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Older articles

Cio D’Or – Brave

Cio D’or discusses her time as resident at Munich venue Ultraschall, the state of European clubbing, produciton methods and more.

Silent Servant – Steel and Machines and Flesh

The Jealous God artist speaks at length about his upbringing in Los Angeles, merging techno with industrial music, Sandwell District and more.

Nothing Short of Total War – The Blast First story

Ian Maleney tracks down Paul Smith, founder of the Blast First label and its successor Blast First Petite, and responsible for facilitating the rise of everyone from Sonic Youth to Pan Sonic via HTRK.

Weather Festival 2015: In Review

Nic Tuohey and James Manning venture to Paris to see if Weather Festival is worth all the hype.

Soundtracking the future with Richard Devine

Oli Warwick catches up with Richard Devine in his Atlanta studio to peel back the workings of a veritable sound machine.

Best Record Sleeves: May

Local Action, Warp, Second Circle, From The Depths, and Magazine are amongst the labels whose releases caught the eye in May.

Best Reissues and Archival Releases: May

Music From Memory, Dark Entries, Dais, Editions Mego and Minimal Wave provide May's finest archival offerings.

Separate Mind: Identity Crisis

Fred P, Ed DMX, and Kenny Hanlon of Apartment Records impart their knowledge as Richard Brophy covers the lack of identity in much of the electronic music currently being released.

Weather Festival 2015 preview

We highlight five acts worth seeing that may seem niche in comparison to the Paris event's headlining artists.

Berceuse Heroique – Finding The Edge

Berceuse Heroique founder Gizmo opens up about his past, influences and the freedom of running a small label.

Walls: The Inevitable Comedown

Matt Anniss speaks to Walls pair Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia about their parting of the ways, the “messy divorce”, and their plans for the future.

Entro Senestre: From Within

The New York-based artist discusses the self therapy of producing music, working with Willie Burns and using chopsticks for drums with Richard Brophy.

Varg – Misanthrope

From his Swedish haunt, Jonas Rönnberg speaks with James Manning about the trials and tribulations surrounding his work as Varg.

Best Record Sleeves: April

Inclusions this month come from Latency, Great Circles, Butterz, Golden Pudel and more.

Best Reissues and Archival Releases: April

Flora Pitrolo singles out subaquatic electroacoustic music from the 1980s, some must-have Italo, German and Greek synth wave and Iranian research projects.

The Mover – Kaos Theory

Frankfurt local Marc Acardipane, aka The Mover and countless other '90s techno projects, surfaces to tell his story.

Separate Mind – State of the Nation: Electro in 2015

Richard Brophy profiles current transmutations in the world of electro with The Exaltics, DJ Stingray, VC-118A, Ultradyne and more under the spotlight.

Five Records: Mo Kolours

The One Handed Music artist discusses some of his influences past and present that have inspired his own approach to music making.

Wichelroede: A Romantic Democracy Of Interests

Acquaint yourself with Wichelroede, an online platform helping breathe contemporary life into the long standing musical heritage of The Hague.

Domestica: Authenticity, Creativity, Personality

Flora Pitrolo tracks down Domestica founder Jordi Serrano to discuss the Barcelona label's development over the past five years and its distinctly DIY approach.

Older articles