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VARIOUS - Cosmique! (Front Cover)

On the back of their decidedly smoochy Show Me Love EP, the scalpel fiends and disco/house crossover monkeys at Editorial HQ take another trip into the world of soft-focus groovery. As usual, there's plenty of decidedly touchy-feely fare to enjoy, from the tough bass and twinkling synths of Elias Tzikas' "Just For You" and Tiger & Woods-on-valium vibes of Sellouts' "Let Me Work", to the sensual, slo-mo soul of Get Down Edits' "Two-Timin' Lady". The ever-cheeky Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee pair up for a silly, delay-laden re-tweak of the Knight Rider theme tune (really), whilst Debonair offers up a slick chunk of rush-inducing disco-house loveliness. Top stuff.

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