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Das Ding – Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievements

With the arrival of a new Das Ding collection on Minimal Wave, Danny Bosten discusses his 30-plus years of making music with Flora Pitrolo.

Enrique – No Context

Primitive Languages co-founder Miguel Enrique Alvarino traces his path from hip hop dancing to the world of extreme noise in this interview with Brendan Arnott.

Drvg Cvltvre – Hard Habit to Break

Vincent Koreman speaks to Richard Brophy and discusses how a desire to make "slower, darker music" has manifested in his prolific output as Drvg Cvltvre.

Sophia Loizou – Sculpting Sound

Bristol-based sound artist Sophia Loizou discusses the methods and memories that went into her excellent new album Singulacra.

Dusted Down: Neotropic – 15 Levels of Magnification

Matt Anniss tracks down pioneering downtempo producer Riz Maslen to discuss her 1996 debut album, one of the standout releases on Ninja Tune’s long dormant NTone offshoot.

Best Record Sleeves: February

Different Fountains Editions, Gobstopper Records, Contort, Diagonal and Subtext make the grade for February.

Best reissues and archival releases: February

Flora Pitrolo singles out music by Japan's Yellow Magic Orchestra, Spain's Finis Africae and Italy's Liguria region to Glagow via JD Twitch.

Searching For A Feeling: Area & Kimochi Sound

The man behind Kimochi Sound goes under the spotlight.

Phuong-Dan – No Boundaries

One of the Golden Pudel's longest serving selectors discusses his musical upbringing, why he loves Hamburg so much and what makes his Gatto Musculoso residency so special.

CTM Festival 2016: In Review

Nic Tuohey navigates the themes, sounds and panels of CTM's 'New Geographies' festival 2016.

Breadwoman – Speaking in Tongues

To celebrate the arrival of her reissued album on RVNG, Anna Homler details the story behind Breadwoman in this delightful interview with Brendan Arnott.

Best Record Sleeves: January

The collective efforts of Wild Oats, DDS, Opal Tapes, Firecracker, Antinote and more are applauded in the first column of 2016.

Best reissues and archival releases: January

Flora Pitrolo goes for a Dip In The Pool with Muslimgauze, Vangelis, François De Roubaix, and Soviet disco act Nesmeyana.

Further Records – Approaching Something More

The focus is Seattle as the founders of our favourite label of the past 12 months speak with Tony Poland.

Yves De Mey: Dropping In

With a third solo album under his belt, Belgian sound artist Yves De Mey is profiled by James Manning.

Africaine 808: Rhythm Is All You Can Dance

Ahead of their long-promised debut album, Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad discuss all things Africaine 808 with Matt Anniss.

Phork – Hi Def

LA artist Neal Reinalda discusses his multiple, restless pursuits and the themes behind his work as Phork in an interview with Brendan Arnott.

Kai Alce: Take A Chance

Kai Alce discusses the past, present, future and all things NDATL with Richard Brophy.

M. Geddes Gengras – Spontaneous Generation

Modular synthesis, techno, collaboration and more is under discussion as M. Geddes Gengras speaks with Ian Maleney.

Best of 2015: Staff lists

List seasons ends in traditional fashion with all the Juno Plus contributors outlining the year in their own distinct fashion.

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