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DVA - Fly Juice EP (Front Cover)
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1.  04:37 63
2.  03:30 63
3.  04:01 64
4.  04:49 63
5.  04:34 63
6.  04:40 128
7.  03:33 130
8.  05:21 126
Entire Release: 

With the energy unleashed by his Pretty Ugly LP still crackling in the atmosphere, DVA drops another EP of technicolour bass mutant business for Hyperdub, delivering seven tracks of mind-bending freshness with a French Fries remix thrown in for good measure. There's some rougher club-ready tackle on offer here such as the abrasive "Do It" with it's hammering drums, but then round the next corner you're plunged into the minimal 4/4 bubble that is "Walk It Out". Really though the lead track "Fly Juice" is the winner with its soulful key licks and hyped up switch for the latter half of the track.

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