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Willie Burns – Woo Right EP

by on at 15:58pm

William Burnett is something of a musical magpie. Since first pricking the collective consciousness back in 2007 with the off-kilter kraut-disco vibes of his early Grackle productions, he’s gone on to produce all manner and weird and wonderful fare under a dizzying array of pseudonyms. There have been intense analogue jams for L.I.E.S, picturesque, near Balearic house outings for Crème Organization (both under the now familiar Willie Burns moniker), some thrilling experiments in drone and kraut-influenced textures as Black Deer (see the brilliant The Last Tortuga for Emotional Response), and all manner of intriguing collaborations and side projects (the now forgotten Galaxy Toobin outing on Crème, an ongoing trickle of breakbeat hardcore influenced Daywalker + CF releases).

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Lakker’s Ian McDonnell surfaces on UTTU as EeOo

by on at 10:19am

The label operated by DJ Haus will issue the Workout EP from the Irish producer in March.

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Willie Burns set for UTTU debut

by on at 14:04pm

The WT Records boss will grace Unknown To The Unknown with the Woo Right EP later this month.

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Rude Energy: An interview with Slackk

by on at 13:54pm

The outspoken producer discusses his position within the contemporary grime scene with Scott Wilson.

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Slackk to release Minor Triads album

by on at 12:25pm

The London-based grime producer will self-release an expanded CD and digital edition of his EP of the same name.

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Shadow Dancer duel with Photonz again on UTTU

by on at 10:07am

Stream a killer Photonz remix of Shadow Dancer, lifted from the Mancunian pair’s forthcoming debut proper on Unknown To The Unknown.

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Lords Of Midnite unearthed by UTTU

by on at 11:25am

Unknown To The Unknown turn to the analogue house sounds of a supposedly lost alien sect – listen in full here.

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DJ Haus talks about Hot Haus Recs

by on at 12:43pm

DJ Haus shares a track from his new single and talks to us about his new label, Hot Haus Recs.

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Ohm – Tribal Tone

by on at 18:24pm

If you were ever to seek out a record that encapsulated what Unknown To The Unknown was all about, Ohm’s ’92 classic “Tribal Tone” may well be it. DJ Haus’ pet project of wildly careering rave fodder always keeps one foot firmly planted in the good old days, just as much as it charges ahead to celebrate the future-minded facets of electronic music, but importantly everything is underlined with a tongue-in-cheek irreverence that keeps things from ever getting too po-faced.

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Listen to Marquis Hawkes’ OHM remix on UTTU

by on at 11:55am

Listen to Marquis Hawkes’ remix of OHM’s ’90s house classic “Tribal Tone” here.

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Unknown To The Unknown announce OHM reissue

by on at 13:00pm

Unknown To The Unknown have announced details of their next vinyl release, a reissue of OHM’s classic 1992 track “Tribal Tone”.

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Hear Capracara’s tropical house remix of Photonz

by on at 12:35pm

Portuguese duo Photonz’ forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown joint gets remixed by Capracara – listen to the results here.

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Watch Photonz go musclebeat on video for new UTTU release

by on at 10:52am

Lisbon meets London with excellent results on the latest Unknown To The Unknown release from Portuguese duo Photonz.

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Watch: Legowelt – Visions In My Mind

by on at 15:50pm

Ever wondered what’s going on inside Danny Wolfers head? The answer may lie in the video for “Visions In My Mind” taken from Legowelt’s forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown debut.

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Download: Nightwave – Night Heat EP

by on at 12:45pm

The prolific Unknown To The Unknown have just offered an EP from Nightwave for free download.

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Juno Plus Podcast 44: Kodiak

by on at 10:47am

“Colour, blood, sweat and tears”: Juno Plus Podcast 44 is a raucous affair from Kodiak.

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Watch: Capracara – Ronin

by on at 15:05pm

A gloriously tasteless video has emerged for Ronin, Capracara’s forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown release.

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Listen: Capracara – Ronin (Kodiak Remix)

by on at 11:07am

Unknown To The Unknown’s relentless stylistic barrage through dancefloor madness continues apace with the forthcoming Ronin drop from Londoner Capracara – you can check the Kodiak remix here.

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Premiere: DJ Stingray – Solitude

by on at 10:55am

Detroit legend DJ Stingray will be releasing a 12″ single through Unknown To The Unknown soon, and we have the premiere of one EP’s three tracks.

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Smearing The Edges with Ali Renault

by on at 11:43am

When faced with discussing the music of Ali Renault, it’s hard to choose where to begin. There is of course Heartbreak, his sizeable cadre of solo material and the various labels he is involved with, as well as a radio show and enduring DJ schedule. It’s perhaps for all these reasons and more that it took so long for this softly spoken cat enthusiast to release his self titled debut album – long overdue in many eyes.

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