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Older articles

Umor Rex: Graphic Representation

by on at 13:32pm

Emma Tucker discusses the clean typography, use of geometric shapes, bold colours and striking photography that distinguishes Mexican label Umor Rex with founder Daniel Castrejón.

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The In-Betweeners: Welcome To The Weevil Neighbourhood

by on at 10:41am

James Manning joins the dots between drum and bass, dubstep and techno with Martin Heinze in The Weevil Neighbourhood.

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Different Foundations: Presenting Music the Meakusma Way

by on at 10:24am

Oli Warwick sits down with the founders of Meakusma, a Brussels-based collective who continue to excel at blurring the lines between cerebral contemplation and rhythmic satisfaction.

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Dark Entries: Creatures Of The Night

by on at 10:30am

Richard Brophy talks with Josh Cheon, founder of Dark Entries, whose ‘back and forth’ approach to releasing music has firmly put the San Francisco label on the map.

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Local Action: Flipping the Underground

by on at 12:51pm


Local Action’s take on underground UK club music has never been more relevant than it is now. Scott Wilson talks to label boss Tom Lea about how his interest in pop, garage and grime has shaped the label into the entity it is today.

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Invisible City Editions: Friends of Mine

by on at 11:35am

With their Invisible City Editions imprint, Brandon Hocura and Gary Abugan are redefining how we interact with the past. Brendan Arnott discusses the label’s formation with the pair, and what they have planned for the future. 

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Diagonal: Funny Lines and Dangerous Angles

by on at 14:41pm

Diagonal: Funny Line and Dangerous Angles

The Diagonal label has been injecting some humour into the typically serious world of techno and industrial electronics. Scott Wilson sits down with the minds behind it to talk about the club, sleeve design and glowsticks.

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A Fresh Take: René Audiard and Blank Slate

by on at 11:00am

Oli Warwick dials up Soren Jahan, the producer known as René Audiard, and driving force behind the Blank Slate label.

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Astro:Dynamics: Community, fragility, personality

by on at 12:00pm

Astro:Dynamics: Community, fragility, personalityScott Wilson speaks to Astro:Dynamics boss Luke Owen about the label’s DIY approach and unique position in the current musical landscape.

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Veronica Vasicka: Living For The Citi

by on at 12:26pm

Veronica Vasicka in discussion with Richard Brophy on how New York City informs the spirit of her Minimal Wave and Cititrax labels.  Read the rest of this entry »

Tracking down the weird and wonderful: A discussion on all things Emotional with Stuart Leath

by on at 11:30am

Matt Anniss speaks to self-professed record nerd Stuart Leath, the man behind a trio of labels that champion music from the margins. 

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Timeless Treasure: A Discussion with Tabernacle Records

by on at 12:15pm

For our final label feature of the year, the trio behind Tabernacle Records speak to Richard Brophy and turn in a mix of label highlights and current influences.
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Another Time, Another Place: The Sequencias story

by on at 13:00pm

Brendan Arnott speaks to JM De Frias, founder of the New York-based Sequencias which is quietly becoming one of the city’s most interesting techno outposts.

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Anòmia: Multi-disciplined actions and the inability to name objects

by on at 13:14pm

Arnau Sala and Ivy Barkakati, the two Barcelona-based individuals behind the intriguing Anòmia imprint, speak with Matthew Kent about their multi-disciplined approach to running a label.

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M>O>S Recordings: Techno Music For City Slickers

by on at 10:00am

We head over to Amsterdam as Richard Brophy checks in with Aroy Dee, whose M>O>S Recordings label is on the cusp of its tenth anniversary. 

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Mister Saturday Night: Keep it in the Neighbourhood

by on at 12:04pm

Brendan Arnott heads to NYC to meet Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the men behind Brooklyn’s Mister Saturday Night parties and label to chat about about their curatorial approach, the community spirit that permeates their parties, and the changing face of the city.

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Killekill: Acid Ist Fertig

by on at 12:00pm

James Manning speaks with DJ Flush; head man at Berlin club night turned multi-faceted label Killekill, who also turns in a mix of the label’s highlights to date. 

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Of Basements and Buckfast: The Dixon Avenue Basement Jams story

by on at 13:03pm

We dispatch Oli Warwick to chat to the two Glaswegians making some noise as the heads of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams – they also provide us with a 75 minute mix of all DABJ material, much of it unreleased.

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Great Circles: Intersecting Spheres

by on at 13:29pm

Brendan Arnott speaks to Justin Gibbon, the man behind Great Circles, a label from Philadelphia whose ‘shifty’ take on improvisational electronics is beginning to seep through into the wider consciousness. 

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Giegling: Rustic Tales from Weimar

by on at 15:36pm

Since 2009 Weimar-based label Giegling has constructed a micro-assembly of orchestral kinetics and thunderhead techno that’s forging new pathways through a forgotten wasteland of minimal decay and lost dub. James Manning tracked down label co-founder Konstantin to discuss Giegling’s distinctly rustic charms – we also procured a mix from Konstantin that adds some flavour to what the label are doing. 

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Older articles