Arturia – KeyLab 49 controller

by on at 15:40pm

Rob Lee looks at the KeyLab 49, French software specialists Arturia’s first foray into the world of keyboard controllers.

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Pioneer – CDJ-900NXS & DJM-900SRT

by on at 13:45pm

Rob Lee looks at Pioneer’s latest round of updates in the form of the CDJ-900NXS media player and Serato-focused DJM-900SRT mixer.

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MFB – Kraftzwerg II

by on at 10:38am

Rob Lee investigates MFB’s reboot of one of their popular synths, the Kraftzwerg II.

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Native Instruments – Maschine Studio review

by on at 11:04am

Rob Lee investigates Native Instruments’ new flagship hardware/software hybrid.
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Nord Drum 2 review

by on at 14:22pm

Rob Lee finds out how the Swedish synthesizer designers Nord have improved on their original Nord Drum unit.

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Native Instruments – Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4 review

by on at 14:36pm

Rob Lee finds out what the subtle new updates in Native Instruments’ flagship controllers for their Traktor software have to offer.

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Pioneer – SDJ80X Active DJ Monitors review

by on at 16:22pm

Best known for their groundbreaking CD decks and media players, and top of the line industry standard DJ mixers, Pioneer offer up their latest range of monitors that are aimed at both dance music producers and DJs alike.

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Nord – Lead 4R review

by on at 14:10pm

We examine the fourth in Nord’s series of virtual analogue synths, looking at the desktop/rack-mountable version of their Lead 4R to find what has been added to this ever-evolving project.

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Reloop – RMX-80 Digital mixer review

by on at 13:29pm

Reloop up their game and step into the pro arena with their latest four channel DJ mixer. Rob Lee finds out how their RMX-80 performs.

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Novation Bass Station II review

by on at 15:29pm

In celebration of their twentieth year, Novation have reached back in time to one of their early success stories and given their classic Bass Station synth a well-deserved overhaul. Rob Lee finds out if it lives up to its legacy.

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Pioneer XDJ-R1 review

by on at 17:10pm

Rob Lee investigates Pioneer’s latest piece of DJ kit, the all-in-one XDJ-R1 unit which combines the worlds of physical and digital DJing.

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EVE Audio – SC207 Studio Monitor review

by on at 15:10pm

Rob Lee takes a look at the new speakers from the young Berlin-based company which has been causing a stir in the professional studio monitor world.

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Dave Smith Instruments – Prophet 12 review

by on at 15:37pm

Rob Lee discovers if Dave Smith Instruments’ new flagship synthesizer can live up to the standard set by its predecessors.

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