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Older articles

Acre – Nocturnal Memories

The Manchester-based producer speaks with Aurora Mitchell, revealing the long-standing relationship with Pinch that resulted in Tectonic releasing his debut album Better Strangers.

An afternoon with Mix Mup

On a hot summer's afternoon, Lorenz Lindner tells Rose Mardit about his music, art, upbringing, work with Kassem Mosse and more.

Institut fuer Zukunft: Zeitgeist

Nic Tuohey travels to Leipzig to speak with the people involved with Institut fuer Zukunft, a club with a fast-rising reputation.

Jeff Mills – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Barbican

Richard Brophy reports on Light From The Outside World, the recent performance by Jeff Mills and The BBC Symphony Orchestra, discussing the project with the Detroit icon.

DJ October – The Space In-Between

Industrial music, production methods and darkness are under discussion as the Bristol artist speaks about his upcoming debut album Black Body Radiation.

Florist – Style of the Body

Logan Sturrock shares the story behind his work as Florist with Brendan Arnott.

Jon K – Selection, Vision, Conviction

Juno Plus editor in chief Tony Poland caught a train to Manchester for tea, parmigiana and a heap of music talk with Hoya:Hoya resident and DJ Jon K.

Beau Wanzer – Randomness and Happy Accidents

Richard Brophy tracks down Beau Wanzer and learns of the Chicago producer's understated approach to making and releasing music.

James Hoff – Infinite Lines from Elusive Sources

The conceptual artist discusses his various stylistic practices, his role in Primary Information, the future impact of new streaming platforms and more.

Gonno: Beautiful Complications

Japanese producer Gonno reflects on the shift in his sound that has resulted in a wonderful new album for Endless Flight.

Damon Bell – Striving To Be Who We Are

Fresh from releasing his debut album, core Deepblak member Damon Bell discusses his production methods, collaborations and much more with Brendan Arnott.

Stefan Schwander – New Roots Muziek

The German artist talks Harmonious Thelonious, The Durian Brothers, non-standard rhythms and Düsseldorf's music scene with Oli Warwick.

Christina Nemec – Abandoned House

James Manning learns of Christina Nemec’s punk roots, Carinthian escapes, queer feminist issues of her label Comfortzone, and role models, to her band Shampoo Boy and solo project Chra.

Poland Rising

Polo house, the Baltic beat, and the rise of the Polish electronic music underground is profiled by Matt Anniss.

UMFANG – Another Consciousness

Emma Olson discusses her UMFANG project, concept albums and involvement with the Discwoman collective.

Nummer – Spontaneity and Improvisation

The London-based French duo discuss their emergence as one of the most exciting productions partnerships in recent times.

Aaron ‘Fit’ Siegel: Space In Which To Build

Oli Warwick checks in with Aaron 'Fit' Siegel to dig a little deeper on a man with a tireless work ethic in the world of music.

Cio D’Or – Brave

Cio D’or discusses her time as resident at Munich venue Ultraschall, the state of European clubbing, produciton methods and more.

Silent Servant – Steel and Machines and Flesh

The Jealous God artist speaks at length about his upbringing in Los Angeles, merging techno with industrial music, Sandwell District and more.

Berceuse Heroique – Finding The Edge

Berceuse Heroique founder Gizmo opens up about his past, influences and the freedom of running a small label.

Older articles