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WHITMAN, Keith Fullerton - Generators (Front Cover)

Like many composers working in the field of abstract electronics, Keith Fullerton Whitman has put out a dizzying array of releases over the years. In that time, he's tiptoed between abstract minimalism, ambience and electro-acoustic work. Generators, previously released as a vinyl LP, features recordings of the two final dates of a 2011 tour of the US in which he composed experimental music "on the fly" using a variety of synthesizers and other electronic equipment. For first-timers, it's a challenging and occasionally puzzling listen, but for those schooled in analogue ambience there's much to enjoy. The two 18-minute pieces deal with similar themes, but vary wildly in sound and texture. Both, though, offer a good balance between ghostly ambience, noisenik experimentation and spellbinding atmospherics.

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