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Older articles

Various Artists – Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing

by on at 09:16am

There always seems to have been a clear sense of purpose about Discodromo and DJ Boris’s Cocktail D’Amore parties. The Italian duo and Berghain resident first decided to put on monthly events to offer Berlin’s gay community an alternative to the city’s techno-dominated scene. In practice, this meant offering a richer and more varied musical palette, albeit with a strong undercurrent of melodious deep house, alternative disco and sleazy jack-tracks. Dancefloors were caressed and teased, rather than overloaded with overtly masculine rhythms and guttural grooves. Sure, the parties get sweaty, but that’s a product of the fundamental ethos behind Cocktail D’Amore; it’s about having a good time, after all.

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Snorre Magnar Solberg with DJ Sotofett & SVN – No No 2

by on at 09:13am

It won’t be long until Club No-No is a name familiar to the unique and esoteric bend of house music being released by labels like Acido, SUED and Sex Tags. Snorre Magnar Solberg, aka Club No-No, is the newest personality to appear in this peculiar universe of stray house and techno strung together by artists like Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and DJ Sotofett – swap Fettburger for Sotofett and all played Solberg’s project launch last year – and it seems as though the Norwegian’s developing, yet already distinct style is helping introduce a unique nuance to an already newfangled sphere of electronic music.

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Liaisons Dangereuses – Liaisons Dangereuses

by on at 09:38am

In the long and winding corridors of the archive there are things which we should listen to because they’ve been forgotten and things we should listen to precisely because they haven’t. Liaisons Dangereuses is one of those projects which has stayed with us, their crazed, infanto-weird battlecry “Los Niños del Parque” paving the dancefloors of any kind of underground clubbing experience ever since its release in 1981. What is it about that track that keeps generating, generation upon generation? What’s so special about it?

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by on at 10:22am

In a city full of talented DJs and producers, DJ Bone manages to stand out. The Detroit native is a hugely talented spinner and his three-deck, vinyl sets are on the same level for technical prowess as Mills and May. This writer originally became aware of his skills via the Subject Detroit Volume 2 mix CD issued on the now dormant Eukatech label back in 2000, where he rampaged his way through nearly 30 Detroit (or Detroit-influenced) tracks in one take. Bone had started DJing long before that, but in a pre-podcast era, the mix was one of the first opportunities that a European audience had to hear his skills.

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Jonny Nash – Phantom Actors

by on at 12:01pm

As the recent Gaussian Curve album proved, Jonny Nash seems to look at music making as a communal experience. He’s perhaps most famous as one half of ESP Institute regulars Land of Light, whose eponymous 2012 debut album took densely layered, tape loop heavy ambience to new levels of rush-inducing beauty. Aside from this, he’s also had spells in a variety of short-lived bands and one-off projects, from ESP eccentrics Sombrero Galaxy and Crue-L nu-disco combo Disco Session, to Thomas Bullock’s alcohol themed Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble.

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Ontario Hospital – Future Ready

by on at 09:17am

Readers of Juno Plus may have recently seen an extensive feature on the story behind The Wipe by Teste on the site. One of the most influential techno records of the past two decades; it’s hard to trace a musical connection to this release on Stephen Bishop’s label. However, there is a link and Dave Foster from Teste and Rich Oddie from Orphx are behind Ontario Hospital. Like Adam X, whose Sonic Groove label he has put out key records on, Oddie and his production partner Christine Sealey in the Orphx project inhabit the shadowlands between club techno and industrial noise, sometimes referred to as ‘power noise’.

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Dolo Percussion – Dolo 2

by on at 09:05am

Andrew Field-Pickering has history when it comes to drums, famously drumming in a DC punk band early in his musical journey. This freestyle, in-your-face approach can regularly be heard in the off-kilter rhythms, hissing cymbals and fearlessly dense beats that characterize much of his output as Maxmillion Dunbar and Max D. With the first Dolo Percussion EP issued by LIES – simply titled Dolo Percussion, and boasting numbered tracks with no other information – he indulged this part of his musical persona, breathing new life into the humble DJ tool. In the process, he came on like Ginger Baker with an MPC, or Buddy Miles hammering away at a TR-909. This was drum machine jazz, pure and simple, with a raw and heavy undercurrent of classic Chicago house. It wasn’t to everyone’s taste, of course, it takes an adventurous DJ to drop six minutes of freestyle, body-popping drum machine abuse.

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Various Artists – Music For Machines

by on at 14:04pm

Call it ambient, new age or whatever you want, but Music For Machines sees John Beltran compile a collection of beautiful tracks that allows the listener to tune out from everyday life. It marks a change of role for the US producer, who is better known for his gentle, evocative electronic releases for labels like Delsin, Peacefrog and R&S. Like his own music, the artists that Beltran has collected on Music For Machines make tracks that are of a similarly reflective and contemplative nature.

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Various Artists – Chapter 2: Cohorts

by on at 09:39am

Musically speaking, Huntleys & Palmers has always been very good at keeping its options open; the label may have been founded to release the humid rhythms and sweaty melodies of Auntie Flo, but their outlook has always been a little more forthright. It’s true that they tend to look further afield for artists than most – think Argentina, Chile, South Wales and Frankfurt, as well as their well-known links to London and Glasgow – but the music they release often has more in common with robust house and techno than the rave-friendly music hybrids coming out of certain parts of Africa, South and Central America.

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Psychic TV – Alien Be-In Remixes

by on at 09:31am

On its latest release, Dark Entries maps out the murky intersection between the tail end of ‘80s industrial and the (b)rave new world of ‘90s dance music. Psychic TV was Genesis P. Orridge and Peter Christopherson’s post-Throbbing Gristle project, one which was rooted in experimental, psychedelic sounds to begin with. However, it seems that the act wasn’t impervious to what was happening around it and by 1990 Psychic TV, which by then had shed Christopherson as a member, released Towards Thee Infinite Beat.

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Achterbahn D’Amour – Odd Movements The Remixes

by on at 09:35am

A year on from their debut album, Achterbahn D’Amour are seeing their work being handed over to a strong cast of characters who bring four distinct approaches to bear on the original material. While the original release on Acid Test was devoted to acidic jams of varying intensity, on this jam-packed 12” all manner of leftfield house and techno concerns are embraced as a means of looking beyond the dominant 303 throb and lifting the hood on the other moods and textures the trio embedded into their crowning work.

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Etienne Jaumet – La Visite

by on at 09:42am

Take a trawl through Etienne Jaumet’s slowly expanding back catalogue, and you’ll start to spot recurring themes. While he’s touched on many styles over the years – either through his admirable solo work or as one half of Zombie Zombie – Jaumet’s influences and distinct musical ticks remain constant. So, while his work encompasses everything from krautrock, creepy synth-pop and tech-jazz, to dub disco, punk funk and Detroit techno – his references rarely change.

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Theo Parrish – American Intelligence

by on at 09:17am

Any Other Styles, S.T.F.U, Dance of the Medusa, Footwork. In the last few years Theo Parrish has released a fascinating collection of looser, more experimental work on the margins of dance music and his own influential and distinguishable sound. It’s seemed a particularly fruitful period even in the long and distinguished release schedule of Parrish’s career – further lengthening the discourse between house music, jazz music, broken beat etc. that his music has always explored, and cementing a status as a restless, probing producer. The more investigational territory has proved increasingly divisive though, and records have sunk or swum depending on who you ask.

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OAKE – Auferstehung

by on at 09:21am

With so many dark, gritty records released in the past few years, does contemporary techno really need more earnest young men and women? Auferstehung is the work of OAKE, an unnamed German man and woman, and the accompanying black and white press shots would suggest that they aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs. The same can be said about the opening tracks on this, their debut album. “Vorwort Umiha Sien”, “Kapitel Eins: Edunien Edreue” and “Erstes Buch: Desterieh l’Remm” all sound like textbook industrial/drone/gloom workouts, with fog horns and middle eastern drones unfolding over jittery broken beats and gut-busting bass licks.

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Low Jack – Imaginary Boogie

by on at 09:46am

Philippe Hallais could have gone either way. Formerly part of production duo Darabi, the Parisian re-emerged under the name Low Jack in late 2012 on local label Get The Curse with some accomplished, if not especially distinctive, house cuts that were rough round the edges. Working from this formula, Hallais could have mined out a relatively successful few years of DJ bookings off the back of similarly executed twelves. Instead it seems like Hallais has been creatively spurred on by those around him in Paris, like Quentin Vandewalle of Antinote and L.I.E.S. boss Ron Morelli. The resultant Low Jack material for In Paradisum, Delsin, L.I.E.S. and his own Editions Gravats label has been challenging, wilfully experimental and largely excellent.

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Lena Willikens – Phantom Delia

by on at 09:57am

Lena Willikens may only just becoming recognised this side of the English Channel, but in her native Germany she’s considered to be something of a rising star. She’s been plying her trade as a DJ for some time, most famously as Friday night resident at Düsseldorf’s acclaimed Salon Des Amateurs. At this venue, Willikens showcases a dark, woozy and occasionally paranoid style that takes in off-kilter techno, skewed new wave, pulsating EBM, industrial disco, experimental electronics and jacking, otherworldly house. Her long running Sentimental Flashback show for Cómeme Radio is more conceptually driven, but just as diverse, and it’s clear the Cologne label considers her to be a star in the making.

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Various Artists – Nonnative 07

by on at 10:23am

Compared to recent years, 2014 was a relatively quiet one for Spanish label Semantica. Its owner, the affable Svreca, continued to represent its sound through his DJ dates around the world, while Nonnative, one of its sub-labels, promotes upcoming techno artists. It’s Nonnative that rounds out the year with its seventh release. Like its parent label, there is no one narrative, even though all of the artists that contribute to this installment keep their focus on the dance floor. As number seven shows, it is a very broad church.

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Head Front Panel – HFP #009

by on at 09:33am

As the Head Front Panel series winds its way towards a conclusion, there is of course plenty of speculation about who could be involved in the series (editors note: the project has been revealed as the work of John Heckle subsequent to the submission of this review). It’s been a diverse proposition, leaning towards tough overdriven techno with firebrand energy, a truckload of ideas and a fearless desire to get confrontational. It’s the kind of anonymous project that matches up to the hype such ventures attract. Against their better judgement many a record-buying beat freak will find themselves swept away in the romanticism of mystery white labels. After all, it’s not a new phenomenon, and in the case of Tabernacle’s offshoot sublabel, the music is good enough to set the mind racing regardless of its presentation.

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Moon B – Lifeworld

by on at 09:18am

If 2014 has been the year of the tape, then 1080p has been one of the format’s most prominent and exciting labels. While there are now plenty of labels concentrating on the humble tape, the Vancouver imprint just seem to do it better than most. Their thirty releases to date contain some of the most intriguing committed to magnetic tape, happily issuing a weird, wonderful and downright odd array of out-there ambience, jacking acid house, psychedelic-tinged techno, drone and experimental electronica. For the most part, these have come from new, little known or thrillingly obscure producers – the likes of hometown hero Lnrdcroy, Via App, and the brilliantly named Perfume Advert. It’s DIY music culture at its most adventurous and rewarding.

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Void Vision – Sub Rosa

by on at 16:55pm

Void Vision’s debut album proper has been a long time coming. The tracks on Sub Rosa were recorded between 2010 and 2013, and the album sees singer and producer Shari Vari take centre stage (although it does feature some contributions from former member Hayden Payne). Hopefully it will see Shari Vari take her mysterious and infectious wave/synth sound to a wider audience.

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