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EDMX - Frozen Stomp (Front Cover)
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Ed Upton's latest project unleashes its debut album. Like everything that the UK producer does, Frozen Stomp is delivered with a heavy serving of eyebrow-arched irony. Tracks like "Breathe Deeply" and "Ring of Acid" are led by distorted kicks and searing acid burns, but they also exude a sense of fun absent in contemporary techno. At times, the madness that comes with the EDMX project gains the upper hand, as anyone who has heard the crashing snares and gained kick drums of "Heavy Duty" will attest to, but counteracting this are more esoteric moments. In particular, the deep space electro of "Purple Mist" and the wiry minimalism of "Zapp Attak" show that there is more going on here than just hard techno giggles.

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