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Aurora Halal: Mutual Dreaming

by on at 10:36am

Scott Wilson talks to Brooklyn-based Aurora Halal about promoting parties in New York and how her personal response to the club space has shaped her new musical direction.

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Best Record Sleeves: January

by on at 11:42am

Releases from Meakusma, RVNG Intl, Off Minor Recordings and Izwid are among those selected this month. 

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Best reissues and archival releases: January

by on at 11:12am

We kick off a new monthly feature with reissues from Charles Hayward, Big Ben Tribe, Roland Young and more.
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Tracking down the weird and wonderful: A discussion on all things Emotional with Stuart Leath

by on at 11:30am

Matt Anniss speaks to self-professed record nerd Stuart Leath, the man behind a trio of labels that champion music from the margins. 

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Scratching the Surface: Minor Sciences and Kinetic Electronics

by on at 13:30pm

Records from Minor Science, Holly Herndon, the Mood Hut axis, Miss Modular and an unknown figure on Rush Hour come under the spotlight in Scott Wilson’s latest column.

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Playing with rhythm and ideas: An interview with Pangaea

by on at 12:15pm

The Hessle Audio co-founder in discussion with Juno Plus on his addition to the Fabriclive canon.

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Separate Mind: DJs Re-Take Control

by on at 11:37am

Richard Brophy speaks to Intergalactic Gary, Token boss Kr!z, Eli Verveine and Mick Wills about their placing as DJs in the current electronic music climate.

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Free Flight: An interview with Shawn O’Sullivan

by on at 12:04pm

Scott Wilson talks to Shawn O’Sullivan, one of New York’s most exciting new techno producers and a man of many aliases.

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Scratching The Surface: Overlooked gems of 2013

by on at 13:29pm

Scott Wilson looks outside the end of year lists to collect some of the year’s more overlooked records.

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Best Record Sleeves: December

by on at 15:10pm

Releases from The Corner, Surface, L.I.E.S. and Sacred Summits feature in the final Best Record Sleeves selection of 2013. 

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Timeless Treasure: A Discussion with Tabernacle Records

by on at 12:15pm

For our final label feature of the year, the trio behind Tabernacle Records speak to Richard Brophy and turn in a mix of label highlights and current influences.
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Not quite dance music, badass techno and tough acid: DJs, producers and label bosses pick their tracks of 2013

by on at 11:27am

Once again we end our annual round-up by asking a selection of our favourite DJs, producers and record label owners to ruminate on their own personal favourites from 2013. Looking to keep things fresh, we have chosen a largely new selection of individuals without any sacrifice in standards, with contributions from Ben UFO, Helena Hauff, Paul Woolford, Anthony Parasole, Powell and more. It’s a typically diverse selection too, with rare Mala dubs, underscore-loving Philitronics and EVOL amongst the picks.
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Best of 2013: Staff Lists

by on at 12:45pm

As is now customary at this point in our end of year coverage, we like to dispense with the more formal categories and get creative with the top 10 lists, asking our growing team of contributors to contribute their own selections with no boundaries on theme or content. Although these lists don’t have to be musical, we’re unfortunately still waiting for that list of “Top 10 producers’ pets” or “Top 10 tweets of Todd Burns in 2013″ (this is number one incidentally), but the lists below are no less imaginative, with the year’s best cassette listening experiences, music to soundtrack interstellar travel and even tropical paganism making up some of the selections on offer. If the usual lists turn you off, there will be undoubtedly be something to pique your interest here.
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Best of 2013: 10 Best Mixes

by on at 11:10am

DJ mixes have become a part of the average electronic music fan’s daily consumption. A near endless stream of freely available podcasts, live radio broadcasts or recorded club sets filters out on a daily basis, subject to critique, dissection, furious track IDing and repeated play. An unfortunate by-product of this is the sheer downscale in quantity and quality of officially released mixes; though a few established series still deliver, this year has seen the cassette come into its own as a format for mixes, with some of our favourites of the year coming on tape. Given how many mixes each one of us at Juno Plus has listened to over the course of the last twelve months, we felt some recognition for the favourites outside our own podcast series was deserved. The following list features three personal favourites from the core Juno Plus writing team of editor Tony Poland, deputy editor Scott Wilson and staff writer James Manning, though there was one mix we could all agree on.
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Best of 2013: A Best Record Sleeve review

by on at 14:00pm

We look back over the past twelve months of the Best Record Sleeves column and pick out the year’s most impressive selections and those responsible for them.

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Best of 2013: Top 100 Tracks, EPs and Singles

by on at 12:48pm

Last week saw us reveal our favourite albums, labels, compilations and reissues, and today marks the onset of the 100 tracks, singles and EPs that have collectively impressed the Juno Plus editorial over the past twelve months. Today we are revealing the first 25 from 100 downwards, with the top spot set to be revealed on Thursday. It’s a list characterised by balance where established names such as Silent Servant, A Made Up Sound and Rick Wilhite brush shoulders with emergent and, in some cases unknown, artists.

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Best of 2013: Top 25 Albums

by on at 13:14pm

When sitting down to discuss and finalise the albums worthy of inclusion on this list, it soon became apparent just how many great long players were released over the course of the past twelve months. In fact, it felt that this year saw the LP as a medium for electronic producers really come into its own, realising through the course of our discussions just how many artists used the album format as a means to explore concepts or themes that go far beyond collecting a series of tracks aimed at getting people on the dance floor. With the number of 12-inch singles being released on a weekly basis continuing to rise, and a increasingly unfavourable signal-to-noise ratio, the electronic LPs of the year largely offered us an opportunity to step outside the rising number of uninspired dance singles and see things through new eyes.

Although this is a selection of albums that covers many of this year’s more prevalent narratives in the underground – contemporary grime, the jungle revival, industrial techno, and the fringes of house music being some of the most notable – these albums were the ones that took those concepts and stretched them to breaking point. For those fatigued by the near-constant revisitiation of the past in 2013, there are plenty of albums on this list that offer a tantalising suggestion as to where dance music could be going next, as well as a selection of albums who didn’t try too hard to do anything massively different, but instead focused on just doing it well. In fact, this year was so good for albums, that we felt it justified to expand the list to 25 to accommodate those the editorial team just could not countenance missing out on the recognition they deserve.

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Best of 2013: Top 10 Record Labels

by on at 14:00pm

The amount of new music currently being released is verging on the unquantifiable; in any given week there is on average around 150 new twelve inches classed as deep house alone. As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep up with all this music, new labels have continued to pop up throughout 2013, with some presuming all it takes to successfully cloak themselves in authenticity is an increasing reliance on well-worn terminology and a sizeable PR budget.

That’s obviously not the case, but if not that, then what are the criteria for a record label to stand out in this well populated climate? A label with a strong sense of curation, a distinct aesthetic and conviction in the music they release tends to be key, all of which breed expectation in those that follow the label, and which encourages the artists involved with the label to dig deeper into their creative processes. The people behind the labels listed below certainly fall under this category, and regular readers of Juno Plus should find the ten inclusions make for perfect sense. As well as reflecting the overall enthusiasm for techno, house and more experimental flavours that have felt so prevalent in the underground this year, these ten labels came with a strong work ethic and a genuinely passionate view of music which has made it a pleasure to show them our support.

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Best of 2013: Top 10 Compilations

by on at 11:00am

In a post-internet age where access to the internet and a Spotify account offer a contemporary variant on the homemade mixtape, officially sanctioned compilations retain an ever more defined and important role for our listening habits. As the gaping hole of the internet gets ever wider, the chance for the past and the present to be contextualised by those who possess the requisite tastes and knowledge, it’s clear from the selection process for this list that 2013 was a year that celebrated the enduring strength and the scope afforded by the humble compilation, with the following ten inclusions representing the many forms that the medium takes.

Here label overviews from Keysound and L.I.E.S. rub shoulders with archival reappraisals and diverse selections from respected diggers, whilst collections gathering together the works of artists such as Livity Sound and Mr Beatnick are complemented by conceptual and compelling compilations from Unknown Precept, Perc’s Submit label and the always interesting Public Information.

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Best Record Sleeves: November

by on at 10:35am

Records from Morphine, Swamp 81, Crowdspacer and Minimal Wave were among the picks for November’s best record sleeves. 

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