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LV - Get A Grip EP (Front Cover)
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1.  04:18 150
2.  03:59 136
3.  02:03 55
4.  03:38 62
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Ahead of their hotly anticipated second album, LV are in rabble-rousing Kwaito mode on their new single for Hyperdub. Re-aligning with rowdy MC Okmalumkoolkat on the lead track "Sebenza", it's he who holds the song together with his assured flow while the groove splays manically around neon daubs of melody and hyperactive beats. "Get A Grip" pumps a cheeky trade in peak-time floor wrecking goodness, full of the crafty production that L.V. have made their name on, while "Zulu Compurar" cools things off for a brief stint in technological lyric references and a gentle Funky excursion. As ever the synths rule the day, buzzing and humming with an innate wonkiness that creates the very charm of this singular music.

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