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DJ SNIPAZ/MAG MAG/VARIOUS - Bassclash The Album (unmixed tracks) (Front Cover)

Since launching in 2010, DJ Snipaz Bassclash records has racked up quite a back catalogue of releases. Here, the dubstep/grime DJ/producer gathers together some label highlights. The original CD version of this release was mixed; this, though, presents the same cuts in DJ-friendly, unmixed form. For those with a passion for wobble-powered bass music, there's plenty to enjoy, from the cyber-skank of Vermin's "Wired" and twisted rhythms of Matta's "Chest Rocker", to the marching beats of Requake's "Lazy Ladies" and the jungle/dubstep mash-up business of JKL and Devious' bowel-destroying "Battle For The Mind".

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