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VARIOUS - Emotional Responses EP (Front Cover)

With a title like Emotional Responses, this couldn't be anything other than an expansive collection of deep dubstep cuts. Helpfully, there's plenty of variety within that, from the flowing pianos and next-level lift music chic of Eggchan's "Jamalla" and the dubwise toasting of opener "Emotional Responses", to the tumbling beats, calming chords and off-kilter vocal cut-ups of Killeralien's "Lovin". The EP's best moments, though, are those which look to go even deeper, with Eggchan, Killeralien and Nastassja's wonderfully intricate and organic "Amygdala" standing out. Killeralien and Dirt Deep Drilla's woozy vocal excursion, "Never Proclaim", is also worth a listen.

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