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Older articles

Making Transitions: The Evolution of Marco Shuttle

by on at 10:05am


Marco Shuttle discusses his thoughts on techno, a growing relationship with Donato Dozzy and the methods behind his new album Visione.

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Golden Teacher: Cowbells From The Deep End

by on at 12:24pm

We dispatched Matt Anniss to interview sprawling Optimo Music act Golden Teacher – the results proved as unpredictable as their riotous brand of music. 

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Patricia: Body Talk

by on at 13:14pm

Brendan Arnott speaks with Max Ravitz, the man behind Opal Tapes and Ghostly International artist Patricia.

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Behind the groove: Burnt Friedman and the quest for secret rhythms

by on at 12:52pm

The prolific German artist sits down with Oli Warwick to discuss Cease To Matter, the latest LP of a recording career spanning some three decades.

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Roger Semsroth: We Are Not Machines

by on at 12:22pm

James Manning discusses Sleeparchive, Skanfrom, Hard Wax, real ale and minimal synth with Roger Semsroth.

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Alessandro Cortini: The Sleep Archives

by on at 11:02am

Richard Brophy speaks with Alessandro Cortini, a buchla synth expert, guitarist in Nine Inch Nails and the artist responsible for one of this year’s most unexpected delights in the album Sonno.

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Werkhaus: A Shared Visual Approach

by on at 11:24am


Born out of Werkdiscs, Werkhaus explores the aesthetic possibilities for music as well as the perceived limits of a traditional record label. Emma Tucker catches up with them to discuss the development of Werkhaus as a standalone project, the importance of a visual approach and how film can humanise electronic music.

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Lorenzo Senni: In High Places

by on at 13:16pm


Ahead of his appearance at this year’s Unsound festival, Scott Wilson talks to Milan-based artist Lorenzo Senni about the surprising directions he’s taking with his deconstructed form of trance.

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Vessel: Elegant Failure

by on at 10:37am

Josh Hall sits down with Vessel to discuss the intentions and interesting methods behind his new album, the conflicted nature of English national identity and disrupting the norm in clubs.

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The Art of Failure: Lnrdcroy

by on at 10:37am

In light of a wonderful debut album for 1080p, Vancouver-based artist Lnrdcroy speaks with Brendan Arnott about his sprawling influences, ambitious approach to performing live and life in British Columbia.

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Helm: Inscrutable Sound

by on at 10:16am

Josh Hall speaks with Luke Younger, whose visceral work as Helm has marked him out as a notable voice within experimental circles. However, the ensuing discussion suggests the London-based musician is veering off in interesting new directions.

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Playing the Endgame with Ital

by on at 10:11am

With his new album Endgame dropping this week, we catch up with Ital to discuss it, alongside an exclusive stream of LP track “Whispers In The Dark”.

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The Element Of Surprise: Introducing Herva

by on at 10:12am

Italian producer Herva sits down with Oli Warwick to discuss Instant Broadcast, his playful and idiosyncratic new album for Delsin.

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The Next Step: An interview with In Aeternam Vale

by on at 11:19am

Tony Poland speaks with Laurent Prot, the down to earth artist behind a vast archive of powerful electronic music produced as In Aeternam Vale dating back to the early ’80s.

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Every creation starts with destruction: An interview with Ekman

by on at 09:39am

The Dutch producer reveals the methods and motivations behind his deranged acid and sewer techno to Richard Brophy. 

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Walt J: Reborn – An Interview with Walter C. Jones

by on at 10:50am

walt_j_v6Thanks to labels like Fit and Curle, Walt J never really left house music, but the man behind the name did. In this interview with the enigmatic Walter C. Jones, James Manning finds out what the Detroit local has been up to for the past 15 years. 

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Szare: Odd Numbers

by on at 11:03am

Szare are responsible for not just one but two of this year’s most impressive techno albums but leave behind them a trail of mixed messages aimed to misinform and confuse. Richard Brophy attempts to decode their fertile imagination. 

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Peder Mannerfelt: All Grown Up

by on at 13:20pm

With a third Roll The Dice album out and a renewed production focus under his given name, Peder Mannerfelt takes some time to discuss matters with James Manning.

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Martyn: You Find the Answers You Need

by on at 11:00am

Brendan Arnott speaks with Martyn about the change in approach for his new album The Air Between Words, working with Inga Copeland and his recent return to school.

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Democratising Design: An interview with Will Work For Good

by on at 11:42am

In a new series exploring the visual side of music, Emma Tucker talks with the Maastricht-based studio, Will Work For Good, on democratising good design, embracing economic limits and creating a visual framework for the likes of RVNG Intl and BIS.

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