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Bugging the System: An interview with Tom Bugs

by on at 12:32pm

Oli Warwick descends on the Stokes Croft lab of Tom Bugs, the man behind BugBrand’s array of modular synths and sound devices, which count Bass Clef and Omar S as fans.

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It’s Interview Time: 29 Minutes With Todd Terje

by on at 10:59am

It’s taken 10 years, but Todd Terje has finally delivered his long-promised debut album, It’s Album Time. It’s perhaps unsurprising, then, that he’s short on time as Matt Anniss finds out…

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“I’m not very good at anything else”: A discussion with Lord of the Isles

by on at 11:18am

Lord of the Isles is riding the crest of a wave, thanks to a string of superb 12” singles in his trademark melodic, emotion-rich style. Yet despite this success, he’s still partial to periods of self-doubt, as he tells Matt Anniss.

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The Power of Numbers: An interview with Seven Davis Jr.

by on at 12:25pm

The multifaceted Los Angeles-based musician speaks Sun Ra, spirituality, poetry and more with Brendan Arnott. 

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Nordic Identities: Abdulla Rashim & Northern Electronics

by on at 12:30pm

Matthew Kent dials up Abdulla Rashim to discuss the Swedish producer’s music, the growing relationship between the labels he’s involved with and his approach to identity.

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Perc: Harmonic Distortion

by on at 12:26pm

James Manning talks to Ali Wells about the path to his bracing second album, The Power And The Glory.

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Start at the beginning: Getting to know DJ Guy

by on at 10:29am

Oli Warwick lifts the lid on Guy Evans, a producer coming to light with a release on All Caps after decades of DJing and producing in the Cardiff underground. 

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Aurora Halal: Mutual Dreaming

by on at 10:36am

Scott Wilson talks to Brooklyn-based Aurora Halal about promoting parties in New York and how her personal response to the club space has shaped her new musical direction.

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Playing with rhythm and ideas: An interview with Pangaea

by on at 12:15pm

The Hessle Audio co-founder in discussion with Juno Plus on his addition to the Fabriclive canon.

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Free Flight: An interview with Shawn O’Sullivan

by on at 12:04pm

Scott Wilson talks to Shawn O’Sullivan, one of New York’s most exciting new techno producers and a man of many aliases.

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Marine Technology: An interview with Fishermen

by on at 12:00pm

In advance of a debut album, the Fishermen pairing of Martin Skogehall and Thomas Jaldemark speak to Oli Warwick about how the mystery of the planet’s great oceans informs their music together.

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Rude Energy: An interview with Slackk

by on at 13:54pm

The outspoken producer discusses his position within the contemporary grime scene with Scott Wilson.

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“Everything takes longer when you’re older”: An interview with Richard H. Kirk

by on at 11:11am

In advance of #8385 (Collected Works 1983 – 1985), the first of several Cabaret Voltaire boxsets planned for release by Mute Records, the iconic band’s central figurehead and spokesman Richard H. Kirk speaks with fellow Steel City curmudgeon and Juno Plus writer Matt Anniss.

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Turning The Past: An Interview With Ricardo Tobar

by on at 12:55pm

Ahead of a debut album that’s been a long time coming, Chilean producer Ricardo Tobar discusses his roving lifestyle, production methods and more with Josh Hall.

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Building Peaks: An interview with Ø [Phase]

by on at 11:33am

Arguably Britain’s most underrated techno producer, Token mainstay Ø [Phase] speaks to James Manning about his forthcoming debut album Frames Of Reference.

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Unpacking Hell – Tension, Boredom, Obsession, and Rene Hell

by on at 14:30pm

With Rene Hell’s third LP due for imminent release on PAN, the Los Angeles-based artist speaks to Brendan Arnott about the themes behind it and his latest obsession.

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Producing the goods: An interview with Spike

by on at 12:04pm

Dutch musician Spike Wolters in rare conversation with Golf Channel’s Phil South and Redlight Records’ Abel Nagengast.

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Pye Corner Audio: More Wood For The Fire

by on at 11:13am

Oli Warwick speaks to Martin Jenkins, whose celebrated canon of work as Pye Corner Audio is soon to blessed by an album under the name The House In The Woods.

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Welcome To The Room: The Berlin Community Radio story

by on at 13:00pm

Flora Wong speaks to Sarah Miles and Anastasia Filipovna, the two founders of rising DIY broadcasters Berlin Community Radio and hosts of the Welcome To The Room show.

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Tropic Of Cancer: Beneath The Light

by on at 11:45am

Ahead of her appearance at this year’s Unsound Festival, Scott Wilson talks to Camella Lobo about the sometimes challenging path to the release of her debut album, Restless Idylls.

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