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Terepa – Terepa

by on at 14:53pm

“What do you get when you stick a bunch of noise musicians in separate rooms and tell them to play along with each other?” This sort of question might seem like the type of joke your uncle who doesn’t understand your musical tastes might make at a family barbecue, it’s also essentially the premise of Terepa, a project formed of Rashad Becker, Charlotte Collin, Lucrecia Dalt, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, Kohei Matsunaga, and Grégoire Simon. Indeed, the core concept that brings these noteworthy experimentalists together is the idea that each of the seven performers scattered across the globe all begin to improvise a twenty minute simultaneously, using nothing other than intuition, years of musical knowledge, and, depending on your thoughts about swarm intelligence, maybe even some intangible telepathic powers.

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DJ Guy – Ancient Future (1993-1997)

by on at 15:26pm

After his All Caps release helped announce his presence to the world, Guy Evans is now in the rather pleasant position of having a wealth of archive material the likes of which are being lapped up by those with a taste for classic UK techno and a love of genuine provenance. That all these tracks have been sat gathering dust on cassette tapes for decades only adds to the esoteric charm, and as long as the music mined remains this worthy then may the vinyl issues continue unabated.

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Karen Gwyer – Bouloman EP

by on at 14:00pm

Over time the layers and layers that comprise Karen Gwyer’s work seem to be getting thicker and denser still, pushing away from the airy accessibility of her Needs Continuum debut and towards a deeper, darker recess that cites Low Jack, other Opal Tapes artists, and harder forms of techno in general as its influence even as it wriggles away. 2014’s New Roof might be the most remarkable and accessible result of these interactions, a push away from using her voice as a leading instrument and into synth-focused elongated expressions with two tracks ‘Lay Claim to My Grub’ and ‘Missisissipippi’ each pushing a Villalobosian 17 minutes.

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House Of Doors – Starcave

by on at 13:30pm

Starcave is only the second full release from Layne Brown’s House Of Doors project, but it reinforces both the artist and label’s reputation at the forefront of modern deep house. At a time when that term has been hijacked and brought kicking and screaming to the stadium and festival main stage – let’s be honest, calling an act like Disclosure deep house is about as accurate as saying that Kanye West has a somewhat modest opinion of himself – Mood Hut and their constituent producers bring the form back to its roots.

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Sleeper Cell – Quality of Life

by on at 09:33am

Over the last year, America felt characterized more than ever by a barrage of death, tear gas, police violence and racism. From Ferguson to Staten Island to Baltimore to Charleston, the country’s news cycle played out every day like a nightmarish parody of the ideals of freedom, equality, and access to justice. These dystopian themes didn’t escape the attention of Sleeper Cell, a collaborative project between Earthen Sea’s Jacob Long and Ital’s Daniel Martin-McCormick, and a series of discussions about a sense of anguish in America served as the undercurrent of creative impetus for their latest music collaboration.

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Ford Proco & Coil – Expansión Naranja

by on at 09:43am

Alessandro Adriani’s label has done some excellent reissue work over the past few years, but this release is surely one of the most valuable pieces of archival trawling to feature on Mannequin. It’s even worth buying a copy of the basis of the back story alone. In the ‘90s, Mexican industrial band Ford Proco met John Balance and Peter Christopherson from Coil at an Orb gig in LA. Bizarrely, Coil then invited the band to star as extras in an Ice T video, after which these tracks were recorded.

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by on at 09:02am

Much like you are not supposed to feed your Mogwai after midnight in the film Gremlins, if you value your faith in humanity it’s best not to dip into the comments section in the corners of the internet that have them. Still, a recent reply to the news of Helena Hauff’s debut album on RA stood out. “Is it possible to write anything about Helena Hauff without beginning with ‘The Golden Pudel resident….’?” A fair question. For any number of reasons Hauff has become the figure most readily identifiable with the ramshackle Hamburg venue to the outside world. But there are plenty more people involved with the club doing interesting things. Hauff’s partner in Black Sites, F#X, is one such individual whose infrequent solo live set recordings are one of the best reasons to have a SoundCloud account.

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Blue Russell – I Wanna Fly Away

by on at 09:55am

Another month brings another bright, full Italo moon from Dark Entries who spoil us with a trio of singles to accompany us into the glossy nights of the headiest of seasons. This time, we are given some of the rare offerings of power-couple Manlio Cangelli and Lorella Ghilardi; the former a session musician and composer for the early days of commercial TV. Boy can you hear that televisual smack in this gorgeous melody. Ghilardi was his wife, and a singer with a catty and magnetic voice, as well as a talented writer and performer.

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Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN – Feels Good

by on at 09:51am

Introduced to me by the first of the collaborations with SVN on Kontra-Musik last year, Porn Sword Tobacco’s name and repeated past turns on IDM stronghold City Centre Offices (one of Shlom of Boomkat’s contemporarily lesser known ventures) displayed a kind of turned ’90s to ’00s ideological daftness that hasn’t aged all too gracefully. I had my reservations about Aphex-by-proxy loonyism. In truth, Complaints found the artist complimenting the reduced, pulsing techno palette of SVN with remarkable subtlety – Badalamenti chords so silky smooth and a constant minimalist pressure that Robert Hood strove for, albeit slightly gentler.

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James Mason – Dance of Life

by on at 11:20am

The rebirth of jazz-funk and disco musician James Mason’s career has been one of the more heart-warming stories of recent years. Despite enjoying limited success in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s – firstly with the 1977’s brilliant “Sweet Power, Your Embrace” single, and accompanying Rhythm of Life LP, then later as part of Prelude-signed electro outfit Wuf Ticket – Mason’s career was almost over before it began. In the late 1990s, the short-lived Mighty Fine Records took a chance on releasing two previously unheard cuts recorded in the early 1980s, the slow-burn masterpiece “I Want Your Love”, and proto-house killer “Nightgruv”. That Mighty Fine Records release became an in-demand record, leading to subsequent reissues from both Soul Brother Records and, more recently, Rush Hour.

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Rutherford – Singularis

by on at 17:05pm

The latest release on Brokntoys is another indicator of electro’s never-ending appeal and also points to the form’s current good health. For its sixth outing, the UK label has managed to coax a release from Rutherford, aka Swedish producer Ronnie Johansson, who had a track on Guests of Reality, a split release issued by Brokntoys late last year.

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Aurora Halal – Shapeshifter

by on at 14:58pm

Starting out a few years ago promoting parties in Brooklyn under the name Mutual Dreaming, Aurora Halal has put on some of the most exciting names in underground techno and house. Having Galcher Lustwerk, Florian Kupfer and Andres among the club night’s alumni, last year she then moved to collaborating with Zara Wladawsky on Sustain-Release, an upstate New York festival that boasted a similarly minded line up to her club nights. It wasn’t until then that Halal decided to start putting out her own tracks on vinyl as well, first collaborating with both Haron and Ital on 12”s before setting up a home for solo material.

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Jack J – Thirstin’

by on at 09:08am

Every summer, a handful of records are so ubiquitous that they quickly become part of our shared musical memories. It’s long been an established part of dance music, though the boom in sun-baked European festivals and clubbing focused holiday resorts has certainly exaggerated the trend. While some more commercially-minded record labels – Defected, as an example – actively seek out these kinds of tracks and promote them in the run-up to the Ibiza season, predicting which records will strike a chord with a wide range of DJs is notoriously hard to predict. Few would have marked out Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through” – however good it was – as an Ibiza anthem, but that’s what it became in the years following its’ initial 2010 release. That eventually topped the UK singles charts, of course, albeit in a radically remixed form.

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Tambien – Ondule

by on at 16:23pm

Tambien have struck themselves out as a fine purveyor of light and fruity house music over the last couple of years, with an allegiance to the kind of discoey, Balearic, tropical D.I.Y. world that has floated around and flourished through the work of International Feel, the Testpressing site and ESP Institute. Public Possession, steered by the two thirds of Tambien called Marvin and Valentino have become an increasingly prominent element of this world with their slightly beefier, housier selections.

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Danny Scrilla – True Sight EP

by on at 09:36am

It’s eerie right from the start. A gloomy synthesizer prepares for the percussion to come in and spread in echoes. A voice appears in the musical fog and enfolds mystically into infinity. The first seconds of “Jello”, a track from Danny Scrilla’s new True Sight EP unveils his musical ideas are deeply rooted in dub, reggae and soundsystem culture. When sound engineers like Lee “Scratch” Perry or King Tubby got their hands on mixing desks in the 1970s and started to use them as instruments, nobody might have suspected what would follow. Dub became a widely influential style of making music and lead to Hip-Hop, Jungle, Techno and a broad range of electronic music. It was in the 2000s when not only the methods but also the word “Dub” appeared again with full force.

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Discrete Circuit – Machine Code

by on at 11:43am

The references to machines go right back to the start of modern electronic music, so it’s hard not to give an initial jaded reaction to a release in 2015 called Machine Code. However, the reality is that this title does Discrete Circuit, a duo from Germany, and their music a disservice and this release on Delsin sub-label Inertia teems with an all-too rare mercurial energy. This sensibility was also in abundance on the pair’s “Incursion” track, released on DVS1’s Mistress label, but this three-track EP sees them use it in the most creative way.

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Powder – Spray

by on at 09:15am

Born Free have no qualms about failing every now and then. Their label name references the doomed bikers in Dennis Hopper’s 1969 film Easy Rider, whilst they’ve also experienced distributors from their previous labels fleeing in the night and leaving them with a water-damaged catalogue as result of basement flooding. Sling & Samo have always been able to find something heroic in messing up. However, Born Free is no longer a baby label. Currently on their 16th release, it’s grown from an esoteric outlet for oddball house into a continually engaging concern, bucking and weaving through no wave experimentation, clanking machine techno, Henry Rollins quotes and yes, even a cover of Avicii’s “Sometimes”. While the label’s experimental ethic has remained constant for the last two years, they really haven’t taken a mis-step yet.

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Head Front Panel – 10.5

by on at 10:15am

Originally recorded during the same session that spawned the fifth Head Front Panel release, this four-tracker gives lie to the belief that all techno that is inspired by Jeff Mills sounds sub-standard. Unfortunately, it’s hard not to arrive at such a conclusion if one goes back to the dull, loopy drivel that prevailed during the period between late ‘90s and early ‘00s or the current obsession with purism that translates into carefully manufactured bleakness and perfectly streamlined linear rhythms.

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Rings Around Saturn – Erosion

by on at 16:16pm

There’s been much written about the current vibrancy of the Melbourne music scene, and particular the dancefloor credentials of the city’s producers. While the Australian city’s “sound” is pleasingly varied, for the most part its’ the warmth and soulfulness of its’ deep house, nu-disco and Balearic-tinged producers that has caught the ear most. Melbourne, it seems, is alive to dancing, as the work of the Cutters, Melbourne Deepcast, Animals Dancing and Hot Shot labels has neatly proved.

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Various Artists – Textures 3PM, 4AM & 7AM

by on at 09:44am

Paris clubbing institution Concrete has overseen a renaissance of the city’s electronic music scene in the last few years with their now legendary after parties. As their description on RA so succinctly states “Concrete is a boat. It hosts parties that go all day long.” Getting to play Concrete has become as much a highlight on any DJs calendar as Berghain or ARMA17 and we can only hope its success to be long standing, much like Batofar, the other notorious boat party that’s run for the better part of 15 years on the bank of the Seine in the 13th arrondisement. Now, with the night’s label entering its second year, we see one of its biggest releases yet. The second edition in its compilation series, Textures, pulls together 12 tracks across three 12”s that explores the multiple facets of the party’s programming.

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