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Danny Wolfers soundtracks Swan Song Of The Skunkape

by on at 16:49pm

The Dutch artist’s score for a short documentary on the mythical bipedal resident of Florida is due for release on Nightwind Records.

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Legowelt’s Dark Days reissued on BAKK

by on at 10:43am


Danny Wolfers’ earliest forays in recording get a triple-vinyl pressing.

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Legowelt enters the Calimex Mental Implant Corp.

by on at 10:18am

The Dutchman will issue a double LP version of the El Saber Del Arpavor cassette through his label Nightwind Records in October.

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Smackos – The Age of Candy Candy

by on at 10:18am

Yet again Berceuse Heroique can take credit as a champion of the obscure and weird. Apart from supporting the brilliant Ekman, who at times sounds like Gesloten Cirkel on industrial strength steroids, the London label has now delved into the vaults of Danny ‘Legowelt’ Wolfers’ back catalogue to reissue The Age of Candy Candy. Recorded under his Smackos name and released on the Dutch producer’s own Strange Life CD-R label back in 2004, Berceuse Heroique is now putting it out on vinyl for the first time.

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Legowelt returns to BAKK

by on at 15:13pm


The Hague-based label look to the local hero for their latest release, Laundromat of Your Mind, due out in September.

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Various Artists – Test Pilot Volume 2

by on at 17:13pm

After some delays, one of the most anticipated records of 2015 finally drops. It has been well worth the wait. The hype around Test Pilot Volume 2 is in large part due to the inclusion of Tandy Ogmo’s “Everybody”, a track that I-f played during a set on Boiler Room. Revolving around a repetitive vocal sample and an infectious disco loop, the underlying groove is flawed and imperfect, with the percussion breaking down and sounding out of time, almost jarring at one point.

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New XAMIGA material on the way

by on at 12:15pm

Legowelt and Xosar are back behind the buttons together on new EP Bohemian Grove.

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Technicolour scoop up Legowelt

by on at 13:18pm

The Ninja Tune subsidiary will release Anaconda Flow next month.

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Legowelt’s Smackos gets the reissue treatment

by on at 17:45pm

The Age Of Candy Candy album from Danny Wolfers’ ambient side-project has been granted a vinyl reissue by Berceuse Heroique.

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Legowelt explores the Immensity Of Cosmic Space

by on at 12:33pm

The Dutch artist is back on Unknown To The Unknown – watch a video for one of the tracks here.

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Legowelt prepares for Vaporware

by on at 16:12pm

Crème Organization welcomes back Legowelt with a four-track dance EP due next month.

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Five Records: Daniel Avery

by on at 11:29am

Daniel Avery selects tracks by Legowelt, Primal Scream, Moon Duo, Junior Boys and Recondite.

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Legowelt – Crystal Cult 2080

by on at 10:25am

Crystal Cult 2080 is Danny Wolfers’ fourth Legowelt album in as many years, and ninth overall, so a cynic could ask do we really need it? Does it do anything that not been done before by Wolfers? The question may become even more compelling when you think of all the albums released under his other names. Cynics can go to hell, because the listening public need Legowelt more than Danny Wolfers needs us. ‘Why is that?’ you might ask, jaded music cynic. Firstly, Wolfers’ sense of humour, array of second hand jumpers, love of obsolete and knackered technology will always seem refreshingly human in the face of the self-importance that has stricken so much of electronic music. Furthermore, the Dutchman has spent years happily indulging his creative nature outside of wider appreciation, filling CDrs of material for his own Strange Life label and the likes of Bunker and Crème without any real concern for the notion of a new Legowelt transmission being reported as “being prepped for release” by the content farm.

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Star Trek Over Detroit: Raiding the Legowelt archives

by on at 09:25am

Later this month Créme Organization will release Crystal Cult 2080, the latest album of a long, triumphant, largely amusing and occasionally bemusing recording career for Danny ‘Legowelt’ Wolfers. As the site has interviewed Wolfers on several occasions, as well as making him one of the first contributors to our podcast series, we decided to turn the tables and treat this as opportunity to indulge in the cult of Legowelt and write about some of our personal favourites from the rich, varied and intimidating discography of Danny Wolfers. Read on as Richard Brophy, Alex Egan, Scott Wilson and Tony Poland write about their favourite curios, rarities, classics, imaginary soundtracks, Lowlands box jams and cover versions of proto-house classics.

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Legowelt set for PPU bow

by on at 11:15am

Preview the prolific Dutchman’s forthcoming record for the excellent D.C.-based label.

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Full details emerge on new Legowelt LP for Créme Organisation

by on at 11:30am

Crystal Cult 2080 will be released by The Hague-based label in March.

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Creta Kano – Shinjuku

by on at 09:30am

Germany and particularly Berlin is cited as the European capital of techno and house, but for this writer, Holland and its sprawling megalopolises run a close second. While the fledgling Pinkman label has nothing to do with the world’s most famous amateur meth cook, its launch does say a lot about the energy – non-chemical, natch – that is currently underpinning Dutch underground electronic music.

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Legowelt – Crystal Cult 2080 Album Sampler

by on at 13:20pm

In assessing the recent reissue of Illuminati, Danny Wolfers celebrated work as Squadra Blanco, this writer made the observation that in contrast to this 2002 work, the Dutch producer’s recent output was veering towards the mainstream. That’s not to suggest that he’ll be gyrating with one of his synths on a festival main stage any time soon, but take a listen to last year’s Paranormal Soul album and it’s clear that Wolfers has made his madcap fusion of Italo, Detroit electro and jacking house more accessible, even to the point that his productions are now more DJ friendly than ever before.

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Next batch of Mannequin releases announced

by on at 10:40am

The Rome label shifts back to contemporary acts with records forthcoming from Deathday, Sixth June and Police De Mouers.

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Legowelt enters Crystal Cult 2080

by on at 13:31pm

Danny Wolfers will return to Créme Organisation under his most universally recognised name with a forthcoming album. 

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